How prevalent is homeschooling in the United States? Whenever i see r9k types opening up about their lives, they often admit they've been homeschooled. Further more i often see Holla Forums types praising homeschooling because they believe schools are Communist Jewish recruiting centers or something.

Anyone here who was home-schooled? How did it affect your life? From my viewpoint it's borderline child abuse and can fuck up a person for life, especially if the parents are obsessive neurotic cunts, and most who insist on homeschooling generally are.

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I knew a handful of kids that were homeschooled before high school but they were weird.

Not much more than sending the kid to many American schools

they'd fuck their kid up regardless.

Homeschooling is a petty bourg and petty bourg aspiring obsession. It's based around the idea of everyone being isolated and free from the influence of society. What, for instance, would be the point of homeschooling if you lived in a community where your kids could walk to school, visit all the neighbor kids, hang out in public places, etc.? They'd hang out with the same kids anyway, they'd hear about the stuff being taught in class, and ultimately the "quality of education" is a big meme. Either your kid's smart or not. So this idea of homeschooling depends on rural or suburban isolation, or at very least social isolation. That is, no sense of community.

I was basically homeschooled for the last 2 years of highschool. It really fucked with my development.

Homeschooling is bad. America is bad.

Generally homeschooling is done for a specific reason, and pretty often that reason is batshit. A parent will pull little timmy out of the public school because they're afraid their teachers might try and corrupt them to hell by saying evil commie words, prancing about like the faggot fairies they are, shouting jesus-hating satan worshipping chants and indoctrinating kids into socialism. Or they could be liberal 'everyone is so perfect just the way they are' types, who practice "unlearning", which is basically refusing to teach your kids anything while posting on your blog about how cute and amusing and reaffirming and special it is when they can't count to ten. Or maybe the parent is an insane hypochondriac conspiracy nut, obsessed with the idea that everything is out to get them.

The point is that, while homeschooling is generally a bad idea one way or the other, the bigger takeaway is that "homeschooling" is usually code word for "my parents are fucking nuts" and will result in screwed up kids for that reason alone. Depriving them of all social contact really doesn't help, though.

According to wikipedia it's about 3.5% or approximately 2 million students, which sounds about right. It's not very prevalent at all, it's pretty much entirely practised on the fringes. But the people who are raised in that sort of environment are going to flock to r9k like flies on shit, so they'll be crazy over represented.

Can confirm: I was buddies with a homeschooled girl once who happened to be a hardcore Holla Forumsack. The sex was fine, but every time we hung out she'd complain about "niggers" and "Pajeets"; not to mention she insisted I use the word "chocolate" instead of "brown" [people].

I wonder how she'd feel if she found out I was mixed? Shoot, now I'm tempted to drop her a line for old times' sake.

Burgerland homeschoolers are invariably either infowarriors who think public schools are run by communists or radlibs who think their kids need to be taught to invoke yogic tree spirits.

There might be something to this. I was homeschooled till the sixth grade and now I'm 24 and haven't had sex in 4 years and work a shit job only so I can afford drugs

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Homeschooling is only as good as the parents teaching you.

I was home schooled K-9, stopped because I wanted the high school experience and a gf. I never had any problems adjusting, but even living in the suburbs and attending a 'blue ribbon' school I realized just how poor the education was.

Most of the teachers did not care one bit and just regurgitated the Prentice Hall textbooks. Lessons were very hands off and structured around workbooks and multiple choice scantron tests. I had teachers that would spend most of the day on Facebook than actually teaching, and those that did were awful. We literally had to read 'Twilight' in English class.

I had one good teacher. He taught European History and he was actually passionate and knowledgeable. A little basic on the reading list with stuff like Guns, Germs and Steel but at least he tried.

I'd like to think is true, but the evidence shows .

Absolutely fucking no. Pretty much any version of the nature vs. nurture debate concludes that both are in great part important - no point in being smart if your schooling is shit and viceversa.

Lmao have you ever seen american public schools? In a vacuum, I would say that homeschooling could be a vast improvement over regular schools. I definitely would have preferred to be homeschooled and most likely would have learnt a lot more.

The problem is that parents who homeschool their children aren't usually parents who are interested in their education, but rather they want to keep them away from godless, miscegenation-enabling, LGBT, pre-marital sex-promoting, cultural marxist indoctrination centers.

They outperform public schools by their own metrics. Sad, really.

Homeschooling play groups should be mandatory

I was homeschooled from 7th grade on by a Alex Jones lolbert in the late 90's. His idea of school was leaving me home alone all day every day not allowed out without even attempting to teach a single class. I'm now on the severe end of spd I'm also pretty much permanently unemployable to any job that pays more than $8 a hour.

I feel bad for you user. Here have an internet hug.

Can't you just take the end-of-school exams?

I've never been homeschooled, I'm still an socially unskilled loser. It's easy to assume some other timeline would've fixed your problems, but it may not have.

If I'll have the financial resources and sufficient broad education by the time I have kids I'd prefer to homeschool them while living off of farmland in the countryside or in some populous village. I wouldn't want them to be shut off the rest of the world tho, idk yet how to balance it out. At most I'd probably just move to another country or send them to a specialized school like music, art or whatnot while giving them the general information they need at home or extra classes/private tutor.

It's not that I don't trust public schools, it's just that my experience was a real low quality education in the country I live from 1st grade to 9th. Only the 10th to 12th grades were decent. A lot of useless rubbish is being thought, and even if it's not useless it's largely just "by the way" sort of tidbits that heavily rest on misinformation and ultimately don't really go beyond superficial information. I genuinely learned much more from watch National Geographic, Animal Planet and History Channel (when it was still about history) as a kid than I've learned from school.

I think the best example as to how bad it is in school that everyone can relate to is how communism is being thought. I had a history teacher who, when corrected on the USSR being socialist as everyone in it called it and not communist, said "socialism does not contradict communism". And another time, when explaining communism, she said it's "like being in a race, but everyone that runs faster are forced to go back and run at the pace of everyone else".

The thing is that kids will learn outside of their school environment. If you have a smart kid who can't read or write, for instance, it's because their whole environment isn't conducive to learning– not just school. And let's face it, 90% of what is provided in lower school is just basic arithmetic, algebraic manipulation, scientific trivia, and lots and lots of reading/writing drills. These are things that kids can pick up just playing JRPGs and reading some books and internet. If you have a smart kid who has basic access to intellectually-stimulating material and free time, they'll usually end up just as literate and capable as any average high school grad, possibly with some uneven/different areas of knowledge.
The burger primary schools spend twice as many weeks on every topic as a college does, they assign assloads of repetitive homework, and much of the curriculum is plain disinfo. Schools in Cuba spend half the amount of time in lectures and homework that burger schools do. Same for Finnish schools.

That's selection bias.

Why can't american's discern white people?

Breddy sure you answered your own question, famalam.

Well if it is, the public school administrators are selecting the bias against themselves, which would only further illustrate their ineptitude.

Homeschooling is a TERRIBLE idea, please don't fuck up your kid by doing this to them. I was friends with some homeschooled kids in middle/high school, they are all supremely fucked up now and live in trailer parks. They don't understand very basic culture references, and I doubt they've read more than 5 books in their lives because their homeschooling material was just worksheets.
All of them have spent the last 10 years playing video games and working minimum wage jobs. One is severely fucked up from all the drugs he did because he couldn't make friends, now his overprotective parents have to take care of him for the rest of his life.

but what if it's done properly?

Still shit. It might be less shit that the shitty burger school system, but it's still shit. The real solution is to make the school system not shit.

What. Do you even know what selection bias is?

they're just stupid bro.

I've been through pretty much every educational system growing up. I went from private to homeschooled to charter and then public. I feel like homeschooling isn't great for development. Luckily I was in a program where I met up with other homeschool kids weekly and was also in a homeschool football league. I know other people who were homeschooled for longer than me and college really hit them like a fucking bus. It's weird watching kids flounder like a fish out of water trying to take care of themselves. I don't know if I could ever advocate for homeschooling. I didn't hate it as a kid but I know it's not for like 80% of people. K-8 is questionable but for the love of god don't homeschool kids through high school.

As far as education goes, that's completely up to the curriculum and who's teaching you obviously. I took the answer keys and cheated all the time personally but still didn't fall behind somehow. I still had to go to a public school at the end of the year for standardized testing to prove to the government I was actually learning and I always passed with flying colors. Then my parents put me in charter school which was an absolutely FUCKED nightmare. I only went for a year and a half before my parents pulled me out for not being challenged enough.

Nah, at least two of them have the capacity to make something great of themselves, especially one girl who is very smart, unfortinately she's an alchoholic and I suspect it has something to do with her lack of social skills and the way she was brought up by her hyper-religious parents.

Why risk making your kid into a social pariah? For your own ego? Just leave the educating to the educators imo, unless maybe you're like the Thornberries or something and your kid has to travel the world with you.

Oh, also, I feel like I should supplement this with the statement that all parents should be very involved in their kids' educations, teaching them at home as well and helping them with homework, but it should be a supplement to public schools.

Dude, you clearly have no idea how awful public schools are. Do you think kids really learn there? The teachers aren't interested in teaching, and even if they were, they are overextended with huge classroom sizes, unruly children from fucked up families, budget cuts and so on. Why do you think parents who can afford it get homes in expensive suburbs? Because schools in poor places are bad, they not only don't teach anything but actively corrupt children.

Social pariah? I'd say many public schools are direct pipelines to prison. I've been through public schools in the inner city and I can tell you that in elementary school, 1/3 of the children didn't know spanish because they were immigrants from Korea or Central America, in high school half of the boys were in color gangs, after-school knife fights were common, the teachers usually had to wait 10-15 minutes for children to shut up and start class, 6 girls out of my graduating class of 27 (out of what should have been a 40) had been or were pregnant, the restrooms and desks were graffitti'd to death and almost everyone was elegible for free lunches.

*didn't know english lol

I was homeschooled by my Christian Fundamentalist mother until I was about 15, where she finally stopped after my endless bitching and uncooperative behavior. In general it was mostly bullshit (because she really didn't know how or what to teach) and when I actually did learn it was because I was reading a book by myself (at least she taught me how to read). Unironically, my education actually began when I discovered wikipedia, I would read that site for hours on all sorts of topics. By the time I became a teenager the loneliness really hit me and I became really depressed. By chance I started going to a church when I was 16, even though I long stopped being a Christian, and that was the first time I started interacting with other people around my age for a significant period of time. They were all homeschooled Christian Fundamentalists too. Most of the people I spent time with were in their 20s, a few times I would go to events for people my age and I definitely felt like I didn't belong. To this day I still don't know what teenagers and 20-somethings are supposed to act like.

I think the only long term way it has damaged my life is the persistent loneliness and solitude. I have no way of knowing, but I feel like going to a regular public school would've changed who I am for the worse and it would've been a worse over all experience.

I think the optimal way to educate kids is to give them the resources and encouragement to learn what they'd like on their own while giving them plenty of social outlets. Kids are naturally curious and that only changes when you run that curiosity out of them through strict schedules and rote memorization of random shit in crowded rooms.

Oh my bad, i thought you meant the test were skewed in favor of homeschooling.

Anyways, do you have data to back that up?

There's actually private schools that do tbis. They don't let the kids do anything non educational, and they have to keep a record of what they did and when for themselves, but it's otherwise freeform. Works well apparently

It's common sense, 90% of school performance stats are just selection bias. It's like saying, "X private school has way better performance than Y inner city school, the private school must be employing a lot of really advanced seekrit education techniques! Private schools are better!" When the fact is that the private school is deliberately only letting in students who already have good grades/are white/have higher income (rigging their entrance applications).
Similarly, poor parents can't afford the time necessary to homeschool their kids. Only middle class/petty bourg/rich parents can. Rich kids are advantaged over poor kids in all contexts, so it makes sense that homeschooled kids would have better averages.

Oh that's a nice explanation. Can you prove it to be more than conjecture, with data?

Dont mean to be DOUBLES ADVOCATE but I'm autistic about people dosmissing data without data themselves (particularly sociologists )

You get your data first. And while you're at it, go see if they attempted to account for selection bias. Spoiler alert: they didn't and they can't.

under socialism all homeschooled children will be forced into their local neighborhood's sudbury schools

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That being said,

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Damn…I wish I thought of that argument in my education 101 class.

Do you even know the definition of "material conditions"?

No, I'm proving basic theory and analysis.

Shut up shitposter. Living in capitalist countries is already insanely alienating and isolating. You have no sense of community or neighborhood. For many kids, school is literally the only place they get to socialize.


Gonna out myself as a petty bourg fuck.
I don't know where he's getting 90%, probably his ass, but even just based off of past experience I know there is definitely selection bias in private schools.
My parents went broke sending me and my sister to very expensive (i.e. good) schools in the DC area. I never graduated from them, but my sister did and she's never faced anything resembling hardship in her life. It's a free pass to a good school. Half of that is name recognition, but the other half is that most of the kids have loads of time to study. The ones that came in in middle school or high school had to take the SSAT to get in, and the SSAT is no fucking joke. It's easy, but it's competitive.
DC is filled with these places: St. Albans, NCS, Landon, Georgetown Prep, Sidwell. And they all have their fair share of kids guaranteed spots in excellent colleges because of their parents. Even those kids are usually no academic slouches. If they're dumb, they have plenty of time between crew practice and getting stoned to study.
Private schools are like colleges. The good ones are super selective, they're really fucking expensive, and getting into one is living life on ez mode.
They should be banned tbh.
That said, the counterpoint to this would be that DC area public schools are good, at least in the parents where most of the private school kids live. Still, people in public schools go colleges worse than University of Michigan or Carnegie Mellon, so they're shit tier compared to the private schools.

At least the internet is becoming more accessible.

The internet just makes people more depressed on average. It puts them "in contact" with people they usually never see in real life, making them feel excluded. And it gives them an extremely fragile sense of self that is based around facebook likes and retweets. Social media is designed to get you addicted, so it also means they will miss out on a lot of reading or other healthy activities they could be doing. This doesn't just effect people who are already isolated, it is making everybody feel more isolated because fewer people are making the effort to socialize in person, and even when they do, social media mediates their interactions (gotta post a status, gotta take selfies etc) and turns even that into a competition for likes.

This is also selection though. It means the parents who put in the most effort/can afford the bare minimum are putting their kids (who will try harder) in those districts even if they're not rich.


In my experience homeschoolers are predominately middle-class or even poor, few of them were petit-bourgeois or rich. Usually the dad would have a good job that allowed the mom to stay at home.

He did nothing wrong. The industrial capitalist society would've only corrupted those future cadres.

34 of them needs to be pregnant? by you?

He's saying the graduating class was 27 when it was supposed to be 40, i.e. 13 people dropped out.

Oh, but it wouldn't have been funny then would it?