comrades and anons, how do we solve the anarcholiberal/red liberal problem? I feel like a bunch of SJWs just got more and more liberal until they pretended to be commie even if they've read hardly any theory. This tends to be more of a problem with anarchists than marxists as anarchy tends to be theory lite so it allows the " anarchists " to basically regurgitate all the lies about the USSR while larping as revolutionary. If there are IDPOL ☭TANKIE☭s they tend to be maoist except jason . how do we get the idpol liberals from larping as anarchists or ☭TANKIE☭s? How do we get them out or better yet redpill them.

Kill everyone with a reddit account.

What if I have a Reddit account to post porn?

Uphold AnarchoStalinism with bunker characteristics.

Delete it.

They're patently illiberal, their conception of the individual as an impotent subject of structures and systems is about as far from liberalism as you can get, fitting squarely in the marxist tradition instead.

Americans seem to have the insatiable need to turn everything into caricature, their conception of liberalism amounting to a cringy guy in a skirt who smokes pot while lecturing annoyed passersby on the importance of supporting Columbian bi-gender organic advocado growers.

Uphold the immortal dialectical science of anarcho-Jucheism!

The only true Holla Forums position.

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That their sanctimonious puritanism and virtue signaling actually tends to drive people away from the left moee than it draws them to it. And their constant scrutiny and speech policy of each other is actually harmful for the proletariat. Do we want to fight racism, sexism, homophobia and the likes from the proletariat? But chastising a comrade for using a derogatory slur outside of its intended use is not an effective way to approach the problem of discrimination and injustice.


Ban everyone who calls Stalin a dictator. Tell me this doesn't solve the problem.

Also, there are no "red" or "left" liberals. They are either Liberal, AnCap, or Fascist.

The seminaries closed down, their demographic did not disappear.

Anarcholiberals aren't a left failure, they stem from right wing cultural stereotypes. None of them are even remotely concerned with political theory, and the majority aren't even aware it exists.

It's really annoying when faggots on this board come around and pretend their tendency doesn't have the same problems plaguing the entire left. Anyone can adapt the aesthetics and LARP as a revolutionary, it doesn't matter what color their flag is.

How about you stop being a bitch and argue successfully for your positions.
That's a really retarded statement.

> adapt the aesthetics and LARP as a revolutionary
Socialism is not "just like Democrat Party, only with red flags". You have >>>/leftpol/ for this. They also hate "tankies" there.

How about "no"? How about you crawl back into whatever cesspit you crawled out of?

I know what Socialism is. I'm saying it doesn't matter what the ideology is, someone will come along and take the aesthetics and ignore the theory.
So instead people should be silenced because you're too lazy to argue?
Ironic coming from the newest tripfag.

I am convinced these people subsist totally on ego, which is why the lesbian died so fast.

You just kick these people out (socially or through bans, socially works better but bans can work), and you disprove their positions to stop their reproduction. It is like treating a wound, you clean the wound, and then you stop the bleeding.

You do realize people don't regularly post here and trips got reset during spring of 2017? April, IIRC

The lesbian got promoted to become a vol you dingus.

What? Tell me this is not correction for mod.
I wouldn't be surprised if BO likes to pick namefags as mods

I remember the innocent time when I blamed everything on reddit.
It was a time when I have not yet witnessed the sheer toxicity and idiocy of facebook and twitter.

Like as not you'll still have twitter ☭TANKIE☭s, who think uncle Joe was a fine man, but also think our most pressing concern as a society is making sure disabled trans WOC-kin have a safe space at their ivy league college of choice. Most people don't have coherent views and try on ideologies like they would try on a coat, to see if it looks good on them. Really, the only litmus test is this: ask someone, do you think of class as just another identity, and you shoot everyone who says yes.

An aside: there is definitely a distinction between social liberals and conservative liberals. They agree on issues of class etc., but very much don't agree on a variety of idpol issues. Red liberal is a good way to finger those social liberals who imagine themselves socialist.

Red liberals are often found in the wild throwing fits over perceived sexism on the left. They take great pleasure in the public litigation of other people's relationships.

Even this mythical beast (whose sightings are far and few between) will call Uncle Joe a dictator - this is not about being "fine man", but having materialist understanding of history (and not being thoroughly misinformed).

>Most people don't have coherent views and try on ideologies like they would try on a coat, to see if it looks good on them. Really, the only litmus test is this: ask someone, do you think of class as just another identity, and you shoot everyone who says yes.
That will still leave a horde of crypto-liberals, who'll reflexively give the correct answer with no understanding of the reasons behind the answer.

Not agreeing on idpol is hardly relevant to anything.

Of course it is relevant, you have to be clear eyed about existing divisions among people who are your political opponents no matter how spooky the origin, and opportunistically exploit that when the possible. Doctrinal correctness and practical political relevance don't align. To simply paper over it is laziness.

They're actually demsocs, every single anarchist is just a demsoc.

They all love Jacobin and the Democratic Cops of America. Pay close attention, even Chomsky is just a demsoc.

You'll be killed even faster.

For one you can stop it with the knee-jerk anti-idpol shtick.

The problem with these people is that they're white and a little bit gay. Almost every anarchist I've ever seen has been either white or gay. It's mostly a white pathology, understanding this and accepting that some id-pols are legitimate - like the idea that white people are a cancer - will be our first step towards overcoming the individualism/opportunism/first-worldism that leads to anarchism and red liberals.

Relevant to what exactly? For propaganda purposes - possibly. But pretending that "left" Liberals are somehow different from "right" Liberals when it comes to Socialism - is deluding oneself. Historically, it is pseudo-Left that produced the most repressive anti-Socialist regimes.

Exactly, for propaganda purposes. If a communist candidate is running in a majority black district, he should be above appealing to the fact that his opponent is an apologist for the police without also having to first educate them on the underlying economic drivers. And to be aware of chances like this, it does help to differentiate between current currents in liberalism, and to keep an eye on them. Don't be above discussing things other than socialism, that's what >>>/marx/ is for.

Except you needed to present an example of Socialists recognizing "Left" Liberals as "Left" - an example that would make sense.

> that's what >>>/marx/ is for.
/marx/ has a huge deficiency of Marxism.

teach them, by pointing out the hypocrisy of a centrist position

I don't think it's necessarily idpol either, just like feminism and LGBT. It becomes idpol when there's a focus on it at the expense of class issues and other social issues.

I specifically called them social liberals because of this. "Left liberal" or "red liberal" only has use strictly as a pejorative for someone who claims to be socialist and isn't, it doesn't carry a deeper meaning than that. I doubt you'll find anyone who will claim otherwise.

You mean people who would consider "Left Liberal" to mean "moderately Left"?

… on Holla Forums. IRL, people do indeed think social liberalism is leftism. We're a bit better than that here I think.

by gulaging them

So basically all reddit leftists?

Honestly, I think it's an eternal problem that can't be solved. There'll always be LARPers, unintentional saboteurs and other shitters, and the only thing that ever gets them to show their true colors is when armed fighting begins. That's the moment all the cucks in the middle of the road jump to a side, because whomever stays in the center gets run over. But then again, armed fighting does away wit them, but creates a lot of arrivists and skinwalkers.

That's three walls too many.