/lefty/ DnD

We starting first session this Sunday at 6PM EST, hop in if yall wanna play with folks that |arent| stinky Holla Forumsyps!

Discord (i know): discord.gg/B85HNaK

System is 5e, has a couple of homebrew rules to fit in with the setting

But Sunday is Christmas!

Can you tell us more without having to log on to proprietary software? What's the setting? Text/voice/video? What races / classes / whatever are allowed? What's the general gist of what we'll be doing? Why are you using Discord?

Also this.

Guess its Friday then

- The setting is based around the historical setting of the First Crusade with heavy influence from Morrowind, you guys will be starting out in not-Constantinople in the not-Byzantine empire bust before the First Crusade hits

The setting is very much influenced by historical events, but fantasy races are present , they tend to exist around the geographical area that they were concieved, for example Elves and Dwarves exist around the north German/Scandinavian area.

The factions so far are the Empire of the Phoenix (not Byzantine), the Chaldean Empire (a mix between Sassanid and Mesopotamian), the Tyhrrenian Kingdom (not Normal Sicily), the Khazar Khaganate, the Principality of Kiyv, the Papacy of Tyre (not Roman Catholic mixed with Celtic), and the kingdoms of Salinas, Asterion, Galens, and Aquitaine
(Not French, German, English, etc.)
All classes are fine, races are fine too but their background bas to reflect their desicion to end up with the group
Ill be using text since where I live the internet service hasnt been restored thanks to the destruction the Hurricanes brought, it should be restored in a couple of weeks for me. Otherwise voice unless you cant speak. (I borrow internet from a university library)
Ease of access thanks to the conditions I find myself in, whenever I regain access to internet at home I plan on using Roll20
You find yourself in the middle of the start of the First Crusade and an ongoing invasion of the Empire by the Tyhrrenians, the group's involvment will depend on the group's desicion

"We must support the Emperor in his struggle against imperialism."

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I wanted to be part of this but apparently the group already had a DM, I really want a new group after my last one dissolved, they all got soul crushing jobs

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I wont judge though

Eternal DM? I'm sure the current one might get tired and switch for a while

Cmon lads, its sure gonna be a fine time

Is there a way anyone can spectate? I've been wanting to play with my friends but I honestly have no clue how to play, so I think watching someone else would help me.

Well, theres not going to be much visuals for now, but you could always just get into voicechat, i see no problem with it

I like DMing

Well, this one runs at 12 AM for Euros, so depending on your own timezone you might try to set up a campaign of your own for non-Burgers.

I'm on a burger time zone so I don't think I have a chance

Previously we talked about running more games if we got enough players, so if enough people join and don't drop off just run a game and ask around for some players


Finished 1st session, it was a blast, hope more can join next one