Christmas general

Merry Christmas Holla Forums and a happy new year (early)!
Looking forward to seeing your family? Expecting any consumerist presents? Looking forward to good food? Dreading political discussion with your shit uncle?

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Family are your typical AM Radio/Fox News conservatives, grandpa is an old school Falangist and my uncle is a neoliberal, alcoholic failson who unironically uses Drumpf. Typical holiday; my uncle will drink as much of our wine as he can, gets sauced, and starts hurling insults, at which point I usually throttle him and he goes back to his room.

When we do talk politics it's usually civil, unless of course you bring up communism, since my family got their plantations taken away by pic related and are still a salty. Ultimately, aside from my uncle, we get along great, since we all love each other, and we don't need to agree on everything.

Food is finna be good though, I'm a vegan but I always make an exception for this day. We've got a small pig in a roasting box, rubbed some salt and pepper on him, and baste him in a garlic mojo sauce. When it comes out you've got a thick ass skin thats crackling with bits of fat underneath and the most tender pork you'll ever eat.

We've also got Catalan cream, which is custard put into a dish, torching the top till it forms a thick crunchy, caramel layer sort of like creme brulee. We usually have that with some cookies. So all in all pretty damn good

I'm pretty sure I convinced my Keynesian dad that China's policy of terrorizing its Bouj is what's needed to keep America competitive on the market.

Just getting home now, 5.30pm. Had to work 8 hours 22nd 23rd and 24th. It sucked. At least I got all my presents already, carrying them around town was sure fun.

My bus driver happens to be a guy from the local furry meets, not much to do with Christmas but weird coincidence regardless. We were having an argument about the EU and Corbyn in the group chat only two days ago. I'll say hello when I hop off the bus!

Holla Forums's "Christian universalism" is really just an ethno-cult for brocialist white boys, an excuse to be chauvinist towards feminists, BLM, Muslims, and Jews (of course). I highly doubt any of the selfie theologians on here have actually studied Christianity or the Church Fathers or any of the debates of early Xtianity (i.e. Why were certain books left out of the canon, why were certain movements considered orthodox one day and heresies the next, why are there four gospels instead of seven, or one?). If Badiou and the noseman are your only sources, you should seriously reevaluate before making bold statements about muh salvation through JC.

is this gibberish purposeful shitposting or what's going on with that dude?

It's been alright so far.
My sisters loved one gave me a small book on "how to invest like a guru". I hate the guts of nearly every name that stands on the cover, but I made sure no one was any wiser of my despising attitude.
I'm covertly smugly happy that I've managed to mask my power-level this well. If and when I'll open that booklet of petite-bourg trash I'll most certainly read it "kuin piru raamattua", as the devil would study the bible.
Hell, there might be something to learn in there, too.

I'm out of state visiting family and all I want is to go home. I find it harder and harder to socialize with my extended family, as I find it more difficult to relate to them, their worldviews, and their problems.

Upper middle class culture is fucking trash, dump wine and IPAs in the fucking river

Pol please go

dude i'm an atheist I just like presents and it's what we do in my family

Yeah but like all holidays christmas is for booze and food

Good post

Why do you have be so so anti-prole comrade?

Wine moms are the ultimate petit bouj culture


My christmas eve has just concluded. Was over at my grandmother's and had a bunch of relatives there as well. Young nephews and nieces as well, even a small cute dog. It was really nice overall, i got utterly stuffed too.

True, but then you have the wine guzzling French so it kinda evens it out.

Bruh look at this dude

My family are either generic conservatives who told me flat out,when I claimed Bernie sanders wasn't a socialist because raising taxes isn't socialism, I was flat out wrong and deluded or liberals who will probably talk about Russia subverting America.


Oh no, it's my immediate family too. Ironically, my 90 year old great-grandmother seems to be the only one who shares my… political inclinations. I'm not saying she's a leftist or anything, but she certainly knows bullshit when she sees it. It's extremely refreshing, even though we don't directly talk about politics or anything. I just wish I could talk to her about other things but she's as autistic as I am tbh

I've been helping my family move furniture back into the house and shit. Just been drinking, smoking weed, and eating a lot of food. It's finally not 80 degrees so it's nice and chilly outside, fuck the south bruv

I'm not pagan so i don't celebrate yule
also im on the south

gay kaken ofn yahm

I think there's a local ordinance that forbids colored lights and that pisses me off more than it should. MA = petty bourge yass queen hell. At least the SEIU thugs are keeping quiet about you know who.

it's a secular, inoffensive Hallmark holiday at this point. Relax.

I don't want to be so melancholic on christmas but the last few days have been very hard on me

I hear you, this christmas is the first time ever I haven't been able to go see my family

I suppose. I don't really see my cousins and half of my aunts and uncles except at Christmas, so I go to check in and prove that I'm not a shut-in just yet. I also got my printed copy of my M.A. thesis and fully intend on forcing my STEM cousins to read the intro
Couple of gift cards. Christmas presents in my family are for minors and university students only.
Christmas food in my neck of Canada is a "Jiggs Dinner," which is salt beef cooked along with potatoes, mashed turnip and carrot eaten with hard tack. I always eat a half serving since it is salty as H*CK and destroys my bowels
Most political discussion is usually on local issues, anything national or international is standard centre-left liberal opinions. It usually boils down to griping about why the government isn't doing more things for us while doing things for mainlanders/immigrants/people in the downtown core/their corporate buddies.
My family's drunken uncle has apparently been reading nothing but Tom Friedman books this past few months, so I'm looking forward to a retired farmer's neoliberal banter between rum and cokes

And a tip-top Tet to you to

At least it'll be over soon and we can go back to normal.

Jesus christ how horrifying

Things will never be the same again

What was your thesis about?

What happened?

Family fervently reject your politics?

wine is cheap as fuck you faggot


your associations with wine are your own fault you spooked idiot

I expect better

I've got work today, and the 26th. Couldn't afford a ticket home, anyways, and I tried getting time off but I was called back. The upside being that I just had a huge delivery of books, and that I'll be able to quit this shitty job soon to go back to school

Nothing family related

Migration and trade policy in the EU. I actually touch on part of it in this post: although my focus was on corruption between privatized companies and eastern euro governments connected to the business owners
(Of course, like most people who've written a thesis I have almost zero interest in the topic nowadays)

Can you rebuild? Build something new?

Good to hear I guess

How does it lack a telos? Or are you one of those hipster "Xtian nihilists" who just uses belief as a substitute for direct action? Christianity, as practiced by actual Christians, is not what Badiou says it is. Maybe you should stop calling it "Christian" and just call it secularism.

T. Jew who studied Christianity before she did shuvah.

I want to and i would but that won't happen soon

חיה, תירגעי, זה רק חג שחוגגים בשביל הכיף

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ובמקום להתלונן על חגים פאגנים למה שלא תעני לשאלה שלי בקשר לוולטר בנג'מין באשכול הקריאה החדש

What the actual fuck am I reading?

I get really kitschy and cheesy around this time of year:
The dancing song is at

Do what you can man.

I ain't mad. Holla Forums is just really, really dumb when it comes to theological debate.

Promise kept
Like this song of the same name

Let me put it this way: are you Christian because you truly believe JC was a god-man sent to "die for sin", or do you only follow/believe because Zizek makes vague references about "Christianity" serving as an alleged antidote for idpol? In other words, does this faith appeal to you because you hold it to be true in an ontological sense, or only because it's (alleged) tenants can be used as a means of making a moral argument for biases you already hold?

What's this about Walter Benjamin?

Is the mark of contention the universalist conception or that it is attributed to the Christian history? For me, this is not a matter of theological posture, but an intimately philosophical one, where the acerbities of Badiou and Zizek are best oriented
whatever semantic orienteering you'd please, Ms. nouvelle-Wittgenstein

Well, I manage because I'm not a christian at all.

no lol

But do you understand *why* Christianity - even as a "philosophy" as you put it - came to adopt said ideas in the first place? Or are you, again, only drawn to it because you can use it as a method to civilize the feminist/BLM/"ethnocentric" Jewish savage? Badiou and Zizek are not very good theologians nor do they claim to be, and much of what they understand about Christianity is very vague and based solely around a singular concept (one which is taken from Jewish messianism of all things).

As a practicing Jew, I would argue that rather than serving as an antidote to idpol, Christianity is the foundation of idpol in that it prioritizes innocence and inaction for mere belief (also take into account the way Christianity views sin is completely wrong and akin to the way ess-jay-dubyas view privilege, as a noun rather than a verb). In Judaism, we hold faith and action/commandments to equal importance and never make a sharp distinction between them. Torah study, for instance, is as much a mitzvah as lighting candles, helping people out, etc.

Good to hear

I think you don't really understand the irony of coming to discuss theology with a bunch of Godless Communists.

Consider suicide. Fuck your religion, fuck your faith.


But that's exactly it, the necessary reading of christianity in philosophy, not christianity >as< philosophy, is that of the place and catalyst of doubt. The resolution of an impasse in human thought and relation, a fundamentally necessary event in the establishment of a universality (that of the derision and de-rendering of the existent order, which then prefaces the creation of a new power/thought). Christian philosophy is a wholly different thing, that is most definitely sutured to the institution of the church or fundamental christian ontology; however, and I say again, the intervention of the Lacanian is a unique sphere separate from theology and its respective social implications. The understanding of christian universalism thus becomes the question of the excision of the universal from the corpus of ideology that is the christian religious host.

I don't see the point of hashing out the minutiae of mitzvot, but hey, i suppose binah is more the quality of the woman than the man

Jew fight! Jew fight! Jew fight!

Sorry dude, not a jew, just read a lot of religious texts when I was younger

Here's to another year of getting ass fucked by porky while the entire population sucks off their pig breast. Holiday shoppers buying happiness and smartphones with plenty of entertainment to keep us complacent. You can probably find more people upset about last nights sports game than about the constant imperialist warfare the west rages.
I really should just give up on leftism entirely or fucking kms. The movement died before most of us were born

I never thought there could be a worse namefag than afroplasm but of course God's chosen people have proven time and time again that they can pull off the impossible. Please go back to reddit.

Merry Christmas everyone!
I thought I would share some things I got for Christmas and for my birthday (considering they are quite close to one another); firstly I got some Cuban and Peruvian co-op coffee.
A Czechoslovak Vz.53 helmet.
A Soviet hammer and sickle military badge produced in Russia by a factory that had produced the badges in the soviet era.
Plus a lot of other stuff.

that owns

It's even worse than you thought.

somebody get this lifestylist outta here

No presents this year but whole family together :)

merry christmas lefty friends! love you all

Merry Christmas Mates!!

Yeah, why can't we have meaningful debates here about whether The Flash is faster than Superman, you guys? *sigh*

Like most Christians living in Europe today, I was converted by the preacher Slavoj Zizek in the Baptism of the Anus-Fist.

I'm confused user, the coffee has a price in £s on it but I also see a model Kalashnikov.

Where/how the heck did you get ahold of one of those in the UK? Purely out of curiosity, of course

The Kalashnikov is just a mock. I put it in just to spice up the picture.
Regardless, I don't think it would be particularly difficult for me to acquire an actual Kalashnikov considering I live in the Channel Islands which, in comparison to the rest of the UK, has very lax gun laws.

i'd consider myself a christian Universalist but i support all of those struggles you mentioned. My Christian universalism is probably just a result of any residual spooks from living in a pastor's family but it's whatevs. even still, how can you hate on Christmas? I fucking love Christmas, it's a time when you get to be with family and just relax. it was on Christmas that proles in WW1 stopped fighting their bullshit imperialist war. sure they began fighting the next day but for one night they were brothers. sure you can complain about commercialism all you want but no amount of commodification can ruin the core of Christmas which as far as i can reason is last place were you can naively believe in the basic goodness of humanity. Peace on earth, good will toward men.

I'm out of my element here but isn't that more of a Protestant thing (muh sola fide)? That's not how Catholic and Orthodox Christianity works right?

Happy holidays newsanon!!

Merry christmas from /monster/, leftypol

Thanks again for Awa.

Friends are not monsters! Stay away from them you crypto-furries!

Ah, I see. Well, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and new year, user!

planning on going to a strip club to bare a couple of more months in this hellhole

Do whatcha gotta do to get by user, I hope you have a good time

thats the thing though am i engaging in exploitation if i go to those places? Im going with my mates but idk if i should because of that
also ty

Just don't try to fuck the strippers unless they want you to, and don't try to pay them for it. Besides, we're all exploited and we're all exploiters. And most prostitutes are empathetic with guys who don't rape or beat or try to short them.

Likewise, user.

Oh god

Just don't overdo it, especially if you know when you're drunk enough to do dumb shit.

oh god now im worried

Don't touch the strippers, user.

Shit what if start going handsey on me

Don't touch the fucking strippers, user.

All them jiggly bits oh god oh man


Youre welcome friend


Monsters are all kemono and therefore friends.
Just look at these two.

murr chrismas leftypol




Those are some killer books you got there user.

I think I'm going to take a break from these Christmas gatherings. Eating dinner with merciless imperialist killers is not pleasant. Many of them are also petty booj. I can't relate at all to some clueless idiot who has a business, has everything handed to him on a platter, and has plans for retirement and buying new houses. They're mindless, mean-spirited people who openly display contempt for workers and don't even view third worlders as human.

I got 333 rounds of .22 for christmas, dog bless amerriga

Fresh shirt


I got $250

This is a weird cultural thing I don't really understand with American bourgeois/petit bourgs. Landowners in Britain and the colonies never really had a tradition of sending their sons to fight in the trenches. You were either an officer at a desk or you were a civilian back home on the farm. Enlisting here is still kind of seen as a cop out; if you're in the military it's because you're too useless or lazy to hold down a real job. I don't hold these views obviously, but why would established wealthy families risk losing family control over the estate and capital by sending all of their men off to Flanders or Borneo? Or take pride in it, for that matter?

Aren't bricks just sold in even numbers? 100, 200, 250 etc.

Well for one, modern American warfare is mostly sitting back and relaxing in some base, doing patrols while pointing guns at harmless kids, or dropping bombs on some defenseless country with no anti-air defense. Total US casualties from Afghanistan is (allegedly, and not including contractors) less than 3,000 even after 16 years. The US imperialists vastly prefer bombing campaigns and picking on defenseless countries because they realize that their citizens are soft and whiny, and will pitch a fit if too many of their relatives get killed in a war that's blatantly not related to defending the country. Military families are just fine with war for profit and genocide in the global South as long as their husbands and kids don't risk their lives for it.


Yeah that's true. You build up a generational aversion to imperial conquest when the generals go-to strategy is to throw irishmen at the enemy until the objective is taken or everyone is dead

Was alright. Nan came round whose a bit of a tory but shes used to the political banter from my dad so no actual issues. No leftist presents particulary, bought myself a bike to get a little less unhealty though so hoping I stick to that.

I didn't get anything leftist related for christmas, but my sister got an original Communist party magazine, the November 1931 issue of "The New Masses".
I collect vinyl, so I just got a bunch of old records.
I thought I did ok, all things being equal.

gotta be quite honest, kind of wishing I could have that common political irony in good humour. Feels like an awful and volatile subject with my family and friends, it always either escalates into vitriol or becomes what my uncle does - making commie jokes whenever I'm around regardless of the circumstances.

I'm very much a nod in agreement and say little when it comes to actual IRL discussion

I'll be honest I have no idea how to get to that point. I very rarely go full commie/anarkiddie in front of the family but occasionally one will say something particulary tory and I'll jab back but thats about it.

I'm surprised nobody's family has said anything about football ITT.
My boomer grandma hates all the kneeling stuff, for obvious reason. She also enjoys yelling "RUN NIGGER RUN" when one of the players gets the football. Like sitting around watching football wasn't already shitty and boring enough lmao

My boomer parents hate that kneeling stuff as well because it "disrespects the troops."

The troops disrespect themselves with their actions.

Most troops don't even care about the kneeling shit. Also the players aren't kneeling to protest the war(s) so it doesn't matter unless you associate the police with the troops with some reason.

Uh, what? I think you misunderstood what I meant.

Merry Christmas, Holla Forums

Happy holidays, everyone!

Alright Holla Forums, bear with me, I'm writing this on two hands worth of sleep spread over three nights. I will forget things and I will try my best to append what I missed tomorrow.

I did not have anything planned for Christmas, but after reading a few posters woeful experiences this Christmas I was moved to make this. I hope this cheers you up; you're not alone!
The quality isn't all that good and the figures added last are particularly spotty, but do mind I only had two days to ram it from perspective layout through characters to finalization. Lots of elements are poorly drawn and underdesigned, I wouldn't be surprised if there are numerous spelling errors or lines I forgot to clean.

The first file is the image as-is. The second one is a little "who is that?"-game I came up with while drawing. There are 33 characters (22 of which are figures), all somehow related to Holla Forums. I would have included more people, but I ran out of time (don't take it personally if you can't find yourself on there).
A few are giveaways, but I hope the entire list will be challenging enough to spur cooperation. If you accurately fill out the list, I might have something extra tomorrow. (I will post the answers tomorrow as well.)

Let me mention that I am aware of Stirners objections to blood family. 'Family' as I am using it here does not refer to a conventional family: instead I am referring to any group which finds itself together because of the pursuit of a mutual interest, idea, ideal or goal and the feelings of camaraderie that flow from that. In that sense 'family is my own', consistent with Stirners optique.

If I were to make one request for Christmas, it's that this image gets posted around. Get it to as many (relevant) eyes as possible and share the thought; give it wings. Getting it to those depicted would be especially appreciated, but please do not trouble anyone on my behalf.

I am going to pass out now.

I had a really nice Christmas. Had dinner with my gf and took a warm bath together, just talking about socialism and the nuclear family structure and books and shite for at least an hour. I don't even have hot water in my flat so it was a really cozy change of pace.

I live way away from my family so I didn't have to worry about presents either.

Merry Christmas comrades and Happy new year to you all.
Hopefully the next year isn't as Catastrophic as this year for Holla Forums and specially Holla Forums

This is what happen when you read the economist.

nobody cares

I feel you user. Veteran in laws and they racialize everything. Can't go five minutes without someone mentioning how they want to gas jews or how blacks are inferior. It's bad and just makes me wanna go home tbh. I only show up to see my dad and mom really.

Christmas eve was small circle this year, we only went to visit one aunt/uncle and stayed there until somewhere past midnight. A bit boring at times, but enjoyable. They're a progressive bunch, and I was free to vent cultural pessimism to mo hearts content, leavened with a few quips to keep things jolly. Pretty sure I also used the word bourgeois in a sentence a couple of times, but I'd been drinking for a while when that happened so I'm not vouching for the doctrinal correctness.
Decent Christmas, would have preferred more people there. Pleasantly surprised by the amount of cards I'm getting (namely any at all).

great job user! But it's really too condensed to make out anything, hard to see the details too.

Someone one another board got pretty far.

9 and 15 are correct, 17 isn't donning her usual attire. 25 and 26 use animals as their mascots, which are depicted.
4, 32 and 33 are close but wrong. 33 couldn't be A.W. since he's been banned on almost every board and chan in the greater Holla Forums community.

Isn't Kwanzaa basically just the superior version of Christmas?