Is communism on ideology or a REAL MOVEMENT, immortal science, objective fact, and so on and so on...

Is communism on ideology or a REAL MOVEMENT, immortal science, objective fact, and so on and so on. What do you think Holla Forums? What exactly is an ideology? Can anything be observed without an ideological lense? Then how can you talk about historical materialism or economics? Do you think those things are true?

Anyone who says either are huge pseuds using obscurantist language. Communism is an ideology, and there's nothing wrong with ideologies.

ideological lens != wrong or inherently subjective
ideology is everywhere, but some ideologies are more meaningful than others

because its the worldview that analyses the least on feelings. it still has issues and isnt perfect. hence the marxist obsession with self criticism.

Its not an ideal to be established (its not literal truth either) its the name for the historical force by the proletariat to overthrow capitalism, and a communist society the society this force results in.

It’s an ideology in any objective sense of the word. Only Marxists call it a force, or thing established by a force.

Communism as "the real movement" is how Marx described it.

marx confirmed pseud

Words have different meanings in different contexts, who would have thought.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Marx should've read Zizek.

Communism is Love, Communism is Life.

Zizek > Marx

Marx should have read Rafiq.

Zizek should eat Rafiq while reading Marx.

Zizek should have read bordiga


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And it's fucking retarded. Almost no one uses it in that way and whenever someone does they're always trying to be pedantic.



How is that retarded. I would say Marxism or Anarchism, etc are ideologys that push for a stateless classless society but the word communism as Marx used it didn't describe a utopia or a dogma but a proletariat movement. And its an important distinction.