Hounduran Elections

Seems like things are heating up in Honduras as of late, with Drumpf acknowdging JOH as president of the country and everyone within Honduras calling it a total sham. There’s been some protests and occupation from the Left to call out the elections with strong reactions from JOH. Could we see a Central American rise up or nah? What do you think my fellow Comrades?

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My spic e-buddies give me the impression that the left of most of Latin America is either social democrats or the occasional weirdo cult splinter (Posadism is probably the best example of this) that does little more than scare people away, and that youth tend to respond to hardship with a solid "Well there just wasn't enough deregulation, clearly the socialists did this". I'm obviously not an expert on the topic, but I wouldn't be getting my hopes up.

I think the potential is there because the state apparatuses are weaker than those in the west and need to resort to armed force more regularly. I don't know a lot about Honduras but south and central americans are long suffering comrades who don't get the recognition they deserve.

unlikely, i don't think there is one time in the whole latin american history, where the plans of the oligarchy failed in any shape or form, the only way an oligarch can be replaced in latin america is if another oligarch takes his place, there is no sucessful revolution here. People know that the goverment is fucked up, and they want to get rid of it, but they have just comformed to not doing anything, the goverment will always be bad, it's just how things are, there is no revolution, no revolt, no anything

and no cuba doesn't count

Why not?

Gonna guess the USSR allowed Cuba's revolution?

it was a fluke, the country was small enough so guerrilla warfare worked, the rebels presented themselves as liberators only caming out as communist later, and neo colonialism grouped with actual colonialism meant that people had the will to rebel, since then all latin american goverments have corrected these causes to prevent revolutions

They are apparently trying to go AnCap instead. Look up Zone for Employment and Economic Development.
Also: ticotimes.net/2015/01/18/is-honduras-heading-for-the-privatization-of-parts-of-its-territory

At the moment Argentina, Columbia, and Ecuador seem to be more promising.

You can't prevent revolutions.

Lol no

Even Suc-Dem Memezuela is more likely to be a Catalyst for socialism

So, FARC is completely dead?

It capitulated to the government this year

FARC's members are supposedly nearly entirely non socialists, and it is comprised (again, supposedly) merely of impoverished peasants and workers looking to survive in capitalism, not create socialism. They sell coke more than they fight for socialism nowadays, though I wouldn't be surprised if some members, at the bare minimum, at least respect its socialist tradition.

Columbians also really, really, really seem to vehemently hate FARC. Even leftists. The last few I spoke to called FARC a CIA backed terror organization to spread hatred of leftism. Even if it's not true, it says a lot about their dismal popularity.

There is still the ELN (a group of Communists that originally incuded Anarchists and Ml's but the Anarchist faction drop some years ago).
They were not the Farc as they thoughts Farc had become a Narco group, and had dropped for the most part their socialist programm .
Since last year Farc went legal, lot's of indigenous people and ex-Farc memebers are joining the group, as it has being finally clear Farc is not longer a revolutionary Communist movement.

I really need to keep in touch with the news.

Frankly, I don't trust "vehement hate" in a country where the targets of the hate are outlawed. Moreover, "leftists" is a very loose term today.

Is there some tl;dr on them? Sans 1984-pedia or other biased sources, of course.

Yes colombians mostly hate farc, that is because they have been linked with drug trafic, forced reclutment of People including children, civilian massacres and other stuff

They are not much better than farc, in the sense that while i couldnt tell you dirt on them, people wont support them, since they have become associated with farc, and the farc reputation is bad
The other problem is that people dont know what the hell these groups belive in, all the press about is tighly controlled, and people never get the chance to consider them, fuck im colombian and even trying to look in their website you find nothing, just generic leftist giberish that doesnt attrack people. There is also the fact that the people no longer go to them for their insurrectionary activities, the ones trying to do stuff are syndicates and student groups, and those have distanced themselves from them, so even if there was any revolution here, it wouldnt be done by them, it would probably be a student strike gone revolution, and thats if it even happens, which it wont

the eln is also capitulating to the goverment

How many revolutions came from student strikes? Aren't they inherently counterproductive, since the only ones students are harming are students themselves?

there have been presidents overturned by student and syndicate stikes, mind you those weren't revolutions, but you have to recognize that student organization has a lot more power than farc and eln amongst people, that's because people accept them, they don't think the strikes are good always, but they think that it's just something students do, which means that they are more open to joining them when the going gets tough, back in 2011 the president wanted to pass a law privitizing public colleges, the students then striked generating so much chaos in every city with a public college that the goverment didn't pass the law, they even took la plaza the bolivar, which is the place where the goverment palace is, now you can see how this is closer to an actual revolution than whatever farc does

Or because a group of Capitalists is backing them. Students don't have consistency (or much of a class consciousness), which is why it is extremely easy to hijack their movements.

Not really. For any successful coup - not even proper revolution - you need to have someone to take power. As long as you don't have alternative government stashed somewhere, you can't overthrow anything.

Taking over streets will not change anything.

the point is not that they are in any way good, they are not, however the point is that which ever are the alternatives they are worse, people are tired of guerrilla groups, they exist here since the fucking 50s, they have had every ideology from facism to communism, including liberalism, so those don't have any support, people can't even tell them appart anymore, i can name a few myself, eln, farc, m-19, aguilas negras, AUC, EPL, and that's just the ones i can name, at this point gerrilla warfare won't work, that's my point

So what’s to be done? Eroding away capatilism through policy change? Seems that bourgie will do all they can to oppose such. I think the only way of an actual change is changing the minds of the average joes. Spread the Left throughout, and re structure the Left’s image, only then will an uprising be possible.

And my point is that you shouldn't expect students to work any better.

Shouldn't you be asking this on a tiny bit more secure channels?

Or, maybe, you shouldn't.