South Korea and Communism

If a South Korean posts with the "best Korea" memeflag does that mean that South Korean can get arrested?
Like i Know S.K has laws against "Spreading communist propaganda" and "being a Socialist/Communist" and "Owning/Using socialist/Communism symbolism" etc
But how tough are those laws enforced?

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They probably wouldn't get caught.

only a professional provocateur would get arrested for something like that.

They aren't at all.

I'd expect them to be enforced heavily in case of war with best korea. Retroactively, even.

For now, enjoy shitposting I guess.

I looked it up and seems they do enforce it stricktly.

Do you happen to be a South Korean "asking for a friend"?

Anonymous/pseudonymous online activity is literally against the law, all online accounts at all South Korean ISPs, websites and online services are directly linked to your mandatory real ID. Attempting to bypass this using a foreign VPN or darknet is also illegal. If anything you say or do causes anyone to get their panties in a bunch, one single complaint can bring the authorities to knock on your door with potentially severe penalties. Rumors of the system's recent reform or demise are often exaggerated, as supreme court rulings have simply shifted much of the real ID system's infrastructure from the government directly into the hands of unregulated private contractors:

It's called Worst Korea for a reason.

Jesus, is this Koreanon even legit? Can we corroborate his claims in any way? It sounds like the Magalian ideology is an odd synthesis between extreme, reactionary social conservatism and radical "feminism".

I mean he did call that this story be reported to Breibart, a right-fag propaganda outlet. I don't know what to think of this.

From what I can tell, definitely. Every specific claim he makes turned out true, sometimes worse than he describes, when I looked into it myself.
Remember those posts were made on the Gamergate Holla Forums boards at the height of GG (I was in those threads, pointing out that SK only became even nominally democratic clear into the 1980s), when Breitbart was the closest thing to a mainstream news outlet that would lend GG any sympathetic coverage whatsoever.

SK is very strict when it comes to communism, but It's not stasi tier. They don't come into your house if you post online

This user is batshit insane. Don't listen to him. You could out SK for a lot of other sick shit.
Btw I totallt support crazy femminist in SK. I remeber growing up a shit storm over the definition of "prostitute" or "comfort women" like the media called them, the shit storm was about the difference between prostitutes and confort women in US bases.
Where I lived we didn't make a difference tho, if you get payed or not you are still a yankee whore

Oh, and I'll go one further and clarify your conflation of the Megalion and Christard stuff.

Megalion are fairly standard doctrinaire feminazis drawn from what were essentially tenbux goon-equivalent shitposters:
But with the added bonus of official backing from a corporate-controlled government censorship organization founded on the pretense of misandrist virtue-signaling:

The Christian groups he's referring to are somewhat separate, as SK has a history of infamously insane Christian cults, like the one that is essentially a personality cult of ex-president Lee Myung-bak:
The one that controlled ex-president Park:
And of course the internationally infamous "Moonies":

Most of both problems are due to domination of SK politics and business by powerful family-owned corporate conglomerates:
Which stem from SK's status as an outright fascist dictatorship from its founding up to democratic reforms about 1987-1993:

I googled the shit in the pics and the political scandal involving the President was some pretty typical corruption bullshit with some superstition and gullibility thrown in. If anything I was pretty surprised at how she was actually punished for it, in comparison Reagan basically committed treason and got away with it but he thinks the US can still be saved or whatever.
The irony that she was a member of SK's neoconservative party was apparently lost on GG. They would probably be pretty cool with said party if they read about it directly.

the stasi didn't come into your house for posting online either. not only because of the lack of internet at that time in general, but because they stuck to observation.
the stasi hysteria is absolute ridiculous and a smoke screen to cover up the shit that went down and still goes down in the FRG, like the "pink lists" for homosexuals

It's just a way of saying m8.
I'm the last person who will ever dare to criticize the DDR

it should be criticized, just not for dumb shit

Just to put things into perspective: 113 is an emergency phone number for reporting spies. Yes, in South Korea.

Oh, Reagan was better than that, I recall he actually got convicted guilty in court, but without a resulting sentence.

As for partisan politics, that sort of thing tends to get swept under the rug where idpol happens. Remember how British Blairites have railed against "brocialist" Corbyn campaigners to the extent of supporting Mummy May's surveillance apparatus?

Yeah, it was a complete mess and should have shattered American faith in government power, but it doesn't count when it happens to Reagan, because he's Reagan. Reagan is the second coming of Christ and must not be doubted.
The fact that Ollie North is openly liked by modern conservatives is horrifying.
Then gets pulled back out from under the rug when it's convenient. The dumb Midwestern kids on GG have no grasp on politics whatsoever, presumably because they only care about games, so they uncritically believed the Holla Forums narratives contradicting real life in cases like this.

My point is that whether from a "right-wing" or "left-wing" bourgie party, female politicians will surf the idpol wave as far as it can carry them, regardless of the actual partisan content of their policies. Notice that aside from crude street-level misandry and high-level virtue-signaling, the primary regulatory impact of feminazi legislation under Park was to crush incipient new competitors to mainstream media, stoke moral hysteria, and above all else tighten the grasp of surveillance/censorship/control over the masses. Also notice that the user in those screencaps wasn't just complaining about SJWs supported by the SK establishment, but about far-right nationalists, terrorists, and religious fanatics being protected and supported by the SK establishment, so he's obviously something of a centrist.

Remember that for its peak years from inception, in spite of lingering disinfo campaigns from other groups to both sides, GG was majority-center-left.

And now a lot of them are unironic rightists based solely on this. Holla Forums wasn't entirely responsible for this.

No, most of the fault lies squarely with the monolithic front of apologism presented by "leftists" against the tiniest gesture of opposition (or even insufficiently enthusiastic submission) to SJWs.

At the moment, we are absolute pariahs.

The day a leftist can openly tell SJWs to fuck off without being dogpiled and blackballed as a rightist, is the day leftism can actually get things done again.

bourgeoisie just doing some chess game, who gives a fuck. the primal point is complacency.

the free-market at work.



never heard of a "hate black men" book

K-Pop idols are total QTs tho.

There is a line, user. At some point you can't assume people believe dumb things for fair reasons. They don't want to have an informed opinion, they want their fucking games.
You would be surprised how little it can bother people when their own beliefs don't make sense.

They are actually ugly as fuck without their chin ripped out and extensive plastic surgery.

I hope Kim nukes SK into oblivion.

If you're sitting by yourself, enjoying some harmless activity, when somebody throws a brick through your window, wearing a Che Guevara shirt, and screams gobbledygook at you for being an evil racist sexist cisnormative yada yada yada, is it your fault if you take them at their word and decide the commies (or at least whatever all commies you'll ever meet long ago mutated into) are out to get you?

I'm politically aware, my family encouraged me to learn about the intricacies of the world, and I enjoyed doing so. As a result, I have an informed understanding of most significant political ideologies, have cultivated what I hope are a defensible and pragmatic set of my own positions, and as a result found my way here after being chased out of every other "leftist" political venue as each was hopelessly subverted by SJWs.

Many people don't care about that like me or you. I can blame them for their ignorance, but I certainly can't call their beliefs nonsensical given their naive experiences.

NK will never nuke SK. It goes against the principle of juche. The war was never about NK killing other koreans, it was about NK killing americans and liberating SK. Kim would rather nuke the US or Japan