How come people convert to Islam?

So the talk on Holla Forums atm is about how the guy in cali who was planning to commit an attack was a convert to Islam who was also DemCops Member who showed support for Antifa orgs and shit
But ive got something else to ask…

What do you think drives people to convert to islam despite all its fucked up practices?
And how come these western converts are usually the most Autisic/violent of them?

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Maybe the fucked up practices is what attract the violent autists?

Is there any evidence that he was a member of Democratic Cops of America other than liking them on Facebook?

Thats all the evidence Holla Forums has and needs

It gives them a sense of direction in the cynical era of post ideology, autists/people with problems convert because it liberates them from the superego of our society that tells them they are guilty if they are not enjoying life, the same old "be happy, there are starving children in africa so your suffering is not valid" thing. Islam, as any sotereological religion, tells that only through the religion itself you can reach redemption and fullfilment. Obviously this only in the hard core forms, not milquetoast pseudo spirituality like a lot of christianity in the west. But I bet a lot of people in the west convert to hard core christianity than to islam, only that those who choose islam stand out in the pack.

Same reason convert to Holla Forums.
Bitter incels pumped full of propaganda that gives them meaning and values them for who they are despite them being utter human garbage.

People feel directionless and isolated in this era of cynicism and alienation. Islam promises them belonging and purpose. Much the same reason many people come to Nazi orgs or even here, really.

Because it's a blast!


The same as the converts of any religion, I'd imagine. Seeking spiritual and moral meaning in an increasingly meaningless world.

If the cali terrorist guy actually was some antifa-type, he probably converted because he's an idpoller who fell for the whole
Christianity is evil, but Islam is totally diverse and not just as bad or worse(we promise) schtick of liberals.

Tbh actual opium > religion > tv, TV was always the mpst boring mass opium tbh

muslim martyrs get 72 virgins
christian martyrs get a spear tip right under their rib cage and a lifetime of being cucked by Holy Spirit

Recognition of divine truth given to man by Allah.


Also worth mentioning Muhammad (PBUH) had at least 10 wives, who genuinely loved him, teens, MILFs, Aisha, the guy was fucking cool.

Fucking kill yourself

Literally nothing wrong with polyamory, get unspooked

nah, harems are bourgeois
monopolization of means of reproduction
"seize the means of reproduction" should be an unironic battle cry of leftist orgs in some Saudi Arabia

Harems are fine if they arent backed by patriarchy, we should not the Tibetan practice of marrying multiple brothers to one wife to secure property rights is just as bad

Basically the institution of marriage needs to be abolished, have wives, not property

wives are property though

Only Allah knows what goes through the mind of an adult convert.

Glenn Beck converted to fucking Mormonism, of all things. How the hell does someone look at their mythology and think "hmmm yes this makes perfect sense"?

Opium is much better than religion tho.

Nah you can consensually have a wife, even a marriage, since her body is her personal property, not so with land or MoP, etc. Marriage just has to be abolished in the form of the contract and the state recognized union of people and so on

that's nice but women are still property

It's funny you say that because Islam(the religion) doesn't consider women property even if many/most of its followers treat them that way.

Very true, two oxycontin and a comfy blanket is a religious experience

That's why I'm a Buddhist

because they are dumb
islam is a low Autism Level religion

Just look at him! He obviously is an outcast, can't get laid etc and desired belonging…similar to how gangs attract people

Because it's the most redpilled of the three 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Abrahamic religions🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

The Islamic push into prisons is another example of appealing to malcontents

fires up the neurons

I figure it's a matter of time until someone invents a drug that triggers the much-famed religious experience. It would be one of the biggest blows to organized religion ever.

Psychedelics accomplish this, for the most part. The various instutions that validate and support you can't be replicated with drugs though.

Indeed, Erich Fromm once said that using LSD leads to some kind of "Instant-Zen".

They probably fear ISIS enough to think they have to join the winning side but with them starting to lose I don't see this happening much anymore. Also I think some people want ti subvert it to tame it. There also are some people who just want to play victim. There also are edgelords the same kind of people who used to draw swastikas on their notebooks in gradeschool.

The God Helmet is close to what you describe but it didn't create that reaction since just because you can electronically or chemically reacreate an experience doesn't mean it does or does not exist. Some researchers are working on creating a drug though. There is a French documentary called that talks about the subject. Can't recall the name it was something like The Spiritual Brain. Anyway what they did was study a nun's brain during her praying and they identafied the region involved in her religious experience and said they wanted to make a drug to use for depression. They also breifly talked about a Buddhist monk's brain during mediation which actually showed different activation in the brain.

Well they could, if you were allowed to create a religion centered around drugs.

Wait a second, there actually are religions based on drugs. Fuck, my city has what they claim to be the biggest temple of all ayahuaska religions in the world. I feel a sudden religious awakening.

Microdosing LSD is suposedly a very effective antidepressant too.

I've always been curious about that, but like hell I can spend that dosh on something I don't even know will work at all. I'd rather spend that on penis enlargement evices. Now those would guarantee improvement to my self-steem.

I'm a bit confused as to what you mean.

There's a book with that name by some Dr. Beauregard which I'm uploading here, but it argues against our materialist POV. Altho I searched the guy's site, and he shows up in a documentary called The Mystical Brain, which I think is the one you meant.

This is 100% a thing among Socialists, converting to Islam, there are quite a few notable white twitter communists who converted to Islam.

The obsession elements of the left has with Islam is fucking bizarre.

He's saying Islamic gangs are one of the major players in American prisons. They mostly target blacks, as the NOI is a black supremacy org.

Same reason they support antifa. It's a way to larp as a rebel but face no consequences since they're protected groups. Protected in the West of course, in islamic countries whichever islamic group is a minority gets fucked.
They aren't. You see them as more violent because they're closer to you.

That pic is a microcosm of the aut-right, too dumb to look at anything beyond the superficial layer, bulldozing over any complexity with their one track minds.

every time

Isn't every Antifa social media page literally Holla Forums?

The aut-right in a nutshell, not just the pic.

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