Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Hopes You Don’t Learn This Secret About Him And The Corporate Tax Rate

Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Hopes You Don’t Learn This Secret About Him And The Corporate Tax Rate

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what if someone shoots Alex Jones.

Who would replace him as Info Wars figure head of bullshit

Mainstream meteor man probably.

Why do the petty bourgeoisie project themselves onto Trump?

this guy?

Alex Jones really is the 'basic bitch' of Trump apologism.

his own goddamn party hates him and they can barely get anything done dispute controlling all three branches of government.

Since you're just leaving us with a clickbait title and this summary, I'm going to assume your summary is accurate instead of rewarding with it clicks.

So basically, Jones would rather people talk about the guy who isn't president and didn't get his party's nomination than about good boy Trump.


the petit bourgeoisie mentality is based on desperately trying to become rich and landed, while being repulsive and unlikable, Which Trump has successfully done. it only adds to his appeal when the Media constantly attacks his personal failings/flaws, which only makes him more relatable.


Alex Jones is setting himself up for another Y2K Scare-tier dip in his credibility in another year or two's time when the last of the MAGA magic wears off and even the Boomers who carried him to The White House back in 2016 realize what a fucking joke and a whore for the 1% he is. I bet he's already regretting being Trump's alternative media fluffer for the past two years right now.

Why would he care about his credibility when he is getting showered with mercerbux?

silly cuck! being anti-establishment actually means constantly sucking the balls of the actual elite who actually run the world while shaking your fist at a vague, abstract force of evil illuminati warlocks that control the universe who literally only exist in your head and totally isn't an obvious distraction from the actual problem


I would actually watch it.

That vid is the best thing man

The Mercers are behind most of the funding for "alternative" right wing media campaigns (think breitbart/infowars/alt-lite shit) the same way the Kochs are behind most of the funding for normie fox-news tier conservatard shit (think prageru/rubin/shapiro/neocon shit)


This is spectacle. Fuck Alex Jones and fuck Bernie Sanders.

wow great comment

Wow great thread.

I'll look into them.

Well, he wasn't technically wrong.

What you mean is the Freedom Act.
Don't you like Freedom™? If you don't you might be a damn dirty communist.

But OG Patriot act actually was in October.


God damn, if this name was the only crime congress ever committed, they'd still deserve the chair.

according to the title, it was supposed to come in october 2012