Rural America

What is to be done about Rural America?

I thought of this topic reading two articles. I'll post them here with excerpts and see what you think:

yeah retail isn't really collapsing, it's more retail that catered to the former middle classes. dollar generals are opening up everywhere.

short of a full-blown communist revolution?

universal healthcare and higher education (for rural trade schools + community colleges) coupled with balls-to-the-wall infrastructure spending. i would create an army of laborers, scaffold builders, electricians, plumbers.

control for inflation by canceling all student loan debt, thereby removing the money from the money supply. (debt is a form of money, and government creates and can destroy money. don't listen to your liberal/right-wing relatives over christmas who say the government can't pay for things because muh taxes. that's not how it works.)

If seizing property is on the table, take fast food restaurants, check cashing places, furniture rental places and such, and turn them into free healthcare and food centers.

Infrastructure maintenance and federal investment in rural areas are nonexistent in rural america, driving through the michigan countryside is horribly depressing

That's because rural areas overwhelmingly vote Republican, which kills any chance for government aide.

They're self-destructive at this point. They refuse to see the reality around them.

They're just kind of fucked.
Republican spectacle policies don't help them and democratic spectacle policies offend them deeply for cultural reasons while not helping them. Damned if you do damned if you don't. There's a reason heroin has become such a pervasive problem and I don't think it's just pain pills.

The rural parts of the south that vote Dem are just as bad

This just ain’t true. The dirty south is called that for a reason. Had a buddy that lived there, his house was practically a self sufficient compound. Had back up water and electricity for a week or so and so did many of his neighbors. They weren’t preppers, the water and power were that unreliable there. This wasn’t even what would be considered rural. It was part of a suburb, a semi isolated suburb it a suburb none the less.
Never seen that in a blue state.

Educate rural americans about the Mine Wars and their socialist heritage.

Dems arent going to give them any more help mate, its burger politics

socialists should be moving to the country, buying as much land as possible and working to educate agitate and organize the working classes, lumpen, and neo-peasantry.

climate crisis is upon us comrades and rural americans are literally our only hope of survival. farmers are killing themselves in record number because capital is failing them. we need to provide them hope so they can fucking feed us when the going gets tough.

Essentially a rural version of the Panther's free breakfast? Sounds good, we also need to offer rehab, narcan, and counselling to opiate addicts.

Also, right wing survivalist militias provide a template if socialists should choose to go that direction

There was an interview with someone high up in DG not that long ago about how they were able to expand now that the economy is "recovered"
His response was that their customer base has expanded every year since 08


Judging by the Zimbabwe thread, they'll just genocide us for being white and working in agriculture.

are you a farmer user

We're socialists because we're not rich. How are we gonna afford land?

Selling drugs and guns

You are aware that 90% of America's crops are non consumable, right? They're mostly for chemicals and bio-fuel.

Not true, at least 40% of the corn goes to feed for animal agriculture

just pander to them, like all politics. don't be a smug elitist just because you think they're all racist dumbasses (even if it's true).