Stocks back away from record highs despite House passing tax plan. Dow dips 38 points. GE 6 Year Low


Has the fire started?



The American housing market will be used as a classic example of the inefficiencies of capitalism by socialist societies in the future.

lmao how many more dozens of attempts at a communist country do you need before you let the meme die?(Untill we force it down your throat.)

lmao how many times do we have to tell you to read before you pick up a book?


I don't have to attempt anything, capitalist collapses on its own anyway even without imperialist intervention or war.



damn, that is one fucked up face

due to imperialist intervention and bureaucratic force.
capitalism collapses by itself without any of those things

what didn't kill it, just made it stronger

There's an environmental limit to how sustainable capitalism is. Past that point it all collapses. This order of things will not be here forever


stronger after the government conveniently morphs into a nanny-states that enacts damage control, then some neoliberals come along and ride off of the wave of success that Keynes managed to generate by encouraging the abandonment of faith in markets to pretend they're capital's saviors.

All you have is bad dreams of what "could" happen.

only happens when your country is full of classcucks that don't realize they're being exploited. that's why we encourage class consciousness when the inevitable period comes (and it will, because capitalism is inherently contradictory and will fail)

I mean from a Marxist perspective it is but still.


you want something impossible. thanks for letting everyone know you're a troll

if society collapses it's all going down the shitter anyway, why would there be communism user? who's going to mass produce the books that you keep telling everyone to read?
really it wouldn't be an-cap, but feudalism. and trying to go from feudalism to communism like you tried last time doesn't work.
nice sage

But feudalism did rely on the mass production of books…

Are you going to have Marxian priests going around spreading the gospel of the Communist Manifesto about an industrial proletariat that doesn't have an industrial base to work in anymore due to the collapse and not expect to get shot?

No, actually, mass production of the Bible caused the feudal order to crumble in the Protestant reformation. Before the invention of the printing press, the Catholic church had a monopoly on Bibles and scholarship. After the mass (proto industrial) production of the Bible, anyone could read the book and make up their own damn mind.

In addition, religion was only the opiate. What held the serfs in place were the material conditions and the fact they couldn't overthrow anyone without having their heads chopped off due to the nobility having robbed or in some other way coming into the wealth to self-sustain their oppression.

Thanks, didn't actually know about that before and said it more of a joke.

Watch the ancap play in his natural habitat of elaborate hypothetical situations.

Well memed.

Considering the CIA ultimately wants the resources, probably all of them.