How socialism will help losers

I'm sorry for making this thread I'd just like to know the advantage socialism gives for socially stunted people. Whether you have any ideas to actually help us out in a real and meaningful way

I'm aware that under socialism I don't need to do my wagecuckery but I'd like a bit more motivation. Thanks in advance friends

it won't, communism will root out the weak and stupid far faster than fascism ever will so it's always funny listening to Holla Forumstards go on about how it will enable retards like you

How? It's the stupid ones that work the hardest.

No more capitalism means no more gold diggers. No more gold diggers means they actually have to like people for their traits not their paycheck size. Without capitalism holding back science by hiding information or giving out false information pretty much every aspect of your life would improve.

Nothing can help you if you choose to spend your time masturbating to anime and playing vidya for hours on end, anyone who says this is lying to you. You're going to have to lift, read, and work on developing talents to not be a loser. The first two are easy enough, I'll start you off with some light reading with an abridged capital, the bread book, and the most important book you will ever read. Read these and you will be better read than at least half of this board.

Their work is hard for them because they are stupid. In reality their work is absolutely worthless and they will not be given a stipend by some imaginary nanny state like the idiot op thinks and they will be left to rot in the street or die in a gulag. Communism selects for intelligence in a much more brutal fashion than capitalism.

It prolly won't. Matter of fact it might do the opposite if by "help" you mean give you better odds in the dating game. At least under capitalism you can buy affection. Under communism you've gotta work on your looks and charm first.

So communism will somehow drastically alter human biology in such a way that the stupid are no longer the most fecund, the most prolific, and the largest section of the population? How will this happen?

In communism you will have a purpose.

At this point I just want free healthcare and a decent job I can tolerate. I'm not very hopeful for the future anymore since my health has gone to shit.

That's really rude but I appreciate your opinion. It seems that you really hate me for no reason seemingly. I'm not a racist or a right winger, I work in a fast food restaurant. You might even call me a proletarian. Please explain to me where the hate is coming from

You don't understand what I mean by socially stunted. I mean I'm not able to communicate with people, I was never able to learn social cues and as a result depression and anxiety sets in. Don't give me this bullshit about lifting and reading. Of course that's not a bad thing. My co-workers (I don't mean this in a mean way) and overweight and less intelligent and they have friends and relationships.

The core issue is being unable to fit into society

You have neither a grasp of communism nor human biology. Fuck off you insipid mongrel.

Quit assuming the worst. Not once did OP mention snagging a girlfriend.

This guy's a fucking asshole. Please ignore him and anyone who agrees with him.

To answer your question in earnest: We care about you, OP. We care about you, and everyone in the same boat as you.

Socialism, as pic related states, is all about giving individuals the complete toolbox to do whatever they want with their life. You wouldn't just have the option of seeking out therapy, it'd be your right as a citizen to receive proper rehabilitation and mental healthcare.

Obviously, you can seek out similar services currently, but under Capitalism these service are given with the express purpose of reaping profit. Given you work a fast food job, I doubt you're able to afford the mental healthcare you need and deserve, and that genuinely angers us.

Ignore lenin-hat, he's probably a Holla Forums false flagger.

As for how communism could help people like you: I imagine for the most part it would do so in a preventative way, a non-alienated society will tend to give rise to less people with mental illness/social incompetence in the first place. As for people with such conditions already, I imagine there will be freely available mental health care and programs to re-socialise people such as yourself. Without everything being enclosed and hidden behind a paywall it'll be much easier to improve your situation.

Durr, I meant to call Lenin Hat an asshole. Sorry 'bout that OP.

Well of course I don't. That's why I asked you questions.

Once again: ignore lenin-hat, he's talking shit. Communism isn't some survival of the fittest, social darwinist state but rather a society without property and market exchange. You aren't going to be left to "rot in the streeets" for the simple reason that the things you need to live will be freely available.

i reported your stupid ass you dumb piece of shit, come back when you've read a book

Is it really fair to call it a mental health issue though? I don't believe this is the sort of thing that can be helped with therapy and drugs. What I need is some kind of community integration program or something. You know what I mean?

I'm not pathetic enough (yet) to ask "straight up give me a gf REEEEEEEEEE?" but I understand where that sentiment might come from, it's that you feel that regular people are simply unable to understand your situation and that you don't really believe there is a way people are ever able to genuinely like you. It's really a horrible, horrible feeling. It makes you feel like a caged rat and you just want to lash out.

That's why you see my fellow losers behave like they do sometimes. When you're in as pathetic as a state as I am, when you feel the feel the full brunt of being a 29 year old virgin who hasn't had a single girlfriend or even a regular ass friend and works at fucking Wendy's, nothing is off limits

Perhaps you should read a book lenin-hat, I recommend "critique of the gotha program". In CotGP not only does Marx outright state that the upper phase of communism is defined by free access to goods and services, but also states that in the lower phase of communism there will be deductions from your income to provide for those unable to work. Of course none of this is relevant because OP said he does work, he's just socially inept and wants to know if communist society would provide help for people like him.

I already covered this in fam:

Social ineptitude has many causes, some of them neurological, some of them social. There would need to be multiple approaches to dealing with the problem.

Of course it's a mental health issue, OP! I should know, I've been where you are before.

Obviously my case wasn't as extreme as yours, but all throughout high school (and most of college) I never had a girlfriend, and all the "friends" I'd made in HS either stabbed me in the back or drifted away because I'd never had friends before and didn't think to stay in touch with them. Combined with an autistic flub when I had a crush on some girl, and I found myself wholly isolated and generally regarded as a pariah. Had my roommate not lucked us into a friend-group, I might've even stayed that way.

Returning to the matter at hand, the fact that you willingly call yourself a "loser" (you're not) tells me you have depression. What's more, you're anxious over not having a girlfriend and working at a fast food joint. I can tell you right off the bat that the lattermost would be a thing of the past in a socialist society, as work is divorced from profit, and thus there is no shame in simply doing the best you can.

What you really need is someone you can empathize and commune with. Contrary to what you might think, therapists aren't really there to do that, but rather offer a framework and suggestions for you to disprove your own anxieties.

The most radical solution, a secluded "camp" where you're forced to interact and commune with others, is available under capitalism. However, the average person wouldn't be able to go because of their job, and even pursuing smaller growth opportunities is challenging (often impossible) for that same reason. Socialists want to change all that.

How will communism help autistic people like me?

Appreciate the post. I hope irl socialists are more like you and less like the folks on twitter and Reddit, and the Lenin hat guy. I feel if the understanding is there something can be done about us.

I also feel there's a knee jerk reaction from most people when they see someone like me. They'll look and see like oh he stalks women, or is racist, or he's ugly! And they use it justify my place. That I deserve everything. Not realising that maybe it was my life situation that made me resort to doing those things

What kind of brainlet bumplocked this thread?

We have a comrade suffering from the alienation endemic in our society, reaching out to us; are we going to take the fascist line and say he's subhuman for it?

You don't need a reason to have self-worth, user. You have worth as a human being, unconditionally.

On your question:
One of the social consequences of capitalism is alienation. We see it everywhere. It is harder to form meaningful social bonds. One of the things that socialism promises is comradeship. All peoples' petty distinctions fade to nothing in the universal human condition. No more stabbing each other in the back to avoid the sack, no more idpol to drive us apart. All men are brothers.

And as others have pointed out, universal health care to address alienation, depression, anxiety and all such problems that must be cured to improve society.

t. aspie recovering from work-related depression, not part of any socialist org but reading up on the theory

I'd recommend user see a psychologist if he's suffering from depression. As to whether they can help, it varies, but sometimes they can.

I don't know. It's mostly economy, and by the face value, socialism will disadvantage socially inept people, since instead of Capital, which you can create and invest via speculation from the comfort of your personal apartment enclosure, Social Capital would be all that matters, and other people's opinion and assessment of you.

That said, many problems like these are linked with Capitalism and alienation in the first place. But I think that broken or bruised men won't be magically fixed.

It also varies, and rather consistent too, based on how much the psychologies charges for their services.



I don't see how worker ownership of the means of production prevents anyone from working alone from home. Besides, capitalism breeds alienation and this, my dude, causes people to shut out of society. Consumerist society and capitalist alienation will increase social alienation. The only way to stop it is to transition to socialism ASAP.

Believe me, I'm socially stunned and reclusive. Years of being told I'm good enough for the capitalist class damages people, believe it or not.

It's a social ill caused by capitalism, mah dude.

This thread is comfy

But under communism, you don't corporations to set the standards of attractiveness and maintain the traditional gender model.