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So, the other day, I got into an argument with a faggot about Space Man, and no matter how much I tried to argue that he isn't brilliant, his company sucks and he can't even turn a profit, the guy wouldn't budge. To my criticism of his supposed brilliancy, the guy said I was flat wrong (meh), and said that it didn't matter that he wasn't turning a profit and that didn't say anything about his "business skills".

Honestly, I feel like I didn't argue as best as I could, so I would like some opinions on him, because everyone everywhere seems to be sucking his cock, and the only criticism I can find is how Tesla isn't turning a profit no matter what, but can't find much on anything else.

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You're arguing about a peripheral issue, of course he won't budge. You have to attack him at the core of his ideology.

The discussion WAS about Space Man, though.

GM can build a better 'Lectric Car, build more of them for the paying customers, And pleasure His bitch in ways Elon musk can only Dream. Musk is a fucking con man and Electric cars are faggy. Especially if you can't repair them yourself.

My country invented a kind of battery elon musk stole and sold back to us. He was generous enough to give us a discount at least.

You should kill his ass, Fun Style.

The working conditions of his proles.

I am simply a Bell Labs shill and will only use the arguement that nobody knows about Bell Labs or any of the people who greatly helped develop modern life or the understanding of it we have now.
You know the names of the people who got rich from the inventions but none of those who helped develop the technology to that point.

doesn't matter, he'll love capitalists as long as he loves capitalism

Nothing wrong with this in general. I nut every time someone asks me about my man Jeff Bezos.

So this is true, right?

Anyway, my favorite tidbit to shit on Musk (who, for the record, I still like better than a bunch of other shitty cult capitalists like Steve Jobs) is how after the last (?) big Florida hurricane he digitally 'extended' the battery capacity on his cars over there to help people leave after someone brought it up. Of course, this doesn't mean he actually extended the capacity - it means he remotely de-activated a cap he'd put on his own batteries in order to sell some for more than others without actually producing two different capacities of battery.

IE, his business model (like many in present day technology companies) relies on spending extra money to sabotage his own products so he can sell the un-sabotaged version for a higher price. It's time and money put against innovation because it's less profitable to just make a better product and sell that for a higher price than it is to pass the same product off as a different one.

That's so fucking shitty. You know gas and the old V8's ain't going to turn off 4 cylinders unless you pay a subscription.

It really depends on how receptive the person is to hearing about it.
I just think it is more effective to demonstrate that those who invented the thing being sold often have little benefit.
Amazon is even better because you can get something shipped from them, delivered to your door, and assembled for you and you still haven't interacted with a single employee.

Can you shill Bell Labs to us then?


Can you anti-shill Bell Labs to us then?

They made important contributions to the current society we live in as well as contributing to our understanding of the universe.
I usually just explain how they developed many things like transistors or modern solar cells. A problem many people have with Capitialism is they conflate that the people who invent things are rewarded for their inventions which is very often not the case.
Inherently people think that those who are celebrated are those who provide the most excess value when it is very clear they are not.
Amazon is also a good example of this because they have a 25% profit margin on the business which has the most expensive employees.
This is a clear example of the technicians and engineers that design the server warehouses have tons of excess value that is just extracted.


At least Nokia owns it now, still an absolute disgrace that Lucent ever owned it
Also how could you ever say such things about Dennis Ritchie?

If Elon Musk cared so much about humanity he would let his workers unionize.

You mean he was rewarded for his entrepreneurship, right?

Bell Labs' computer science achievements were overrated tbh. Unix has been showing its age for decades and Bell went full retard with its successor because Rob Pike is a pissant that can't take criticism.

Ask them about all those billions in handouts from the government

What about religion SpaceMan is shilling? He basically rejects scientifically proven big bang theory, just to shill his "we r just pc program dude" dreams.







Elon musk is not a hero, he is Bourgeois

Transistors, radio astronomy, lasers, sensors for digital cameras and the theoretical foundations for the digitization of audio and images were all invented there, among many other things.

We still have no serious alternative to Unix, C and C++. The fact that most things in tech depend on them doesn't help at all, sure, and we could probably have better computing environments, but it is still a testament to the greatness of Bell Labs.

Windows NT, C#

That's some Scarsdale Vibe/Skullface shit right there

This is why debating normies is a waste of time and I stopped bothering. I'll get into a discussion with a person, provide concrete arguments, only for them to just go "no u" and refuse to engage with any of the things I said.
People seem to believe that their personal experience is the measure of the world. "I experience X as good, so it is." Elon Musk makes cool toys? He's awesome, regardless of anything else. Your life is a-okay? Everything is awesome, regardless of anything else. People are ignorant and irrational, and as long as they can watch TV and aren't in any immediate danger they're fine with anything.

Weak bait.
Garbage collected languages are nice, but some domains require speed and efficiency.
I mean, the C# runtime itself is coded in C++ for a reason. It would be self-hosting if it could.
Rust is the only thing that can presently compete with C++, and even then I'm dubious about its future.
Nothing will replace C as long as there won't be a drastic change in our mainstream computing paradigm. It is the best tool for writing stuff like kernels and drivers, period.

a language like C was an inevitable invention, because there had to be a lingua franca for systems programming. If it weren't C, it would be something by a different name that would be very similar

Rust is a serious alternative, it's just not ready yet. In its present form it's certainly no worse than C, it simply doesn't have the decades of support (in terms of language literacy, libraries, debugging, etc.) that C does

what kind of ideology is this

This is actually an issue that is "solved" if you have enough effective competition; they would be able to produce a car with inferior batteries at a lower price and undercut his basic model.
But we all know how capital likes to centralize and establish effective or brand monopolies. Funnily enough, capitalism works in anti-competitive ways.


Windows still can't update itself without a reboot. There is also no open-source implementation of NT available, and probably never will.