How does Holla Forums view the growing demographic change in the american population?

How does Holla Forums view the growing demographic change in the american population?

I don’t care, and if you care keep in mind it’s Anerica’s own fault for keeping minorities poor. It’s been proven beyond all doubt that people with financial security and good living standards have fewer kids.

Irrelevant idpol nonsense

America will definitely balkanize at some point in the future. It's a fractured country, and these divisions will only continue as economical, regional and racial divisions widen.

It Literally dosent matter much to me either way

one would think it is the exact opposite, that the people with more money would breed more. I wonder why is that

I bet you think Palestine is irrelevant idpol nonsense and they should just become productive Israeli citizens too.

Clearly these two situations are directly comparable.

In the future sexual reproduction will be abolished and we will all be blonde blue-eyed posthuman cyborgs.
Regardless it's capitalism that's been fostering the sort of mass immigrations we've seen over the past few hundred years. Either through market forces or refugees fleeing wars and persecution.

Nice leap of logic

You could explain it with a conscious or subconscious r/k selection idea. If you’re poor your kids are less likely to survive so you have more to ensure at least one suevives.

Of course purely social explanations exist, like the hypothesis that kind of schedule’s necesitated by secure good living standards means people can’t really devote time and resources to too many kids, and avoid having them, with people with numerous kids being the “default” of humanity. There’s also the while issue of birth control access.

Capitalism destroys reproduction in general and compensates with migration.
So, they got what they voted for, so to speak.

Blonde hair a shit, for men at least. Dark hair, blue/green eyes is the the most aesthetic combo.

An alienated, poor brown people oppressed by a light skinned bourgeoisie and their ultra-religious reactionary hick tools? Hmm…

Are you an actual Nazi or what?

Try reading a history book sometime.

And no, I don't mean 'zionists dindu nuffin'. That would be retarded.

shit's boring who cares

"Brown people" in the US are more oppresed by the capitalist system and the shit gov then "Muh ebil white man at this point" and most of the Issues are economic
"Brown people" in Palestine literally get bombs dropped on their fucking heads by a bunch of spooked zionist Nutjobs using old religious texts as a justification of genocide

Wow I just cant tell the difference

The only acceptable solution to that problem while states and borders exist is an actual single state with full citizenship and rights for Palestinians, so yeah kind of

We don't want baboons! Bye bye baboons!

Considering how triggered it gets Holla Forums I say bring on the demographic change.

PS: Does Holla Forums know the "56%" stands for the percentage of the population of a certain age group that's white rather than the percentage of the American public's DNA that's of European origin? If so what's with the Hispanic-looking le 56% face?

This certainly happened in traditional societies, but it doesn't apply to modern societies. And I really mean "modern" and not just Western here, it's true from East Asia to Latin America. Even in Islamist countries and Africa it's only the ultra-wealthy feudal relics who pop out a zillion kids, mostly because having lots of wives and kids is a strong status symbol for them, while the middle and upper classes will tend to stop at ~3.

Tough. America's always been a mixed bag in terms of demographics. It was never 100% white.

56% face is actually portraying the remaining 44%

At this point i'm pretty sure this is a bot.

Bullshit. Every bit of research ever done on this issue's come up with findings that suggest the exact opposite.

Makes sense, but then shouldn't it be the "le 44%" face?

Could be a person with severe autism. You know, the worse it is the more talking to an aspie is like talking to a robot.

yeah but it started as a banter, whenever an american claimed some nation or ethnicity wasnt white, the other guy just posted
which recently dropped to
the face was added later

That woman in the first pic related's stunning.

PS: It's good banter. I'm just as tired of burgers giving their hot takes on European politics and demographics on 4Chan too.

damn i'd take 56% of dem titties

This is why it’s imperative to destabilize the US government by participating in electoral politics and voting in open white supremecists. The demographic change is too great; the 1960’s will look like a tea party compared to the 2020’s if there are open white nationalists in government.
Representation is porky’s tool.