Missoula, Montana has TWO EPA Superfund sites that are full to the brim of toxic waste. The trouble is no one from Montana (White or Indian) is dumb enough to clean that shit up themselves. That's why Mary Poole, the IRC, and the Mayor's office decided to "invite" refugees into Missoula. Those poor people moved out of the frying pan and into the fire. Why is this allowed to happen in a civilized country and a Liberal city?

Superfund sites:
Smurfit Stone

Milltown Dam

46 doomed laborers for the pits.

The only "Soft Landing" is into a steaming pile of bullshit. Wut do comrades?

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google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1&q=superfund former recycling site

None of your articles mentions refugee being used as labors. They came here to leech off of public coffers, not work. If you tired to make them work, they'd just storm a maternity ward with machetes and hammers to kill white babies.

Suddenly "Mama Merkel's" 800,000 Syrian refugees plan makes a lot more sense.

Semi-related: Refugees are trekking across The United States-Canada border and literally freezing their fingers off just to get a better shot at asylum now that that "travel ban" includes a lotta countries where these people came from.

These are hardworking and honest people. I don't think it's right for you to disrespect them. Of course if anyone respected them this wouldn't have happened.

They would be safer in Canada tbqhf.

Hence why they're literally risking life *and* limb to frostbite to get there.

they should go there then

Take what this user says with a grain of salt, same guy who said "Ian Smith > Thomas Sankara"

To be fair we've all had our share of dumb takes and shitposts, especially me

Dictatorship of the refugee tbqh.
White-collar liberals to the toxic pits.

I think after reading his post you should take it with a fucking truckload of salt. Probably satire.

Stop fucking calling them refugees, they are merely an replacement for the unwilling labor reserve armies of the west.


Missoulanon here. It's pretty much an open secret around here what happens with Soft Landing. Once the poor Africans are invited in by white liberals, its off to the slag piles with them.

Refugees Welcome fellow porkies.

Pick one, Holla Forums.

In a dialectical sort of way they're both true.

nationalism tried to get rid of the inherent contradictions of capitalism by denying class structures and so on

Whenever an idea comes out that navigates the multiplicity of identities (class, ethnic, regional, etc) without hatred there may be hope for mankind. I'm not holding my breath.

Nationalism is just class collaboration under a territory or geographic area

Christ, its like you want to alienate the European working class form the left.

Or that they have no use for them.

See: The Managerial Revolution for possible reasons why.


how 'bout bof there brody
the push for open borders is observably inorganic and opportunistic, as is the 'sudden' neoconservative surge

good to see a sane poster itt, 90% of refugees are leaches that live off welfare

Neoconservatism is the most elegant form of leftism. Neo-Trotskyites have done so much to undermine the right with that banner that it will be remembered amongst leftist movements.

They're the reserve army of labor They were brought in to use as an implied threat to your job. 'if you don't work harder we'll just give it to that guy over there'

Capital imports more labor to reduce the relative bargaining power of labor. Simple supply and demand.

Why is the answer never: Why didn't they stay in their own country? Why do the deserve anything here?

The real question is why aren't they resettled closer to their home countries? For the cost of bringing 1 Syrian refugee into America you can resettle 10 in Turkey. I think capital knows.

Why not mexico, bolivia, or cuba even? Why not china? or vietnam? Why only "white" countries in the west?

Western countries have sub-replacement birthrates. Refugees and immigrants provide the children they couldn't be bothered to have.

Lots of them do resettle closer to home. The idea that refugees are flooding exclusively to white countries is baseless.

The lower class of the west fucks regularly and often though.

Because those places couldn't handle the refugee crisis with the same amount that the West can in providing safe and fair security since their far poorer and the immigrants provide a economic incentive to the west.

Sex is one thing. Since the pill and legal abortion it was decoupled from reproduction.

Plenty do, all should.

Obviously those articles wouldn't mention these highly illegal and immoral activities, because the local papers have actively praised Soft Landing throughout its existence. Why rock the slave boat if it is sailing smoothly?


Save them by deportation.

Stooges as capitalists, not nationalists. Porky likes globalism, but someone has to vote on them, so "were building the waalllll" (and invite them over legally).

Uh, probably because no one really wants to move from a country in the midst of a high intensity civil war to a country in the midst of a low intensity civil war?



really makes you think

Wrong question. Never ask why. The answer to 'why' is always 'because causes have effects'.
instead ask, is this a civilized country? what can I do to stop this? how do I prevent things like this from happening?
those questions are harder because you have to face the truth about your willingness to sacrifice for your moral ideal.

If you were actually a good mod you'd just ban the cunt. He's an obvious poltard.

lmao what the fuck are those graphs

Nationalists are porky stooges user, if they truly opposed migration their time and energy would be focused on porky and his scheming instead of attacking destitute migrants. They're only pawns…

I don't even know what Americans mean when they use the term. It seems to include everything from actual liberalism to social democracy.

Nothing economic; for burgers, liberal means social progressive mostly.

For amerimutts social democracy = communism, just see how they reacted to bernie.

The sad part is, he isn't.

Conclusion: The American educational system is a joke that produces uneducated masses that screech about someone like Bernie that isn't even close to being a real Socialist because they have no idea of how the political spectrum works. If you keep the masses like that no real revolution will arise and we will never be able to cure America from the cancer that is capitalism.

Thankfully 4chan has also noticed this. Unfortunately they blame they left rather than the porky forces of capital, really a mass of petite bourgeois, that forced this tragedy.


i-its a false flag

Porky did nothing wrong in this case

Most problems have a way of solving themselves. You see that's the beauty of Marxism. All the things we want are in fact dialectically inevitable. It's just a matter of time.

No faggot.

I'm not going to comment on your story; this is just a drive-by posting of related info.

I don't know what the percentage is today, but at one time roughly 20 years ago, about 40% of all the superfund sites in the USA were former recycling sites.
Many of those recycling centers were built with government grants, because of public popularity.

"Recycling is always better than a landfill, right???"… well, often ….not ….really.

google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1&q=superfund former recycling site

People are often bamboozled to do things that sound good at the expense of things that are good.

May i ask, what is that helper porky holding?

A so-called "fascis", originally a symbol of Ancient Rome

But ian smith IS > sankara

You know exactly why. Bringing masses of retarded sand people has nothing to do with benevolence and everything to do with bolstering voting demographics and acquiring cheap slave labor.

Porky is better at this than you are, and you help them by accepting the retarded premise of "refugees" at all. These people are not refugees, they're slaves, and the reason this is happening is BECAUSE the city is so liberal.

Is democracy really leftist then or is it merely another tool of capital to oppress us?

Know where jiggaboos don't freeze their fingers off? Africa.

I don't see anything wrong here.

I would prefer not to get sold into slavery in a CIA armed/run shithole.

Don't Worry, Saif Al-Islam Kidaffi is coming; Green Libya Lives!

When you make a deal with the forces of capital you pay the price.

Someone should probably say something.


















Before they call bullshit remember the Missoulian has a history of covering up shit for the Mayor. We can't trust them.

you support porkies by letting them into the west.

amazing how nationalists are "pawns" when you are doing EXACTLY what porky wants and the nationalists are the only ones fighting against what capitalists want

Principles can't get in the way of politics.

wew lad.

Why do you think Hill dawg, Obama, John Kerry, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz etc all publicly condemn white nationalists but say nothing when antifa riots against muh base jew?

Its almost like porky doesn't care if you become a violent leftist but actually fears nationalists and will squeal at a monent's notice over imagined nationalist insurrections.

Can any of you think of any fascist professors in American universities?

Its amazing how even former Weathermen terrorists are able to teach at prestigious universities like Columbia and capitalists do nothing to stop it, but if you even argue that the Iraq War is a war for Israel (and not simply a war for oil) then say good buy to your job.

The managerial elite and the idpol pop-left have been in cahoots for some time.

I wonder if you’ll have the same opine on refuges when the US empire falls and America get’s invaded by China in a similar scenario in how we invaded Iraq.

Shouldn’t they have gloves, or cross in the day when it isn’t that cold.

Because of the wealth to pay for it. Seriously how often are refuges settled in white majority rural west Virginia?


wait porky and commie is working together, no way never happened before
sustain australia 19

capitalism and commuism works against the proles


Socialists used to be against immigration.

Here is a Jewish socialist arguing against Jewish advocates of immigration.

Cherry-picking nonsense. Socialists were a mixed bad regarding immigration, with some being strict internationalists opposing any form of nation-based politics and others steeping so low as to be essentially indistinguishable from the far-right in that respect.

Maybe if fascists weren't retarded anti-intellectualists, there would.

because white nationalism is bad for liberal PR
Porky fears nationalism so much that far-right nationalists have been gaining popularity in the west with full support from the established order.
fascism was never a movement of intellectuals

Being a retarded anti-intellectualist isn't an obstacle to being a university professor or else we wouldn't have all these neoliberal feminist intersectionalist idpolers who then call themselves Marxists in there.

Nationalists suck police and military dick. Therefore, most nationalists protect the interests of the state over the people the nationalists claim to adore so much.

this is of the upmost importance, we MUST protect the non-whites, they are the best amongst us.
god, i hate white people so much.

meanwhile in reality, media is "100% honnest and unbiased" on the subject
and by intellectuals you mean effete

Leftist leadership has always been Jewish and so these grunts do not understand the contradiction that their actions harms the people of Europe.

Has anyone tried contacting the local antifa?

Why? So they can fight for porky's right to bring in more refugees to clean up toxic waste?

Why do you use pigs as an insult?
I'm vegan, this offends me.

Begone idpol vegan