White farmer gets land back under Zimbabwe's new leader


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PR move to placate Westerners, I suppose.

critically support racist blacks against some farmer guy imperialism!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Absolutely disgusting to watch the African peons hailing the return of their patrons

Zim's attempt at nationalization failed due to corruption and a lack of education. It's either they give back land to farmers or the food crisis gets worse and people starve, causing their stability problems to get much worse. That would be the type of thing that would cause the rioting in the capital to turn into a full-blown revolution against the ruling government. This is why Zuma had to leave.

Also, remember why this is all happening: most of Zim's debt is owed to the People's Republic of China who wants their bonds paid in USD, an item Zim can't just print. If people are not using money because there is no food, the government has no hope to collect taxes to repay those debts. This is also why Zim's military forced Zuma out, because he was fucking stupid and created a massive mess with race-based land redistribution.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

you have your southern african leaders mixed up
tho zuma is on his way out too

Also, for clarity: what I'm saying is that Zuma's attempt at Not Socialism (or, nazism) has utterly failed because the people the nationalized land was given to were either unwilling or unable to use it because of corruption or a lack of knowledge. This whole thing as burnt down and the country is on the verge of collapse right now if the food situation doesn't improve. Which is why all the farmers (who made plenty of money making food in nearby Zambia) are being welcomed back.

You're right, it seems that I did which is my mistake. Although yes you are right Zuma is going to get fucked too, although he will get gangbanged by actual communists on the left and British bankers on the right.

I can't blame them for making an expedient decision given the circumstances.

This is cool imo
Mugabe was a huge Autist(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

You're stupid if you think Zimbabwe's problems are because black people don't know how to farm.

That is the most idiotic shit I've ever heard.

Israelis are making the desert bloom tier shit.

It didn't fail, it was sabotaged by crippling sanctions.

It's not an "expedient decision," it's the result of a military coup you nitwit.

Thank you for saying this, sick of these slick chauvinists spouting imperial propaganda

Does anyone have any conclusive reading on the redistribution of land and the sanctions from a socialist perspective? I've only read articles in the monthly review so far.

Well I've read the economy was actually improving in major indicators before the land reform. Colonialists were willing to put up with the formal end of apartheid, but not the actual material redistribution.

Who cares? People need food and race is a spook anyway.

mods would have you believe Mugabe was anything but a kleptocrat who didn't know how to rule a country properly

Zimbabwe has some of the richest raw resources in the world, and their failure as a state was directly caused by his stupid policies. He literally thought he could print his way out of debt. Of course the IMF is to blame too, but the lion's share of the blame lies with Zimbabwe's terrible leadership

The white farmers being repatriated is regrettable, but *all land was stolen at one point*, that is precisely how land becomes private property. It is 100% revisionism to claim that the land reforms did not drastically lower productivity by placing farming land in the hands of people who did not know how to farm: fao.org/docrep/012/ak352e/ak352e00.htm

Mugabe printed his country into poverty

Tankies really are the cancer killing the left

fat texan looking motherfucker surroundedb y his servants

is chauvinist the leftypol buzzword of the week now

if anything is chauvinist its this pathetic, unquestioned defense of Mugabe

OK so this farmer was evicted by a Pentecostal pastor named Trevor Manhanga (who drives a Toyota Land Cruiser) who had ties to Mugabe and his wife. This same farmer had previously cooperated with land reform and had already given up most of his land without incident.

+ This is not a reversal of land reform.

+ Land reform was not about kicking whites out of Zim, but creating a more equitable distribution of land. Mugabe lost his marbles this year and racialized it. "We will not prosecute killers of white farmers" he said and then got ousted.

+ Mnangagwa, the president, is also the brain behind Zim's land reform program and the "command agriculture" program which is based on Chinese development models. This has boosted harvests to record levels.

+ Too many people who benefited from land reform were Mugabe's cronies, so this move is hopefully a sign that Mnangagwa is interested in cleaning house.

There's nothing inertly wrong with this.

What up with all this fucking bans

Our brave hotpockets are keeping us safe from wrongthink, praise stalin.

Stop false-flagging, will you?

So we /echochanber/ now? Cool, let's rev up the pol in Holla Forums

how about no

it's funny, your posts are so bad that you encounter problems with moderation anyway

I wish comrades would read about an issue for five minutes before making sweeping judgements about it.

Mocking the ☭TANKIE☭ mods = falseflagging? Falseflagging as what?

It was sarcastic you underage fag

So far there is zero evidence of this - only wishful thinking. Liberals are conditioned to hate Communism - which is how every their enemy gets called Communist regardless of situation (and it's not like you what Communism is about anyway).

As Innocent Victim of Stalinism.

The BO has publicly said they are a ☭TANKIE☭, I see no reason to doubt that.

I do. Mods are literally banning people for ML stance, while there is no serious Communist flag - despite people demanding it for a long long time.

Also, I've never seen this "public statement" (existence of which is highly doubtful), but that is of no consequence.

The ones who ended up with the land showed little aptitude or interest in farming

He didn't print his way into debt. The land reforms tanked the economy and caused very high inflation, as a reaction they started printing higher and higher denomination notes which fuelled the inflation further.

should've gone with ZAPU

where did I claim that Mugabe printed himself into debt? I said he tried to print himself out of debt. The end result is that Zim doesn't have a currency, so now all their foreign debts are in foreign currency.

Are the mods seriously defending Mugabe with bans now? This is hilarious. What next, bans for saying the DPRK isn't Marxist? Oh wait, they did that too.

He's a big guy

This, Mugabe was a crook and he preyed on black workers primarily. Pointing that out should not get you banned. And both him and the rest of the regime are in the pocket of China - they deposed Mugabe a day after the coup leader came back from Beijing; they had to double check with their liege lords.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Why are there so many bans on this post? Why do I feel the answer rhymes with thot rocket? :thinkingemoji:

I dislike Mugabe

How long till I get banned?

why is it bannable anyway?

Mugabe is a good boy he din do nuffin(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Mugabe's a mod

Mugabe was even more stupid than the board owner is autistic

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Why did the only thing that was keeping me from killing myself have to be ruined by ☭TANKIE☭s?

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This as well

To every one getting banned
Go to >>>/leftpol/ while you're banned

I just got unbanned.

Hopefully this is all being done by a rogue volunteer and the BO has sence enough to crack down on this type of behavior in the future so we don't become an insane reality denying echo chamber like Holla Forums. Fingers crossed.

Don't announce you got unbanned, they'll ban you again

Bans are public on 8ch.net/bans.html and disclose whether it was by the owner or a volunteer.

All the bans in this thread were done by the Board Owner.

it's not a volunteer, it's the BO himself

My ban was 4 weeks. I'll be on a new IP in less time so I'm just going to shit on the BO in the meantime

this thread is dumb

"Those who survive shall envy the dead."

A year ago I got banned, got unbanned, but didn't annouce I was unbanned. A day later, a different mod banned me for thinking I was evading.

I just wanted to point out that Mugabe is a nigger.

Why is BO so self-destructive?


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Mugabe was bad


I swear, they better start putting bigger warning labels on estrogen pill bottles so people know instead of making you feminine they can turn you into a bitch. I un-ironically believe Mugabe did nothing wrong, but the amount of red text ban notifications I'm seeing under replied in this thread is ridiculous.

That could be true

I think it's more likely that he responds to criticism by doubling down because he think it's a sign of strength or some other stupid reasoning.


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Goddamn, and I thought my ☭TANKIE☭posting yesterday caught a bunch of flak. This thread is ridiculous, how is anyone supposed to talk about anything with the constant threat of the banhammer hanging over their heads?

Between the semi-regular moderation tantrums he's been throwing in these threads and my poor, damaged soul seeing him get throat fucked by some fat guy in a WebM I'm ready to buy my ticket for the fuck B.O. express. He's Holla Forums's very own black hole.

go out in a bang like me

Truth be told, I'd perma-ban you for that post. You think that's funny, roseposter?

it's a joke, calm down

This is the hill we chose to die on?

Her blood hasn't even dried yet. You calm down!

Shout out to the guy that posted a link to that board that IDs mods that ban posters. Comes in mad handy…


Now that I've gone through my first split, I feel like a true leftist

Stick your heads in the sand, cowards.

Meh I'm just sad because I liked this place better than Reddit and Twitter. I'll just keep my leftiness to IRL I guess

Thanks BO

Bitch, I'll throw an ice pick at you like it's a tomahawk.

There was a post by a mod that claimed that the Board Owner want to turn Holla Forums into a tan‌kie propaganda outlet which would certainly explain their actions but it could be just regular mental illness.

heh, I'll just dodge that like I dodge election promises after winning government

/leftpol/ would be a decent board if the "Holla Forums Whine" thread wasn't the only one people post in.

The way to fix that is to make threads and post in others.

No, Westerners don't give a shit about Zimbabwe. It's so they can produce enough food to prevent a revolt, which is guaranteed to happen whenever people don't get enough to eat. As for the guy he probably got some tax cuts to make it worth the risk.

Which nobody does. It's basically the Holla Forums version of the hole for you get sent to for timeout for being a bad prole.

Hey, I've made a couple posts there in the past two weeks!

I know, the only way to fix that would be to post more. I'll do it here in a bit.

Honestly, why would white farmers want to stay in Zimbabwe after all that's happened?

You can farm in other countries without worrying about your family getting raped and burned alive.

What that the fuck is this shit? There's not even a reason being posted. Is he too much of a lazy fag to create a new rule to enforce the newest pet aspect of his insane beliefs?


Truly a madman.

Based BO finally taking my advice and cutting the tongues off morons who can't use them properly, censorship is the best. If you were banned it just means you have poor taste and need to leave, shut up ,or die, preferably all 3.

sasuga mods

The moderation gets worse everyday on here, this board is fucking finished.

Mugabe is a kleptocrat dictator not a comrade.


I was pretty skeptical of /leftpol/ at first but it seems to be the only option.

The fact that you don't think this is an echo chamber speaks volumes about how much of an echo chamber this place is.



This is supposed to be a leftist echo chamber though, not an echo chamber for whatever the autistic BO wants to be "leftism"

Pot, kettle, etc.

We're not even a Leftist echochamber. There's as reason we have a Nazi and ancap flags. In fact Leftists are more tightly moderated than fucking Nazis. A Nazi arguing in good faith won't be banned, but a Leftist doing the same against "anti-imperialism" will be.

The sudden and violent purges over dissent and whatever passes for wrongthink at the moment are proof that this board and the people running it is the genuine article in leftism.

Well, you aren't incorrect.

Holla Forums is kill life is a fug.

I got unbanned again.

Honestly what is the point of banning people for 3 weeks anyways if you are just going to unban them in a half an hour unless your objective is just "I want to piss people off and make people stop using my board."

Don' announce it or you'll get banned again

Why do the blacks look so happy

you know I've just got the urge to learn how to do this

unplug your router
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Mods are fags. Mugabe was a fag.

It isn’t that black people can’t farm. It’s that the blacks who got the land weren’t educated in farming. Farming is a very complex science involving soil fertility and germination. It’s way more complicated than putting seeds in the ground. Blacks can farm, but just like evreyone else they can’t farm without proper knowledge about farming. A good solution for the land problem in Zimbabway would be to split up the land into many farm communes of five families each. Each commune would have one white family and four black families so that the blacks could learn about farming. People most often learn about farming from experience. But no Mugabe had to be a restarted ethno-nationalist and ignore science.

Mugabe was crooked and the land reform should have gone to the workers on those farms, instead of just political allies. Some of the white farmers were poor too, and they should have been allowed to keep some land or turn to collective farming and integrate them into the economy in order to keep the agribusiness going. Instead, Mugabe gave land to political allies that had no background in farming. Also, I don't know why bans are being handed out, but please be aware that these whites are Africans too.


Because, let's face it, they stand to get rich from it. The failure of land reform has made it so a desperate government will sell out its people to bring GDP back up. This is Mugabe's fault.

You'd be surprised how many people here don't know even the slightest shit about farming and think it's just a bunch of rednecks tilling soil and throwing seeds around. Agriculture is complex, and if we don't understand it, we're going to wind up with some very stupid ideas about agriculture a la USSR. Farming shouldn't involve a single family owning acres upon acres of land, but that doesn't mean those families aren't useful or that we can't integrate them into the economy. As it is, we have a lot of automation in agribusiness and it's only going to get better. Much better would be holders of agriculture degrees or experience to have them go on tours on farms a couple of years at a time and promote them based on performance or lack thereof. This way, no single individual or family gets attached to a plot of land which serves the rest.

great stuff mods

New thread for those against unjust banning.




My first thought was the piles represented people, which makes more sense than whatever the artist was going for. The countries that colonized Africa and "took" from it are much worse off because of it.

zimbabwe is going to sell out and become neoliberal like south africa.

that's just how trannies do

I don't think it has to do with that. It's just that BO is just super anti-imperialist where the slightest whiff of it gets you banned.

Wtf happened?

Also, seconding this:

And oh:

Gonna go ahead and guess this is another /leftpol/ double agent with Holla Forums mod powers sabotaging our board to get people to go over there. Not gonna lie, I totally blame BO for this. If he/she'd modded me when I sent my application in, we wouldn't have all these retard mod turncoats.



It's not. Literally every ban in this thread is from the board owner (Che).

I'm somewhat new; did body odor usurp this site from someone else? Or is this shitbag really what Holla Forums had from the beginning, and if so, why is Holla Forums not just a ☭TANKIE☭ board to begin with?

The board owner took a huge hands off approach for a long time, about half of the board's history. People were allowed to say what they wanted, and nobody batted an eye at the Asser and Zionist bans because, frankly, they had no place here to begin with and the board owner seemed reasonable enough to not go overboard. Everything changed when there was a hack of Holla Forums and we were going to be restored last. Most users laughed, but the BO threw a NUCLEAR tantrum over it and started threatening Codemonkey and the Holla Forums site staff.
BO tried to force people to go to Bunkerchan, but nobody wanted to because it had a reputation of being filled with faggots who were chased off of the board in the first place. After that, he started making increasingly arbitrary rules and banning for less and less of a reason, and only enforcing certain rules with certain ideological groups ('left wing shitposting' is a good one)

Oh, you precious newfag. To our knowledge, the current BO is the same as it's always been. The past year has really done a number on their psyche and he's made increasingly baffling decisions without consulting anybody. Sometimes he gets drunk and bans people for not being the kind of leftist he likes. Sometimes he makes tripfags most of the board hates into mods and never tells anyone a word about it. Sometimes the BO and mods intentionally withhold information they know would upset the userbase, only to wind up upsetting them more once they find out, for obvious reasons.
They want people who disagree with the nebulous banning rules to go to >>>/leftpol/ rather than talk to them here.
If you just got here and you aren't a ☭TANKIE☭, either buy a VPN or post somewhere else.

Nice Kautskyite rag. It's owned by Jacobin.

i think ZE is having a sex change and taking hormonal treatment that makes he/she/it moody.

Completely objectively wrong.
Mugabe did give the land to the farmers to secure their votes. What you propose happend except they kicked out all the whites and it turned into that disaster. He pulled the selfmanaged commune shit and distributed it into unamanagable small parcells to secure his power with people behind him, rather than maximum efficiency and since no one had any clue what they where doing after lynching and kicking out the only ones who did and refusing to learn anything after already decades of watching how its done it went all downhill anyways so the factor of "lacking whites to learn from" was irrelevant. They failed at the most primitive techniqes every garden owner in the world proves are easy to learn without any or very little aid from complete scratch even when never trained in it.

bumplocked for:
If Holla Forums had more serious posters, they would rather be investigating and trying to find good scraps of info about the coup in Zimbabwe.

How is farming sabotaged by sanctions? Which nations do you think imposed sanctions on ZImbabwe?

I don't think re-privatizing the farms in the hands of the former white owners is the best solution here. If they really want to be ethnonationalists about it they just to find black citizens who actually want to farm and then provide (and pay) for a proper education in the field.

Mugabe was still a fucking idiot for somehow fucking up something as simple as this.

How is the OP trolling? He just sharing news that has relevance to certain people here.

the OP was edited.

Ms.Piggy please leave, you’re not welcome here.

Once again, the BO shits on anyone they disagree with.