Why do Holla Forums and Holla Forums keep fighting each other?

From what I can tell, the world views of both boards are both mostly correct. You just approach things from different directions.

Fucking hell I see you guys complaining about zionists the same you would any Holla Forums post, and both hate the fuck out of billionaires.

Why do we fight each other when he both agree on who the real enemy is? Seems to me we would get more done by attacking those who have real power rather than people we mildly disagree with on Mongolian knitting boards

Nigga you literally can't have more different political views than that of the far left and the far right

Think about the day after the revolution. What would happen if right and left had allied?

Do you really think we have enough collective power to have a revolution? We can disrupt stuff but that is about it.

What I'm saying is that we have to be realistic with the amount of power we have and where to best effectively apply it, and attacking each other is the worst use of that power

Because Holla Forumss idea of ideal socialism is Social-Democratic Welfare states except for white people
Holla Forums believes in the end of capitalism all together
Holla Forums believes that banning jews from owning businesses is somehow ending capitalism


Pol thinks the real enemy is the jews, ofc ignore all those working class jews that are responsable for formulating many European nations, they are ebul too.


"ending capitalism" and "revolution" is a thing so far into the future I don't even think about it. The normies are just idiotic Berniecrats and Corbynites who would never be comfortable giving up their cummies and lattes to "revolt"

Honestly I have to agree with the Moaist Third-Worldists, there is no revolutionary potential in the first world. Also by allowing open borders you are opening a release valve on the revolutionary potential of the third world.

They only hate loxist jews. They think that jewish indentity is too wrapped up in conflict with other europeans that its is probably best that both of them separate from each other so its best for all the jews to go to israel, that way the zionists won't have the means to have influence over their countries anymore.

Billionaires also hate billionaires. I've unrionically seen people in Holla Forums praising Soros so don't say you don't side with a porky when you think it is convenient for you

Holla Forums wants to divide the working class by race.
Holla Forums wants to unite the working class regardless of race
Holla Forums is obsessed with being for their idpol
Holla Forums is obssessed with being against anything even remotely resembling idpol

I've seen plenty that are against all welfare or even want a monarchy. So it's not even that.

fuck off, scum, you're mentally ill bootlickers
you're not against corporate greed and exploitation, you're just against jews being in charge of those corporations

Holla Forums thinks that the solution to idpol is to seperate people geographically so that racial conflicts can no longer be used to divide the working class.

I'm partial to this view, but I'm more in favour of a type of federalism so that forcing people off land doesn't need to happen. Having vastly different identity groups in the same political system breeds identity politics

I'm in favour of mutualism as the final solution to the capitalist problem. Proudhon was based.

Is Holla Forums really this fucking desperate?

implying anyone who wants the most degrading, authoritative, centralised system of human control implemented by force has any right to call some one else a 'bootlicker'

dude, Soros made more to destroy communist movements around the world than any other living person. He likes any person sucking dick of american bankers.

Then what does that make his enemies?

that's quite a lot of words to spell "capitalism"

it's some kind of anti-USA mindset.


Because our world is shit so they have some good and bad reasons to be desperate.

yeah I agree with your infograph, which is why I found it even more ironic that a saw people defending him here

We praise someone who funded anti-communist movements? Also, when someone on leftypol "praises" soros theres a 100% chance that they're being sarcastic or just shitposting.

I'm still missing this months check. Get your shit together George!

So this again brings up the point that we both know who the enemy is, and thus we should work together to disrupt the activities of the real enemy.

Bye bye baboons! No more baboons!

Uh, no. Pol thinks the enemy are the jews or those who promote "degenerecy"
Pol has no political or economic theory whatsoever, they're purely identitarian. We literally can't give less shits about it than what we already are.
Fuck off back to Holla Forums you clearly have no idea how politics or economy even work if you think "lmao just cooperate u dislike smilar ppl"
You literally can't be more inept than what you are right now. You're a literal, genuine retard.

I mean I guess on that aspect. However, other than maybe the zucc, I don't see you guys single out other billionaires like the koch brothers.

No more brother wars!

That's tough because the traitors are literally keep them rolling. They cannot do the jobs properly without the traitors. I like to impose 100% inheritance and unethical tax on them so they cannot stay in power for long time and they tends to hoard a lot of unspent money.

Stop fucking shilling Holla Forums, you already have the entire site barring this board, halfchan and most of reddit agreeing with you, isn't that enough?

'no'. Of course, I realise that Holla Forums is not one person but the overwhelming majority absolutely loves capitalism.

Holla Forums hates the koch brothers for controlling the ideological space of the right with their money. It edges out people who might want to close the borders.

Almost 100% of the time I can guarantee you if you list someone who is powerful you don't like, we also don't like them. The exception might be Trump, but the reason I like him is because he is basically a wrecking ball which is making people distrust the government, which can only be a good thing.

At best Holla Forums hates a handfull of rich people. You're a fucking idiot if you think that's the same as being against capitalism as a whole.

what world do you live in?

Koch brothers get the oven first!

Koch brothers are literally whos anyway, same way with the Mercers, whoever the fuck they may be. Just another Boogeyman for Huffington Post readers who refuse to be believe right wing reaction can be organic.

terminal autism

Hey satan, to what extent is pol aware of the mercers?

most people on Holla Forums just want to be left alone, and socialism WILL NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE

They defend capitalism because the alternative is worse. This is why if you want to shill Holla Forums, complaining about capitalism is a losing strategy because they absolutely despise marxism. If instead you would promote mutualism, which is a system which would leave them alone, you will have much more luck.

Mutualism is essentially just capitalism without the bad parts

what a surprising stance from Holla Forumsreddit

I'm not defending billionaires I'm just saying they have nothing to do with us, racism and Nationalism is the number one threat to capitalism and international jewry. Mercers and Koch's just want tax cuts and more wars for ZOG Occupied Government they don't want actual ethnonationalism.

Could you elaborate?

are you playing dumb, or are you just genuinely retarded?

the only way your sentence even remotely makes sense is we are using vastly different definitions of socialism, such that I would never consider what you think is socialism socialism

People like the Mercers don't have to want ethnonationalism to know how to fund "radical" right wingers who're all gonna point you back to the same boomer zionist shit anyway

He's asking you to elaborate you fuck

Not him, but Holla Forums has been Reddit2.0 since a few years, m8.

Holla Forums knows this. its just that the situation we are facing requires immediate action. we can't just sit on our hands and complain about the fact that the only people willing to close the borders support israel, which is also something the open borders people support

and I'm asking you to define socialism so I can tell you that if you are not actually a socialist if you support a system that will leave people alone

Nigger are you dense? Where the fuck do you think you are, asking "but do u kno wht sozulism is?"
Get the fuck out of here

transition away from the commodity form

why would I want to stop people from trading the things they produce?

Yeah nah fuck off

for you>>2317686

sure as fuck isn't socialism

pic related
none of those people support "closing borders" or intend to actually reduce immigrant labour beyond shallow virtue signaling. Hence the Trump admin currently fighting a battle to keep an undocumented teen from having an abortion. Cheap labour force above all else

We don't want to shill Holla Forums, we know they're far too stupid to convince of anything other than feelgood racial propaganda.
You're going straight to the gulag.

see you in Spanish Civil War 2.0

I even fucking said I would be willing to replace capitalism with mutualism, but you idiotic fuckers don't even have the ability to understand nuance so you immediately jump to sending the kulaks to the gulag


I really can't stress enough of how stupid you are. You have no understanding of politics or economics, even less so of the left. Read a fucking book jesus christ

this was meant for


The irony
The ideology
It's surreal

fuck off with your zizek "ideology". How does that idiot even say such a statement while being the most ideological fucker on the planet

Wow thanks

The criticism of ideology is about those who believe themselves to be operating outside of ideology without realizing the way ideology permeates everything in the mainstream. You clearly have a bizarre misreading of it because you're just operating off memes

Well you clearly show understanding of what zizek meant by "pure ideology" so that's a very fair and reasonable critizism

Kid, just stop. Educate yourself. Pick up a book. I know reading can be hard, but for once, fuck, just stop embarrasing yourself

why is zizek's ideology any better than mine? I want to be able to own my own means of production and not share any of the produce from it with fuckers such as zizek. That is why I want mutualism

Also my ideology consists of not being sent to the gulag

segregation for all, male from female, straight from gay from transsexual from genderfluid, baby boomers from genx from geny from millenials etc etc, and a separate state/federal unit for every combination of these
twice yearly national congresses in which mating is done (strictly for procreation, of course)

Once again, the critique of "pure ideology" has to do with people like you spouting establishment propaganda as fact and not even realizing it because you're so immersed in the culture of the mainstream. It has nothing to do with a tier list of ideologies or about the fantasy that any one person has transcended ideology.

I have an ideology. Its that I should do what ever is personally best for me. Its called egoism. I will make a union of egoists if I think it is beneficial.

Segregation is only a solution which keeps the established political order intact. If we are going to be revolutionary then we can have anarchism in the form of mutualism, in which case identity will no longer really matter since things will be working at a small scale.

I have "utopian" positions, and practical positions.

you're absolutely fucking retarded
these are the people constantly raiding others, bothering people, acting out like retards, brigading and generally being pushy whiny cunts whenever they see or hear or smell or feel anything that doesn't fit their mentally deranged mindspace

that is because the world decided they weren't going to leave them alone so they decided to go on a multi-year stint of vindictive rage


they just want to see the world burn. part of the reason trump got elected

your definition of being left alone is, as you may have guessed, retarded
being left alone doesn't mean being out of contact with other human beings, because if they wanted that they can get it, log off, turn off the computer and sequester yourself in your room in a catatonic state
but that's not what they want, they want to change the reality the live in

yup, into one that will leave them alone


In my opinion marx's writings is where the left really dropped of the wagon. the writings that came before marx are still pretty solid

No one claimed you didn't have an ideology, and please don't submit us to your badly misunderstood Stirner as a rebuttal to an accusation that you misunderstand Zizek

meant for

again, your definition of "being left alone" is nonsense
it's either living in the woods without any contact with the outer world (in which case wtf are they doing in society consuming media and communicating on social networks) or it is a complete subordination of everything they see feel or hear to theri own preference (in which case they are legitimately crazy)

Exactly, it's an ideology and a space that rewards fabricated and artificially constructed victimhood in order to justify their perpetual tantrums

The opinion on Marx of someone who hasn't read Marx is less than meaningless

Where did Marx go wrong?

Would love to have an analysis of why and where Marx was wrong

Because our political views and actual ideas on what to do are completely different, communism wants the wealth to be redistributed while we don't. The far right and the far left allying would just cause a big fucking mess of politics and everyone would eventually commit suicide over the sheer amount of mindfuckery.



"people spouting mainstream propaganda without even realizing it" is true for every single person. you can accuse me of doing it, but I also think you are doing it. I don't accuse you of doing because I saying to you "haha you believe something pushed in a mainstream" isn't actually an argument

people are molding the world so that it is in such a way that will more easily accommodate them. This is something everybody does, and demanding people giving a "valid" reason for doing so will force us to sit here all day.

this. I just wish we would stop attacking each other. I honestly wouldn't mind it if leftist were going back to occupy wallstreet tactics and activities since I agree with them on doing that

You try so hard to sound smart, it's almost cute

when it comes down to it one thing will always ring true

people will do what they want, and you can try to stop them from doing it, but they will try to stop you from preventing them

the amalgamation of every person doing what they want is what ends up happening

whoa no way, you just understood the basics of what zizek is talking about, good fucking job

Bullshit. None of them understand the world outside of victimhood and would rather stay in perpetual victimhood than change their situation for the better

Far left and far right politics are incompatible on a fundamental level. Whatever superficial semblance you might find is incidental.

Neofascists and similar cliques literally do not believe in objective reality.

We're only similar to Holla Forums in that we both believe the status quo is fucked and on a disjointed smattering of issues.

In terms of coherent world views, we're the polar opposite of Holla Forums.

Here is my world view

Here is what I think is your world view

The left are like dogs, all impulse no control. Feelings over fact. War over reason.


what I am saying is that saying I'm wrong because of "ideology" is the same as saying I'm wrong because I'm "blue pilled"

you people are all ziocucked fox news tier retards no matter how many naughty words you say to tell yourself you're edgy

but if your argument is just a restatement of base ideology than it's worth pointing out and dismissing

okay yes I agree that simply using "sending kulaks to the gulags" or "muh 6 gorillion" as arguments is in both cases non-productive

I know little about communism but that's as far my knowledge about it goes, I have yet to actually read the books you lot sent me.

communism wants to system through which wealth accumulates to be ended

for you

Why ? Marx had a systematic and scientific approach in the elaboration of his theories. His main flaw is that he believed communism was inevitable, but other than that, his analysis of capitalism was top notch.
The previous socialists were basically like "dude what if we had no state and everyone, just like, own everything in common and smoke weed everyday, would be awesome dude lmao" in contrast to him.


wtf i hate the left now

not only was marx wrong about communism being inevitable, which is just a hilariously stupid statement to make in regards to literally anything, he was wrong in that he was not only descriptive in his determinism, he was prescriptive as well. Thus we get hords of marxists who think they are implementing the "inevitable future"

Kapital is fine and should be read, but marxists are cancerous.

Also every single person claims that they are "systemic and scientific" with their ideas. Fucking Proudhon said that his anti-semitism was scientific for god's sake.

"scientism" as a argument shouldn't be used

Because we fundamentally disagree on a large number of non-trivial issues. But perhaps the better question is: why is there never any kind of temporary issue based cooperation?
The answer here is slightly less obvious, it has to do with the social milieus our various groups are embedded in. Simplifying things, radical leftists are socially tethered to liberals, and far right types to conservatives. As soon as any one member of the group reached out, they will be policed by the liberal or conservative leaning members of the respective groups, and face denunciations, shaming, and so on. Worse, it is also very hard to make the jump to the other side entirely, because you will not be welcomes, and even if genuine about becoming a leftists, you will make many terminological faux pas that will again get you expelled from the group.

Marx was not a determinist and chewed out followers that thought otherwise. Historical materialism is a perfectly cogent idea.

Dear god the purity levels are exceeding 90%!

No you haven't, stop fucking lying. You may have seen people sarcastically praise Soros as a way of mocking what Holla Forums thinks a communist is (Sorosbux posting), but no one here actually likes the old bastard. As others have pointed out: not only is he a fucking capitalist, but has funded anti-communist movements.

then we should work together to tear him down

for you

Nigger how the fuck do you manage to keep fucking up your quotations

There is a major difference between people aiming for the (global) emancipation of the working class, and bitter perma-virgins that want to kill brown people so they can claim the (constantly diminishing) scraps of global capitalism.

Only if they're jewish. And then only a specific subset of them. I still remember how Kushner, Carl Icahn and Sheldon Adelson were deemed "based" on Holla Forums during the election. People were banned for refusing to buy into the whole idea that "honorary Kushner" somehow wasn't an ultra-orthodox ultra-jew.
They're the useful idiots for the capitalist class, and always have been together with all the other patriotards. Nowadays a great deal of Holla Forumsyps spend their time cheering for potential war with North Korea and even Iran. Scratch a nu/pol/yp and a neocohen bleeds.

Which contrasts radically with the right, renowned for its uncompromising anti-war stance.

dude we are not neocons

and here I was hoping I got a genuine (You)

and yet you worship the orange clown like it's the second coming.

Yeah, because Fascists and Nazis definitely are different in that respect. :^)

Trump's support for Israel is 4D chess (just like his Jewish family), and shitskin mudslimes and gook commies should die, right?
You're neocohens in all but name.
Fun fact: "White nationalists" excel at killing other white people - or, on occasion - black cookie baking grandmas. When is the last time you've actually blown up a synagogue? Or shot one of those kike bankers? Those "shitskins" do a lot better job at that.

we literally are just people who want to close the motherfucking borders

Like I said I only support him as a wrecking ball to destroy the credibility people have in the government

so how's that working out for ya?

Trump is going to run his government much the same way that Obama did, just the same as Bush did. But because he is trump, either the sheer stupidity of the liberals raising hell about literal nothing will make people question the liberal narrative, or liberals will stop trying to get the government to do everything. Either way it is a win

One of the biggest complaints from Marxists is that Marx was never "prescriptive". You people re such fucking pseuds

Don't you have school or work to attend to? You probably don't.

In the meantime the capitalist class - who own nearly everything and invited those people over in the first place - are retreating to their gated communities. Soon they won't even have to hire desperate proles to protect their assets. Webm very much related.
You however continue to fight over the scraps instead of realizing your true predicament: Even if you kick the browns out, you still don't own the place. And as far as the bourgeoisie are concerned; They won't need you either. Already, or soon enough.

what a surprise

all the more reason we should join forces to remove from power the people who are behind all this

So you're not worried at all about what Trump will do to you? Like the tax bill that has just passed? You would do literally anything, even against your self interest, just to be able to say "AH I told you" to a bunch of college kids?

you couldn't project harder that you're some reddit fag if you tried. It's time to go back

I'm not american. also the tax bill would have cut my taxes if I made the same income I do in my country

the biggest problem I see from Holla Forums from an outside perspective is that you SAY "we are against idpol" but there are days where I pop in here and I can't tell the difference between you guys and neo-liberals because you discuss the Roy Moore election while it's going on and make comments about the dumb white sub-humans that live in trailers and play banjos all day, you SAY you hate capitalism but then you align yourself with movements like American Antifa that sells their Merchandise on Walmart and Amazon, you SAY that you're against the corporations, but then you call them up and say "h-hello, did you know a white nationalist is working for your company" and curiously these companies comply with absolutely everything you tell them to do, even though I thought you were "fighting the power", except they hold every possible view that you have, which is why they have company policies where they pull the entire tech company out of their cubicles and tell them "It's LGBT pride day and the higher-ups need you to make a showing at the free food trucks that are outside the building, you don't have to eat it, just take it, please, my manager job will be a lot easier if you just go down there and do it, that's what the higher-ups want".

Maybe you haven't had your revolution yet because your movements are getting subverted left and right by neo-liberals that will sweet talk you with songs of fully automated gay space communism while behind their computer screen they're sipping on fancy hipster 15$ coffee drinks with beans harvested by ethiopian slaves. At least /marx/ seems to be a breathe of fresh air for those who actually believe in the ideal of class and nothing but class, you guys have got a lot of work to do in getting everyone on the same page. Holla Forums is all on the same page. That's why they're a decentralized behemoth of user organization when they want to get something done. I'm actually not hating on Holla Forums either by the way, I think you guys have some good ideas, but holy fuck you're tearing yourself apart by splitting your supporters with backup boards like /leftpol/ and bunkerchan, your biggest enemy right now seems to be yourselves, as the biggest enemy, in the end, of the USSR was the members of the Vanguard Party itself, not Ukraine or the states.

It's honesty fucking embarrasing

There are far more reaching consequences of the tax bill than more money at the end of the month. Taxes are a deflationary force, if you simply decrease taxes without further adjusting the economy inflation will jump up, which means you will most likely loose more than what you gained from the tax bill unless you would gain more than a few hundred bucks.

Not only that but the government deficit will be used to further defund welfare projects, which have a crucial anti crisis role. The two effects together might be enough to make the next crisis not only more likely but deeper and more far reaching.

All baboons to the zoos!

Baboons are not permitted we don't want to live among baboons! All brown subhumans back to the sewers of shit!

Shit rivers for shitskins! You have to go back!

Bye bye baboons?? Yes?

We don't need to own anything! Being free of baboon animals will increase our standard of living one thousand percent!

No more baboons! Bye bye baboon men!🙊

Access to white people and white societies is not a human right bye bye ape men!

You ain't spent enough time lurking on Holla Forums if you're asking this question. The alt-right hates communists cuz to them we're apparently out to mongrelize the white race in the name of cultural Marxism and they hate Jews cuz they think they're objectively better at capitalism than "the goyim" rather than seeing the exploitation and unsustainability in capitalism like the far-left does. Plus they're also big on establishing racial hierarchies and/or creating all-white ethnostates where they can metaphorically beat each other off for being huwite in peace. It goes without say why Holla Forums doesn't see eye to eye with Holla Forumsflakes on that.

Mullatoplasm you claim to only visit Holla Forums!

Why do baboon men always lie?

This is a politically incorrect board, you're not supposed to take principled stances on every issue, mocking idiots is fun to some people.
Antifa isn't a corporation moron.
I'm not going to go on, please at least lurk the board for a while before making these kinds of statements.

being anti-idpol is cheaper than actually being anti-idpol when we are all living in the age of idpol and living/breathing that ideology day in and day out
discussing ongoing politics is not idpol
this is idpol, but not really the majority opinion of a place that overfetishizes working class people if anything
Lol no they don't, and this place isn't exactly pro antifa anyway. Chances are you just have a boomer-tier understanding of what antifa is anyway
literally never happened
retarded accusation, and you don't even believe this because you know and we know that leftism isn't "when you don't hate gay people"

This is why Holla Forums doesn't like you.

first response was meant to say "saying you're anti-idpol is cheaper than actually being…"

maybe the problem is you're all just newfags

I don't even have to read everything you posted

I bet you haven't read Hegel's Conquest of Bread either, since you're a Portlandia hipster that wears that Ancom flag like a star wars rebel pin.

Never done anything of the sort. I've actually brought up that I like to fuck with Holla Forumsflakes on their home turf every once in a while so long as I ain't banned.

You're just projecting your prejudices about tumblr/reddit/… "socialists" (read: liberals) on Holla Forums, and none of those criticism apply here. You're blinded by irony and shitposting like as not, like you here .

No more money business!

Rot in hell nigger ape

I laughed.

all politics is identity politics. you just want to concentrate on class identity politics. I have nothing wrong with that, but you should acknowledge that that is what you are doing


Fuck Holla Forumsflakes tho

class isn't an identity dumbass

I want liberals to leave.