4chan now had a bitcoin miner on the site


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swell, more rapefugees inbound

Proof? I don't doubt it but no way I'm going to check it out if it's true.

Hiro doesn't give a shit about anything except money. That's why he's let Holla Forums take over most boards except for /a/.

If you view source on a 4chan board, you'll get some embedded JS that is heavily obfuscated (reads itself in multiple times, unnecessary XOR, crappy single letter variable names, no whitespace). It was found to point to piguiqproxy, smcheck, amgload which are Ukranian domains. Some other user found that after a few hours browsing in a Windows VM, ransomware takes over.


Source on this?

Well fuck, what about Linux?

You mean only if you browse those east-Euro domains, right?

No way in hell am I losing my collection of animu reaction pics.

Interesting how this coincides with the twitter purge.

Not really. Plenty of sites have been doing this for months, notably Kissanime.

meant for

My uBlock filter wasn't configured to block the shady domains, but I wasn't seeing any ronery Chinese girl ads. I was also using Xubuntu + latest FF with JS enabled (I'm a lazy hypocrite), but I would still recommend only browsing 4chan with something like NoScript or uMatrix if you're curious.

Kissanime mines you?
There is really nowhere to go now

You can't escape the logic of capital, no matter how many paradigms you claim to shifting.

I forgot to mention, there's a screenshot floating around of minerBlock blocking 15 "miners". That's probably where the claims are coming from, although I don't know how true it is.

apparently, pic related

Sheesh, am I safe with ublock up to date?

God bless uBlock Origin, I seem to be clean

Brainlet here, how do I find if I'm making bitshekels for hiroshimoot in my wangblows machine right now?

if 4chan was ransomwaring people this would be huge immediate news.

On 4chan itself, or some shady site that advertises there?

get umatrix

4chan itself

Fuck me. How do I check if I'm clean?

I would do the proof of work for a site I like rather than see filthy uninteresting paid ads :) you ML shills against bitquan are not just knee deep in ideology.

Task anager



Low CPU usage = safe?

whats the process called?

No. Check any unfamiliar processes using high amounts of memory, processor power or GPU. GPU is what the AssPennies miners are using, so if you vidya runs like shit, now you know.

its obfuscated and simply calls itself svchost.exe like a bunch of other windows processes that are default
look on properties if they are located on syetem32 if not then they're malware

Backup your data NOW.

I instaled umatrix and now for some reason it won't let me load 4chan.

what do you mean it doesn't load?

It's stuck on that blanc page that always shows up briefly before reloading.

In umatrix notification there are two "scripts" showing for s.4cdn.org in the red field.

post the umatrix screencap


Apparently i can access 4chan through the main page but when i try and load up the catalog on any board it's stuck.

Here's umatrix for the main page.

block adglare and everything under it

none of my svchosts are bad, I stopped browsing 4chan, am I good or is there anything else to worry about?

apparently 4 chan may also install a ransomware
guys I'm fucking scared now

any source tho?

serves them right, they post on 4chan

Where's the proof I wanna show friends

just hearsay and a screencap

yeah, i've seen the screencap but it's just one

smells like bs to me, especially since it came out just as soon as this news appeared.

No, it has been confirmed, its called argon js and it sits on your local files folder

alright then, how do I exterminate it

Use an ad blocker like uBlock

I enjoy going to 4chan to cultural-marxist shitpost like I've been doing in this thread

Are you infected?
I'm sorry user but we don't have a solution yet

nah it's argon.js, people have posted where it is so E Z I didn't have it anyways

Scan your computer with roguekiller.



tell me more

what's minerblock

does it do what its name implies and will make libertards reeeee in fury?

Local in the appdata right?

Just the first folder of the hard drive

I'd say we're combating them well over in /sci/. ;) Fucktards simply can't reason. Autism Level threads are no longer just circlejerking and people actually question their racialist narrative.

And this didn't start just now: blog.plan99.net/the-resolution-of-the-bitcoin-experiment-dabb30201f7

also based Cockshott: paulcockshott.wordpress.com/2017/11/23/bitcoin-is-not-what-socialism-needs/

Open up the dev console in your browser, look at the .js scripts, and try to identify the miner.

A simpler way: get NoScript (some anons say umatrix, works too), look at the scripts that are running (or were blocked), and try to identify the miner.

Autism Level => /aɪ kjuː/, forgot about the filter

What should I look for?

Can you share your other 5644 smug Sucy pictures, please?

Another brainlet here. Do they only mine when i'm on the website or in my browser? Or have they snuck things onto my computer?

If so how do i get rid of them.

Install gentoo

one more reason never to go back

It'd be 0.0017 bitcoin, please.

That's not very communist of you, user!

tech illiterate here, what does that mean? You need to "latch onto" sites or something to mine?

If gookmoot used everyone's computers to mine bitcoin for a month he'd secure enough funds to keep 4chan up indefinitely.

Socialism. It is not voluntary. It didn't ask for your permission. But it just werks :^)

I am glad that my computer is doing its part to securing a future for 4chan.

1. Install linux or BSD
2. Use a scriptblocker like umatrix or noscript with white list only
If you're running windows on your home PC then you're objectively an idiot.

Is this cyber-feudalism?

which version?

It means that if your CPU usage is unusually high while visiting 4chan it is because your computer is used to make digital mudpies.

you cant mine anymo without a pool nigga what are you talking about, shitcoins?

When youre so retarded you want to be exploited

Any updates?

How do I check on macOS

pls dont link to malware domains thx

not sure but noscript should help if you use blacklist by default and start whitelisting what u trust


Everyone should set their browsers to not have a set download location. That way it always asks you before downloading something. Or does it install through some other method?

I haven't been on 4chan all day and I feel so hollow, I lost my home man
There is no replacement for Holla Forums

Howdy Holla Forumsmrade. I don't even watch cartoons or read comics anymore, but I've checked Holla Forums about every day since like 2009. What's wrong with me.

I still read lots of comics and watch lots of cartoons, mostly thanks to Holla Forums
I started browsing 4chan after a depressive episode, Holla Forums helped me a lot to find a healthy hobby and transitioning from teen to adult, my world pretty much orbits around Holla Forums

That actually made me smile. Holla Forums really is love

Does any of this matter if you don't go to 4chan?


Daily reminder

But then where will I discuss possibly making a game with RPG Maker one day

He's doing to 4chan the same shit he did to 2chan, i don't know how anyone expected otherwise.

4chan truly died with moot.

and what happen to 2chan with him?

He collected user data and sold it to various marketing companies. When they ousted him he launched DDOS attacks on the site and created his own version of 2channel that automatically mirrored anything posted on the real thing.

Leave imageboards entirely, tbh. Social media, capitalism, etc. ruined them, some actively, some accidentally, and I'm not trying to sound smart here. You'll be happier, probably engage in more fruitful conversations and engage with people on places with pseudonymity, like, and may Allah forgive me for suggesting this, Discord or Twitter.

Before you ask, this is the only board I come to and I only do it a few minutes every day.

It's 2ch.

Also, after the fiasco it lost a lot of users, and despite this it still has three times more posts than 4chan. Jim and Codemonkey are still money-grubbing bastards and con men, exactly like Hiro, just less stupid and obvious about it.


So this is the power of Holla Forums…

I actually saw the the css breaking and the new domain names yesterday. I thought the code was changed and the new domains were just necessary to get the css to work. I don't remember my CPU going up; it could be because I also use ublock and I'm on linux. Definitely some seriously shady shit going on. What the fuck was moot thinking selling his site to an infamous Japanese scammer?


there should be a file on your system like this. if it hasn't been modified recently then it shouldn't have affected you.
if you're not using Windows you should be fine obviously

Only free software I've seen that picks up Bitcoin miners without being annoying as fuck nanny ware. Marabytes requires the premium edition to pick up miners and kaspersky picks them up but is paid for shit but it picks them up in real time.

Some us don't want to use a broken os dicksucker.

Linux has no more problems than windows has, it's simply a new environment that you have to get used to. If you're too lazy to take basic steps to protect yourself from privacy and liberate yourself from capitalist tech companies then what the fuck are you doing on this board? It's a lot easier to learn Ubuntu or Debian than it is to read Capital.



I feel a great deal of pity for anyone willingly still using 4chan after a known dataminer took over as admin.

Okay I was a bit harsh but the most I've ever used linux wise is tails and I have an 7 year old windows 7 installation(pirated windows 7 years ago) I haven't updated in 2 and a half years. I have certain programs to block most of microsofts bs with umatrix, noscript and ublock origin.

Linux just seems like such a pain in the ass to set up.

I have bad news about 8ch, user…



How long before there is a miner here?

seems like I'm safe

Ah shit, we need a foss antivirus that can compete with the big ones

Do tell

Dad here, how can 4chan mine bitcoins?
They steal bitcoin from your pc? How many bitcoin every pc has?

Seath can't evenread, he's blind


hilarious coming from a wincuck

the way bitcoins work is that you're rewarded for having your computer do the calculations that make the bitcoin network function. (i.e. to calculate i sent you money, and to verify that actually happened and you didn't just send a claim that i did, someone else's computer runs calculations to prove it.) for doing this, new bitcoins are created which are given to the person who did the calculations. that's "mining" bitcoin.

the very simplified version is that instead of owning various computers to do that task and get paid, he would have something infect your computer that makes your computer do all the calculations (which - by taking up CPU time, etc, will make your computer slower, and by running parts at 100% of their power, make them last shorter before breaking.) then get paid bitcoin for helping conduct those transactions.

Thanks for the you.

I have discord but i just don't feel comfortable with anything less than anonymity, now that I'm using discord so much I been thinking of making a second and a third account for nsfw stuff and politics, its a hassle.

where the fuck do i go to stream anime safely then?

It's that, Silicon valley owned sites (i.e. porky spying on you), or dead/slow as hell sites. No good options on the net these days.

I miss the hell out of Usenet.

You can get banned for calling people a nigger on Holla Forums these days. That place has been dead for a long time.


Most main stream distros have GUI installers. You literally load it on a USB drive, plug in into your computer, boot from the USB and then mash the next button to install it.

what is to be done?

Does kissanime's mining apply to android? need to know if im fucked.

I tried to be away from 4chan but I could not and didn't last a full day
I'm happy that I'm posting again, I fill fulfilled but things still feel wrong, mostly because protecting myself against the malware breaks the site's css
Lots of people are still posting, I hope they're doing well.
I also heard the ransomware was an unfunded panic, the bitcoin miner may also be fake but i still have to see strong evidence for that
The upcoming years are going to be very difficult

Tech illiterate brainlet
So when your on 4c it gives your computer a virus that lets them mine Memecons with your computer wthout your permission or some shit?

Just take what you get.

Some say the miner was a scare. I just checked and apparently NoScript is only breaking the catalog CSS

It's not NoScript that's breaking it, it's the ads specifically coded to fuck up the page if they're blocked.

the catalogue and the css are meant to break when the malware javascript is blocked

You faggots need to learn about host files.
I use that in conjunction with various browser ad blockers. The host file stops 99.9% of all ads my browser ad blockers usually don't have anything to block. Browsed 4chan with this set up without issues.

I'm just going to leave 4chan and not look back.

Is this pol as redpilled on the JQ as 4chan though?


hiroshimoot in now blocking archivers

How can you stand that newfag pit? It's been decreasing in quality since post 2010, and the US election was basically injecting it full of radium and seeing what cancer pops out.

You're talking like if there were better places

user seriously, I'm dying to hear about that wonderful chan that isn't dead and has no shitposting

this place right here is kinda okay-ish, at least this board, maybe /marx/ if that still exists. at least it's not full on faggotry.
chans are shit in general now, saying that doesn't mean that there is any good alternative.

Nowhere. Take that weeb

lrn2browsing multiple slow boards at once

don't ask /a/

If only I had words for this. If only I could speculate why, wonder if he's aiming to obscure and mist-cloak this farce-ridden future history of his by forbidding script-scribes from working it into writing. If only, if only.

Outside of Holla Forums this place is a dumpster fire, easily the worst chan

I already do that, the issue is that many chans lack a Holla Forums or equivalent and sadly plus4chan is closing down

I'm not really a weeb but I use ww2.animeram.cc/ , not sure how fast they are with getting out recent titles.
WataMote I've torrented.

My linux box seems fine, but I've been using ublock to visit the site. No extra filters though. As soon as I learned I blocked 4chan entirely.

Judging from the conversation in that thread it looks like they're having problems with Cloudflare filters? I could be wrong though




find an antivirus and scan I guess