Astroturfing/mass shilling alert

For now, I can only confirm through my own observations that there is currently a massive, deliberate focus on various social networks and on the Internet generally that is about the Republican tax plan that was passed today which will signal a massive transfer of wealth to the top richest people and inevitably heighten inequality.
These comments have a similar theme, that is, even if a good number/most of these 'people' actually are people that just believe in really stupid classcucked shit, to practically demoralize and gaslight (by sending shear amounts of contrarian messages to different communities/sites) on the people who oppose the Republican move to benefit the most parasitic-financial elements of the country. This is how it appears to be a systematic effort at an astroturf operation with roots to "big data" capitalists that thrived from election season in America and to the eternal Trump campaign.
This is hopefully to be followed with more discussion.

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is the shitposting about retards like you being insta-banned true, because that would be actually good if true

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Did anyone get that thread archived from a few weeks ago about shilling/astroturfing/botting going on recently?


Why are you even pretending that basic facts like shilling in politics is so hard to believe? What the fuck is wrong with you, are you taking the piss or some shit?

The thing about the tax bill is that it fundamentally changes nothing, everyone is going to make more money from lower taxes and businesses will probably invest more and increase wages by a modest amount. But as usual, the executives and shareholders/owners will see the vast majority of the real benefit while the rest of us get breadcrumbs and wine spills to lick off the floor. Out livelihood is still clearly under porky control and this further demonstrates it.

Honestly if the tax cuts affected each bracket equally I would sort of support the bill.

Holy fuck, never mind, I found the astroturf thread, will be posting in a minute

Something can happen and has happened in the past =/= something is currently going on.

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What have I done to make you so upset except express skepticism about your evidence free OP?

Wouldn't the tax bill, with all its provisions, still be worse than Reagan's bipartisan tax bill in 1986?

You're managing to embarrass yourself even as an anonymous shitposter. Since you've been calling the OP unsubstantiated, it's incredibly obvious that you haven't read shit about the topic beforehand, so why even bother with you?

I'm talking about the income tax portions (income tax is a scam that only hurts the proles) but yeah, specific details and other taxes in the bill make it pretty bad, and it has to be in tandem with government spending cuts, preferably military. Of course this a Republican congress so that's not going to happen.

You claim that people making posts about current events on social media are all somehow being manipulated behind the scenes. You have posted no evidence of this. You have yet to explain at all why you think this to be the case.

Re-read the fucking OP. You still don't get what implications are, or what is profound and very much true and acknowledged about the connections being made here.

Actually scrap that, I will be posting posts from the previous thread here.

You have not posted evidence of this. People are saying things online that you don't like and you are claiming, without evidence, that there is astroturfing going on.


I'd want to expand on this: I know that the narrative in the US about Russian interference in the elections, including about the "troll farms", is questioned a lot here.
But given that there is a lot of anti-worker actions by the Trump administration that is partially reported, the "uncanny" reactions that I'm talking about are the ones that are poorly criticizing this for not being pro-Trump and have generic or otherwise similar accounts, including the posting-style.

Could you screen cap some of these "uncanny" posts?

"Forgot to finish my post: So, I'm guessing what I'm saying is, what exact kind of operations are going on here and who is it being run by if some of my suspicions are immediately, provably true?
And what of some of these things even correlating with reports about national (mostly "Russian") deep-states running astroturfing campaigns, among other tactics?
Whatever is happening, it is mostly and undeniably aiding whoever is pushing reactionary talking-points more, which admittedly makes me rather bitter."

"Does anyone recall the thread discussing something along the lines of "Russian trolls" or "interference" at least from a few days ago?"

that thread is literally a month old today btw

To avoid getting too spammy, I'll just compound more noteworthy posts from the thread together like this (in quotes, thankfully not in visually inconvenient green text).
"I expect there are probably shilling operations run/funded by random conservative porkies too.
The point is: how do you counteract this along with the bots?"

"Good point, more domestically some Koch Brothers-related group may have a hand in these things. Mercer possibly too."

"More than you think. Bots already account for more than half of the internet traffic.
That's right, Porky is automatizing shitposting. We're done for."

"So I've been looking through Twitter for likely bots that have been spouting indistinguishable, brainlet-tier talking-points that practically exist to keep some of the more George W. Bush-type Republicans in line with whatever offending mannerisms or positions that Trump commits to (and there obviously must be much more to this).
I've discovered that one pro-Trump account claims to be a member of either the US Congress or Colorado state legislature, which I quickly found out to be false, and actually uses a stock photo. If it's always this easy for me to find a bot, it really is pervasive and it must be a matter of public interest to see what entities are enabling and operating this astroturfing campaign."

"The FCC has just been refusing to investigate a mysterious attack on their own site by anti-net neutrality spam which utilized the impersonation of real people, coincidentally while Trump's FCC re-appointee Pai is preparing anti-net neutrality policies.
NY Attorney General:
How far does the complicity go?"

More posts:
"there are probably bot nets out there manipulating online conversations. from what I've read though, government intelligence agencies are really bad at doing this type of astroturf. it's more likely that you just have dedicated reactionaries hired by porky running them from their basements, popping adderall and staring at twitter 12 hours a day
also bots are better at STEERING or DERAILING debate instead of fabricating debate or tricking people through traditional propaganda campaigns. A bot net of about 200 accounts could easily seize (for example) a twitter hashtag, promoting benign tweets and burying hostile tweets"


"In 2006, a company called "NetVocates" raised some controversy (but apparently not enough for a concise Wikipedia article) for being a rather transparent attempt at astroturfing on blogs and boards.
The kind of stigma "NetVocates" had then (for at least some left-liberals during W.) as an earlier astroturf-related service is sort of bittersweet to look back to

"It's a meme to enforce groupthink. That's why it's all over right wing boards."
There's a big post over this.


"I shilled for several years for one of the major Euro political parties. AMA"
"Posting on social media and on the media outlets that matter for the cause. Based on the news and happenings at the moment, you are instructed where to go and what to post. Often it's a classic smear campaign. Sometimes an expression of praise or approval for your team that shouldn't be too obvious."Attack" in groups and waves but not too obvious and assertive. Posts mustn't look like obvious shilling either (though most of the time they look exactly like that) and should be crafted in a fashion that will attempt to change reader's perception of events in our way. Usually a bunch of logical fallacies, depending on the situation. The goal is to keep the narrative on your side, and for your side to dominate the media space. Even if you fail to convince someone, you still have to dominate the media space. We live in a time where average joe believes everything he reads on the internet without checking for sources. Internet as a freemarket for ideas is bullshit, everyone's trying to fuck up everyone by forcing their shit and their agenda. From payed dildo ads to payed opinions, everything on the internet is a battle between conflicted groups. You'd be amazed at how much money certain groups are willing to give away just to have their voice heard."

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it's pretty fucking prevalent. I'm trusting my gut because so far my gut has been right about all this shit that's come out about the alt right that just sort of magically materialized harder than ever during the 2016 American election cycle.
It's suspicious enough that I think a metric fuck ton of bots were involved and still are involved. But like I said, that's just my gut speaking. But my gut hasn't been wrong most of the time."

Probably the last post for now:
"i don't know but in greece it's a common phenomenon
major politicians were caught having fake accounts retweeting and liking their shit
all online newspapers have commenters spamming the same propaganda even if it has little or nothing to do with the articles above (they use real people)
at the same time they some delete posts for criticising
in youtube the nazi party uses bots to get all their videos trending"

On the lower-side of the shilling-spectrum, wasn't Molyneux caught shilling for himself as someone else on the comments section of one of his videos, but forgot to change accounts?

The growth has already started via bonuses to employees AND billions worth of expenditures:

Keep in mind impersonator bots, the ones that shill, are just under 25% of internet traffic, which is still huge, but not the majority of posters like you're trying to paint it as.

As someone who has been around i have come to these conclusions

1. political groups and the government themselves are no doubt shilling hardcore on the internet

2. corporations are also shilling

3. Every now and then there will be a lone individual with a pet peeve and powerful autism that will take it upon themselves to shill for whatever mentally ill thing they are trying to push. I find these guys interesting. They have basically figured out you can become your own one man shill army and manipulate society by pushing meme's, bots, agendas

The entire internet is basically people trying to shill you into something

Fucking disappointing.

Is this supposed to be an endorsement of the GOP?

Refer to my post here, .

The bill was obviously going to result in more investment, and the bonuses are one time things, irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. This bill and concern for it are unrelated to leftist goals, which is why all the concern here and everywhere else is so stupid.

How are the excesses of the bourgeoisie not an issue? We should not be selling their legislative agenda short, especially considering that this is universally considered their first "major" victory of an overhaul and is itself interpreted as an impetus to cutting "entitlement spending", aka social welfare programs and such.


I wonder who could be behind this post

My point is we shouldn't be like liberals who think taxes and welfare and budget cuts are the end all be all of politics.

Well, I mean it's technically true. I'm not saying the government will make more money like the Reagan crowd thought, I'm saying people will directly have more money in their pocket.

I don't think anyone in this thread thinks that.

Not really. Privatization will erase most of those gains as formerly inexpensive utilities become more and more expensive (in aggregate.)

I know, but if we make too big a deal out of the tax cuts, that we should only be devoting minor attention too, we risk falling into that trap.

I just think for future reference, don't even mention the 1.44$ per day that the GOP has blessed us with (some faggots will actually use that as an argument)

Exempt all working people from tax and just tax the bourgeosie at 100% tbh fam

More people are net benefactors of the tax system, than pay into it. Less money on the system means theyll profit less, and rich will pay less into it. Whatever savings poor people will get, at the same time they wont recieve services that those taxes provided them and will have to pay for it out of their own pocket - at "maximize profit" levels, not "provide service" levels. Rich dont care - they recieve less from it. At most, theyll cover the bigger hole with more debt - hurray :/. Inwestments will be offshore, no trickle down.

This is actually a thing that pro-Trump brainlets have been doing all day.

Take over means of production, faggots.

It was on his "The TRUTH About Frozen" video

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Can we fucking stop with the shilling accusations?

Shills aren't real. No one gets paid for posting opinions you don't like. If they do, please redirect me to these sources since I'm unemployed and selling plasma to eat.


Well, they should be buying guns and bullets, though.

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My reading is that shills themselves probably do exist, but that they're kinda like carpet bombing: they aren't that accurate and are only really effective if you drop them in large numbers on a target. One anonymous egg on twitter tweeting |kys libtard hillary for prison" isn't going to do much. It's when you have fifty of them swarming a target you're able to control the conversation. Not by brainwashing innocents but by forcing all debate you don't like to a standstill.

The Chinese are masters at this. If you so much as criticize the local police for giving you a ticket on weibo, hundreds of young men will jump down your throat and demand to know THE REAL STORY before the whole thing gets deleted.