Women Under Capitalism

What are some good reads on the economic role that is usually devolved to women under capitalism, that of reproductive labor in the domestic sphere? How important is it to the continued operation of capitalism?

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Engels - Origins of Family, Private Property, and the State

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Not every discussion on idpol decreases into neo-liberalism
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women is gender based identity therefor this is a discussion involving idpol.
Focusing to much on idpol could fall into SJW territory while none at all could be Holla Forums standards. Dialectics my dear waston
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Dealing with class issues and how sociological dynamics impact them is not "idpol". You might as well say that E.P. Thompson's "The Making of the English Working Class" is idpol because it focuses on the English working class.

What people "identify" as is largely irrelevant subjectivism, but you can't escape being female and its social implications. Capitalism rests upon, among other things, a gendered division of labor that reinforces social roles designed to strengthen capital's grip on society.

What the fuck does this even have to do with dialectics?

I asked for specifics regarding reproductive labor, not a random list of entry-level books.

This concept is increasingly irrelevant since modern inventions made housekeeping much less time intensive and women can now instead serve in the general labor force and drive down wages by creating a larger labor pool. It's no longer in capitalism's interest for these gender roles to exist, and they will fade away in the future, though that will take some time due to how heavily ingrained they've been for so long.

The thing is, choirs don't make up the entirety of reproductive labor. Don't forget about child rearing or emotional support.

Newsanon 2.0 posted this in the daily news thread, it might be relevant:

Thanks, that's what I'm talking about!

Being anti-idpol doesn't imply denying that class issues involve other forms of oppression. Being SJW about it would be like "feminist issues are more important than class issues, rich women are oppressed by poor men".

women actually lived better under feudalism than capitalism no joke.

case in point: both men and women tended the fields as serfs.

Here's a good read on the role of women in capitalism: they only achieved political and social equality because they became economic agents, and they only became economic agents because Porky realized he was extracting surplus-value from only half the population. The end.