How to best respond?

I know it's the oldest claim in the book but how exactly should I debunk the Little Black Book BS?


If you genuinely belive in the Red State ideal, I suggest is you haven't already you read "The Black Book of Communism"
It is a 1997 book edited by Stéphane Courtios which includes contributions by several European academics documenting a history of repression, both political and civilian, by Communist States during the 20th century, the boom talks about genocides, deportations, artificial famines and more.

As it was written as an academic peice of literature it is well trusted and can give one of the most accurate estimates, with regards to the number of victims under communist rule during the 20th century

In the introduction specifically, Courtois states that "Communist regime" turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government.
According to Courtois, the death toll amounts to atleast 94 million, during the latter half of the 20th century.
The breakdown of the number of deaths given is as follows:
65 million in the Peoples Republic of China

20 million in the Soviet Union

2 million in Cambodia

2 million in North Korea

1.7 million in Ethiopia

1.5 million in Afghanistan

1 million in the Eastern Bloc

1 million in Vietnam

150,000 in Latin America.

10,000 deaths "resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power.

Red State has proven itself to littorally mean Repression State.

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There would probably be no al-Qaeda if that number was higher tbh

'bomb them into freedom' didn't work when America tried it either

That's a lot of debunk my friend. Consider this masterpost:
It's tedious to debunk anti-communist bullshit. They throw arround these huge numbers ("500 trillion, what do you say to that hm? Checkmate") without sources whatsoever (Rummel for example has claimed the GDR killed 500k people, despite the death sentence being abolished, no famine, good healthcare and a maximum of a few thousand who died in border incidents - the number is literally made-up). Yet on the other hand, anti-communists expect you to debunk every single bullshit claim in detail with 2-3 sources. It's mostly going down like this: You debunk their major claims, then they going to dig up a single incident which probably happened to which you respond: "That's probably true but is a minor thing compared to original claim. Also, capitalist countries have done XYZ which is much worse." Then they respond: "WHATABOUTISM!! You conceded that this happened!".

Or, alternatively, they call you a Holocaust denier. Just happened to me earlier, I was showing someone the telegrams from the Russian archives in which Stalin decidedly overrules local authorities which tried to down downplay the famine, and ordered to direct all grain back into the affected area. I got no response to that but being called a Holocaust denier ("the muh Holodomor is accepted by most states as a genocide!! That's a fact!! Hurr tinfoil durr").

Fucking NOPE

not even a few thousands border incidents, more like 300

That's helpful, thanks. I'd be interested in a simple rebuttal of the book in general though if anyone has it (since it's like the number one anti-communist source I assume it's out there).

Damn, that's a lot of books I won't read, kek

This will help

This is literally just Africa, the resources to fix those problem are being sent and used by the elite. In several cases the nations were Marxist-Leninist states with worse rates in all of those cases.

In many cases the starvation happen right out side of sides were the aid etc has been sent, For example, various Somali goverments receive more than enougb aid money and supplies to alleviate the famines and starvation crisis that have become routine and they rarely act competently. Much of the wealth s\is simply taken by the elite. That is not the market incentive or property rights as the operating mechanism for corruption, blaming capitalism is asinine


Those states wouldn't be in that situation in the first place if it weren't for capitalism driving colonialism, their continued exploitation, then neocolonialism through to the modern era.

how will communism fix clean water and cure diseases?

Stop being an M-L, the. realize the black book has no applicability to you anymore.

Blaming capitalists for propping up far-right governments that destroy the economy in Africa and South America. Then exploit the working class as cheap labour to serve the capitalists in the first world - blaming capitalism for this is 'asinine' to you?

Russia didn't have running water or electricity before the Bolsheviks came to power. Africa needs it's own Lenin.

Ideologies aren't fashion items. You can just choose a different "team" and then you are automatically dissociated from every other attempt at building socialism in history. Nobody will buy it.

My quick shitpost response would be that the deaths under states claiming to be Communist/Socialist does not undermine Socialist theories as these states developed under diverse conditions and instituted policies that are not necessary for a Socialist state and thusly can not be seen as a critique of the idea. For an example, you and some friends get together to bake a cake. You bring your Cake Marx Karl Marx, Cake Mix, I think I'm clever cook book and set to work. While your cake is baking, your neighbor, Barry Trueman, decides that your cake is blasphemy to the current cooking order and cuts off the power to your house with a well-aimed shot to your powerlines. Cut off from the supplies for your cake, it comes out half baked. It doesn't help that there is a very angry German man currently coming over the fence into your backyard. Also one of your friends is CONVINCED that thinges can be settled by some quick reforms to your cake, and while you are looking away he starts adding his own "rational centrist" ingredients. Your cake is quickly fucked.

Renounce the Black Book as propaganda, then assert that the number of Victims of Communism is too low.

They had their own. Turns out France it's African puppets a small middleclass and retarded backward socially regressive tribal leaders dislike Marxism and women having rights

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