Can we change the flags please? There are like a billion of them and half are just bullshit.

UNRELATED: God damn 500 characters fuck this bullshit let me make a thread already Pol Pot sucked ass just admit that Stalinism is stupid and you stupid larpers would hate it the second you lived under it.

Okay. Do you have any suggestions for designs?
Also Stalin > Revisionists

Maybe just get rid of all the useless ones, make some of the names more serious, and add some new ones like the AnPrim flag, Rainbow and trans flag, UN flag.

But I guess just a clean up over all would be cool. Kind of like the list of flags on Holla Forums.

We have an anprim flag though.
I want a new Nazbol flag.

There was a thread on this before.
I made all of these flags

What is it inspired by?

you got me there

Naww, fuck that shit. I see where you're coming from, but the UN is a joke, and rainbow/trans flags draw attention to the poster's identity rather than their ideas. In other words, "identity politics".



I don't see the purpose of removing the NazBol / turd positionist flag whilst retaining the Nazi one.

A KR board maybe?

Making requests is pointless so long as the board owner is a retarded COINTELPRO splitter.

Didn't leftpol split from leftypol?

positive reference towards identity wouldn't even be an issue if it wasn't for the lack of context to class society and the divide within these identities through class
maybe plaster a hammer and sickle on them or something… nvm that'll just end up interpreted as that certain identity being revolutionary in itself…
it's weird, i'd like to show my sympathy towards groups that face peculiar conflicts with society and reactionary attitudes without being interpreted to have sympathy with any bourgeois elements of said identity.
what do?

No, the Holla Forums BO informed people that they would be better off posting on /leftpol/ if they've ever had any disagreement with the BO or the new moderators. If you don't fall lockstep then get the fuck out, you aren't welcome here.

That being said, this doesn't mean I am for idpol, it's just that your reasoning is stupid.

I am for trans and rainbow flags because it let's me know the shit I'm potentially getting into.

Nazis are associated with an economic theory though, albeit an incredibly retarded one. Besides, it's a necessary concession when the site is overrun with Holla Forumsacks.

By my mark, even the Pan-African flag is a tiny stretch, but I'm fine with it being grandfathered in.

You sure it's not about living 80 years ago in an undeveloped nation?

what do you mean, downloading communism is clearly the most relevant flag

It is, tbh

I made weeaboo communist flag. Is it good?

That's not my point. You criticized trans/rainbow flags on the basis that such flags are innately symbolic of idpol. Nazi flags are also innately symbolic of idpol, therefore your criticism is just as applicable to them. The point that nazis have an economic theory is completely irrelevant to any extension of the argument at hand. Trannie and fag idpolers, like nazis, subscribe to some economic theory with the only difference being that theirs isn't necesarily any particular one.

I want a Posadist flag.

BO says flags are "broken"

Gender debates however are the most relevant in 2017


Bring back the NazBol and People's Protection Units flag, compliment them with the animu communist and Stirnerite flags, and get rid of the retarded word filters.

Dear mods: Make a fucking Communalism flag already jfc.

Communalism flag pls

We need more ☭TANKIE☭ flags, because M-L is the only leftist ideology actually shown to work in practice, so, practically speaking, they should be the only flags on the board. It'll help unify our efforts to bring about socialism and abolish the present state of things.

If you're falseflagging as an annoying tankié to turn people off, then you're a little on the nose but otherwise decent effort.

We already Democrat, Republican, Burger Bux and The Feds flags. How many flags do you need?

Thanks, this is my first time being a ☭TANKIE☭ and I'm trying my hardest here. It's difficult, but I think I'm doing a good job.
It turns out it IS true that the mods will ban you for less time with the ☭TANKIE☭ flag on. This has been an interesting experiment! I should've gotten a month, but I was only asked to "take a break for a day."(Congragulations on your experiment. )

Communalism is not Porkyism.


Bring it back, you tankiês

Also this

You can suck my ballbag
I demand a nazbol flag

If flags can be deleted, why not added?

No I think it has more to do with the fact that he was a ruthless dictator who killed millions of his own people over nothing. Fuck authoritarianism, ☭TANKIE☭s are stupid and are just trying to be edgy.

Tell me, how do you know if you are been talking with actual "tankies" rather than other anti-authoritarians who were simply larping and "being satirical"?

I mean, we have this:

I mean I guess there is no way to know for sure when it comes to the internet. But there are actual ☭TANKIE☭s in real life like TheFinnishBolshevik as well as Bob Avakian and his delusional band of followers.

If this flag is not added you will all be gassed with helium
I'm feeling drunk

And why are you sure it is them who are wrong and not you?

Let's leave out the question of "my historical sources are correct, while theirs aren't". For now, at least.

For starters, I have never and will never refer to something as "right" or "wrong" when discussing ideology. We can only debate facts and the effects that our actions have on the material world.

That being said the only real assurance I can give you is that Stalinism (and all authoritarianism) hold values that I fundamentally disagree with: Monopoly on ideas, extreme hierarchy, frequent human-rights violations, etc.

Honestly I think I would be better off just working for porky. At least he doesn't command me what to think, he just cleverly tries to persuade through advertising.

< ☭TANKIE☭s are stupid and are just trying to be edgy.
This is a very fine line you are treading here.

Do you disagree with Physics as well? There is a monopoly on ideas: most are considered wrong.

And Capitalism doesn't have any of those? The fact of being the uncontested (and barely overseen) owner of an apartment building or a factory is not hierarchy?

I would like to clarify: in the pre-revolutionary Imperial Russia or in the modern First-World nation? Because we were talking about undeveloped nation, but I feel as if you are talking about modern world.

You mean, there is no threatening with violence for wrongthink?

There is a very big difference between calling someone stupid or edgy and flat out telling them that their beliefs are "wrong".

Yes. And that's because through years of scientific experimentation and research humans have willingly come to the general consensus about how our universe works. Nobody ever put a gun to your head and told you to except physics as an absolute truth.

Either really. Being forced to work on a collective farm or being forced to work in a computer chip factory. The living conditions would obviously be better under modern-day Stalinism but that doesn't mean we would be rid of the ruthlessness and totalitarian surveillance of everyday life.

But you are not just calling people "stupid or edgy", you are doing it because they support some specific position (I refuse to use the term "beliefs"). It's really hard not to connect the dots here.

Also, please, note: despite my explicit request to leave out the question of "my historical sources are correct, while theirs aren't", you are always resorting to it to justify your position. In both cases that you were unable to hide behind Cold War propaganda "commonly accepted facts" (hierarchy in Capitalism; wrongthink in Capitalism), you had to drop the subject. Why is that?

I really think the political compass was such a fucking mistake because it was definitely the genesis of the "libertarian-authoritarian" dichotomy that rots brains

Why not the SLP logo?

I disagree with them, sure, but I don't see what that has to do with what I was saying. I was stating that there is no "right" or "wrong", there are only differences of opinion. Stalinism definitely works and there are people who subscribe to it so it can't possibly be "wrong". I just think it is a shitty system that should never be tried again.

I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one. The argument you are bringing up can be used to deny the legitimacy of anything that happened in the past. How do you know that FDR was ever president? How do you know that South Africa is a real place?

Forming opinions through conspiratorial glasses is a very dangerous thing, especially when it comes to claims as deadly as these.

Stalinism is not an example of that and you know it.

< Subscribing to specific ideology makes you either edgy or dumb, but ideology is not wrong

Again with the cold war propaganda. No, it doesn't. It doesn't exist in the first place. It's a label you put on people, not an actual ideology.

Unlike Utopian Socialism, Scientific Socialism is based on presumption that politics had to be treated like science. Consequently - yes. Since ML is based on a claim that it is correct, it can be wrong.

But we are not discussing - for the moment - what happened in the past. Or do you admit that you have absolutely nothing on Marxism that is not based on the so-called "historical evidence" and cannot discuss it outside of it?

Again with the cold war propaganda.

l e g a l i z e e g o g a n g

You are arguing from a very deconstructionist view point. Whatever your opinions on the term "Stalinism" may be, you know exactly what I am talking about and the way in which I am using it.

All of your arguments are based on pure theory and reject any type of empirical evidence. I "admit" that my criticisms are based on historical evidence, as is everything else that everybody knows ever. The only thing that an individual knows for certain is that he has a consciousness, so therefore he must be something rather than nothing. Other than that there is no possible way to determine that any aspect of life is real or not. Please, step down from you theoretical throne and focus on the microcosm for once.

beep beep Holla Forums dancer detected

Hahah definitely not. Fuck Holla Forums.

fuck you, Pol Pot had the right idea.
give me the absolute boy who destroys industrial society in 1975 over the Mont Pelerin porky bastards who destroyed social democracy in 1975.


tankies and leftcoms unite against market socialism.



Tankies are extremely undialectical you stupid fuck.

Looks pretty good guy.

No, I'm not. "Stalinism" is a concept that shifts and mutates each time someone needs a convenient strawman to attack.

Because the intent was to understand the core of you rejection of ML. I specifically asked to postpone arguing about history, so that you could present your critique of theory, because only when we establish understanding of Marxist position can we evaluate historical events.

However, you failed to do it. Which is why, I have no reason to assume that you have any - either because you are unable to come up with one (which is unlikely), or because you are simply unaware of it, blissfully assuming it has something to do with Human Nature or Secret Police. I.e. you simply don't know Marxism and arguing against it because of your ignorance.

Consequently, your namecalling - "stupid or edgy" - is based solely on Western history books (which are nothing, but glorified propaganda pamphlets), which you assume to be absolute truth.

Stop lying. There is no evidence of anything, until you have something you need to prove or disprove.

You have no "your" criticisms. You are parroting someone else's criticisms, most of the time without fully understanding them.