Solving the manchild problem?

How do we stop young men from retreating into playing video games, binge watching TV shows, doing drugs, etc. and get them to be productive members of society, get married and have children? How would socialism solve the beta manchild problem? I think that socialism if anything would accelerate the manchild problem.

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By showing them that there is an alternative (i.e. revolution or at the very least radical, militant reform.)

we don't


It's not being manchildren it's from alienation due to capitalism or mental illness if not both. The world is pretty full as is we dont need more people we need less.

Shame them. Kick them out of organisations etc.

And this helps, how? Then they turn into fascists or embrace some lite version of it.

You mean "Stop doing the things that capitalism doesn't want them to do"
You mean "get them to be members of a brainwashed capitalist society"
You mean "solve a problem that is created by capitalism that uses spooky terms like 'beta' and 'manchild'"
GTFO Holla Forums

They were probably reactionary all along.
Anyway, appealing to the Lumpen has been tried and failed. Only the Black Panthers came close but suffered a lot because of their reckless behaviour.

Most of them are either mentally ill, or bored and lacking opportunity.

It's mostly the lacking opportunity part.

If most shut-ins were offered fair opportunities to work and opportunities to treat their issues, a lot more of them would integrate with society, or at least contribute to it, imo. Kropotkin says that abolishing the 9-5 or whatever could easily allow this, and besides… opening science, the arts, etc to everyone makes the world a better place. Most shutins…. really, all of the lumpenproletariat that I know have severe anxiety or other untreated mental illnesses, or physical disabilities, or are otherwise prevented from being able to make honest livelihoods by the demands of late capitalism / hypermodern living. Having a baby may cost $40,000+ and honestly society is better off with less people reproducing. Look at how overpopulation affects the environment. Better yet, look at how often people commit suicide in "megacities"

Part of what you call the manchild problem seems to me to be a critique of people who are often both antisocial and poor, conditions that form a vicious cycle. What do you think of housewives? Are investors, landlords, artists, etc "manchildren" for not producing to society through labor, or is it "justified" because they "empower the economy"? Sorry, but your OP is giving off hella Right wing vibes to me. Labor is undoubtedly important, sure. But is it really a duty for people to have children? When people aren't working, or raising their kids, what do you expect them to be doing? Fuck man, alcohol is a drug, but most of the working class enjoy a beer or two after work and they're honestly entitled to it. Having a beer at a bar is more bourgeois than drinking at home or literally burning a weed because it demands more labor which isn't strictly necessary.

Video games that are distributed to, say, 20 million people require much less labor for the collective sum of hours of entertainment opposed to watching a play or hitting a strip club. You can make a socialist case for preferring video games as leisure.

Why doesn't anyone ever say this about girls?

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It is the job of the man to work and provide for his family. This is how nature works based on thousands upon thousands of years of evolution.

socialism would get rid of the antisocial mentality instilled in the youth of the capitalist world and would push all individuals to achieve greatness by working and receiving the full value of their labor allowing them to escape capitalist alienation from their life and reconnect with the rest of society. capitalism will only drive people further and further into their own little holes to keep them from coming together to do great things. Both man and woman would be liberated from their chains and would be able to innovate society for the good of society rather than having a select few at the top force innovation for profit at the cost of humanity.

read liberating life: women revolution. it gives a history of the dynamics between men and women from the Neolithic Era to the modern day.

Fuck marriage

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Holla Forums is literally this but instead of video games they read theory to escape their personal reality


Fuck marriage, fuck having kids. I feel women should particularly follow this rule.

This is what the Gulag is for. Duh.