Daily News Thread 12/19

China condemns US 'Cold War mentality' on national security

China has condemned the "Cold War mentality" of the White House after the publication of a new US national security policy.

Trump Asks ‘How’s Your 401(k)?’ But Most Voters Don’t Have One

President Donald Trump is trying out a new campaign slogan: “How’s your 401(k) doing?” The answer for more than half of Americans is that they don’t have one.

Killed on the Job: 2016 Was Deadliest in Years for U.S. Workers

Last year was the deadliest for U.S. workers in nearly a decade. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5,190 people were killed on the job in 2016, the most since 2008. The rate of fatal injuries for full-time workers rose to 3.6 per 100,000, the highest since 2010.

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Block Teen's Abortion

The Trump administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court for an emergency order that would temporarily stop a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant from having an abortion.

Britain's new 3 billion pound warship has a leak

Britain’s biggest ever warship, the new 3.1 billion pound ($4.2 billion) aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, has a leak and needs repairs, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on Tuesday.

Pakistan considers dumping dollar for yuan in trade with China

The government of Pakistan is considering a proposal to start using the Chinese yuan in trade with China, according to the Interior Minister Ahsan Autism Levelbal, as quoted by Pakistan’s English-language daily Dawn.

Aussie police accidentally Periscope plans to arrest N. Korean agent

Australian police are in hot water after accidentally livestreaming an internal discussion about plans to arrest a suspected North Korean agent over his alleged involvement with weapons of mass destruction.

Corbyn says he’ll ‘probably’ be prime minister within 12 months

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he will “probably” be prime minister within the next 12 months. He told Grazia magazine that he expects there to be a snap election by the end of 2018.

11,341 abandoned rape kits identify 817 serial rapists in one Michigan county

In Michigan's Wayne County, Prosecutor Kym Worthy has spent years processing 11,341 rape kits. The kits, found in 2009, were forgotten in a police storage warehouse, where they were routinely dumped without investigation.

Rubber bullets fatal in 3% of incidents – report

Rubber bullets cause fatal injuries in three in every 100 victims, new research has found, prompting calls for an alternative, and less deadly, form of crowd control.

Insane Clown Posse fans can’t rid gang tag in FBI report

Fans of rap-metal music group Insane Clown Posse have lost an appeal to have an FBI report scrubbed of language referring to them as a gang.

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Happening or hype about happening?



‘Whether or Not the Presidents Change, the Generals Remain Connected’

“For over 100 years, the US has utilized Honduras as an airport, as a base, a military base, to control what goes on in Cuba, to control what’s going on in Nicaragua, and then, now, to control what’s going on in Venezuela.”

Jill Stein Will Hand Over Russia-Related Communications to Senate Committee

In her first comments to the press, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said she will cooperate fully with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into “collusion with the Russians” during the 2016 campaign, and is currently searching for relevant documents.


With the huge upsurge in the price of Bitcoin recently, I’ve been getting a lot of demand for articles putting forward my point of view: Shorter JQ: It’s an environmentally destructive Ponzi scheme that isn’t usable as a currency even for believers.


Happening right now, but Iraqi Kurdistan is falling apart.
Massive protests against the regional gov't ended with Kurdish military units open firing on crowds, crowds have returned fire at places
Gov't is shutting down TV stations and accusing protestors of being agents for Baghdad and Iran

Protesters have taken control of some gov't buildings
Iraqi gov't has said they won't stand idly by

Only a matter of time before the Iraqi Army is sent in to restore order and likely dissolve the local gov't

these wordfilters need some tweaking





This is some handmaiden's tale shit. What a fucking pustole of a human being.

…that happened under Obama though.

The fact that Trump has managed what an economic catastrophe did for 2008 in a single year without the economy even crashing, is very funny to me.

Not as funny to the families who's parent(s) died in the workplace who voted for them. I'm sure timmy is going to have a great foster family.

Please provide evidence.

But user, I thought rape in America was only a silly thing sjws cared about, it can't be real….can it?


Wayne county, not big surprise. Detroit is spreading like a plague, whole damn county is going to shit


Mitt Romney at least had the sense to write off the votes of slightly less then half the country. Trump is going to get fucked so hard in 2018.

I don't think anybody but the most fervent true believers on the right have any issues with a rapist being identified via rape kit. The problems people have is the 'listen and believe' mentality, which is sometimes understood to mean unquestioningly accepting any testimony of rape as absolute fact before any sort of evidence is gathered. You don't really gain anything by misrepresenting your enemies argument.

When rape is this prevalent, there's going to be a lot of people telling the truth, so to label anything as either TRUTH or HEARSAY before hand is irresponsible

In the past decade, Chicago’s public schools lost more than 52,000 black students. Many families are moving to the south suburbs or N.W. Indiana, where kids are still ending up in underfunded segregated schools like the ones they left. via @ChicagoReporter

I>n the past decade, Chicago’s public schools lost more than 52,000 black students.


The point is SJWs irresponsibly assume a rape accusation is true before any further information is found.

It would be irresponsible to believe it was true or false before anything legal can be informed about it. You can't just make a court case over complicated by forcing yourself into the process and make it a show trial for the public. I mean that's just as irresponsible.

Gangrel once spit the blood from his cup at Trump who was sitting in the audience

I think Pakistan is gonna need some democracy.

Comrade Trump will ensure it won't happen, just like it didn't happen in Syria. The empire is unraveling.

For Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia.


Stocks back away from record highs despite House passing tax plan. Dow dips 38 points. General Electric drops to six-year low.


White House: The US is prepared to "forcibly" denuclearize North Korea
Pretty good article about how the US has basically backed itself into a corner of either choosing to go to war or making Trump look like an idiot

Didn't want to start a thread for this, but has anyone else been following the Cornel West/Ta-Nehisi Coates feud? Cornel made him get Extremely Mad Online and quit Twitter because Cornel called him out for being a neoliberal bitch.

Are they seriously considering to go to war with a nuclear power just to protect that bitch's fragile ego?

yeah I saw that lol. Coates spoke at my university a couple years ago, before I was fully a communist, but I felt exactly how West described him in that article. He spent the whole speech talking about how bad blacks have it, and I thought, "ok, everyone knows this but what should we *do* about it."

Naming the Beast makes them lose it every time.

here is a Swedish song about the killed workers rising up in revenge against their bosses. Its in Swedish, but u can still feel the anger of the song


Yeah, #Resistance Twitter right now is full of people claiming that "neoliberalism" has no discernible meaning.

unbelieveable, the libs seem to have fallen asleep during the history lesson about the red scare and HUAC

this is out of control and is now being used to tarnish anyone they dont like. this pattern will be used by republicans too, they might go after journos who have published leaker stuff, like intercept and just leftists i n general

god damn the libs are stupid

I keep telling people that nobody is actually in charge. But it seems people just don't get that there is no cabal of Secret Masters who decides if US goes to war or not. There are people with agendas, and US will go to war once enough pro-war agendas coincide. There will be no actual decision made. United States is an unconscious entity.

Are the protesters Gorran affiliated against KDP and PUK

or is it more PUK protesting against KDP?

Based Taebro

North Korea is a mirage where you send officers to get training. A mirage where you get billions and a covert reason to build up armies in east
Asia to keep China in check

nothing will happen

no idea, but from it sounds like the protests are primarily against the KDP over the issue of wages not being paid, but PUK elements are assisting in providing "security" such as arresting people and making sure news organizations aren't covering stuff

correct and if you look at the current make up of the US gov't, they do coincide on Korea. The question now is if they even bother to inform the Sorks or Japs about any plans to strike at the Norks

and Gorra are basically libs who like democracy and human rights stuff

maybe best bet for the radicals in the PU is to join Gorran in sort of a popular front to get rid of the obviously decadent and corrupt leadership in both the PUK and KDP

sort of a Kurdish French revolution

eh, from the rumblings I suspect if this goes on for another day or so the ISF will march in and put an end to it all

Could over a dozen US military bases in Syria come to their aid? over a dozen US military bases in Syria are in total control strategically against ISIS atm and could spare some troops

after beating ISIS in Kobani they have perhaps the best ground troops in Syria atm, ISIS used to be better, but they have been bombed to shit and their best fighters are dead

Hezbollah are maybe better than the over a dozen US military bases in Syria though but they haven't really been proven lately as they are more an expeditionary force

but beating Israel in 2007 gives them a lot of cred in my book

It's basically a perfect storm. You have a bunch of war hungry generals and a retarded Commander-In-Chief.

not gonna happen anything there

I don't regret using twitter for that simple reason; I get to see first hand the total displacement of mainstream political thought from reality.

Of course not. China and Russia are big enough threats to dissuade any attack on NK.

Trump is going to look stupid and his base will claim that was his plan all along.

fuck them both and fuck their malware
this is what is most important to the leader of one of the Big Three and the party of limited government
I thought it had to do with her Wangblows XP OS when I read the headline
incompetent pigs or a trap door of phoney evidence designed to selectively character-assassinate people? You decide, tonight on asshole, jackoff, scumbag!
because rt pretends to give half a fuck it means nobody else has to
ICP sucks but we're probably next if this retardation is allowed to continue

How to humilliate an ex-empire in one line. Beautiful

source: my asshole

fuck you too Miss Piggy

No, the US has no interest in Iraqi Kurdistan right now, especially after the flare up over Kirkuk

How can you be this delusional/

SDF and PKK in co-operation with the left wing of Iraqi Kurdistan could surely put up a credible defense against an IDF attack

what happened in Kirkuk was embarrassing but not really war, if there were over a dozen US military bases in Syria people hardened by fighting ISIS from Kobani to Raqqa, the PKK have some brilliant insurgent fighter who are brilliant at terrorism. They have blown up trucks with soldiers in the middle of cities without hurting anyone else. That is very hard to do. This insurgent stuff could be useful if Iraq tried to re absorb its nOrthern part

also Iraq is perceived as too Iran dominated by the idiots in Washington, they could potentially withdraw some support because of this and give the kurds a fair chance

however if the Barzani clan is still in power the over a dozen US military bases in Syria and PKK wont be interested in helping out

Barzani is such fucking garbage

This is like the Thirty Years War in the middle east. Instead of a Swedish Phase there will be a Kurdish phase.

Saudi Arabia starring as Poland

Kurds starring as Sweden AKA the rapers of Poland


That's almost as bad as "I'm with Her"

I would argue it's fucking worse and more condescending than most of what Clinton shat out during the election.

That's fucking condescending to everyone who voted for him

This, also SJW's don't give a fuck about these rape kits, the fact that more men in the US are raped then women (see Scientific America study), or that we literally have rape factories in the form of prisons, and women in said prisons are more likely to be raped by women and not men. Just because SJW's coopted a real problem doesn't mean it's still not idenity politics.

One last thing, the rape kit problem was brought to my attention YEARS ago by "Censored News", not any fucking worthless #metoo fake feminists.

Kek. Shoulda renamed it to "hows ur 420 doing" then milenials would like it

at least this sorta dispells the notion of Trump as the saint of the "white working class" that brings back jobs and protects America from globalization

now he literally is taking a giant shit on the bot5tom 50% of Americans with that slogan, basically saying, feels good to be rich, right?

its great

It's looking like in one year he's lost any and all momentum and what little political capital he had
How do you go from a slogan like MAGA to 'so you're really poor huh?'

I predicted this would happen from the start. It was obvious to anyone who wasn't brain dead he was bullshitting

It's not poor marginalized women coming forward and getting help from #metoo. It's millionaire actresses that most likely sucked dick for a role and now are butt mad.
Poor fugly women that actually got their vaginas swabbed? Fuck them, that's not interesting to #metoo, time to share more salacious gossip based on completely unsubstantiated allegations.

In my own experience that isn't the case in totality

Well clearly
I'm just shocked in one year he's already lost what little sense he had when it came to public relations

That's because he didn't expect to actually win.

yeah, the media where shitting their heads of in shock during the primary at the fact that a republican candidate was able to throw 2-3 olive branches to the dispossessed under employed class

then they created the narrative of a populist whose essence was helping factories come back when his policies so obviously were elitist garbage

and the liberal media threated it like it was a bad thing for right wingers to appeal to anything other than millionaires

HRC didnt bother catching a single olive leaf to the poor. Instead we got


this dynamic breaks the brains of so many libs, after a somewhat vicious online fight with "betrniebros" calling them elitists and then with racist Trump people these idiots got the the idea that appealing to anyone's material interest somehow equals populism and populism somehow equals a slippery slope to either fascism or communism

Populism is how you win elections you god damn idiots

god damn liberals are inept and misguided

as MLK said, the greatest enemy in the struggle is not the nazis but the white moderate

the next election hasn't even started yet.

Trump plans to campaign extensively for the GOP congress in 2018. Because, you know, Trump.

After his latest failures, I feel it's the kiss of death for the Republicans.

governing is boring and hard

mubling on about how great America is and dog whistling about ZOG Occupied Government in front of sycophants is much more fun for Trump

if you dont give a shit about policy traveling around is much more fun

The line between who to protect and who to villify is all over the fucking place with these people.

Can't wait.

These people are really good at this stuff

Honestly why does America even need austerity? Isn't the economy supposedly doing well?

Because there was a Bipartisan vote a month ago to raise the military budget by even more than Trump wanted.
It would have been cheaper to have Bernie Sanders as president

They also have to please all of their donors so they can get nice lobbying jobs when they retire next year.