Daily News Thread 12/22

‘Wage theft’ robs billions from workers each year – study

US workers lose more than $50 billion annually in wage theft by employers, whether by being asked to work “off the clock” or not being paid properly, a study by the Economic Policy Institute states.

Trump Signs $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut in First Major Legislative Win

President Donald Trump signed the Republican tax-overhaul bill to little fanfare on Friday, delivering a major tax cut to U.S. corporations along with a package of temporary cuts for other businesses and most individuals.

US Congress averts federal government shutdown for another month

The US Congress has passed a short-term bill to fund the federal government until next month, averting a shutdown of government agencies.

==Spain's crisis re-ignited as Catalan separatists win vote–

Separatists looked set on Friday to regain power in Catalonia after voters rejected Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s attempt to neuter its independence movement, instead re-igniting the country’s biggest political crisis in decades.

Jerusalem: Palestinian leader Abbas spurns US peace plan

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said he will not accept any US plan for peace with Israel, after it recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn is resigning

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn is leaving the Trump administration in early 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday night, citing White House officials.

PM Orban: Hungary will block any punitive EU action on Poland

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday said that Hungary sees a strong Poland as a vital component of a central European caucus within the European Union, and so will block any action to suspend Poland’s voting rights in the EU.

North Korea slams latest Trump security strategy as a 'criminal document'

China and Russia have also hit out at the document's "Cold War mentality".

Trump administration considers plan to separate families caught entering US illegally - reports

The Trump administration is considering a plan that would see families separated after entering the US illegally, according to officials cited by media outlets. The move could keep children away from their parents for years.

Amid Saudi War, Suspected Cholera Cases in Yemen Hit 1 Million

The Red Cross said one million people have contracted cholera in Yemen as Saudi Arabia imposes almost total blockade on the country.

Trump's ambassador to Netherlands in 'fake news' blunder

The new US ambassador to the Netherlands has been caught out on Dutch television after a journalist quizzed him about comments he had made about Islamic extremism in the country.

Tony Blair’s old parliamentary seat conquered by far-left Corbynistas

Hard-left supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have taken over the parliamentary constituency once represented by former Labour PM Tony Blair. Corbynistas are now in pole position managing Sedgefield.

Bitcoin Market Value Plunges More Than 33% in Five Days

The unprecedented market plunge follows what had previously been a twentyfold increase in Bitcoin's value since the start of 2017.

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Jury Acquits First Six J20 Defendants, Rebuking Government’s Push for Collective Punishment

On Thursday, a jury acquitted six defendants charged with felonies stemming from their arrests at protests surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20. The acquittal is a blow to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia: a jury rebuke in the first tranche of 194 defendants the government is seeking to collectively punish for the acts of a handful of individuals.

Lessons from a road trip down Route 1917

Among the many other high crimes and misdemeanors of which Donald Trump and his cronies are undoubtedly guilty during 2017 is the sad fact that Nazis crowded out the mainstream and liberal media's coverage of the rising influence of socialism in the U.S.

Washington’s humiliation at UN is sign of a washed-up superpower

The humiliating condemnation of the US this week at the UN General Assembly over its Jerusalem policy revealed both Washington’s contempt for democracy and international law, and just how isolated America has become globally.

Unfortunately this is going all over the world with people being fine with it because there's little we can do.

Hard-left supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have taken over the parliamentary constituency once represented by former Labour PM Tony Blair. Corbynistas are now in pole position managing Sedgefield.

Every day, Blair's legacy is undone: soon we shall destroy Maggie's too.


I don't give a shit if you hate immigrants, this is pointlessly cruel, disgusting, and everything I could expect from a man as vile as Trump

This doesn't even account for theft of surplus value.

No small child should be sent back across the boarder for wanting a better life away from violence and poverty, while their parents are forced into America's abominable prison system. Trump's Administration continues to prove he is a man as low as he was expected to be.

t. liberal

good prole


fuck off neolib

Escaping violence and economic strife is common sense, whether you think it obeys your rules or not

And I doubt "rules" or any law can stop consquences

Kill yourself

just lol.

>Middle East somehow getting more violent and unstable
>Planned pre-emptive strike on North Korea
>Global GNI dropping
2018 is shaping up to be one hell of a year.
And here I was thinking 2014 was the worst of it.
I still don't want to get off the ride. But I'm slightly unnerved by what's ahead of us.


hahahahahahaha what the fuck

Trump is heading to leave as one of the most unpopular candidates in not just American history, but perhaps world history.

I don't know of anyone off the internet at this point who actually likes him. I've heard casual "no violence! violence is not the answer!" libs venting their frustration about how they just want to assassinate him at this point before he causes more global conflict and economic calamity.

This is more of a historical fluke than fucking Zachary Taylor


don't foget that said bubbles might be popped by autism bucks

The world will be communist, or it will be ashes, you monarcho-communist.


If you paid attention to that namefag, you'd know he's a monarchist.

We totally need a flag for that.
It should be a horseshoe.

you do realize that anyone can use that name right?

At last. Natsoc Naziposter gang has assembled!

From an ignorant burger standpoint who was too dumb for politics at the time of his PM, what did Tony Blair do exactly?

Turned the SuccDem party into neolibs and was Thatcher 2.0

what the tank said and dragged UK into Iraq and Afganistan

Sweet merciful god

Think Bill Clinton and George W. Bush rolled into one, with less rape and more red aesthetic ruining.

Even worse

I appreciate that there is an entire debate around the concept of illegal immigration because nobody would ever mention that the CIA is the major issue.

The Trump Administration is making everything about the problem more heated and worse, so frankly spare me your indignation about how much I stepped on your toes by calling the US president a fucker


Just stuff a cock in your mouth faggot, it's basically proven you have no use posting here.


I think you need to go back to reddit, liberal.

Your like a little babby.
< /liberalpol/ is that way…

Fuck 5 year olds escaping from violence the US caused xDDDDDDD


Empathy is morals.

It isn't about him being a retard, it is just so depressing to think about the people who are in even more desperate circumstances that won't ever be able to escape CIA caused destitution.
This is about making sure people aren't reductionist towards problems that solely exist because of US foreign policy.
Many issues that the aut right is concerned with are based upon US foreign policy. Immigration from Americas caused by CIA actions, Immigration from Middle East caused by wars, terrorism as a result of the Petrodollar, terrorism as a result of the drone civilian killings.
There is no more effective answer to these problems than foreign policy.

No mention in pic or text of empathy, fam.



what's the point of accelerationism again if you're just gonna throw a tantrum every time it works and someone gets mad about something happening?

I don't think the ones throwing a tantrum are accelerationists.

Our plan is proceeding as expected.

explains a lot, tbh

Bruv if you are twenty you should understand the legacy of Blair, I mean at-least the tories /like/ Maggie, all Blair has is some lib dem apologists and pinko blarities to keep his memory afloat.

Nothing wrong with asking. It's certainly better than keeping silent and ignorant because you expect faggots like you to bully for not knowing everything ever.

Yes they are.

I am shock
Oh boy get ready for trumpies to act really smug about getting fucked harder in the ass
meaning they reauthorized NDAA fucking quality
wow another round of voting until they get the result the Man wants I'm sure it will change things a lot
just as planned, now he can ride in on a tide of pissed-off terrists and the gmen that love them
so by 'drain the swamp' he meant 'act like a total fuckwit to the point that nobody can tolerate you for longer than a year'?
oh good the two backsliding handout-taking jackoffs are helping each other backslide and jacking each other off again
criminals calling other criminals criminals
time to read a shitload of appeal-to-emotion atrocity porn written like wartime propaganda about how horrible it is from the liberals, which it is but I'm fucking tired of atrocity porn propaganda and panhandling for money I haven't fucking got and being told to fight something that doesn't affect me personally like unemployment or surveillance or tenant's rights or the fucking roads
wow a politician lied or a human being misspoke, misremembered or otherwise fucked something up, shocking
I hope the lolberts will be less smug but know they won't because they're deluded or pig-ignorant fuckwits falling prey to sunk costs gambling addiction
wow what a shocking opinion coming from one of her imperial rivals that is totally not masturbatory propaganda I totally hope the author doesn't get silently disappeared by Glorious Mother Russia™ for sucking establishment dick so hard it seems sarcastic and too dumb to be real

That makes me rock hard.

Monarcho-communism would be cool, if only because knights are cool.

How about fief-communism
Every prole becomes the owners of the land, or a fief, together. Thus becoming nobles and knights
Millions of people clanking around in their daily lives dressed in full armour

The Government is already running at a deficit when the Reagan tax cuts where pushed through federal revenue shrank then came a recession. This isn't even good for porkies since deficits and public debt (which america has an insane amount of) are a drag on the economy, hoovering up investable capital and putting upward pressure on interest rates.
Why in the fuck did he think this was a good idea? In the long term this amounts to shooting yourself in the dick.

These people are actual, drooling, glue-sucking retarded.

Go back to /liberty/ you retarded snake

"I hate the US police except when the based ICE agents separate children from their mothers because brown kids are idpol and ruin my theoretical white working class communist utopia"
-Holla Forums

Because it's good for him.

He's right, the commoditization of disasters instead of fixing the underlying problem is a staple of crony capitalism. This is why we need a planned economy.

Making things up about your opponents isn't going to win you any debates.

That's not what he said at all, it was a typical lolbert post about "why do I have to pay taxes to fund roads and healthcare for the poors"

you remind me of faggots who were screeching about hyperinflation apocalypse thinking they knew better than Bernanke because their theories said so

Is that not basically what the people here are arguing? How else would you justify the actions of the US government?

You should reread his post. I don't argue with the illiterate, it's a waste of my time when I could be building socialism. Learn some nuance, kid.

Point me to a post where someone argues in the manner you showed.
I'll wait.

For as long as petrodollar system is in place, it doesn't matter. When, not if, that system collapses, it will be the only thing that matters.

Your earlier posts

Oh fuck off already. I’m glad the mods are more ban happy with people like you

I read it and let me break it down for you
"The suffering of people is propaganda to scam me!"
"the poors don't deserve any fucking tax money"
"The poors are the reason I don't have any money, they can't stop panhandling."
"Fuck you, I got mine"
"Unemployment, surveillance and tenant's rights are basic working class issues and wanting to defund the roads is the memiest ancap meme there is, but I care about none of them"

I wonder what socialism can be built when you think like fucking ancaps lmao

Calling people liberals because they think separating children from their mothers, for example? How does that make you any different from Fox News watching boomers who think brown people are ruining the country?

You’re an asshole

Point them out to me then. It shouldn't be difficult.

The mods know I'm right, my friend. You should visit the reading thread and actually bone up on socialist literature before you make a fool of yourself in public. I recommend reading Marx.

People's suffering is a commodity nowadays and guilting people into spending money on something that can't fix the issues of society that lead to poverty is not an "ancap" point of view. Read Zizek.

You should finish your sentences before you hit post. Read Poole.(Don't speak on behalf of the mods.)

Zizek tells his students to kill themselves if they have any problems with capitalism, I'm not sure how he represents any working class interests

(Nick Land laughing through a bilateral pulmonary embolism in the background)

10/10 Excellent praxis

user, Nick Land is a meme. Please don't tell me you took it seriously.

Zizek said he would tell his students to kill themselves if they came to his office hours to bitch about the personal stuff. Hardly the same.

Good to see somebody else understands context around here.

tfw someone who had taken one of Zizek's classes suicides for reasons completely unrelated to Sniff Man(I dunno, maybe their waifu didn't get chosen by the MC in whatever moeblob harem animu is popular this season or something), and the death is added to MUH BAJILLION TRILLION MURDERDEATHRAPEMURDERKILLED BY GOBBUNISM

Thank you both.

What a surprise.

Accelerationist here, we are not mad over the things Trump is doing. In fact, we are quite overjoyed with the fuckery he is doing. He is beating mine and other accelerationist's exceptions when it comes to his brazen ugly face capitalism.

As long as the petrodollar system is maintained, the US can keep running deficits and inflate it's dying economy with QE.
Once the petroyuan and other alternatives gain traction expect things to get even worse.

Taylor was a slave owner who came out against slavery.. so you mean, he's reaching equivalent of Taylor's unpopularity among Southerners in 1840s?

Elaborate on this CIA issue?

Trump has been the best thing to happen these last two years he has done more to discredit the "New-Right" AKA "Neo-Cons for the 21st century" then anyone else
I Truly hope that he wins in 2020 so that the collapse continues

If we're going to base communism on our fetishes for historical aesthetics, let's at least do it with something kind of compatible and have cowboy communism.

Empathy is not morals. Having empathy doesn't imply that you are compelled by any moral system.

i am 100 percent for this

Wasn't Stalin obsessed with cowboy movies?

also what comic is this from?

I've honestly thought about creating a new communist party that uses American Aesthetics making heavy Use of Lincoln etc.
We could call it the Liberty Union Party or something

This is part of the problem for me, since the Internet went full spectacle awhile ago, I've been having an impossible time gaging the actual opinions of people.You'd never know that Trump is polling as low as he is if you just hang out online.

my favorite thing about zachary taylor is how he shat himself to death after gorging on vegetables and iced milk on the fourth of july

We need a neo-abolitionist movement
I wonder why it is Lincoln and a handful of celebrity historical figures get credit for the abolition of slavery, like they just handed it to us. In reality hundreds of thousands of people died in a horrific war that could easily have been stopped short of total emancipation by a peace deal. It was the abolitionist movement that demanded and achieved total emancipation.

revive the wide awakes, the super-woke abolitionist youth movement pre-civil war that wore black-and-red uniforms and carried a giant eyeball banner

marx's writing on the american civil war (he supported the union to crush the slave-owning planter class) is some of his most interesting writing IMHO.

also august willich, a leader of the communist league with marx and 1848 veteran, became a union general and formed an all-german regiment, the 9th ohio infantry ("die neuner").

Top Marine general: 'There's a war coming'

"The commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, told troops Thursday that "there's a war coming" and urged them to be prepared.

"I hope I'm wrong, but there's a war coming," Neller told Marines stationed in Norway, during a visit there, according to Military.com. "You're in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence," he added."

It's pretty good

I mean honestly what does the last thing mean?



At least 10,000 people were killed in the Chinese army's crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in June 1989, according to a newly released British diplomatic cable that recounts the bloodshed in gruesome detail.

The document, made public more than 28 years after the event, describes injured girls being bayoneted, bodies being ground up by armoured vehicles and human remains being flushed into the sewers.

"Minimum estimate of civilian dead 10,000," the then British ambassador Alan Donald said in the secret telegram to London seen by AFP at Britain's National Archives.

Once the soldiers arrived in Tiananmen Square, "students understood they were given one hour to leave square but after five minutes APCs attacked," Donald wrote.

"Students linked arms but were mown down including soldiers. APCs then ran over bodies time and time again to make 'pie' and remains collected by bulldozer. Remains incinerated and then hosed down drains."

"Four wounded girl students begged for their lives but were bayoneted," Donald said, adding: "Army ambulances who attempted to give aid were shot up.

Donald said the atrocities were committed by the 27th Army, who he described as "60 percent illiterate and are called primitives".

He said the crackdown had created deep rifts within the military and that "some members of the State Council considered that civil war was imminent".

The British ambassador's report was "not particularly astonishing considering how crowded it was in Beijing, the number of people mobilised" against the Chinese government, said Cabestan, who was in the Chinese capital in the days leading up to the crackdown.


One holy mother fuckity cunting fuck that is barbaric.

Yeah, there were real worries about a PLA coup to overthrow Deng and his whole cadre during the events…

Holla Forums would be claiming that slavery is idpol and that Anthony Burns knew the law so he deserves to be enslaved, just like they cheer about immigrants being deported and children being separated from their mothers

Nice spooks nigga, I ain’t “The US”, no one called my ass up when they invaded Iraq. Those immigrants are fucking scabs, I don’t feel sorry that Trump is doing this to them. You’re all quick to hold all the US proles responsible for what the government does even when barely any of the vote.

You dumb af and completely fucking ignorant as to why the North abolished slavery. It want because “it was bad”, the north had fucking slaves years AFTER the civil war ended. That’s how much they loathed slavery ayyyy lmao.
The North abolished slavery because it undermined their factory wage labor system. No factory owner is going to pay white proles when they could just beguiled factories manned by slaves in the the South.
Also there would have been no homesteads. No white person would have been able to “make their own way” of all the homesteads in the West are scooped up by slave owners.

t. booty blasted liberal

probably a good thing tbh, gotta nip those in the bud before the capitalists can use "democracy" against you


-Antebellum Holla Forums

Deng is such a piece of shit