How low can you go?

how low can you go?

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don't get yourself banned hoxa-senpai

Poland has been begging for the leftovers, of the entire EU, since they left the Warsaw pact, what a fucking bunch of lame ass faggots.
Even the protofacist poles are sucking Israel's cock.

so perfect communists

leftovers that were stolen from you, yes

Most right-wing populist politicians are pro-Israel, see Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Orbán, AfD, FPÖ, Trump, the list can unironically go on.


at this point, I'm not even going to tell you to go to read a book.
I would prefer to throw you into a wood chipper and turn you into food for the worm bins.


the syrian civil war? yes.
the refugee crisis? no.

How do we deal with the reactionary problem? Stomping mudhole in their ass isn't working. And the one time you expect reactionary forces to argue to return to when the time most people agree was better, nobody does, because it was communism.

Actually, yes. How the fuck did we go from helping Syrian refugees, to helping all Muslim refugees, to helping all African refugees?

the Austrian "far-rightist" that Holla Forums claimed was the second coming of adolf just announced his commitment to fight Anti-semitism kek

Muslims are the new Jews.

Basically neoconservatives, neonazis and Zionists have finally realised what natural allies they are and plan to tear the world apart with their unholy alliance.


God the double-think of normalfags is comical. Please explain how those poor West Africans were disenfranchised by the horrible porky war in Syria. This oughta be good.

Well, exactly. They were just seperated by the mild differences in their exact spooks, much like American evangelicals before the similarity unholy alliance of 'the moral majority'.

Based Holla Forumsand. This is obviously 4D chess and only nigger-kike-shills would tell you otherwise.

porkie is the jews right?

I'm new here

That's correct. Only jews can be porkies.
People like Roger Stone, Koch Brothers, Jeff Bezos, the Waltons, Bill Gates, etc. dindu du nuffin.

Thanks for the anecdotes.
0.48 of the top 1.0% of Americans coming from an ethnoreligious group that is 2% of the population.
Surely this group being ~25X more likely to be a "porkie" than the general population is pure coincidence?

there is an actual historical explanation to this but that being said jewish bourgs and nonjewish bourgs are both the "bad" guys (if you can really call them that, socialism is not a system of ethics)

Is there a similar actual historical explanation to the leaders of this?–19
this makes them the good guys, right?

Whoa it's almost like we should judge people according to their individual actions and not spooks

Except whypipo and the "bourg" class right?

uh no

Bourgeoisie are property owners. Some whites are bourgeois, some whites are proletarian.

No one at all fucking claimed that mate

what about their unique history of genocidal colonialist conquest and oppression of people of colour though?

I blame the feudal and capitalist government and the porkies and politicians who run them
i dont just blame white people in general
only liberals do that stupid shit

And if the porkies have always been half or so made up of a small ethnoreligious minority, you wouldn't lay blame there either right?

No because all porkies shall be done away with when socialism is established regardless of race and/or religion
and what purpose is there in blaming the jewish worker when the jewish bourgeoisie is the group with actual power
the jewish bourgeoisie are our enemies just as much as the white black and asian bourgeoisie is

This isn't even not knowing basic economics, it's lacking basic reasoning capability.

Can you even prove this at all?

A bourge is a bourge no matter how small.
The kabbalist skippy poughkeepsie shit can be taken care of later.

They're worthwhile to the establishment if they're consuming commodities, just like native recipients are. I'm sorry to say but those programs weren't enacted in the image of human compassion.

And when will socialism be established, comrade? How long will it take? Because there were a whole lotta people in the previous century waiting and suffering a long time for it, but I never heard of it being achieved.

Can you prove that the sky is blue? Can you prove that water is wet? I guess it depends on how much you are going to be an idealist slippery argument tactic cunt, which I'm going to assume is to a high degree.

Sounds like you don't have any evidence and you're just spouting stuff based on feels.

ok bro. don't look into it


I see, they're only doing so when it suits your narrative.
Even if this were to be true, a worker program like qatar and dubai have would be much more cost effective.
Good thing doing that with an imported population that has so far only ever managed to turn their host countries into lawless places.

They're still a net loss. If you are correct, opening a shop and paying people to spend the gifted money in your shop would be a foolproof business plan.
Give me evidence of those protocols and explain to me how the porkuminati managed to make the far-left who are the most ardent supporters of bringing refugees their biggest lackies.

Of course it's 4D chess, just like when Polish Communists made the vast majority of Polish Jews leave Poland in 1968.

They have been doing this in Western Europe since the 70's.
Part of their plan? OF COURSE

Then they came back on it and let them stay. Now notice how I did not say "a worker program like qatar and dubai have would be much more cost effective but then they have to come back on it and let them stay and bring their families over".
You people really are schizo's

I mean its well understood you guys can't meme but not detecting baneposting? Surely you are being facetious.
There are still seasonal and temporary migrant worker programs alive and well in Europe and North America.

No no when I said "programs" I meant the existing welfare apparatuses in European countries.

And you're correct, it's not an effective system. They're bringing in refugees (migrants) to prop it up. Millennials aren't fucking enough, white people like to social climb. It's clearly observable. The funny conspiracy shape has become a little too topheavy.

And I know, it's wonderful that they've stuck by these programs over the years to appease the general public but let's not sit here and pretend like the ruling class actually cares about your quality of life.

I can't wait for DayOfTheRope.

And, if all goes to shit and it swings the other way, I take comfort in knowing you useful idiots will be the first ones liquidated.

That's never happening.
If it did I'd reckon you gamer nationalists would get culled yourselves or die of exposure.

you guys get beat up in public and are too afraid to show your faces in public after Charlottesville. Try ordering a happy meal from McDonald's first without stuttering while looking the man in the eyes before talk about killing somebody champ.

you better get used to waiting cuz it aint happening

Well damn, to think of all the upvotes I must be missing out on.

I'm interested in the chapter of the protocols of the porkuminati which addresses that point all the same.
They're not, even when they claim to be doing so as an ad-hoc justification. If they were, they would use people who actually add to it. You do not prop up a welfare system by importing more welfare claimants.
There is no ruling class, there's just you and your need for a scapegoat of which you know all the motivations, thoughts and feelings.

gtfo reddit

gtfo r9k


Someone on the .pl board linked us and now the_donald is sperging out

Holla Forumstard here. poland worship is a meme from /int/. anybody with even a minor knowledge of history knows poland is a pathethic excuse of a nation and is the fleshlight of europe

Everything before the comma was good, then he goes full retard.

Anyway, this is the normal path taken by a far right that is co-opted into the system, they become more naked defenders of the system. And the system they adapt to is American-Zionist imperialism.