Why do americans hate socialism?

I live in the united states and people here who seem to hate socialism are always the uneducated ones and the ones who vote conservative and dont go to college. Americans dont seem to want a government that looks after the nations interest like nationalized health care and nationalized college and other commodities that ought to be run by the state for the interest of the nation, its working out so well in scandinavia.

If anything, by voting for capitalist politicians like trump, the american people are voting against their interest as example with the doing away with net neutrality and this tax bill cutting taxes for the wealthy.

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the "left" in american doesn't offer them alternatives. Same thing policies with but with more browns/women/gays.

That is particularly why I consider myself to be aligned with swedish democrats or the alternative for deautscheland in Germany because they are more socialist.


It isn't clear to me why a bunch of social imperialists like AfD, who want to re-militarize the country and provide welfare benefits (funded through the ravaging of the third world by a newly assertive Germany) to people meeting narrow criteria are preferable to neoliberals who have demonstrated just as much willingness to send troops overseas and are at least willing to stop hiding behind the mask of redistributive policies to reveal their class character. AfD, through it's ideological mobilization of sections of the petite-bourgeoisie, may well prove harder to unseat.

The wealthy and highly educated believe in the power of personal interest and entrepreneurship more fervently than any poor person. They worship it; poor people might utter a phrase that suggests such things but ask them about the policies they support and they sound like commies.

Is there anyplace to find out what AfD's economic policies are? Everyone is focused on them being against refugees and islam it's hard to find something that explains what their actual economic agenda is. I thought they were staunchly neoliberal?

And why don’t the Japanese? Similar question

"Sliding scale of socialisticness" is a bad meme and you should feel bad.

The japanese are capitalists, as a resukt of that they are one of the most overpriced nations on earth

that’s my point

70 years of hardcore propaganda.

Who said they don't?

What’s with Western Europeans trying to wash their sins of being NATO nation’s because America has terrible health care and those fuckin Appalachians sure fuck their cousins right XD

The fucking Apple didn’t fall far from the tree

Nobody…? I said similar question fuck off

Decades of propaganda by US against their own citizens and NATO citizens? I thought it was obvious.

the left in america is pretty much just bunch of mediocre educated white people copy-pasting ideas from socialism Wikipedia pages, look up how the voting public changes in the US, every single time there is no war / recession / global problem Democrats win, every time there is an actual problem and there is no time for "free for all" ideas but action, GOP wins all over the board, this goes back to 1910, even pre-depression years, in every single state and county(This is your only post so I'm going to assume the worst)

Decades of Cold War propaganda but most younger Americans that didn't grow up with that nonsense are a lot more sympathetic to it

You've got to hand it to the US plutocrats, they've perfected indoctrination into a science. The propaganda starts at an early age. I remember we had to read Animal Farm in 6th grade, before we even knew what socialism/capitalism/communism meant. The book plants in your mind the notion that any attempt to create a more egalitarian society will inevitably fail, and only re-create the existing order, except with extra butchery. That same point is hammered over and over again by pop culture, television, and education to the point where few people other than the young can imagine a different social order.

If I may be so bold as to offer a counter-perspective. The US government by and large is not very good at doing things. The most trusted branch of the government in the US is the post office and they have been in decline for years. No with that in mind think of all the mismanagement and corruption that happens in every other section of government and peoples aversion to socialism becomes not a aversion to socialism itself but to the people who typically make up the us gov. The type of people who half-ass their job, don't do anything meaningful, or use their position to siphon tax money. Even then the problem isn't some nebulous spook it is the people themselves who are the problem because good people don't go into government.

Anyway that's a bit of a tangent so to sum up my thought. US citizens are adverse to socialism because they have little to no faith in the government as is.

Marxism is making a comeback in the youth unaffected by Red Scare politics.

fuck Burning Sandals, but outing yourself as a "Dem Soc" (which is basically political suicide in the US) and not getting flamed for it was pretty based.

The way US media butches history helps keeps Americans ignorant. History classes are already poor. I remember getting a very bad abstract explanation for the great war where I had to learn later from Marxists that in 1917 French troops also rebelled yet where put down by fresh troops.

Idpol liberals parading as socialists
The constant meme that communism = beeg government of rich bureacrats paying everyone the same minimum wage

Well, there's this little thing called the CIA…

Protestant work ethic, two red scares, the cold war, and the left is associated with liberal idpol instead of actual socialism.

Active suppression for years and years, at least within the labor sphere.

also what show is this from?

It's a mix between Rural-Urban cultural divide, the southern strategy, poverty causing low intelligence, and that the boomer and early generation X is still around and riding off the post-WWII economic boom. I think after the money wave is finally gone and buried and the massive debt everyone is under finally comes to roost, they won't have anywhere left to turn to. I think one of the few things that will keep the US afloat is raw selfishness, even if they hate socialized medicine they literally won't be able to live without it. The ones who will stick it out and die of their diabeetus will not be alive to vote and natural selection will run its course on demographics.

How the fuck do people keep interpreting the book this way? Everything was going hunky dory until Napoleon ousted Snowball and started a spoils system with the other pigs. The book is certainly anti-totalitarian but seems pretty pro-prole to me.


Golden Film's version of Anistasia

I think it's a ton of propaganda but also the fact that Americans are just stupid.

Its from the amanda show from the early 2000's

lol at this shit and at the more mainstream anastasia film being too chickenshit to even pretend Lenin existed.

100 years of intense porky propaganda. The Russian revolution was certainly noticed in the USA.

Woodrow WIlson is low key the worst president.

Ackshully, the majority of Americans support Scandinavian social democracy like policies:

While, yes, not socialism, it nevertheless suggest the “silent majority” meme is actually quite backwards. Rightists are nothing more than a loud whining minority


who somehow know how get their way

the only president to win their first election's popular vote in the past 20 years was obama,
America doesn't require majority consensus

British troops rebelled too, but those regiments were quickly broken up and dispersed and sent to the front lines. This stopped them talking to each other, having their stories believed, and living long enough to possibly foment another rebellion.

The reason rightists are usually the uneducated one is because the university system in the U.S. has been usurped by leftists as an indoctrination system.

I pretended to be left-leaning on all my exams throughout university and got my As. My conservative friends who believed the BS free speech rhetoric got Cs. The only B I got was from a Feminazi that irked me so bad I couldn't help letting my conservatism slip and it cost me.

Rightists are generally more effective at getting things done than leftists, they're just less… socially gentrified?

Leftist ideas were slipped into me by peer pressure and indoctrination I didn't even realize until I was out of university and compared my current beliefs with what I believed before I entered. But I just re-read some economic texts to escape them.

US intervention in Syria was stopped by right wingers working at grass roots level. People power stopping the US war machine. That is little short of miraculous. You don't see the left doing anything like that.

Actual Rightist Answer:
Corporations are evil but them getting tax cut is good because there are more corporations than governments and diffusion of power is good since each individual entity is inevitably greedy by nature- we need more power holders to balance each other. (like, e.g. balance of power)

the US is intervening in Syria right now

lol you dumb piece of shit the US is heavily involved in Syria and their troop presence in r*java has only increased.

libs like you and the dems are going to roll over when trump declares war on Iran or NK.

Fair point, I meant a full scale ground invasion or whatever it was Obama wanted. BTW I'm 100% anti war, I was just remarking on the ability of the right to get shit done.
They work together and basically terrorise officials. The left needs to get serious, and get intimidating. Force is the only language the machine understands.

Wait you didn't actually ban him just for that did you?

The right wing's momentary outrage over one specific aspect of the global war machine is not a threat to the machine itself.

Purpose of competition is monopoly, a single winner. Currently we have oligopoly corporations in every major industry, and further centralization will only continue into the future. You would require a time machine or radical redistribution to ever hope for 'diffusion of power' to be anything tangible.


mods been pretty trigger happy lately

Monopolistic power is only possible to a certain extent- if they ever raise their price above the barriers to entry new competition will emerge. Also, new technology frequently arrives to counter monopolies- for instance, desalination plants to counter water monopolies.

I'm not defending the corporate form, btw. Limited liability is horse s#$t and changes the way people would act in a truly free market- everyone should be fully responsible for how their money is used. Centralization of power to the extent we see would not be possible without limited liability entities. This is another example of artificial regulation (corporate form) distorting the free market.

Even more so, government regulation creates a massive, artificial barrier to entry as new business cannot navigate the regulation and regulatory abduction causes current businesses to get regulations written which cement their monopoly. Regulation increases the strength of monopolies though the initial intent is a misguided attempt to decrease it.

The idea that one individual mind can plan better than the collective minds of the market is pure hubris. However, redistribution of wealth for reasonable equity isn't something I disagree with- it just needs to be done in the most simple form to avoid increasing government. Tax everyone the same, cut the same check to everyone, check needs to be larger than the tax on the majority of citizens. This inevitably evens out wealth. For example

Person 1 makes $5,000,000
Person 2 makes $50,000
Tax is 20% = 1= $1,00,000 2 = $10,000

Cut Person 1 and Person 2 a check for $505,000.
Person 1 = $4,505,000
Person 2 = $545,000

Way more even, super simple system, very small department needed (I mean, with 3,000,000 people, quite a lot, but way smaller than we currently have). Obviously, the checks could not be that big because that much tax wouldn't come in but you get the idea.

TL;DR Redistribution of the wealth not an issue but screwing with the free market is destroying us all.

There are more examples. For example Tale Spin's fictional country of Thembria, a caricature of the USSR that has a caricature of Brezhnev threatening to have his officers shot even though the setting is the 1930's. To make things more confusing, in one episode you have a bomb factory plotting to blow up their leader so they can go to war thus the factory would get more orders even though this is suppose to be a caricature of the USSR in the 1930's. They also go with the whole endless shortages and incompetence trope.

Because there is no left-wing party for people to vote for.

It is a deeper problem then that, there is such a lack of a vision to the point the Democracts can call even Sanders idealistic without being laughed at by the masses. Before you can get votes you need to communicate to the masses what the ultimate goal is.

Might have something to do with the fact that most American's actual interaction with their government leaves a bad taste in their mouths.
It really doesn't matter which party is calling the shots either, they're both equally terrible, albeit in slightly different directions.

Government flunkies can barely deliver the mail, most of us know they'd find a way to fuck up or over complicate health and education.
I certainly don't trust them, and with good and cogent reasons.
Would nationalized health and education be an improvement over what we have now?
Absolutely, but it's impossible with the government in place, as its what's empowering the education and healthcare sectors as they exist currently.
They have no reason or incentive to change, as the current bureaucratic regime in power already has things arranged the way it wants.

This is why you aren't going to get real effective change through the system, it has a vested interest in things staying as they are.
You want things the system will not ever deliver because it has no interest in doing so.

Nothing's gonna change until the government and the bureaucracy holding it up are smashed through revolution.
Accept it.


There is no Left in America. Both parties are right-wing.