Chill hang out thread

Chill hang out thread

How are people doing today? I haven't had human contact since last Saturday and now Im feeling lonely. Please talk to me

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Can't complain. Terrified to death of the incoming exam session, but can't do much about it outside procrastinating even harder than usual.

I want to die!

My laptop harddrive broke today and tomorrow i have an exam to see if i can get an electrician apprenticeship started so i can stop living in poverty

I'm pretty good. Pretty frustrated that I can't find anytime for going camping before christmas tho. Also my gf is pregnant.

Any time*

good luck on the apprentiship, its decent money in Finland to do electrician stuff

gongrats, where do you live that you can go camping in christmas time at all?

Doing okay today and the darts is on so that's a plus. Much better than yesterday where I always felt like crying.

Hope you're doing well, mate.

This is an antinatalist board pls go and stay go

Thanks bud. I'm in Denmark. Also, just wear more clothes and bring an extra sleeping bag if it's really cold. If that doesn't work keep the fire going all night and do pushups.
I'd love to go to Finland sometime, although I hear it's mosquito hell in summer.

I didn't mean to do it.

Im alright, I have a couple friends, just wish I had more of them that understand you and respect you

my best friend moved to Canada to study philosophy, its nice to skype with him but its not the same

for me its tennis, the only sport I truly care about, on halfchand /sp/ there is a great tennis thread where a small group of us are basically friends, however we keep getting banned because we talk about politics, literature, philosophy and our lives. I got a one month ban, but its during the off season so its not too bad

That makes it even worse, you piece of shit.

I've been alright lately. I want to go see the new Star Wars movie with someone though.

NOT a bullying thread

be in Helsinki?

besides its probably crap

Welp, it's too late to do anything about it now.


Nah Im a burger. And I don't know, a few of my friends said it was good.

Nah. Are you a buttmad incel or something?


I understand your pain. All of my friends have moved or will move away in the future and it's just fucking sad but I can't blame them.

I'm aware of that tennis thread but since I don't watch it I never visit.
I'm not sure since how long you have been browsing /sp/ (and I complain on there quite often) but it's a damn shame about how the mods have basically killed the board and its culture.
That was the case with the English football general as well but it stopped existing because lots of users left and it became slower and slower. I know it's pathetic but I'm sad at what happened.

I simply understand the gravity of such a decision.

Quite well, but because of medicine I take I am feeling quite nauseous and tired. I would really like to read more, not only left theory, but all sort of books, but I am stuck in some strange loop- I am feeling stressed for no apparent reason (it is listed as side effect of the medicine), I can't really focus on anything, I am just sitting in front of the computer doing nothing all day. I just want to break the loop, the routine, the melancholy, the feeling of not being fully understood. Besides I should start studying for upcoming exams at my Uni.

tell me more, I've been an occassional user since 2012-ish, game threads, laughing when big teams loose and such, I have only participated actively in the /10is/ bubble

the jannies have always been bugging us slightly but in the last month they are purging us and issuing long bans, completely arbitrarily

is this a common pattern on spee?

I know that feel, I am extremyl fond of the 10is threads

if you could do me a favour

please say "CommieFinn wishes Nico, Gabe, Michael and everyone else Happy holidays, he will be unbanned by the Aussie open"

lmao u cute little baby, read Dostoyevsky's "Notes from the undergrounds" its short and good

read Camus, the Plauge or The stranger will do fine. Suicidal? Myth of Sisyphus

I know its cliche but its actually a great book

lol thanks my Austrian comrade

Not much space but we make do. Plus access to land has become better in the last years. Nothing near the level of Norway and Sweden, but still it's something (do you have the right to roam in Finland btw?).
Helsinki sounds pretty cool.
I don't like Copenhagen much tbh. Well except Christiania ( mainly because of the weed. It's not some Anarchist mini-utopia like some believe). But I don't really like big cities in general.
I'm also a forest worker by trade so Finland is interesting in that regard too (EBIN TRAGDORS!).


Why don't you ban evade? Or do you have a static IP?
See pic related. Just a reminder that janitors can't ban you, mods can.
Well, it just used to be an active place filled with sports and off-topic fun where there was little need to go to other boards.


Thanks mate, its the only thing i can think of that will be useful even during global collapse.
Im jealous

I know this feel. Why don't I read. While I was in the army I was rading roughly one book a week despite full army schedule. Outside of army where I have freedom, I just browse and watch sports and youtube "intellectual" content like a fucking 12 year old, I loan books but I dont read them

I sometimes read books for school and its great, but for somereason im a fucking baby

Had a fight with my brother yesterday because he's a xanax addict. He said that he forgot what happened, but no one with those eyes could be "blacked out". He's a miserable, angry cunt when he's sober but he's just more bold when he's on the drugs. This is the second time this has happened, don't want anything really bad to happen next time but I feel it's inevitable.

What do you mean by that? I have used a lot of xanax and blacked out on it. It is very destructive, he might be losing control completely.

Tell me about the eyes?

lmao I literally haven't seen the sun in three weeks this place is depressing as hell

its the off season and I waste a lot of time there talking about tennis and trying to convert people into communism and talking about literature

I thought it wud be a good time to take a break but I miss it and Im too lazy to ban evade

Like he was ready to fight at any moment; deathstare. This was at 4 in the fucking morning, and he plugged in a defective kettle that already burnt out the socket - which we explicitly told him not to plug in or it could cause a fire/explosion. He was just completely out of his, screaming up the stairs how I stay in all day jacking it to anime girls (lol). That's not a joke by the way.

And today, after apparently "sobering" up, he's still refusing to listen to what he did and is deflecting all the blame on the family being "fucked up". Bringing up minor shit that happened 5 years ago as justification for being a violent cunt now.

what is this meme bruh?

here is a Fenno-Swedish song about tragdors

yeah we have the right to roam, we are at least a bit succ-dem here :)

Christiania is bit of a scam for me, just some biker dudes selling weed and cool hippies hanging out, I like the bike dominated city and the continental feel of it despite being Nor-dick

he sounds like he is spinning out of control, some form of intervention might be needed,

you could take away some benzos, but keep in mind that benzo withdrawal is worse than heroin withdrawal and can be lethal in itself

death stare might maybe not mean he remembers anything, I once blacked out on xanax and shots, then another friends who had taken shots and xanax drove me to his home, (I fell asleep in the backseat)

next day the friend didn't remember driving home

like what?

That sounds great, I want to live in the snowy paradise of pure autism and personal space.

when you dont see the sun, you dont get D-vitamin and something psychologically makes me more depressed (happens to a lot of people), then its filled with wet snow on the streets whoch means you can twalk without getting wet feet either that or it gets extremely cold so its painful to even go outside

this means u dont go out if u dont have to and its awful

fucking give me some sun, and its not hyperbole, I have not seen the sun for three weeks

That I had an argument with my dad and my sister was "suicidal" because she broke up with her boyfriend - really she was just looking for attention and being neurotic.

I think the official term is "call for help"

no offense but maybe ur brother is not the only asshole in the family?

if u ignore that its a pretty big deal and can be traumatic, how old r u and ur brother?


It's not a meme tho.
Lol @ that song. It's amazing that you could stick a cheesy house beat on anything vaguely catchy, and it would become a hit in the late 90's/early 00's.
Yeah, you're right about Christiania. To be fair, they have had to deal with plenty of harrassment from the gov't, and the only reason they haven't been evicted is pretty much a 50/50 percent split between the implied threat of riots (think about what happened when they evicted the squatters in Ungdomhuset in 07. Goddamn I feel old. It's ten years ago now) and agreeing to 'normalize' Christiania.

Did some study,
helped uncle with some odd jobs,
went to gym (getting bigger) talked to a qt

btw im nat soc

Sounds like a great way to keep normals away, if I didnt carry the burger disease id move there

that's so great how the far left can threaten a small scale insurrection and thereby keep control over small territories of a modern European city, Finland has no culture like that, last riots were in 1918 pretty much

so u think Funland is cool because we have nice tractors? lol

since I lived here all my lives everyone seems normal lol

if you are socially inept u will still be so in Finland lol

Yeah sorry for being blunt about it, I know that a breakup can be traumatic but I just wasn't convinced that she would commit suicide.

We're only 2 years apart, him 23 and me 25.

Not socially inept, I just dislike interacting with the average burger. Finlands brand of 20 feet of personal space and knices to keep you from getting any closer is appealing.

I get it, for me, being in Burgerland its fun to interact with all the nice outgoing people everywhere

Your brother is addicted to one of the worst drugs you can be addicted to. Try to have some emphaty with him. Dont be like Sopranos when Chrissie used heroin. Be nice

t. drug user


I'm alright i guess. My depression is getting pretty bad though, I've been having trouble sleeping and as a result my studies aren't going as well as i'd hoped, which stresses me out because i need to finish my degree soon so I'm kind of always irritated & i can't enjoy the time I spend with my friends + gf which stresses me out because two of my best friends are coming down over Christmas and I'm afraid I won't be able to enjoy their company. But most of all i feel 'empty'

oh no, u sound like you are doing pretty horrible despite having gf and friends

maybe a little bit of self medication, small dose of benzos like xanax might do good to relax you

Today I pretty much asked a girl out for the first time ever. I have approached crushes on parties and stuff like that, had sex while drunk

but I have never straight up asked a girl out on a date where sex is not directly implied

its this cute pie, who is a bit manic, she studies geology, she talks a lot and is bit of a right winger from a rich family

we have studied history together at a lot of courses and have had a few short conversations but never really connected, she has this way of looking flirty at you while you talk with her that is very seductive or charismatic

most people look and talk sort of detached at uni while she is just so present

but last saturday I was at this party for history students and we talked while standing in the kitchen for like 2 hours, mostly she talked to me, but we had this great rapor and she was laughing at all my stupid jokes

she lives in a different city but at one point mentioned how after the spring she will be in my city every day, then she looked at me with an excited look

at like 2 different situations she reached out and touched me in a natural way, with some reason to do so, later on when I got out of my chair to get a drink she put her feet at the edge of my chair and kept them there for a while, while I sat there

she was extremely intense to the point it got a bit embarrassing as most people weren't that drunk and quietly talked about history and shit while she was loudly babbling about and dominating most conversations

she was clearly a bit drunk, while I myself was high on tramadol and gabapentin so I was pretty cool and relaxed

it was very fun, she had to leave around 4 at night to get a train home

so now, three days later I watsapp her, for the first time, and say something like (translation)

r8 my casual awkward try to ask a girl out for the first time at age 21

I know she will be in my city over christmas

DO you think I read her body language right? Does she like me? Do girls just randomly flirt for an entire night with a guy while actually not being too keen on the guy? Was she just THIRSTY for me back then and doesn't care about me now?

how doth one know this kinda stuff? Anyway I asked her out and I am happy about that even if she ignores me, rejects me or even laughs about it with her friends, (which iincidentally I study with every day

I am glad I have overcome the irrational fear of directly approaching girls. Also I have plausible deniability that actually Im not interested in her romantically and just want to meet at friend. Not like she doesn't know but its nice to have that deniability

anyway I sent the message 4 hours ago, she was online half an hour ago and hasn't responded

possibly because she is going to sleep or possibly because she doesn't have a good excuse on hand


your doing amazing sweetie. Just try to keep calm and if she's not interested well, que sera sera

nah i've gone down that road before and it's not good for me. I just need to stay on track and i should be home free in a couple of months

genuinely thank you for the validation kindly online person :)

I wont be heartbroken or anything if she doesn't respond, she is so intense and I am so introverted that Im not sure anything could even work with her, but she is extremely cute and I feel good when she looks at me with her sardonic smile :3

this is much better than my usual strategy of talking to a girl in school for years, fall in love with her, never confess feelings, and then have her tire of talking to me as I dont confess feelings directly but just get a bit creepy

Its just studies, its no great shame in doing them a bit slow, the point of being a student is to do things slowly

the word "school" comes from the Greek "Schole" which means learning but also means to be idle. That is a part of learning, to not stress but just relax and reflect. A bit more student loans wont matter , your mental health is important, be careful to not go over some weird breaking point

I mean, I only have my bachelors thesis left and once it's done i'll be able to get a real job but i guess your right :)

Yeah. It's easy to get stuck in that shit but it gets easier after your first relationship. Also: drama is kind of fun, right? Exciting at least

what kind of drama?

the drama of being nervous cause girls dont reply to your texts?

I once was involved in drama when I confessed I liked a grill to her friend on a school trip to Auscwitz, then we drank shit loads of Tequila and I sort of on impulse fucked this other girl that wasn't my crush, I lost my virginity there

then my roommate walked into the room, saw me with the grill, told people and it got around

so my crush got to know I liked her and the next day she probably heard that I fucked someone else lol

I think I got laid because teens get emotionally sort of fucked up by the holacaust stuff, that's at least what they said on cumtown

that was fun drama anyway, not for the grills tho lol

my reddit spacing is getting outta control

btw this thread is pretty comfy, right?

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