Be A populist Soc-Dem from Louisiana in the great depression

His name was Huey P Long
Say something nice about him

As a leftist, should I like Huey Long?

He was pretty good for a burger politician, but that's not saying much

I blame Kaiserreich for bringing this retardation tbh.

In the end he was a populist lacking any real vision for actually emancipatory politics. He did trigger a whole bunch of burger politicians though, and the New York American even compared him to "Nicolai Lenin".

Must be, I don't see why Holla Forums would pick him over more obvious choices like Smedley Butler or William Dudley Pelley otherwise



nah, they think he was a massive commie just like FDR since he proposed maximum income laws and didn't gas the niggers or something
t. got banned for posting about him there

When your country is such a reactionary bourgeoise shithole half of your own class thinks you are trying to destroy it by doing things which actually consolidate its power over the workers

Just more evidence that crying "authoritarian" or "dictator" in the USA is a programmed response intended to destroy even the most basic succdem reforms implanted into the populace during the Red Scare and strengthened by the Baby Boomers during their crack at "Leftism" in the 60s and 70s.

When I hear "Left-wing authoritarian" from either bourgies or college liberals I want to fucking scream

Damn, I know he was a succdem but that's honestly really depressing

who gives a fuck? Make up your own mind. Leftism isn't an ideology or a cult.

As far as this board goes it doesn't even mean anything beyond not Holla Forums

You won't find any neolibs on Holla Forums, either.

Holla Forums was neolib from 2010-2014

More proof that """""""""""""""""""'white privilege"""""""""""""""""""' is nothing compared to white privilege


Huey Long was connected to actual clerical fascist Charles Caughlin.


Don't call succdems fascist Phil

Coughlin was literally pro-Hitler, wanted Jews to be publicly marked, and advocated banning the Communist Party. He was also a distributivist, Papist weenie.
He was Long’s right hand man. Long was shit.

Alright fess up, who the fuck linked Phil here?

"With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created."

I for one, love me some Long

OTL Long was an alright socdem: he actually wanted legit socialists like Smedley Butler in his cabinet. BUT, he was linked to fascists like Coughlin and fascist-enablers like Lindbergh.

However in the KR Timeline: the man can swing from a southern tree: 'cause from Maine to Mexico the CSA shall be free!

They were pretty opposed to each other politically iirc



He and his brother gave my state higher education and built bridges and roadways.
Thanks Huey too bad every governor after you sucked ass

I agree, it's a buzzword half the time

Huey Long was a top bloke.

Look up an essay called "Bayou Fascism" about Huey P Long.

Guess what tribe his assassin was from? pure coinkidink.


In that case we've gotta fight for Long tbh

Ninja reply/edit, I just realized that the AUS would be led by Trump.

Um excuse ME? We hibernians have CLANS not tribes you racist shitlord

Coughlin only went fascist later.