Sorry For Bringing This Topic Up Again: The Fall Of Kraut And Tea

It's bad, comrades. Really bad. The Alt-Right and even a the more right-leaning wing of The Le Rational Skeptic Community™ have forsaken him for going on an anti-scientific fascism crusade. I thought the Kraut And Tea hate train woulda run outta steam a month after he made his first two videos going after far-right r/k selection and I.Q. pseudoscience, but this shit's snowballing waaay outta hand. Kraut And Tea ain't letting fucked up like-to-dislike ratios, Holla Forumsflake false flagging campaigns and the likes of Carl From Swindon, Jewzalu and the rest of the right-wing skeptards low-key stab him in the back stop him from pumping out quasi-anti-fascist videos though. I don't see him getting run off YouTube anytime soon. Gotta respect that.

Soooooo…is he, dare I say, /ourguy/? He's getting to know first hand what a buncha pathetic spergs E-Nazis are and prolly regrets amassing a YouTube fanbase of neo-fascist trolls back before he committed the ultimate sin by challenging their "race realism" doctrine so I'm asking can we meme him just a bit further left? Can we show him Holla Forums hates SJWs, flaky liberals *and* fascists too? Can we show him E-communism is the new punk rock?

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No he isnt not at all
He hates Leftists
Just because he decided to stop being a Neo-Fascist mouthpiece dosent make him a Hero


Who is this Kraut nigga and why should I care?

Fuck off, let him fade into obscurity

Never said he was a hero, but we *could* make him one by way of a little meme magic. You know, show him he's prolly got a lot more in common with leftists now that YouTube's decided he ain't racist enough for them.


Far-right YouTube's public enemy number 1 at the moment.

I see, never mind the online Neo-Nazis. Explain more because when I go to 4bans Holla Forums there are threads discussing it. But the conversation people are having is only for the in the know, you know?

He dosent have anything in common with Leftists now though
He still believes all the New-right talking points
The race-realism shit is the only thing him and the Aut-right disagree on

How does it even matter?
Hes just an E-Celeb who is going fall off the face of the earth in a few more years as the rad-Centre/Enlightened Skeptic fad dies


while right-wing youtube eats itself the e-leftists rise and rise

Acknowledging neo-fascism exists and is a huge problem with a certain segment of the millennial male demographic's half the battle and it looks like he's getting to that stage right now. At the very least people like him could keep YouTube from becoming a total far-right hive mind by making videos debunking far-right pseudoscience.

ContraPoints fucking sucks. Waaay too into that whole intersectional liberalism bullshit.

she has a whole character based on making fun of those people.

she also scares Holla Forums more than this skeptic moron

if anyone's out of the loop.

In a Buffalo Bill performing 70s Rock hits in drag to a camcorder kinda way?

crypto-fash spotted

So this Kraut person makes videos about I.Q. stuff, SJWs flock to it. And now anybody likes him because they found out that he likes to get a little crazy in the bedroom?

Don't go down the strawmanning route with me, m8. You'll come up short.

Nobody not anybody*

I must've missed something crucial. Also, a lotta so called "SJWs" still don't fuck with Kraut And Tea even now that he's pissed off everybody who used to be "allied" with him. Look at what Shaun And Jen's got to say bout him.

According to those /cow/ posts he has a thing for BDSM nipple clamps. This level of perversion is far beyond the pure and delicate sensibilities of your average Holla Forumsyp, so I can really understand where they're coming from. If I was the one posting and I had a dragon dildo lodged up my ass, I was choking back on a black rubber dildo while my cock was locked away in a chastity device, I may think twice about throwing stones in glass houses, but Holla Forumsyps never have any problems there.

I don't know who Shaun and Jen are as well, but what I know about Kraut is from the user I (You)'d.

Uncle tom head ass

Transgenderism is a product of alienation and capitalist decadence

Kill yourself

Bit rich coming from the froggots who launched false flagging campaigns to stop him from even making videos in response to Alt-Right science man and that PHD Faguette.

Be a bigger try-hard, why don't you.



Didn't their board coin the meme "traps aren't gay"?

i must have missed where marx said that

Where's that from? The pic related I mean.

If he leaves it only proves what a far-right 3cho chamber YouTube's turned into. Pat yourself on the back, m8.


haven't these gamergate types from the "skeptic" community who rail against "cultural marxists" been the alt-right's useful idiots for years now? i have no sympathy.

This guy is a loser though, why would we even want him?

and now that he's no longer useful to the alt-right, they're pushing him away? good. one less running dog for them. maybe he'll learn something.

At least your corporate masters still pay people like Colbert to go out there and attack the right. Plenty of sleek videos with high production value on Youtube attacking the right, it's just mostly targeted at the 105 Autism Level normie chasing trends. Realize the left has been chased off because its arguments are weaker, Youtube itself certainly is not sympathetic to even the milquetoast right, c.f. reaction to the Damore memo. I'm sure K&T would've preferred bringing debilitating arguments to the alt-right like he did to the creationists. Doxxing is an alternative of necessity. You don't need to do that to a creationist or flat-earther. What's stopping you from exposing PhD baguette as a peddler of pseudoscience?

They're a point of entry for people who are too scared to consume content that's overtly racist. "Useful idiot" is maybe not the right phrase since I suspect some of them are fully aware but have found a niche where they can earn Youtube money without getting a banhammer/demonetized. But yeah, conflict is likely inevitable as they bleed viewers to the far right, people who've taken the first step are less likely to come up with an excuse to not take the next step. They also tend to be less intelligent than some of the more extreme personalities (check out Sargon's interview with Jared Taylor, he had trouble), but again, they could be playing to their audience.

Another quality thread from afrofag.

I'm going to entertain this a little though, I took a look at his twitter and it seems he got Holla Forumsyps really fucking mad and got promptly btfo off the internet.

Also not seeing anything socialist or anarchist on his post, not even socdem. So no, not /ourguy/ at all.


sounds like he had a pretty good grift going for awhile.

Lurk More

Major corporations do support the left as it's culturally dominant. I certainly haven't seen them support any rightist causes or fail to cave to leftist pressure. They're definitely go along to get along types though, so I can see why you might think they're insufficiently left, or of the wrong variety. Imagine actually rebelling against the system!

lurk more nigglet

please dont tell me you think the Democraps and liberals are left wing?

Depends how you define "left wing". Despite the neoliberal economics, they've certainly found success in employing Leninist tactics by putting loyalist outsiders (unmarried women, assorted ethnic minorities, LGBT) in positions of power. I understand that you may be frustrated that you're not part of the loyalist outsiders this time around.

Lenin did not care about Feminism or LGBT shit or ethnic minorities
Geez i wonder
What about living under a Anti-Semitic Anti-Balt Feudal state would cause Jews and Balts to start liking the idea of socialism???

I'd be the first to admit, it's been fun seeing the right flipout over him. I've been liking his new videos, it does seem like he's taken the rev pill and I hope he doesn't go back. But until he starts talking economics i don't think he's ourguy just yet
Also this thread is full of caner

Nothing new here


read lenin

No shit. I'm talking about the tactics. I was more referring to this article ( which caused a buzz on the right recently. Many Russian peasants were eager to join as well.

no, like actually just kill yourself.

So simple it's genius.

get a job hippy

Keep it simple stupid.

sounds like bullshit

Good argument
No its a mental illness because most people effected by it eventually end up feeling regret about sterilizing themselves and mutilating their genitals and then end up taking their own lives
Do you know the Suicide rate for transgenders?

The problem with Intersectionality is that it muddies the water between base and superstructure. Of course base and superstructure are reciprocal but intersectionality as a theory equates race, gender, etc. with class which pretty much undoes materialism.

pederasty was mostly an elite thing

also, Caesar was made fun of by his political rivals because there was a rumor that he was a fuckboy of Mithridates
Caesar was very sensitive about this topic, he lost his shit when his legionaries made fun of him being a Mithridates fuckboy at his triumph

Do you or the author have a single fact to back that up? These claims have to real substantiation in the source you provided. In fact, it only goes as far as to justify the existence of some cults that would be better classified as historical oddities than anything else, much less name any members of these purported cultists and their position in USSR leadership.

Sounds like you just don't want to understand anything that spooks you. FYI, I wouldn't call myself an intersectionalist by any means but it's fucking annoying seeing repeated strawmanning of the ideology on here.

A critical mistake you're making about intersectional leftists is that you're assuming that they necessarily equate aspects of society. Using your own quotation,

This doesn't mean that they're equal, rather it's simply identifying relationships between discrimination and other various aspects of our society, but that just it, discrimination and disadvantage. As a result, it cannot replace a class-based analysis, and nor can it therefore solve issues that originate from class, but that doesn't make its insights not useful or worthwhile.

Under all that drivel lies a somewhat decent blog post on leninism / DotP imo, if obviously written in a way to peddle even more fear and paranoia into the mind of the average rightist brainlet, and with some glaring historical inaccuracies to boot. China has never been leninist, not under mao nor under deng, for example.

The conclusion is of course pure bullshit, there's no leninism in the west and never has been.
Look at this shit you quoted.

Apparently, appearing on TV in order to commodify identities to sell is regarded as being high-status which is absolutely laughable.
Who cares about having any political power at all? your "kind" is represented on a pepsi-ad!

To add– the author seems to be supposing that ex-tsarist officials never never put in power in its beginning, but this is untrue, since after the revolution few had enough education or expertise to take up the needed managerial positions. Furthermore, the author makes a poor distinction between managers and "ruling class".

But even if we ignore these points, having officials fill their cabinets with loyal individuals that share the same ideology can hardly be first attributed as something unique to Lenin. Was Hitler or Mussolini a Leninist? Is Trump or Obama a Leninist? Of course not. No, what the author is describing is an idea as old as leadership– those that support leadership need to be loyal, is said leadership is to succeed. And further, the reason PoC, trans people, and so on would be more likely to support and be loyal to leftist causes in America is because they're likely already alienated a great deal, and therefore have a predisposition to be critical of the status quo. This is a coincidental fact that is a result of material conditions and is by no means a central tenet of leninism or even leftism in general.

Source: Your Own Ass

Yes. It's high no matter what, but markedly lower for those who successfully transitioned.

You guys really need to fucking leave your house sometime. Take a walk down to your local business district, count how many women, homosexuals, transexuals, muslims and black guys in suits you see walking around the banks and corporate offices and law buildings. Then compare that to white dudes. You'll see some minorities for sure, and certainly far more then there were in the 50's, but if you think they constitute the 'high status' then you're either delusional or blind. It is marketable right now with the proletariat to seem progressive and open minded, so they throw rainbow flags on their packaging, they release press statements championing how much they value transexuals, they hire on a single muslim man onto their board of directors. And then, patting each other on the back at another PR presentation gone well, they continue to extract all wealth from their woman, homosexual, transexual, muslim and black workforce to put into their own pockets.

Of course they also extract wealth from the white worker too. The guys who actually have power and status are reaching into your pocket, and you don't even notice because you're watching the black guy too intensely to notice the white guy pulling out your wallet. You guys don't even know what to look for, let alone understand how to react to it properly. Excuse me if I don't buy into your bullshit analysis of leninism taking over the USA.

Gotta be a troll

Sorry, can't say that I do.

The right is a bit less autistic about definitions. He even calls it "biological leninism" instead of just leninism, but I guess it's never good enough unless you invent a new word. Even then it'll be co-opted (see "snowflake").

What is seen as a more desirable background in the USSR? Poor peasant or affluent landowner? What is seen as a more desirable background in the US? Straight white male or middle aged lesbian? What you see on TV is evidence of this, not cause.

Granted. You could look at Silicon Valley to see this in action low. Lots of white and asian men as technical managers but loyal commissars with the real power if necessary (again, Damore memo).

It wasn't included in the parts I copy-pasted, but he address that social status rather than material wealth matters. Above a certain level of material privation, which the vast vast majority in the US is well above, relative social status is often more important than absolute wealth. You'll see wealthy bankers who you'd think want for nothing unhappy if their coworker's bonus is 20% higher. "Leninism" may not be a core tenet, but as defined here it's a tactic and a useful frame of analysis. Again, definitional autism.

It's high-low alliance. Yes there are elites happily rent seeking and using this coalition of the fringes as useful foot soldiers. And yeah, luckily there's lots of social inertia so we're not totally Brazilified. But you'd have to be blind to not acknowledge that the elite does push this status inversion.

Fuck kraut and tea
He's a retarded conservative nazi fan boi who looks to be powerhungry and contrarian as his only core beliefs

They push this "status inversion" as far as it is marketable. You do not see them standing aside to allow someone darker skinned then themselves to take power. They care only so far as they can market it to the latest fad those crazy workers are into now, with their bleating about 'equality' and 'progressivism'. When it comes to actually putting those beliefs on the line, the people in power couldn't give less of a fuck. Let's use an example; as a straight, cis white woman, Hillary probably has more privilege points then Obama. Yet when the two faced off in the primaries in 2008, Hillary didn't bow and step aside to allow the dis privileged black man into the seat. She fought tooth and nail and refused to give up until well after it became evident that she'd already lost. If she had more clout then him, you can rest assured she would have gladly planted her boot on his face and shoved his skull back into the dirt so that she could vault over his body and into the president's chair. And speaking of obama- his commitment to change and talking progressive and not calling people 'sand niggers' certainly didn't extend to not blowing the fuck out of a shitload of sand niggers and putting them in torture camps so he could steal their oil and destabilize their countries for his benefit.

What you polyps don't realize is that none of these people practice what they preach, so what they preach is meaningless. They don't care if they're wearing a rainbow flag t-shirt or a swastica t-shirt, and if the tides changed today they would gladly switch. The only reason they haven't already is because right wing thought continues to be a minority opinion. As much of a scum sucking piece of shit Hillary was, she still won the popular vote, and the corporations market accordingly, while ensuring that nothing can actually threaten them or change anything meaningful. There is no leftism in america, only liberal marketing backed with absolutely no actual power.


Just checking to see if I'm still banned for "transphobia"…

Damn bird website banned some neo nazis
That sure is a left position and they aren't aren't going to continue silencing left voices in the meantime

Kraut is legitimately a bit off and seems to just want controversy and to further his name

He doesn't give a fuck about leftism or even fighting the autright really. He's an opportunist in the worst way

The right often avoid definitions, by its own unscientific nature, and also for practical reasons: purposeful nebulousness makes it easier to demonize "enemies" through newspeak tactics.

Desirable for what and for who?

Desirable for mass media? The latter has a lot of appeal to the biggest target demographic in the US: city-dwelling well-off "progressive" liberals. It also doubles as a method of expanding into new markets, since consumerist culture encourages both demographics to visibly gobble that shit up in order to win little good points in their social circles (what you guys call virtue signaling).
Cultural capitalism at work. If people who "enjoy" traditionalist aesthethics become better consumer goys than liberals, expect mass media to get flooded by anti-degenerracy soapboxes, bix nood satire and overly positive portrayals of conservative America; similarly, if said liberals continue to be the biggest cash cow, only more and more "suppressed", downtrodden and d.egenerate groups are going to keep popping up in this space.
All of this, while economic policies stay the same of course.

Desirable for actually running the show? there's no desirability in that since there's no one picking but capital itself.

I know he ain't a leftist. He's only really speaking out against "race realism" cuz he made the "mistake" of mentioning how stupid he thinks that aspect of the alt-right is (which triggered a massive alt-right spergout) and now he's taking a stand to show he ain't letting himself get bullied off the internet by a buncha pissed off neo-fascist froggots. I'm just saying *maybe* we could use him scorn for the alt-right to find common ground with him and others like him. Incase you didn't know YouTube ain't exactly got a whole lotta non-SJW antifascists with followings larger than 5000 subscribers.

Can we just take 2 minutes to discuss how I got banned for "transphobia" after posting a reply basically amounting to "don't strawman me as a crypto-fascist when I could strawman you as an SJW for calling ContraPoints a woman" in my own thread? The comment's gone too cuz the bitch with a badge deleted it. I had too chill over on that dead board /marx/ for a couple hours over this shit. What's happening to Holla Forums?

BO is trash

go to

Also everybody seems to be getting cheka'd for obscure reasons lately.

board quality especially at the judicial sector has gone aggressively to shit in the last few months, between BO attempting to kill their own board and vols wo don't understand what they're supposed to do and how they are supposed to act.
so even your posts now improve the average post quality now, afro. rejoice.

You really are a fucking idiot aren’t you? Not that you’re other posts didn’t reveal as much. Claiming the powers that be support leftism automatically identifies you as someone who’s politics should not be taken seriously.

He thinks that your behavior and intelligence is not influenced by your genes.
Which is the accepted opinion on leftypol.

Its only those annoying scientists who disagree.

blank slateist dipshits eternally btfo

it doesn't make you think at all, because he is saying that it was present, not that everyone joyfully fucked each other in the ass in plain view and were lovingly accepted by the people
the fact that you're bringing up a slaveholding society as some kind of example of social mores is laughable

My posts have always been A1. I dunno why everybody insists I'm a shitposter.

You know Richard Lynn's "national averages" for most countries outside Europe and North America in that "I.Q. And The Wealth Of Nations" paper you Holla Forumsflakes love so much are pure guesswork, right? For example, he got his "low 70s" score for Ethiopia not from I.Q. test scores from Ethiopians themselves, but by looking at the average of a several decades old data set of 300 Somali refugees and Yemen's "national average" and picking a number somewhere in-between the two.

You retards never know when to give up, do you? 3 months of Kraut being embarrassed and you come out with sophomoric dribble.
Wicherts reviewed the data, chastised Lynn for his errors but conceded that Autism Level is 80 or so, at the absolute most. Google the response to Lynn, takes 30 seconds to find, but you haven't done that because you're a dishonest dipshit. Another collection of global Autism Level data was performed recently, and surprise surprise, the data is exactly the same as Lynns.

You realise that if you are correct that that strengthens the hereditarian position and not your own, right? It proves that environmental effects are tiny, in one of the most environmentally depressed regions on the planet, because of the fact that Autism Levels of African immigrants to Europe/the US have benefited from all the advantages possible, and still have topped out at only ~85, a 5 or so points difference from Wicherts' data. Them dealing with absurdly harsh environmental effects should lower their Autism Level to MUCH lower than 80, with your logic. Literally disproving yourself with your own stupidity.

Which is the accepted opinion on leftypol.
What evidence do you have to support this bullshit claim?

What purpose does the Autism Level difference between whites and black serve for you ideologically? Why should I give a shit if blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites?

It's the alt-right justification for state-supported racial hierarchies and segregation such as Jim Crow 2.0 or mass deportations of "mud people" from white countries…such as The United States, Canada and Australia.

That better?

What's wrong with having a low Intelligence Quotient?

These new leaks showing that Kraut was working with Holla Forums are worrying.
Who here was part of the doxxing operation and why?

No one. Bat'ko was invited to the server because he was on a live stream with him but he didn't do any doxxing.

About a year ago when I was basically a normie I was watching his videos and when he came up against the alt-right I thought "yeah finally someone is taking on those dumbasses" but after whatching his videos and seeing just how fucking bad an argument he was making against them in made me start questioning if perhaps they had a point. I then went to go talk to Holla Forums and couldn't refute anything so here I am now on Holla Forums unable to understand how someone could possibly think the alt-right fears contrapoints, when it was literally his videos which made me start taking the redpill because he argued so poorly against them

Also in Contrapoints most recent video basically said that the alt-right should all move to Wyoming and secede, which is means that Contrapoints is in favour of white nationalism since that is what white nationalist want to do.

He makes such bad arguments that he proposes the alt-right do exatcly what they are planning to do and somehow thinks that is an argument against them