Amerimutt Concept Of Race Influencing European Nationalism

Anybody remember back in the mid-late 00s when BNP types were pissed off bout Eastern European immigrants (mostly from Poland)? Seems like nowadays the British far-right's cool with immigrants showing up by the millions so long as their names are Pavel and Wlad, not Mohammed and Saddiq.

PS: Burger hate thread.

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3rd pic is unironically cool.


Wonder why muslims and arabs are bad now but saudis get some kind of free pass.

It's like pottery, it rhymes.


Uh…let's see…I don't even know what "Fermat Theorem" is, the guy that died on Game Of Thrones last night? Amirite?:DD *Moment of awkward silence for veterans*


u r ded nao, dog bles ameriga :DDDDDDDDDDD

A bit of a tangent but wasn't Islam in reality wildly successful as a political tool? The Islamic caliphate was pretty strong during its height and I heard somewhere that even Napoleon praised Islam as a political tool.

Preemptive nuclear strike on The United States and all out land invasion of The American Heartland when?


#JusticeForAfroplasm #ShitpostDontShoot



Is this an America thread?
I hate Americans!

There are literally not enough reaction pics on this internet to express what I am feeling right now

i'm gonna kms


It's funny but still reinforces whites being superior

Don't bully American comrades.



On that third image, what is 'skin to skin' exactly? Is that allowing the mother to hold the baby?


I really
want 4/pol/ to fuck off.

yes. literally charging the mother to hold her own baby
I come back to this video for a laugh every once and a while.

This isn't peak burger but it's damn close.


Sounds like a fart someone let out after holding it in for a few hours.

american political discourse is truly a wonderland

hahaha afroplasm uses fucking internet explorer

So can we all agree that the Amerimutt meme is probably the least funniest thing to come out of the halfchan hellscape since le epic kekistan ecksdee?

it does drive american Holla Forumsyps up the wall though

How does Holla Forumss idea that "all Nationalism stems from ethnic identity/race" take into account things like the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
During the Hungarian revolution of 1848 the time was opportune for more parts of the Empire to split off but the rest of the empire and even some within Hungary remained loyal

And in 1918 even when nation after nation was declaring independence and splitting off how does Holla Forums explain those who remained loyal to their feudal liege until the very end?

t. Amerimutt


The opposite actually. It's the funniest shit ever

that's because a lot of the are from eastern europe

Are you for real?

they'll just say they were jews or something what do you expect, consistency?

You know, you'd be surprised at how many burgers unironically believe that shit.

Why do you use internet explorer

That's because in 1848 other non-Hungarian peoples like the Serbs and Croats hoped to gain more autonomy at the expense of Hungarians, so cooperation with Austria was only natural.


Letting the mum hold her baby. This story caused national outrage and a bit of an international splash in the form of Western European media having a hearty laugh at Burgerstan's (literal) expense.

Why do you use internet explorer

Chicago pizza unironically looks delicious and I wish I could try it one day


It's cuz my phone won't let me use Google, newfag, not cuz I like it.





It's good.

What's wrong with the fourth pic?

That they're at Starbucks? That the use Apple products? Not that bad, tbh. The worst you could say about them is that they're spendthrifts.

who else is bidet masterrace here?
difference between bidet/no bidet is a difference between civilization/barbarism


You sure it's not just them projecting their globalized "white is white" outlook on the world onto Europe?

Toilet paper and then bidet.
Where are you from?

They are well beyond our help.

I'll hazard a guess and say Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia.

What I meant is anyone else in the EU. You all have worker's rights, a lot of leftists in America don't. So this seems really fucking condescending.

Well, not a lot. Anyone in America doesn't have worker's fucking rights.


ameribear at least comes from yli, amerimutt is literally a 4/pol/ creation (and should be bannable as such, because 4/pol/ is such godawful cancer these days it's practically just Holla Forums with flags)

started OC'ing the third pic

should I cont.?

hold on there cowboy
one not just bans a meme

No way!?
it's not like we had a board split because of this shit or anything



I fucking despise americans

It does kinda bum me out a bit, being mixed race.

Like i reallt really despise americans


I'm mixed race too but this meme is not make fun of us.
If you are not american you'd know that anywhere else we don't value race over culture.
I'm mixed race, but I grow up in a european country with european people and I'm treated as such because culturally speaking I'm from here.
American obsess over race because their culture is consumerism, this meme makes fun of that obsession.

Fair enough igy, thanks.

I don't really think amerimutt is funny if it's not being thrown back at Holla Forumsyps. The whole joke, to my eyes, is that these mixed race dudes are screeching about white supremacy and a white ethnostate despite not even being white or coming from a country with any sort of heritage, white or not. And also, because they get really fucking pissed off when you point that out to them. If you just paint some random family as 'amerimutts', the joke is lost and it looks like you're just complaining that a white family isn't white enough.

Had a chuckle over the logos though.

Fellow mixed race American too. I think it's really funny because it points out how fucking impossible it is to be an American with a pure heritage. That when these guys get on the soapbox and whine about the death of "white america" you can almost always immediately point out how mixed they are. That's why I love Amerimutt.

He is the true and final form of Holla Forums. The fate they can never escape.

Americans are gross and pathetic.


I bet a large percentage of them have SOME Jewish or Black genes in their DNA, lol.


I always make sure to scrub my bum with a soapy washcloth after i poo.

I'd tell you to kill yourself, but I'm not sure it would make any difference