Without giving much detail about myself

Without giving much detail about myself.

I'm about to work with very prominent politicians in office. How can I still be an effective Marxist and still rise up the bourgeoisie ranks.

I don't want to lose an opportunity to be on toe with policy makers but I can't let the machine absorb me either.

Am I just suppose to fake everything about my beliefs for the betterment of my comrades?

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Watch the The Candidate so that you understand this is a losing proposition and that you will be swallowed by the machine.

hang out with poor people, keep yourelf in touch with the realities of class, even better, become an undercover worker

Depending on party you can still be an open socdem, so do that and fight for worker's rights while just hiding how far you'll go, report corruption anonymously to trusted media sources if you can do it without being exposed, basically give the media as much inside information as possible on dishonesty in all parties (thereby undermining popular confidence in bourg democracy), get involved in union politics and try to get them motivated, and so on.

Would need more info on your exact party/job to say more tho

Don't be a lifestylist and live your life. Do keep in mind the cause, but don't let it become your reason to live. The revolution will not happen tomorrow and you still need to bring food to the table.

I'm just gonna be a personal assistant to someone prominent. I'm still young so I can use it as a stepping soon to rise up.

Too late

It is impossible, I wager wide eyed youth are the backbone of corrupt governments (perhaps governments in general?). Think about it, without the youth trying to "set things right", the government would inevitably fall into decay due to a lack of new leadership. Naive youth are also most likely some of the more dedicated/competent workers, and if they have to serve darker purposes for their noble goals, they suppose their hands are tied. You walk a dark path.


It's okay, Jeremy. We know it's you.


These were helpful

Marxism is not an ethic, it's not a set of moral imperatives and it's not a lifestyle. Our goal is to be efficient in developing our strength and transforming society, and in doing so we should, in no way, focus on symbolic gestures or passive displays of radicalism that overestimate the agency of the individual and his role in society. And of course, our movements wouldn't be realistic if they asked adherents to allow it to interfere with their economic well-being, instead of supporting them on that regard.

So if you want to be an "efficient Marxist" just carry your normal life, declare yourself a Socialist on the degree that you feel comfortable and safe with, and, if you can, help other Marxists with any of the money, skill or knowledge that you've encountered along the way.

What country? If US, federal or state level?

Jezza ama?

If he was in America the CIA probably would've made him "disappear" already

what is lifestylism exactly?

You'll be interacting with people with an entirely different set of fundamental values. In trying to convince them of policy positions, you'll think and argue in liberal terms and make liberal value judgements. For example, you might make an argument that cutting social security is bad because people already worked for and payed for their social security payouts with 40 years of payroll deductions, and therefore deserve "their" money. But in doing so you will slowly internalize the inverse logic: that it's fine to eliminate things that people didn't "earn" like welfare and food stamps.

I don't know of any way to avoid this, especially when the job requires networking and schmoozing, further enmeshing yourself in the realms of the petit bourgeoisie and their bourgeois values

Bookchin coined the term to mean poseurs who use a political ideology more as a religion instead as a way to actually do shit. For instance, a self-proclaimed communist who doesn't actually join a party or organize anything, but capacities """ethical""" consumption.

The way Holla Forums usually uses the word is almost the same but slightly different. We generally mean someone who is too hung up on what the communist way of living your everyday life ought to be to calm down and realize that not everything in life needs to be a revolutionary act. This differs from the way Bookchin uses the term because Bookchin says lifestylists aren't communists at all, while the Holla Forumsian version of a lifestylist can still be a genuine communist, but they're just retarded and misguided about what it means to be one, i.e., there being a communist isn't some spooky, mystical lifestyle, it's recognizing the materialist course of history, the exploitation of capitalism, and the necessity for revolutionary socialism to end that exploitation.

Buy fertiliser.

Vocalize the irrefutable evidence of our vastly unequal society at every opportunity. If issues come up with a large corporation or banking institution, wonder aloud what it would be like if people wielded that kind of power directly. Maybe call them voters or the electorate or something similar.