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Thread for the discussion of Socialist Youtubers, Youtubers, Youtubers, and some people who aren't Youtubers.
Who are your favorites? Who are your least favorites and why is it Xexizy? Is there anywhere that isn't Youtube?

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At times this video makes me both sad and blood boiling angry
Tell me why pls tell me why

Because he has weak arguments, is cringey as fuck, sucks up to every liberal more famous than him, pretends he's a theory wiz despite not having read Marx' magnum opus, but criticizes people who have read it for not being Marxist, has an extremly mechanical understanding of Marx, overuses the word "literally", doesn't even like Varg or Burzum, went from vulgar brocialist to calling everbody a NazBol who doesn't get hormone therapy and smears people all the time on Twitter. In short, one of the most unpleasant people you could meet.

You don't like Pizza Hut?

That's actually true
I don't really like western food chains

Rosa Lichtenstein: She's also on

Anarchopac is worse

Anarchopac is a disgusting narcissist, but he has a better record than Muke, Muke has horrible illiterate first videos whereas Anarchopac can at least say he BTFOed Molyneux, whereas Muke lost debates to fascists, AnCaps and even fucking Sargon. Muke would loose against Molyneux as well.

Bat'ko is pretty cool, he makes catchy tunes.

If only he took this position on the DPRK

Do anarchists know that weed is legal in the DPRK?

No, you just disagree with anarchopac personally but any objective observer can tell you that he's intelligent, good at debate, and at least cognizant enough of his stance and the history behind it to back it up with real points. With that said he's off base about a lot of things but it's never because he can't read or because he needs things explained to him by an imageboard

The "dude weed lmao" argument has been fully ceded to lolberts so I doubt it makes much of a difference

This might make a difference.

There's literally nothing wrong with hating Varg.



yeah fuck varg

Varg will destroy the neoliberal order and lead the Nords (sole survivors of the 2050 ice age) to Nazbol primitivist utopia


Yeah, as much as I disagree with anarcho-pac, I can tell he's actually done some research in anarchist theory. Muke is literally a product of memes

The only thing I know about Muke is that his boipussy is ready to get ravaged by someone with big, strong, thick theory.

Varg made one of the greatest tabletop RPGs to ever be released, how can you hate him?

brendanmcooney >>> everybody else > Jason Unruhe >>> Muke

Well at least I'm better than Roo.

Fuck this timeline

Any person who dislikes Varg is unsympathetic to me.


Xexizy is a sub-brainlet.

It's amusing that you use exactly the points I would use to condemn anarchopac as reasons to absolve him. Muke is the political equivalent of a dancing monkey. There is little point blaming a monkey for behaving stupidly; the monkey cannot help being an unintelligent beast. As you yourselves admit, anarchopac has the intellect and knowledge to identify his errors, meaning he has intentionally chosen them. This is what makes him worse.


Nazbol was born of Holla Forums's own flesh yet she rejects her noblest son. It is a shame.

I guess from a pure utility standpoint (yeah yeah I know), I can imagine a scenario in which anarchopac would be useful or helpful and can imagine no such scenario for muke

What we make fun of Muke, that is tons of utility. He also purged himself due to our brocialist values. Perfect, really.


The day Holla Forums died is the day the mods started taking Nazbol Gang seriously.

Quote from that one guy about people pretending to be idiots will be flooded by actual idiots

For memes, I like Bat'ko, Socialism or Barbarism, and Pierre.

In terms of serious stuff I really like Shaun (formerly Shaun and Jen), DemocraticSocialist01, TheFinnishBolshevik, Mexie, and Comrade Hakim.

brendanmcooney is based as fuck but hasn't uploaded in four years so I can't count him. HLR has potential if he decides to stick with it but his style / theory was underdeveloped.

Xexixy is unbearable. He is fucking illiterate and doesn't seem to understand how little he knows. The kid just needs to learn the difference between a pamphlet and a book.

Also stop hating on Anarchopac. He is pretty well read, has a good understanding of history, and makes pretty good arguments even if his opinions aren't popular on this board.

I made a few videos a while back but I haven't had time to make more. I definitely want to get back into it but I need to practice not having a monotone delivery.


Seriously? Actually I'm just kidding fuck that bourgie piece of shit.It's like a walking parody of anarchism.

nice one OP

I really liked Episode 10 of Spookbusters and the video on economic planning. With some of the earlier episodes it seemed like you hadn't really made up your mind on the issues you where talking about and they where a bit disorganized / hard to follow.

By style I don't mean editing style. That has always been dank. I more mean organizational style of your scripts or whatever you use to organize what you are talking about. I'd be excited to see where you go with your videos if you keep putting out content.

Shaun is a liberal, not a socialist
the other serious people are fine thou

I agree to an extent in that his arguments are too moralistic, but this doesn't discount the fact that he is deeply knowledgeable about his subject and makes good content. Not necessarily good in the sense of "focusing on the correct things" but good in the sense of well crafted.

He mentioned that he is a socialist in a Q&A video but said that economics isn't what he wants to make videos about so he doesn't advertise himself as a socialist. He has never implicitly or explicitly endorsed capitalism so I don't see any reason to question his convictions.

you have chosen wisely, Holla Forums

Rebel was pretty good though when he stuck to shitposting. How to Despook yourself still makes me chuckle.

I feel like much like talk radio, the very format of "Hey guys" style youtubing is fundamentally slanted in favor of reactionary opinions. Like I've tried sitting down and watching some of these 20 min vids about who the fuck knows what where people have their own cartoon avatars just like alt-right atheists do, and it's difficult to take any of it seriously. Why can't I just read a book that was probably written by somebody 20x times as informed?

his crowder bid was really great, the rest bar the comedy videos were pretty mediocre

You can lol. You don't watch the videos to learn. You read books to learn and then you make videos as propaganda to convince other people to read the books that you used learn the things to make the videos.

Fair enough. Maybe I'm just not the target audience. I'm almost 30, which is ancient by internet standards.

Yeah you are definitely not the target audience. YouTube videos are a cultural Marxist conspiracy to indoctrinate your children after all.

thanks man, ive been pretty busy with real life shit, but ill try to start making videos again. Some of the earlier videos were borderline unscripted, looking back at them I agree some of the essays come off a bit ramble-y.

mcooney isn't that good, anyone who needs to watch videos to understand value theory or thinks videos suffice has problems

finbol is much more important imo

probably a demsuc

I really don't get why people hate on Muke this much. He's gotten better and he's also just a fucking kid.

He is also really cute

Not everyone is gay.

this is why

Objectively untrue.

If I was a grown ass man I wouldn't waste my time commenting, but I'm pretty sure I'm Muke's age or maybe younger.

This, but also he isn't that cute. I would not bang.

Muke is outright anti-idpol. Contra is an SJW, but one of the better ones and won't autistically screech at you. She's even friends with some of the """rational""" """skeptics""", which other SJWs have gotten mad at her about.

Muke is 19. You're allowed to be stupid at that age, and he's really not that bad. I've dealt with plenty of 18 and 19 year olds and they've almost always been much worse. If you're better than that, consider yourself a bit special. Most kids are dumb.

that's even worse.

Not anymore, at least according to himself in a previous tweet. In his own words, he noticed ref fascis.ts and nazbols using that label to justify their racism, etc, so he decided to stop calling himself that. He's actually much more leftist internet"mainstream" than he used to be.

I saw that as a difference in branding(god, I hate that word), not a change in ideas. A rose(or foot) by any other name, and so on.

Muke has bought a poster with Contrapoints face on it, and referred to it as his favorite poster in a stream with Contra, which made even her cringe.

No, it means Contra won't autistically screech at you about your privilege or something retarded like that. She's a bit obsessed with trans shit right now, but I'd expect that with going through with shit like that. Honestly her videos aren't that bad if you're an anti-SJW that wants to expose yourself to different ideas without breaking things. I mean, I fully disagree with her on most shit, but that doesn't mean I don't watch.

Yeah, but that's not a reason to dislike him. It's weird, but his ideas don't seem affected by that. He just might just want to suck Contra's feminine dick or something.

I vowed to never watch contra once s/he said that we need elements of the new left.

The BPP was "new left" you twat.

That's correct, but he has changed. i'm not one of those anti-idpol people- to me it's just vague and almost a buzzword when I hear it used- but you'll notice that he tweets a whole tonne more about trannies, lgbt issues and so on. I'm not saying that's admonishable, but he does, I think, say things that would or at least used be seen as idpol by leftypol

what's dumb is that in that discussion you'll notice that contrapoints is really just a social progressive liberal, kek. I think what distinguishes her in this anti-anti-feminist wave is that she isn't stupid, has a taste of humor, is "cool", whatever.

That's the thing, though. Why just shut someone out completely for having views you disagree with? Contra is wrong on that point, don't get me wrong, and wrong on a lot of points, but processing an idea and agreeing with it are two different things.

forgot to mention, notice how muke used to be known as one who's stance was "economics is all that socialism is about or matters"-

I think you're probably right on that front, but I don't really think of Muke as a Twitter thing. I mostly stick to Youtube, and his vids haven't substantially changed in substance. He certainly hasn't mentioned trans issues in them. Of course, there's always the possibility that Holla Forums will get its wish and Muke will turn into a trap just in time for Christmas.

Well, I thought it was more like "Socialism is primary an economic set of ideas, and other problems are only ultimately solvable through socialism." If he's not, then he's fallen off the wagon.

When s/he was referring to new left, it referred to idpol leftists, with their intersectonialty bs

If I remember that video correctly, by New Left she meant idpol.

And is the BPP not "idpol"? Their organization was centered around liberation of blacks after all. HINT: Maybe the problem isn't "idpol" but rather idpol outside of a genuine Marxist framework.

I think he did explicitly say that socialism was just about economics in order to dismiss alt-right shitposts telling him that he or his ideas were SJW shit. Of course, I'm certain he did believe in what you interpreted him as saying. Even sjw people believe that discrimination, etc will be more manageable under socialism. They don't think socialism will immediately mean their end, which if I am correct, Luke actually believed. He doesn't anymore though.

If you'll discard his twitter than, sure, he hasn't changed much, but I distinctly remember him boasting on twitter on how he impressed his roomates with his queer or trans theory knowledge. That doesn't mean anything definitively, of course.

Btw, where is his critique of identity politics video? I cannot find it.

I think he deleted it.

kek, what did I say?

Contra literally described the New Left with these words
- girls
- race
- sexual deviants
- hippies?
I don't care about what the BPP did, this is how she defined it.

What is wrong about organizing on lines of race and gender? These are relevant topics as long as they are understood within a Marxist framework. Also, you really should care about what the BPP did, they where one of the most influential leftist organizations in the US.

That isn't it. I'm referring to the previous one in which anarchopac commented. it wasn't a response video

what are you talking about. I just said that besides his video btfo-ing Steven Crowder, which was excellent, and his comedy videos, most of his content was mediocre.

Don't worry, we'll get cool cyberpunk instead. Be prepared to sell your organs to pay your loans and replace them with cheap prosthetics.

Gulag yourself.

Mexie is best girl tbh

You have to do digging to find it but he has gotten repeated questions about demsoc shit and said explicitly that everything comes down to economics and that's what needs to change on a fundamental level if you really want society to get better/culture to change which is some pretty basic base/superstructure stuff. My feeling is he's just more comfortable engaging in standard sociology for whatever reason but I think he could be useful if leftists bullied him into talking about economics for once.

Contra is less idpol than mexie and peter and definitely smarter than badmouse I wonder why she gets the circle


implying we wont live to see the death of capitalism worldwide
i just feel it in my bones

I like Finnish Bolshevik and Xexizy the best.

I wish Muke would stop with his updating thing. He shouldn't talk about updating marxism for the 21rst century until he fully understands it.

Mccoony's videos don't stand alone withput actually reading Marx but are probally the best starting point. He clearly knows more about theory than anyone else on youtube.

he's just being a smug leftcom.


we don't want him

Nice meme

well that's too bad because he's yours now whether you like it or not

Sorry I was aiming at

Finnbol > Xexizy

. . .

somebody get this muke outta here

with out any doubt.
Even Jason Unruhe it's miles better then that fucking homosexual.

muke really is a fucking brainlet, isnt he

Muke is right. You see, Marxist materialism is a concept about the physical world we live in, whereas evolution is only about the realm of platonic forms.
t. person tripping from food poisoning

The most brainlet phase of any so-called Marxist is to blame everything 'bad' on Engels.


t. people who never read Theses on Feuerbach

hi muke


Has anyone else noticed the majority of muke hating in any thread about him always comes from two particular posters who always say the same thing in each thread, or is that just me

today the two flags they've taken up are tank and ba'ath

In that case, I need to post what I post in every Muke thread!
When is Contra going to pound Muke's tight boypussy on stream?

Muke. Muke, Muke, Muke.

Bitcoin is stupid because it is wasteful.

although in the coming era of easily falsifiable audio and video blockchain tech may become a viable way to guarantee the authenticity of messages, with the added bonus of decentralizing public discourse so that it may never be revised or erased without a massive undertaking

Muke made the left look like pathetic children in the Great Debate with Sargon and Finnbol.

He did somewhat decently.

all of leftypol was praising him as the powerhouse of that debate while it was happening

Muke is cute and I want to fuck his boy pucci.

bull fucking shit.

Muke has no theory but he actually performed pretty well in that debate.

nah, it's true I was there in the thread. Everyone was in agreement he did well, until the ☭TANKIE☭s (started with Jason) started getting mad over him refusing to say the USSR was Socialist. I guess the rest of leftypol only looked at the ☭TANKIE☭s rather than anyone who actually watched the debate.

IMO Finnbol was the only one with consistently good arguments on the left side. Muke's only good line was mentioning Coca Cola death squad.

It was kind of weird that badmouse didn't really talk.

Oh the whole

capitalism will fail thus*
nb dp

I love contra, but did you see her debate with Sargon? She's really not experienced with debating those topics. She couldn't even explain on the spot why there's systematic racism, when she's made a video that convinced me it exists.

I honestly haven't seen Contra debate. Her live-stream discussions and videos are solid plus she did go roast and challenged Roaming Millennial and that was pretty hot , even though I disagree on her on several points I didn't think she'd suck that bad at debating.

She's usually good but she usually debates social issues. This was mainly about antifa and she was clearly out of her depth, though she'll learn:

lmfao evolution is literally a materialist theory.

She's stumbling to make a consistent point, forgets to mention that alt-right people are funded by think tanks (Richard Spencer), and comes off ill prepared when brings up talking points.
Not her best tbh, ill keep watching but Sargon is doing the whole "no it's not, the left needs to understand" routine


I wish this kid would stop arguing with literallywhos on twitter it makes him look weak

Some people just aren't good debaters. No offense to contra but she's such a poor debater that she accidentally loses debates talking to allies when they're just supposed to be having friendly discussions

he is weak and stupid though

Yeah she really isn't and at the 1:03:33 she says she isn't a Marxist. Kinda lost some respect for her tbh
So she isn't a Marxist yet adheres to most of his philosophy and she thinks a violent revolution won't work? Man she really is just a revisionist demsucc

communist PragerU when?


I just found this channel on youtube.

I liked his video on Posadism:

but I felt iffy when he said X is ultra left.
but I understand the context.

bullshit, I'm not one of the usual bashers even do his smug attention whore attitude pisses me off

and read my fucking comments, I was mostly discussing the question of if and how he's changed. not even trashing him

are you serious? not shit she isn't. listen to muke's discussion with her.

People were sleeping where he was is his Alibi.

I hate how he thinks that he's a huge intelectual by showing off the shit he read in Wikipedia with liberals. I hate how we sees himself as the voice of reason of the left despite being a socialist for like a year. He's literelly everything wrong with the left wing today, arrogant, illiterate and idealist.

Darwinian evolution is literally the best example of dialectical materialism

He's had his channel for 2 years lol

Pierre has been making serious videos lately.

The thing is, even the few booklets he CLAIMS to have read are totally contradictory to the complete bullshit he regurgitates. So if we give him the benefit of the doubt and accept that he did read those booklets, then we can only conclude that he has NO READING COMPREHENSION (a common affliction of leftcoms, trots and similar types). If he has no reading comprehension, reading one book or reading a hundred books won't make a difference or do any good, he will simply continue to say stupid shit for eternity.

Mexie is the only youtuber who:
-is a socialist who makes videos about socialism
-is active
-is well read
-uses that reading effectively
-is not an edgelord
-is not an "anti-idpol" asshat
-makes good videos
at the same time
therefor she is the best

and thats how long it took him to read, what two books?
This guy is probably the best Marxist intellectual on youtube. If you guys know anyone better, please do link them.

J. Barg

This person legitimately sounds like the Joker at times, he even does the lip licking. You're a legend, user.

hoo boy

Pierre is the best by far.

Fight me Muke fags.

I've seen that gif before

It is one of the first memes

Xexizy is the best one.


i just want to go to space.

That's a very reasonable view other than the fact he used the dumb term "classical liberals"

The future is not yet written, the failures of the past not set in stone, the present is still in flux: if this makes you angry, then good, channel that anger into building the world you want: the world we need.

how fam?


He stopped chilling on Bunkerchan IRC and
stopped shilling Bunkerchan on his youtube channel in order to become more "professional".

He stopped chilling on Bunkerchan IRC and
stopped shilling Bunkerchan on his youtube channel in order to become more "professional".

He also acts like quite the ass on Twitter

You are a man of good taste, sir.

to be fair, bunkerchan is kind of dead but that might actually be mukes fault anyhow.

Stupid anime girl was crying and ran away from home because her billionaire father wouldn't buy her some overly expensive necklace

wow, and I guess he feels that way about bunkerchan too because it's too nazi or whatever Come on, it's because he wants to be cool now.