Daily News Thread 12/20

Senate approves GOP tax bill, sending it back to the House

Jubilant Republicans pushed on early Wednesday to the verge of the most sweeping rewrite of the nation’s tax laws in more than three decades, a deeply unpopular bill they insist Americans will learn to love when they see their paychecks in the new year.

Congress Dives Into Shutdown Drama After GOP's Win on Taxes

Congressional leaders are trying to jam as many extras as possible into a must-pass spending bill that may ricochet between the House and Senate right up to the deadline three days from now.

Senators Say They’re Closing In on a DACA and Border Deal

Republican and Democratic senators working on an immigration deal say they are closing in on an agreement combining a border-security package with deportation protections for young undocumented immigrants, though a final resolution isn’t likely to come until January.

‘I will report to Trump who votes against US Jerusalem decision’ – Haley in letter to UN members

The US ambassador to the UN has warned member states that Donald Trump will take a vote on his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “personally,” and she will report back to him on nay-sayers at the UN General Assembly.

EU triggers unprecedented proceedings against Poland, sanctions could follow

The European Union has triggered Article 7 against Poland, a procedure that could result in sanctions targeting Warsaw. The EU says Poland has violated democratic values with proposed judiciary reform.

Up to 11,000 civilians killed in battle to free Mosul, AP probe reveals

The liberation of Mosul from Islamic State came at a high cost, according to an AP probe which found that between 9,000 and 11,000 civilians died during the process. The coalition acknowledges responsibility for 326 of the deaths.

US lifts ban on lethal virus experiments despite security risks

The US government has lifted a three-year ban on making lethal viruses in the lab, saying the potential benefits of disease preparedness outweigh the risks.

Ford Argentina Former Execs on Trial for Human Rights Crimes

The case details collusion between the two businessmen and security forces during Argentina's 1976-1983 dictatorship.

WikiLeaks lawyer’s office stormed by hooded raiders in ‘attempted robbery’

Three hooded raiders broke into the office of WikiLeaks lawyer Baltasar Garzon in Madrid, covering security cameras with tape in what police described as a “very professional” operation.

Ex-Michigan trooper charged with murder in boy’s death

A former Michigan State Police trooper was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder in the death of a Detroit teenager who crashed an all-terrain vehicle after being shot with a stun gun.

McDonald's apologises after 'disgraceful' security guard filmed harassing homeless

Shocking footage has emerged showing what is believed to be a McDonald's security guard kicking the belongings of a homeless man after "dragging him across the floor" in Manchester.

New Facebook facial recognition spots you even if you’re not tagged

The world’s largest social network has just rolled out a new feature of its facial recognition technology that will notify users when someone has uploaded a photo of them even if they haven’t been tagged in it on Facebook.

Working class men 'are wiser than rich ones'

Members of the US working class are wiser and better at both reasoning and handling conflict than people from higher social classes, according to a study published by the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

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This time for real: House approves tax overhaul bill

The US House of Representatives voted again to pass a massive tax overhaul bill, after three minor provisions were ruled to be in violation of Senate rules, forcing a second vote.


Thank you



Corporations Say Publicly They’ll Pocket the Tax Cut, But Republicans Aren’t Listening

Weeks before the Republican-led Congress moved toward final passage of its corporate tax cut bill, major companies had already begun a surge of stock buybacks — confirming critics’ fears that the windfall of lower rates will be used for self-enrichment rather than job growth.

Pharma Impunity and the Opioids Crisis

Legal liability and opioids crisis: Why do the big fish always seem to get away? Will state lawsuits make a difference?

What is Happening in Catalonia and Spain?


Another 1,000 Plus Killed by Police This Year, Here’s What it Means

Currently, 2017 is on track to becoming just as deadly a year in terms of the police killing of American citizens as 2016, and the numbers aren’t pretty.

I still can't get over how Holla Forumsreddit unironically fell for Trump and continue to support him.

New Facebook facial recognition spots you even if you’re not tagged

About the tax bill's """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Money Saved For Working Families""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Paul Ryan has been touting the the average tax cut for family of four in America is going to be $2,059. Anyone worth a shit can crunch the numbers on this. All that amounts to, is about $40 per week, or,

ONLY $5.64 per day, or $1.41 ONLY per person in that theoretical family of four per day.

Whatta win.
Paul Ryan has saved the working class

I wonder who could be be behind this!

What the fuck can they even do? Put them on a naughty list? Who gives a shit



I will be shocked if some of these fucking politicians will be alive by the end of these four years.


Who the fuck would care? I mean it's not like any country is scared of the US at this point. The empire is fading.


Worst that can happen is Trump shits his diaper and throws another of his famous sundowning tantrums.

Like what the fuck will they do? Sanction Ireland?

They're going to campaign on this. They're going to tout that you saving some pennies justifies giving MILLIONS to rich assholes, rich assholes that will throw that money into automation and offshore bank accounts.

This also isn't taking into account the other fuckery that'll be happening, like the GOP gutting medicare, states raising taxes to pay for infrastructure, or THE COMPLETE MELTDOWN OF THE INSURANCE MARKET. Oh, let's not forget that every time the Republicans pulled this shit, an economic depression quickly followed.

The Republicans are destructively deluded.

Well, Ireland is stealing a lot of American jobs.

That actually blew a hole in one of the GOP's promises that the "Trump Tax" will bring back jobs. Countries like Ireland have looked at the bill and said that it won't affect their industry whatsoever. Those outsourced jobs are staying overseas.

Yeah, I really believe the US will sanction an EU member nation, really. I mean Trump is a fucking dumbass and everyone around him are scheming fucks, but I seriously doubt they are dumb enough to do that. That'd be retarded, even for this joke of an administration.

Wow. Could it be that people who actually interact with the world have a better understanding of it than some sheltered fucks who live in gold castles?

Poverty makes people aware of their mortality and vulnerability. Wealth is a mental disorder.

Of course, but the takeaway is that Trump once again eroding Americas influence in the world.

By trying to throw his weight around, Trump is making America look like a paper tiger.

After the next crash I wouldn't be surprised if centrist Democrats and GOP who don't decide to retire merge into a new party.

Trump is talking about withholding aid to the UN.

Please do it Trump.

The fat fucking oaf should do it.


Trump IS a paper tiger, just like all reactionaries, watch his foreign policy experiments coming next year blow up right in his dumbass face

b-but he triggered the SJWs!


If this doesn't kick off some Years of Lead/The Troubles shit in the US, literally nothing will.


That's something that's being repeated a lot in Congress today. They're just as clueless about this bill today as they were when they started. Fuck, I just read the other day that the Republicans expect to pass another bill to just to fix the one they just passed. There's going to be a never ending stream of court cases about this bill.

Pundits have compared this to when the Dems passed Obamacare, with the exception that this bill had a far, far worse polling. 2018 will be a fucking holocaust for the GOP.

The only trigger I'll be happy with at this point relative to Trump's life, is the trigger of a gun pointed at his bloated whale carcass of a body. There's so much pressure holding the rotting fucking flesh inside his presidential carrion, shooting him might cause him to just fucking explode like a whale too.

I hate America and everything it does now

I hate being a naysayer but there's no real escape and there's no fixing it without radical action

I heard differently:

You'll be getting an extra $2.54 every day while the 1% get $140.11.

There is hope. American's are currently more pissed at everything about our state and economy then they were during the 2008 crash. They want solutions, and every conventional solution makes them more pissed.

This could manifest in many dangerous ways, however it gives us the perfect opportunity. In time.


Let's be realistic. Everyone here is too cucked to do anything but protest and whine ineffectively. There will be no real violence that gets things done and those that do it will be villains to the others.

We will just continue sliding down shit road.

Typical Marxist, you don't give a shit about free speech, Western Civilization and its tradition of liberty rooted in English Classical Liberalism.
Glad you cucks got what was coming to you.

I know this is Vice but new development with NN in the US

That's only if you assume it's for individuals. If it's for an entire four person household, that would mean it's 64¢ per person.

yet they still do it

It's funny when the rich get a tax cut that could support a family of four.

Fuck this government.

Shove it and swallow.




But how do know if they won't pay for themselves unless you do it?

It's not like they tried it 3 times before or anything.

Ajit Pai isn't going to make it to 2019

kek, did I trigger you little snowflake?

One of the more under-appreciated facts about this horrifying fucking tax bill is just how much it will rapidly accelerate America's shift to a nation of freelance laborers.

There will be big short-term incentives for both employers and employees to convert to a freelancer system, but in the long run workers will lose MOST OF THEIR BENEFITS. The few remaining they haven't already carved out. Employer sponsored health care, 401k and pension plans, workers compensation, union rights, life-insurance through your job and many other benefits could all become far less common over the course of just only a couple years.

An example. Any person who can get health insurance through a spouse or parent can get a huge tax break if they become a "sole proprietor" and convert to freelancing — enough to even make up for a 401K match in many cases. The more people make the conversion, the fewer people are enrolled in employer sponsored plans. That makes providing those plans more expensive and less appealing for employers.

The same is true for employer sponsored retirement plans, and life insurance. The tax breaks for "sole proprietors" will initially make up for some of these losses but overtime, the costs and risks will rise. Labor protections, workers compensation and the right to unionize will also be unavailable to the new crop of sole proprietors, and the more businesses start to rely on them, the less power labor will have overall.

Because the law specifically incentivizes workers to become "sole proprietor" and not an S-Corp or LLC, workers will assume total legal liability for anything that happens on their job. For people like Uber, or Lyft drivers, this is especially bad. And because the tax benefits face a sharp cliff at $157,500 to qualify, workers will actually be incentivized to keep themselves from earning above the threshold, setting a ceiling on upper-middle class incomes in this category.

The tax bill also eliminates certain tax deductions, like home office deductions for employees but NOT for sole proprietors, further incentivizing people to shift their labor into the freelancer economy, constantly the model of how the wealthy in Silicon Valley like their fucking workers for whatever horrible start up. Another point on legal liability. The shift to a sole proprietor model could also incentivize angry billionaires like Peter Theil to pursue legal action against powerless freelance writers while letting publications themselves off the hook.

Ironically, lawmakers actually included a complex payroll rule for s-corps and LLCs to try and limit the incentives for farming out work to freelancers. But the carve out for sole proprietors will do the opposite and likely exacerbate reliance on freelancers

Not really, I know your shitposting don't worry.

Never have I wanted to shoot anyone, but this administration is driving my bloodlust to a fucking boil

Literally how people get their internet in third world countries. They are not even pretending anymore, US flyover country is just as much just another colony to be exploited.


Shit man, you seemed worryingly earnest.

This is an obvious fact that rural areas need to learn and fast.

Rural being a colony of the urban is early stage developing capitalism, though. We going backwards now, bois.

This. I've been to countries in Africa where they essentially gave up on building the infrastructure outside city centres and made the people rely exclusively on cell networks. It's really bad and on top of it they always have those tiny fucking data caps to add insult to injury.

She's gonna be giving him a copy of all member nations sans isreal lol

In Venezuela, Hundreds of Children Die of Hunger


Inb4 ☭TANKIE☭s defend this
Inb4 muh fake news
Inb4 the babies deserved to die of hunger and lack of clean water because they were counterrevolutionary




You need to go back.

No. This looks like Third Worldists being proven wrong.

Opinion discarded.



What did the Venezuelan government mean by this?

is that literally it?

America is a paper tiger


Hopefully we just get a plague that destroys burgerstan once and for all.

won't surprise me if they never actually implemented a ban in the first place. But they'll probably carry out their age old tradition of testing chemical and bio weapons on midwest and southern populations

He's creating a world without America.

wow wtf i LOVE porky now!


AT&T is giving a bunch of employees $1000
I thought capitalists didn't like labor. Guests it was just LIEberal lies again .. heh

Donald Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian government airfield earlier this year to defend America’s “red line” on chemical weapons use is seen as a blueprint. Details have emerged after this newspaper talked to around a dozen current and former officials in America and Britain about policy towards North Korea


War in 2018 lads, either with North Korea or Iran, maybe both given the latest Trump statements on Iran today

Do you think we can do it, lads?

Nikki Haley is a psychotic Israel shill and probably the most idiotic member of the administration bar Trump himself.

and by "do it" I mean establish a mainstream socialist movement or maybe revolution

Why not both?
War with either Iran or North Korea would crash the global economy due to how close they are to vital economic hubs

maybe after a year or so of recession/depression. This next one is going to put people on the streets in record numbers since the average person never recovered from 08

Also leftist movements typically thrive during unpopular wars IN ADDITION to trumps already low and dwindling popularity. Not only that, but if there is a crash the trump administration wouldn't really do anything about it. All in all, I think things look in our favor. Hopefully some reformist democrat doesn't ruin the chance of a revolution.

;_;7 I love Trump.

non-accelerationists btfo

Dey wuz gud boys


US Selling Arms to Ukraine btw

Remember when Kaiser Wilhelm II was on vacation during the July crisis? Trump will be on the 9th tee at Mar a Lago when the next war starts. Second time as farce indeed.

What fucking country would he pay for a revolution? Is he going to war with Russia, China? Realistically (unless there's a global coalition) the US could, if they really wanted to, curbstomp any non-major power they want (if they want to go for the occupation game instead of "put new government in which is weak as shit and bound to collapse soon anyway")

The US military is obscenely corrupt and not willing to take casualties of the magnitude an invasion of Iran or North Korea will demand.


Diplomacy can't fail if you don't have it to begin with.

Growth under capitalism comes from increased exploitation. There is no point in cheering it.

if the economy doesn't result in people's living conditions getting better it's fucking shit

No, just look at what happened in Argentina. When their economy collapsed after the default the rich just hauled themselves and their wealth in their communities and protected themselves with private security. Yeah, a good amount of the workers started seizing the means of production and people formed cooperative charity systems, but now the government is forcing them to undo all of that. This probably has more to do with the fact that the government wasn't seized by the left, but it still paints a picture of what is far more likely to happen in the US if the economy does crash hard soon.

During Ron Reagan's first couple of years, his tax cuts generated massive increases in GDP. What followed was a huge crash in GDP followed by a massive increase in the National Debt.
Trumps been in office for a year. What makes you so sure the EXACT same thing isn't gonna happen?

This is how I know you don't understand economics.

You do realize if net neutrality is one of the causes of increased capital, that means the ISPs are indeed going to throttle and charge more for different data, right?

Literal brianlet-tier understanding of economics. Continued growth is literally, physically impossible. You know what's really fun, though? Watching the excuses roll in when the ceiling is inevitably hit.

The power of personality cults in the face of evidence is something you shouldn't underestimate moron.

It's irrelevant if living standards aren't affected and the masses only end up with bread crumbs. The US is still a shithole compared to every other first world country despite having the highest GDP.

lol who let in the boomer cuck?

Because it results in the ability for ISPs to censor undesirable sites, and ensures only people with money can actually benefit from the internet.

The libertarian didn't deserve a ban. Debate is good for the board when it isn't part of a raid.

the internet is anti-socialist anyway, if we start an insurgency we'll use telegraphs, that way they can't be hacked

Then what do we suggest we do? Open armed revolution? Do you know that all of America is working its ass off too hard to even consider quitting? What are they going to do, quit right now and stop feeding their families? No, we are not there yet. But on the current course they will have no other options left, and disenfranchisement with either party is going to result in crisis.

Nobody is "cucked", that implies that people are lazy when they work more hours for shorter and shorter pay, with fewer and fewer benefits. This is all about worker's rights, Mid West America or otherwise. In fact all this is going to do is continuously raise the suicide rate in the next few years. Whether you agree or disagree with their views, we are still trying to help them more than anyone else.

What I hate is how many people outside the country think how easy we have it when at any time before or during health care reform, people still went bankrupt in droves over paying for their own healthcare. Non unionized, slashing benefits, cutting regulations that keep workers and families safe People need to understand just how fucked up a position we're at currently before we start calling for revolution because right now we just aren't at the point. People are exhausted, tired, and fucking fed up with everyone in power.

Human semaphore towers staffed by brave and flexible comrades


Back to the autism containment board with you, buddy!

okay the US has thoroughly pissed off both China and Russia. Iran has Russia, DPRK has China. The US has to acknowledge they can't take on both of them right? Like I see a military coup happening first. If not Mattis, someone in the chain of command has to realize that's a suicide mission? The middle east has learned from the past which is why they've allied away from the US. If they're looking for a curb stomping, I can't see it happening in the middle east anymore. Maybe they'll figure this out and go for Venezuela or something but not the Middle East. The only die hard allies the US has are Israel and Saudi Arabia and they're both jokes.

Instabanning retards outside of raids is the worst new policy and will lead to regulars being insulated and coddled in the face of oppositional arguments like every other lefty space online

Obama had the charisma to sell the ACA and get a certain percentage of people to pretend to love it. Bill Clinton was personally popular enough to pass awful laws that made life worse for whole segments of the population. The current GOP and Dem opposition has no one, not one person who could sell those garbage laws, much less the tax bill and coming Social Security privatization. Maybe turnout will continue to collapse and the government will become increasingly illegitimate during the next crisis. I can't see any positive developments taking place because the political system is so corrupt and broken.

People like to compare current America with the Weimar republic, I disagree, the degree to which the culture of the elected officials and bureaucrats is isolated and out of touch with its constituencies resembles Qing dynasty Enuchs

Nobody said Amerisharts are smart.

Guy was an obvious troll.

Magnified should be changed to amplified in that pic. I wanted to tell the creator of that oc when I saw it made but I got caught up in another thread. Just had to get that off my chest. Magnified just makes no god damned sense when applied to sound.

Polite sage for totally off topic.

So does that mean the average American isn't willing to pay the price of a dunkin donuts coffee a day for a functioning state

we ruler-approved media only now

This. The board gets worse and worse each week.

No, he wasn't.

In your jackass worldview private corporations should have total control over their legally recognized property, yet when they exercise those rights to get rid of people they disagree with you cry about free speech violations.

Imagine being this retarded. Quit straw-manning and read a book you fucking faggot.

Teenagers belong on reddit.

Neck yourself reddit larper.


If you plan anything, try to get word around, no point in going it alone.

Why don't you, you're the one getting all upset over wishing a US politician died. Fuck off





4D Chess
Anyone that disagrees is a shareblue kike nigger tranny soyboy cuck

This whole timeline…
I'm glad I didn't get off the ride.

PDF very related.

Not sure if CIA or genuine comrade.

Get fucking ready to recruit comrades from the anti-war(s) protests and to get organizing after the economic crash. Shit's going to get real bad, and with the fucked up internet shit, communication will be much harder so local organizing will be crucial. With the fucking McCarthyite shit happening suddenly, it's going to get dangerous. Also, they're going to expect a great big surge of military applicants once the downturn hits when people go looking for something to do for a living.

Probably CIA, basically saying "hey if you're gonna do illegal stuff please tell all our plants about it"

Are you new or something?

I'm not trying to be an asshole or anything, but neither the family members nor the dead babies in those pics look malnourished at all. So yeah,


Exactly what I was thinking. Think back to the Donna Brazile revelations about how the Hillary campaign spent the DNC funds: all of it just went into the pockets of consultants, and the actual campaign fell apart. Like as not this is constantly happening on all levels.
It'll be a hoot when a fleet of F-35's gets shot out of the air because it turns out they were only good for lining pockets, not for actual warfare, the equivalent of the Qing fleet not being able to resist the Japanese because they pilfered all the gunpowder.

good. more excuses for removing the US's power of veto. after that the UN can impose unilateral sanctions against Israel.

Use an archive, faggot.

Prepare to be disappointed then.

Fuck off, mate. Do you seriously believe Trump is some singularly evil being and that any other neocon would have been better? Get real.

We already have effectively undergone a soft coup with all of the military generals in Trumps cabinet.

what's the point of accelerationism again if you're just gonna be annoyed any time it works?