ITT: Describe who did the worst for Communism and its goals

ITT: Describe who did the worst for Communism and its goals.

I personally think Reagan with all that military spending and trashing the image of the USSR even further destroyed the revolution for now. (Even if you don’t agree with the USSR, it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t the backbone keeping Leftism alive around the world.)


Fanya Kaplan.


> who did the worst for Communism and its goals.

J. Edgar Hoover, based on the damage COINTELPRO ended up causing to practically every communist movement that had a chance of succeeding or even just dragging the Overton Window farther left.

Kruschev did more damage to the movement globally than any other historical figure

Trotsky or Stalin but I'm undecided which.

Trotsky, for being a good general and winning the civil war. The Bolsheviks failing along with all the other revolutionary attempts in Europe would have been better than them being the only ones to succeed only to then get stuck in total isolation with no way to accomplish their intended purpose.




ur mom

Friedrich Ebert and Gustav Noske. Had the November Revolution gone red…I think history as we know it would cease to exist.

1. Reagan
2. FDR
3. Friedrich Ebert


Kautsky and Bernstein

J. Robert Oppenheimer

No one. Individuals don't have an big impact on history.


yup a real villain and scumbag probably closet homo so a psychological mess who took it out by being a counterrevolutionary

John van Neumann

Communism is the goal you faggot

no it was fucking dead before the USSR gasped it's final breath as the comintern turned into a tool of soviet imperialism

Pick one.

he was an absolute genius tho, it's undeniable. Possibly the greatest mind of the 20th century


The SPD.

The Polish state.

Either Mao or Stalin.


Armchair socialists like you are what damage communism the most

Fucking Gorbachev

It was communists' most hated, long-time enemy…

This. We might've gotten successful World Revolution by 1920s, if not for those whores.

Bismarck. First he gave the French government a time-out to crush the Paris Commune, then defused the left for good by creating the first modern welfare State.


I swear to god we are still under the effects of Bismarks's 4D political chess games.