Roo embraces Cockshott

He called "Towards a New Socialism" a "bible". In his new video he talks about socialism and technology, says that many projects like the Venus Project of the Zeitgeist Movement lack radical action and are therefore utopian. The First World would wallow in theoretical mind experiments but has completely ignored the difficulty on how to get there. He also condemns IdPol.

What the fuck is he thinking with his hair? Has he embraced transhumanism?

I saw he made a Fallout mod where you can have him as your companion and I thought, ok cool. I want a mohawked Maoist companion, sure.

He also had a video after those DPRK soldiers lit up the guy high-tailing it in a UAZ toward the demilitarized zone by noting that ROK soldiers, also, in fact, shoot defectors who try to cross into the north – and proved it. They shot an killed one pretty recently and it basically a distant, back-page story that no one read.

And I thought, huh, I didn't know that. But he was saying that in response to western media using it as an example of how terrible and uniquely awful the DPRK is (as expected of course).

Anyways that's all I have to say about Jason Unruhe, so thanks, Roo-man.

I'm more concerned about his weight. This can't be healthy.

it looks like a hershey kiss almost

and this was funny

Hot take. Gee whizz who would have known?

It's true though. Protests are perfectly compatible with the capitalist superstructre in 2017. It's even as asset, it gives you the illusion that free expression of will is possible. The only thing that yet isn't integrated into modern capitalism is violence.

Most riots start as protests, no?

Yeah I agree. It's just kind of absurd that he needs to point it out.


indeed. a lot of protests have also become basically standardized, professionalized and incorporated into NGO work. protests are part of the normal functioning of the system.

How am i supposed to take someone seriously when their hair literally looks like a pile of shit on their head?

To be fair, he has more sincere hair when he's on PressTV. Looking at most other socialists on YouTube, like Muke, I'd say his hair is alright.

He was always overweight, but now he's just obese. Sure, he's kinda retarded more times than not, but he's always seemed like a nice guy and lord knows we need more Marxist ecelebs who cover current events, so I hope he gets healthy.

See, this is why economic reductionist tendencies drain one's mind of intellect. He'd be better off reading Frantz "kill all the white man" Fanon or any contemporary post-Althusserian than Cockshot.


I lol'd audibly.


tbh I fail to see how this represents any change of orientation, he just namedrops Cockshott and then goes on his usual anti-first world tirade like nothing is different.

Mind you it's not like I disagree, my main point of contention with him is that I don't see revolution in the third world happening either.

Last I checked, Cockshott isn't a third-worldist.

A protest can escalate from just a peaceful demonstration to a riot to a full blown country-wide revolution. Look at Ukraine or Egypt, and yes those where bourgeois revolutions but regardless it proves that protesting does actually work. Also protests is a great opportunity to radicalize people further to the left.

> bourgeois counter-revolutions

These revolutions were orchestrated by outside forces fam, its all geopolitics at the end of the day.

Do you think he left because of his anti-idpol sentiment?

who knows. possibly. i can never tell with these maoist groups who always have various conspiracies going on. i just looked at some LLCO stuff and there was apparently a recent split in the group, which might be why.

idpol seems to be one of the reasons, but it looks mainly like a leadership dispute after the former leader was incarcerated (possibly after a drug arrest).

curiously, the anti-idpol faction accused the pro-idpol faction of inviting unruhe into the organization, and the anti-idpol faction doesn't like him for his pro-DPRK position, and doesn't like "gender and social weirdos."

you're mixing up "activist" protests with authentic, spontaneous protests. Women's March vs. Ferguson.

So a meme embracing another meme.

Why are Maoists the worst at organizing and keeping shit together? I swear even in my local activist scene Maoists tend embrace super divisive idpol and other sectarian bullshit. "Professional" activists can also eat a bullet.

First World Maoists are shit, they often only hold their shit together by creating a cult or having the same guy as chairman for decades. Of course this doesn't apply to all of them but often their stances are absolute shit as well. They reject Cuba and the DPRK and are completely uncritical of R*java.

Of course, Third World Maoists are often very based and organizationally very skilled. It takes time and effort to conduct a protracted people's war.


yeah this. well also these first-world maoist groups will attack individual members in the most extreme and personal terms where it's just childish. ridiculous posturing.

i say the main problem is ultraleftism but why these groups are particularly prone to it, i don't know. maybe it has something to do with holding up the third-world on a pedestal.

i'm more of a baby marxist but have met a handful of marxists from the third world (if that term means anything) and a perspective i heard was "fix your own damn country" basically.

oh there are two LLCOs now with two different websites. and the whole presentation seems so culty to begin with.

I've heard stories from my national Maoist party where they would push members to integrate their friends and family into party activities, basically they are trying to make people dependent on their organization, trying to get their social life evolve arround the party and isolate them.

I've been to one event of them, and first thing that struck me was how the composition of members looked unusual for a communist party. Usually I'm used to old dudes, nerds, SJWs and edgy kids being in these parties, but everything at the Maoist event gave a real cult vibe. I saw a lot of suburban moms and girls who looked like baptist church girls. People brought their babies. It all looked like a community event with BBQ and similar things. Chairman of this party has remained the same since the 80s, and is now replaced by his own stepdaughter. That's just all a little too weird for me. I recommend every genuine Maoist in the First World to join an average anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist parties that likes Mao instead of Hohxa. Don't join these cults. The only thing I have to admit though is that they were actually doing shit, international work, sending aid to R*java, etc.

I love how Jason has tons of right-wing fans that get really mad when he goes too commie

That post is obviously a joke.

He's ramping up his presentation value.

marxism-neckbeardism with pseudojuche characteristics