Holla Forums is plotting another LARP

Let’s see how long it takes them to find this thread and start sperging out.

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Oh no Holla Forums is literally going to do something on the internet man the guns Holla Forums it's fucking nothing

something something Madness is repeating the same thing over and over hoping for many different outcomes after the same mistake

Someone post the anti-imperalist #myborders pictures pls


sent ;)

Predictable as always, I'm surprised it's not on the 20th but maybe that would be too easy.

this shit is never getting off the ground.

Chill you autist

They have a discord if anyone wants it


who cares

Yeah, just seize the opportunity to plaster HANDS OFF NORTH KOREA (Implicitly of course with the dumb meme format) in every college campus, this one's easy. Get Reddit on it.

I feel like one of the fingers should have a ring with the nato star on it

These are getting worse and more cringe with each LARP. C'mon Holla Forums get your shit together or fuck off entirely

we should spread these memes far, for that lets divide labour, one user make the menacing hands of historically oppresive countries and post them, another user post cutouts of colonized nations, and another user take those hands, the template, and the maps to make the memes

we had a thread, I'll look if I have it saved later.

Did the last one even work? Because the only people I heard making a big deal about it was people like Sargon, while pretending that anyone else cared.

Nah, it's usually just a bunch of retards (always fewer than planned) fumbling around getting laughed at by counter-protesters until everyone gets bored and goes home.
The day after they get their talking heads online to cherry pick some footage and make their mandatory "muh left is killing free speech" piece but even liberals have long stopped giving a shit by now.

Wasn't it in the trash tread?

This could also be said for protesting liberals, honestly. Getting sad.

Really gets the noggin joggin; right wingers are the jews they fear. EVERY tactic these people accuse the jews of doing, they do, but on an almost daily basis. Maybe they're angry at jews because they're not so retarded and obvious with their "plots"?

It's been the same throughout history, those already scheming had laid eyes upon other "potential schemers" to distract from themselves.

I know, right? They often talk about psyops and all that, which they get angry at the Jewish bogeyman for doing.

Aaaaaaaaand here's a templete. Edit away, Holla Forums.


Thanks. I tried searching for them on the booru but couldn't find more.

We had lots of good ones already. Someone must have them.


lmao made one at the same time

fucking vertical ass country




January 21? Why wait a whole month to launch this campaign? That's insanely stupid and they deserved to get messed with

Don't use the old ones with the glove hand use the new ones with the reaching hand and forearm


The reddit subversion of pol is complete.

woah, are you here from 2013?


With weird country shapes, I'd just go ahead and use the flag alone. Here's one I just made.

improved it

I know I stated the obvious but thanks for the (you). It's leftypol turn now.

But now 99% of americans are going to see the Texas flag.

They found it, finally. That took way longer than usual.

Does nu-Holla Forums actually think their board is some secret members only club?

how is mocking someone support

This is the most toothless shit ever what the fuck.

Not since Trump they aren't.

I have a feeling this would cause more asshurt than all the ones Holla Forums is doing combined

I truly hate these fuckers.

Make one of the Holla Forums hand trying to bring their cancer to hobby boards

All part of the plan.


won't that just make the texans start calling for secession and fighting with the other americans

Someone make Iran and Israel/USA please.

Here's the moderator that runs Holla Forums. Mighty White.

They hate this one because its not normie freindly and refelects the true nature of the message.

i doubt these balls of lard would actually spend their sunday night taping those low effort images on every surface they could find

They did it with "It's Okay To Be White" stuff. It didn't last, and I don't know what they were expecting.


It's only bad when it affects white people.

Someone's mad.

My guess (educated through years of volunteer experience with conservative orgs, but still, a guess) is that these successive postering tupperware parties serve three purposes for the aut-right:

1. Morale booster: Let's face it, it's been a shit year for the aut-right. Their big guy has been doing fuck all, Republicans have lost a bunch of elections, a massive co-ordinated media smear campaign couldn't bring down Jezza, they owned themselves in charlottesville, they're banned from twitter and they can't go a week without fighting each other. Little field trips like these produce visual evidence to convince themselves that they aren't owned, they're actually laughing and can still trigger the libs and globalists.

2. Make-work project: Notice how I said the aut-right can't keep not fighting itself? Campaigns like these keep them busy. Gives them something relatively easy to do. Even if it doesn't do much it keeps them from ripping each others' heads off.

3. Training missions: This is mostly for the core aut-right cadres who spend hundreds of hours organizing these campaigns. They learn what works, what doesn't and how to perform with talking points efficiently. THIS is probably the only real threat that these things pose to leftists, and even then they're still awful in their inefficiencies and in a few cases they teach aut-right activists the wrong lessons (which I'm not going to point out to all the Holla Forumsyps monitoring this thread, do your own work you lazy failsons)

Of course, the campaign itself is awful because they're keeping it all grassroots and decentralized, and they're doing everything out in the open. They're making the exact same mistakes Occupy made.

Look at the leafposter in this thread. He's made 75 fucking posts and he's been making these threads and almost single handedly forcing them to the bump limit all day. He's the same one behind spamming the IOTBW threads.

I'm triggered pêh la famille
Viva la autism

BTW always keep in mind that Jehu was right from the beginning and that the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Anglo🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 domination is real
>UKIP is a response to the UK’s loss of national sovereignty, much like SYRIZA is for Greece; no such loss of national sovereignty has occurred in the United States and each day its capacity to manage the world economy increases.
And people like Frédéric Lordon and Emmanuel Todd want socdem-tier protectionist policies, and it feels like the future, just like what the people who voted for S▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ then Trump expected last year.

Fuck em
They went back on all their economic promises and Furthered Neo-Lib corporate Austerity
And completely capitulated to E.U/German demands

Learn to read instead of drinking vodka in your fucking bunker everyday. Switch that habit with amphetamines.

they literally are privatizing state companies now

they have been doing this since the 70s, fam, when the Keynesian dream died away

Jesus these people have less of a life than we do
At least some of us score on a regular basis, nu/pol/ is incel because they're mentally stunted teenagers or because they're boomers on doctors' orders not to fuck their large wives

Slightly improved template


Their not even Soc-Dems at this point
Their Neo-Libs with a Soc-Dem Paint job

no, you stupid shit. international BANKS in form of an unelected consortium called "troika" do what they do all the time in greece. syriza doesn't rule greece, the banks do. syriza can do exactly nothing but try to mitigate the effects of neocon policy for the greek people - and this is exactly what they do.
of course you can call for revolution and all that, but what you'll get is at best a situation like in catalonia and at worst a situation like in venezuela (note that unlike venezuela greece doesn't sit on top of one of the largest oil reserves in the world).
what's more, there is nothing better for the BANKS than a actual leftists like syriza being forced to "rule" under their thumb, because it discredits said party and the left in general. you fell for that scheme. ironically, when syriza won the election, they were doomed.


My french is piss poor so it's very possible I'm wrong but isn't "non c'est non" "no, it is no"? I guess that works but shouldn't it be something like "non veut dire non"?

Googling it brings up a lot of anti-harassment PSAs in French so I think it's right

Holla Forums


How's the sentiment among antifa, college "leftists" and other burger trash? Are they going to swarm the event like usual and make them look like the LARPing retards they are?
Or better yet, what are the chances of another Charlotteville-tier spergout so that liberals finally lose what little tolerance they had left for them, start hunting them down and every Pepe avatar sack of shit on twitter becomes fair game for the feds?

Non c'est non isn't the literal traduction, but it match the spirit of the sentence pretty well.

fucking Holla Forumsreddit


heh heh

Made the hand a bit bigger

Requesting an anti imperialist version with Iran and Israel & America please

The US needs a grosser pussy because rightcels will care



Immigrants are a thot. They're freaking nasty hoes. They look good. I'd love a mexican to bust my pussy open and tell me about the going rate for a small roofing job. if a guy shows up with a fucking burrito and a shoddy toolbox in the home depot parking lot he can hit my backwalls any fucking time of day dude. if a guy's like plees I been standing on this corner for ten months in the rain I jus need a job plees' im like 'take a fucking seaming hammer to my pussy like its the walnut park dude'.

felix please

A comedy in three parts

Fixed. Didnt realise the arm was cut off there


its fucking beautiful


this is great

.pl is a blessing



Could they not figure out where leftypol was despite being on fucking Holla Forums already?

Triggered rightist snowflake?

Alright, I infiltrated the Holla Forums plotting server. They're all really retarded. Pepe PFPs and shit.

I'm going to subvert them. Try and help me give good ideas to be more realistic. They gave me a 3 question interview before I could access the rest of the server. Extreme vetting, if you will.

Here we go

Should be the French flag on the hand

Someone needs to save all of these on the booru under the tag "my_borders_my_choice" so we can make our own cover ups in the event they do pull this off within our areas


Smaller tag called "MBMC" was made. I'm fixing all the countries which includes the regions, the country hands, and of course the countries affected. That way you can A) get to it faster and B) get specific countries (besides we're probably going to forget about this shit in a while anyway)

And it's done

It's just another data mining thread, way to fall for it though

Nice, any more info?

There are layers upon layers of black propaganda and no one any longer knows whether it started out as retarded propaganda or black propaganda.

Holy fuck I didn't think the memes were real

Why do we care? It’s just going to amount to nothing like their last attempt?

For your convenience.

Hope these inbreds put these up in a Chicano neighborhood and get jumped.


Fascism is back and the left can't stand it.

It really couldn't have been any else now

Did the school holidays start?

No one who liked that video has watched Jin-Roh

Fascism never existed outside of Italy, so I fail to see how it can be "back"

their "it's okay to be white" posters got the attention they wanted

this explained so much

WAIT WAIT WAIT< are we SURE this is true: not another "BO is a tranny" thing?

someone please make images for Palestine, Libya, Syria, Cambodia, Cuba, and Iraq.
this is solely for shitposting purposes that won't be at all related to this.

All of those exist iirc.

vol detected

it probably is another "thing", but who gives a shit. 8/pol/ has been begging us to stoop their level.

Look in the booru under the my_borders_my_choice tag!

Can someone make one with Democratic Kampuchea and Vietnamese hand?

I thought Berkay was just a krautchan/yli shitposter

Ehhh that's more of a left vs. left meme but it would be great to have around here

We hate you too, bae.


The first thing (IOTBW) was a success. How is sticking to something that works relevant to the definition of madness?
The absolute state of leftist brains








show post and limits and then theres a sage option user









Oh snap! Normiechan Holla Forums finally figured out how to get to our board???!







the funniest part is the one image per post sage, the classic redditpol giveaway



Why is Holla Forums bumping a dead thread from like two weeks ago?




None of these are funny. The right can't meme.

because theyve got brain problems


normiechan pol is here always.





Is Holla Forums really spamming some dumb images in a dead thread in order to 'sabotage' us?


You make it sound like you’re doing secret spy shit when pretty much everything is out in the open and anyone whose not a boomer grandpa can find your way here.

Why are you saging a 2 week old thread nice sage fails by the way? And you know post more then one image, ne?

How will Holla Forumstards ever learn advanced economics now?



Holla Forums here, we aren't plotting any larps. we're just mad about the trump building fire that you fuckers probably caused. anyway whatever, bye.

It all makes sense now.


So what's your favorite Bond movie?



That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life

Its not leftwingers who are shooting up bus's and schools at this point its Holla Forumsyps

Every lefty pol thread is a dead thread



Oy Vey



It's like if Don Quixote turned himself into a windmill to fight the windmills

where have I seen that file name before

These guys give "goldfinger" a whole new meaning

muh daddy drumpf

An interesting hypothesis, any evidence to back it up?

please stop bumping this old ass shit

it was some Holla Forumsyp boomer that did it to start shit

It's literally the Reichstag ruse all over again, mein gott