May 68

What are yall's thoughts on May 68? Does it have anything to offer modern Leftism? Did it succeed at anything? Or is it just a footnote of the 1960s "New Left" which can only be dissected as a failure to learn from, as a "How Not to Do" an uprising? Was it simply the Occupy Wall Street of the 60s or a genuine uprising which could have brought Communism to France if only for a few different events?

May 68 thread

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It was the last revolutionary upsurge in the developed world.


more than 10 milion workers were on strike, bunch of factories, powerplants trsin ststions… were occuppied and so on and so on

that was situation in france and in italy, 68 in germany and usa were newleft festivals

we need to create more situations

Wasted opportunity.

Guy in the first row looks like he could be Sgt. Biederman's grandfather

I think of it as probably the event that pushed progressive lifestylism out of fashion and set the tone for the militant radicalism of the late 60's and 70's and it highlights the importance of cohesion between student movements and worker's unions.


lacked direction, but it wasn't going to lead to a revolution

without the 68 movement there would be no prog rock and drug culture in its todays form. also good influences taken from the beat generation

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Hipster ass posers like Deleuze and that Debord nigga = OG SJWs who ruined the left , we gotta drop that hippie Pomo druggie shit and get backroad the BASICS, hard antiimperialism, Uncle Joe and the spirit of '17. That's what I'm talking about, real working class action and hard Marxist analysis

More like they took the Gaullists out of power to put the Zionist pro-US pseudo-leftist and liberals in power.

UDR literally won in June 68

Another case of Paris being out of step with the rest of the country, just like the convention in 1793, the revolution in 1848 or the commune in 1870. Leftist forces can take control of the capital through barricade warfare, but that doesn't mean the rest of the country is going to follow along. Rural and suburban areas are usually way more conservative than the cities, and they tend to outnumber the urban proletariat at the polls.


I unironically agree


Was likely the last chance that France had not to be ruled by US backed Neo-Libs/Cons
But at the same time most people involved were Soc-Dems/red-Liberals that preferred reform to revolution and didnt have much vision besides basic Soc-Dem reformism

May 68 refers to the French happenings, not everything is about you burgers

this. '68 was the 1st orange revolution


I feel like he must be confusing Debord with Deleuze

They mentioned Deluze, maybe it could be Derrida?

The defeatism and nihilism that came from the defeat of '68 can be felt in the left til this very day. The spectacle is worth watching - and understanding but in the end it feels like an unstoppable force that entrenches everything in our capitalist society.
The way things are going in France one can hope they do a Map '68: 2 electric boogaloo

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I know I can't reason or illustrate any evidence that shows that this should be really upsetting but it is to me. The emergence of people who are different has ruined my life. It's the reason I can't get laid, keep my friends or get along with my family. Now once again I can't prove it, but I know it's the reason why.

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Might have achieved something if the PCF had actually mobilized and supported the strikers and students instead of engaging in class collaborationism and sectarianism. Also if Brehznev hadn't sperged out on Czechoslovakia.

no Camatte! sad! I am reading his work on the anarchist library. Perlman as well. Both are writers who try to develop revolutionary ideas post-68 like Deleuze & co.

May (also look into Italy in the late 70s) was NOT a footnote and it must be understood as a watershed moment for western capitalism. It also tended to prove Debord quite right in many respects including the representation of the proletariat becoming counter to them eg the CGT's behavior of isolating the striking workers. I think May was pretty much over around May 19-20 when the general assembly in the Sorbonne disbanded and the Situs and Enrages continued as the CMDO. It hit its apex in the following week in terms of number of striking workers. But the direction was lost and the workers were wooed by the CGT. Seems like plenty of burgers don't give it due importance. Also since May capitalism has obviously learned its lesson and is much more cybernetic, valorization takes place in more places, public/social space is taken over for valorization, the spectacle extends. The SI was also pretty much recuperated, which may not mean much to you unless you've read their early writings on art and culture.

Probably didn't have a chance but it was great. Italy was closer.

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for the record I take back saying Deleuze was writing or even trying to write anything revolutionary and the same goes for Derrida, Foucault, et al.

le simulacra nihilism man is cool and people should listen to him, though.

lel I knew someone would say this. AND I AGREE I have his first book "The System of Objects" (itself a square coffee-table sort of book-object, I like it) and in it he states he basically sees no solution to the problem of the proliferation of objects and no way to contest society on its material bases. I read parts of S&S and I follow him part way. The thought of "Simulacra" really struck me on acid a few months prior, if you can relate.

Ok but how is Debord an SJW? My original post was never answered or clarified.