Jill Stein and the Green Party Now Being Investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee


These motherfuckers are really getting desperate and opportunistic. I know that the Green Party is reformist as fuck but for Burgerland politics it is pretty far-left and even more so since last year when it officially became anti-capitalist. It's obvious that porky is using the Russiagate horseshit to crush even the most milquetoast resistance (Gary Johnson got a bigger chunk of the vote than Jill Stein yet the Libertarian Party isn't being investigated)

From the article:

She also turned up in one of the most mysterious events and enduring images of the Russia story – attending a 2015 dinner in Moscow that fired White House national security director Mike Flynn also attended.

Stein has already explained why she was in that picture with Putin by the way:

Should we start to worry? It appears they're going to start coming after even Succdems as "russian puppets" now.

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The Greens are cryptos.
That said, this shit is concerning, and since burgers think that fucking Putin is a communist, expect every moderately left org to be shut down under the context of subversion.

Crypto what? Crypot liberals? Crypto fascists?

Watch this video of the Democrat sponsored "Rally for Truth" from a few months ago: youtube.com/watch?v=5qsOiZNEzvs

Compare it to this video of the Tea Party/Republican Party march on DC from four years ago: youtube.com/watch?v=lUPMjC9mq5Y

They're fucking identical. Americans are truly doomed

This Russiagate shit needs to die. But I don't think Jill Stein is relevant anymore, or the Green Party for that matter, she's only there to give people left of the Democrats an option on the ballot. I say forget them, we need to build a left organization with wider appeal, less of a hippie vibe. Greens should merge with that organization. Unfortunately the Democratic Cops of America are the ones filling up this particular vacuum. Missed opportunity.

No, just Cryptos.

No. This is just a distraction from the Mueller probe.

Yet again my respect for women in politics keeps declining.

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that Jill Stein was at this meeting or whatever it was? I mean, what was it, just casual? Does Putin invite, like, Lord Buckethead to these things? Is Jill Stein that notable?

Don't think Red Scare, think Green Scare. This is going to be the narrative:

And so, the entire environmentalist movement is implicated in "muh Russia." Did you really think Rexxon was going to let those hippies get in the way of that sweet, sweet oil?

did you even bother reading literally anything about it?



Ajama Baraka responds to the latest in the russiagate "scandal."

They should have run Baraka as the Presidential candidate rather than VP.

Not surprising. During the election a lot of disinfo was being pushed out about Jill Stein. Like fake claims she is an anti-vaxxer but the actuality was she wanted to kick corporations and corporate shills out of the FDA and make vaccinations voluntary to return trust in vaccination to increase vaccination rates. So the party eas seen as a legitimate threat to capitalism right off.

Russia supports far-left and far-right activism in the west. Is it that surprising? But conspiracytards will keep kissing putin’s arse because of us imperialism and the evil neoliberals and and…


The problem with the green party is it's not the right kind of green

The Greens are the ones with ballot access after years of hard work. Any independent organizing will eventually need to merge with the Greens.


Did that hit too close to home? Now left wing nuts will do damage control as well with the exact same arguments and buzz words than the trump zealots.(You have to go back)

He can't hide his power level.

Try this one on for size. It's not a conspiracy, a lot of people in the West really are just sick and tired of the status quo. Assuming what radcentrists even say is true, If Russia were removed from the equation the far-right and far-left would still exist because the social roots of the discontent are the real issue and not mere propaganda capitalizing on that. Social ills in the West cause propaganda to have resonance and not vice-versa, if they didn't exist then the propaganda would have no effect.

He had some insightful things to say during the campaign. Jill appeared to be afraid of being too radical.

Good enough thread as any to post this. I share this guy's sentiment. What does it take to get respect from my fellow Leftists as a Green organizer?

This is going to sound edgy, but honestly getting them to repeal their commital to "nonviolence". They should replace it with self-defense like the Black Panthers. Also get them to drop the rhetoric of a "Green New Deal" as the new deal was capitalist to the core. Instead get them to support "Environmental Collectivism" or something like that

they should embrace social ecology

I would say yes but 50 military bases make bookchinism a hard sell to the ☭TANKIE☭s in the Green party (I know it sounds but there's actually quite a few)

For me it's to cut out all the pseudoscience bullshit. I understand not every Green member is scientifically illiterate but Jill Stein was the representative for the 2016 election and some of the shit she spouted was simply unforgivable.

Bookchin and Apo are substantially different, Bookchin's first concern is flattening of hierarchies, Apo's is class and national collaboration and opportunism

Got an actual example?


I actually subscribe to Scientific American monthly and I thought this was biased as fuck. Clinton clearly had someone else answer these questions for her.

Those are some fucking hot opinions. The bourgeoisie doesn't even exist in Rójava, at most there are petit-bourgeoisie that own shops and farms, but they're no different than workers on collective farms or cooperatives.

I asked if you had something specific in mind, rather than a bunch of dumb opinion polling.

Primitive accumulation is bound to happen and there's nothing in the constitution preventing a new bouj from rising, especially as the revolution is cemented and digs in for the long haul against Turkey

Except that's literally impossible because all productive property not personally used is either owned communally or cooperatively.

I'm sure Clinton programmed her robotic self to know how to respond to questions posed by them. Jill Stein is still better than the other two but there are gaping holes in her knowledge that she seems to refuse to address. It's not like she can claim ignorance in her position either.

GMOs being dangerous and pretty much everything she claims to know about nuclear energy.

Man I forgot just how mad seeing this fucking bullshit in Scientific American made me last year. "Scientific" my fucking ass.

I'll give you GMOs, but nuclear is an interesting subject. I used to be pretty hyped up for molten salt thorium reactors a while back, but doing some reading on abundance it turns out that there's not enough fissile material in the Earth's crust for nuclear power to last us very long should it become a substantial fraction of energy infrastructure. It doesn't help that the nuclear industry has been a massive funding sinking for the entirety of its existence. So what's the point, really? Should we build this extremely complex and highly-subsidized fuel creation industry or perhaps is it a better use of resources to put it all in renewables? Molten salt reactors don't produce near the amount of weapons-grade byproducts as other reactor types, but there still is some.

Absolutely this. I would go so far as to say that Putin supporting the far left in the US is a good thing. It needs all the help it can get. Neoliberals can fuck off with their imperialist pro-America crap. And honestly I could give a shit if Stein was bff with Putin, I would have still voted for her over Hillary any day.

Revolutionary defeatism in the US makes sense tbh

Yeah I disagree with that, that judging is definitely not based in science but the rest of the article is decent. It at least covers a wide variety of topics and gives the opinions of the main 4 candidates instead of just 2 like most places did.

You know even if she argued that I'd be fine with it, but she didn't even bother doing the bare minimum of research. I don't know why she refused but it lost my support. Anyone who refuses to challenge their beliefs to allign with reality is untrustworthy in my book.

Good lord what a bullshit double standard. Did Clinton disown her own anti-vaccine supporters? I've done some organizing with local Democratic parties before and they're full of this shit. Same thing with GMO hysteria as a matter of fact, my state Democratic party added a platform plank about that shit just last year.

I know liberals at my work who cited her anti-vaccine stance as the main reason they would not consider voting for her. Sounds like a convenient excuse to not examine all the other ways she challenged the status quo. Even if she were 100% wrong on that issue it was still propaganda designed to sink her.

You can thank current year man for that smear.

Agreed, your supporters wouldn't have an influence in how you run the country and so they shouldn't have an influence in electability. That's why I didn't give Jill Stein special treatment just because a bunch of her followers are actually scientifically literate and instead based my support on her own knowledge.

The anti-vax shit was a straight up smear. Stein actually covered the importance of vaccination a while back in a book she wrote as a physician.

No using capitalist terns is actually good. I would go as far as saying rebranding socialism as something like "evolved capitalism". Makes it easier for some people to listen to and take in.

She's a doctor and everything she said is backed by well documented scientific studies. Some other things she never said.

As a leftist you should be against GMOs. They are literally a copyrighted food supply that reduces biodiversity in agriculture leaving great risk of disease wiping out entire species of food. Also each GMO is different so no one should say all are good or all are bad.

This. GMOs under capitalism are a bad idea.

I agree, which is why I'm not against GMOs as a class. What I'm against is this insane fucking idea that you can patent or copyright genetic code.

I forgot to mention they can arrest you if seeds from a GMO farm wind up spreading to your property and growing.

True though there should be protection of ones own genes or else you could have people cloning you without your consent.

She's a fucking kook.

fyi wifi is just a specific band of radio waves, so unless you think radio causes cancer you shouldn't think wifi does

the tech is marvelous, tho

Seems pretty reasonable.

Fuck you and that argument look what the opposition just did to the internet. And your high as fuck if you think Hillary would have done something about the FCC.

For the last time, just because GMOS are safe to pas through a human body, does not mean we should just accept them.

Driving a car is safe for humans (the body won't disintergrate if you go above a certain speed like some rubes thought) BUT cars have been a huge polluter and kill people everyday due to this pollution.

GMOS in the ecosystem could be catastrophic. Saying "hey we don't know what the effects are, so how about we slow this down" is not anti-science.

There was a large study that suggested RF exposure increases certain cancers occurence.
WiFi in a study was shown to reduce sperm count
There has been some evidence to suggest WiFi increases ADHD and also children absorb RF more than adults do.

and lots of studies that state the opposite. What a fun game to play.

Post cute Grandma Jills

A lot of studies are paid for by corporations with special interests in it and published in journals funded by the same corporations. Capitalism has corrupted science where they refuse to publish results that go against their interest. This means a disproportionate amount of studies support a corporate interest. So you have to also remember to look into who did the study, who funded it, and who funds the journal it's published in as well as look at the sample sizes.

All Jill suggested was more studies should be done. Besides do elementary schools really need wifi when the students are just kids and the schools have cable internet that teachers can use?

Shill Stein literally went to Moscow to have dinner with Putin on 2016 tho

I really don't think using the term 'collectivism' in Burgerland is a good idea.

Read the fucking OP faggot

What did she mean by this?

It doesn't fucking matter anyway. Why shouldn't a presidential candidate talk to someone they might have to work with/against if they were to win the election?

Good job guys, really made me think

She said he WAS at the table but that they didn't talk. Everyone spoke in their own language and the only time Putin spoke to an American was Michael Flynn and it was just to say hello.

Furthermore it's stupid of you to think like that because if Jill Stein did meet with Putin to somehow subvert the election by getting 1 fucking percent of the vote and the Green Party getting zero congressional seats, and you're going to start getting nervous about this cause "muh country" you're overlooking all the damage done to America for the last 3 decades by both political parties, especially the Democraps, such as NAFTA, the bloating of the military budget, the destruction of affordable healthcare, union busting, charter schools, private prisons, the evisceration of clean drinking water, the end of habeus corpus etc. You're full of shit and a fucking stooge if you honestly think Jill Stein was more of a threat to the country and the world than Hillary Clinton

Maybe Putin invited random "high profile" people to psyop-fuck the US. Not even as some sort of 4d chess power move, but maybe dry political pranks are the only way he can get an erection any more.

It was literally just a gala for RT. Many people who have been on the network several times were there. Stein's campaign paid for the trip itself and she was there to promote the Green agenda.

Quoth Clay Davis: why not take it if a nigga is giving it away?
We don't care about your bourgeois order and its supposed enemies. If Putin wants to give us the rope with which to hang you all, he is welcome to. It worked well enough for Lenin.




go away weeb

Why live

>people are shitting over the wifi shit with jill stein
is the only the only you have you baiting piece of shit (ignoring the fact it's not wifi in the first place)

It means your gay.
Holla Forums and Holla Forums pls go

The seating was random, and from what i can remember she didn't knew that her seat wit going to be near Putin and she didn't got a chance to talk to him, due the lack of time or not having a translator.
Is this all you got.

It's still sad that people still believe in that McCarthyism crap.

Uggggh my school's college democrats page is full of the most establishment, liberal garbage right now

Hot diggity! 😆

Did you tell them this shit is objectively racist and xenophobic, something they're in theory supposed to oppose?


I don't even wanna know people like the ones who would post that shit

go away real ☭TANKIE☭

Nothing about them is inherently copyrighted, nor do you even need GMO technology to copyright genes. Traditional breeding methods and agriculture in general is all about creating monocultures. You should be boycotting agriculture in its entirety instead of a more efficient and beneficial form of it if you care about genetic diversity. Something tells me you don't actually want to return to hunter gatherer society though, using the internet and all. GMO technology is always better than traditional breeding methods if solely for the reason that you leave less up to chance.

GMOs in the ecosystem are no more or less catastrophic than traditional breeding methods. In fact GMOs are oftentimes SAFER than traditional methods because you can create infertile organisms minimizing the chance of them escaping into the wild and becoming invasive species.


I'm the one you're replying to and I just wanted to let you know you're a faggot. Your post was in no way helpful or constructive at all.

Also that ice and melting bears shit better not be a crack at global warming. I actually studied environmental science in university so I'm always ready to throw down on anyone who wants to say GMOs are dangerous or global warming is a myth.

She’s kinda hot tbh

When did shitty bears do anything for the Everyday Working man other than kill them. Fuck bears .Image Boards run on shitposts. Get used to it.

I don't mind shitposts so long as it's a factually correct shitpost tyvm.

Someone asked for examples of Stein being a nutjob, and I posted one. Don't get asshurt because a politician you like says stupid shit on camera.

Seriously though, IDGF about no fucking ice bears that do nothing for the plight of the Proletariat. Worried about CO2? Algae can scrub that shit and you got more fuel to power more machines. Almost any organic goop can be cracked into diesel. Personally, GW and all this hippy shit lies in the proclivities of Rich hippies that aren't going to cut the worker a fatter check.


Nigga, ocean expansion and ice melt is gonna raise the sea level, fucking over loads of poor people who don't have the resources to pick up and move away from the coast. And ocean acidification is going to kill the fucking algae responsible for the majority of carbon fixation on earth.

Plants aren't going to fix AGW, you tard. Fossil fuels are a ticking time bomb for a myriad of reasons.

Stein responded to this garbage on the Real News today.


I know that already. If i recall they even tried to expose planta to radiation hoping they would mutate just the right way. Nothing wrong with agriculture but we don't actually know what all the genes do. Out bodies didn't really evolve for organisms like those that exist today so studies should really be done. Ancient grain is supposedly easier to digest and better nutrient absorbtion but I havent look enough at stuff like that.

Ikr? I usually don't even like women over my own age l

Engineer better fucking algae or just raise them in tanks on algae farms. Secondly, if they can't handle a 6 meter rise in the sea that may take decades, fuck 'em. Not worth the sweat off my fucking brow.

And if that ain't enough, you can dredge out the fuckload of plastic sitting in the ocean, apply Pyrolysis, bam, you got more crude. You can take your States bitch tax and fucking shove it.

Do you have a source for where you heard that? It would be the first place I'd start and source backwards until you find the peer reviewed scientific article assuming it was based on an actual study and not made up. Also make sure you read the actual study because a lot of times blogs will flat out lie about what's in their own sources.

There's not enough land to make up for the loss of kelp in the ocean, and you can't just "engineer better fucking algae" like it's building a birdhouse. And the change in ocean temperature and sea level is going to change prevailing sea currents and winds, re-shaping global climate features meaning that appropriate geography for agriculture will have to be re-appropriated for those purposes. The resulting collapse of agriculture will cause mass starvation due to the lack of food.
Whether it's what you want or not, the world's economy is a vast interdependent system. Even the richest will take a hit when everything goes south, though they'll be better off than most.

I scarcely see the issue. Secondly, fuck the world economy. It's the reason we have so much consumerism. It exists to serve the oligarchy. Thirdly, that has Stein mentioned that would get more non service jobs over to the states?

Forgot one more thing, Stein can fuck right off on Gun Control.

The irony is palpable.

And it was on fucking accident as well. Most of our tax cash is spent of Boeing or Raytheons newest flying router and we get jack fuck to see on our end. Paying out the ass to get taxed and we can't even enjoy our fucking freedoms. Throwing away decent surplus M16-A1's when we fucking payed for them. For 300-400$ and all I got to do is change the barrel and gas tube? That's a fucking deal right there.

Okay but where are you getting the energy to perform such a project?

I agree that taxes are allocated to the wrong things, way too much of a focus on an already bloated military industrial complex for example. Cutting funding to scientific research isn't the answer though but I don't see any way to properly allocate resources when we aren't actually living in a democracy.

We got Nuclear Reactors right? Fuck, if the LENR experiments pan out right we will have ample enough heat to work that shit.

Heres the Score. First, We live in a republic that's been fagged up by private interests and we should have never privatized our fucking reserves. Secondly, If folks like me got our actual cut I wouldn't mind the Taxes so much, provided it went to shit that mattered. Better CO2 and NO2 scrubbers fucking matter especially if we can make something out of it. Saving the Delta Smelt is a fucking waste of time, fresh water, and money. The Soviets had some real fucking kick ass metallurgy going on.
Get some premo equipment worth keeping Colt around. Say what you will about the Stoner's AR-15, but you can build a lot of it's parts in a back woods machine shop. It likes to run dripping wet.

Ask them how they'd react if the senate tried to investigate Shillary for something.

You seem to know what you're talking about from what I've seen in the thread so far. Any resources you can share so that others like me can catch up to you?

Compared to him, Jill doesn't even have a power level

From what I can recall it Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) has been the stuff of garage pipe dreams but NASA's been working on. extremetech.com/extreme/149090-nasas-cold-fusion-tech-could-put-a-nuclear-reactor-in-every-home-car-and-plane
This deal ends straight up Nuclear Alchemy and a fuck load of heat. For more Immediate small scale stuff I would recommend building a Rocket Stove, Snagging a Pressure Cooker out of a thrift store, Copper tubing to fit over the pressure cooker exhaust, And a bucket of water to prevent flashbacks from the fumes. Rocket stove kick ass and you can easily get the pressure cooker over 400 C, and the pressure cooker or similar vessel keeps Oxygen out. Keeping Oxygen out of the system allows for the Pyrolysis to work, With O2 it just burns.

Didn't follow the discussion closely but wave power is a thing.

You being too much a brainlet to understand reasonable precaution doesn't make her a nut. She's trained in medicine. You are not.

Lol the fuck does this have to do with Wifi giving people cancer?

Uh, Trump announced his position beforehand and specifically picked Pai for FCC chairman. Hillary would have been Godawful, but Obama's stance was pro-net neutrality (he latched onto it because it was massively popular) and that's part of the reason the GOP tried to make it into a partisan issue to begin with. Hillary would have had zero excuse to do it when she could just leave it as is without upsetting the donors who support it or pissing off the general public, just like she'd have zero excuse to build a big retarded wall or scrap the ACA. Come back when Trump invades a country or allows companies to outsource a few million jobs or cuts welfare programs - that's a Clinton kind of evil.

And we do get Tides all day long. Long run Short, Hydrocarbons are one of the bests ways to store energy at this moment. We got a fuckload of plastic shit that we can put to use.


And Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon. Doesn't mean he's not a loony fucking tard. Even trained people can believe utter and absolute trash, just look at Y2K

You mock Y2K but people spent a shitload of time working to prevent things from crashing. It was an actual issue that needed a lot of effort, it wasn't just hype and paranoia.

He doesn't have scientific studies supporting his retardation. Stein does have scientific data on her side.

You should do research about the corporate corruption of the sciences. Unforunately few studies arent funded by corporations or the government which the corporations decide what studies to fund or reject. Many scientific journals are owned by these porkys too. Also unfortunately peer reviewing can be faked too. You should be skeptical about everything if you don't look where it came from or if you did look and it's capitalist backed under their own control.

To expand more. Science should be transparent. All studies should be reported regardless of results and journals should be free. More studies should be crowd funded.

Why are you replying to with that? acted like Y2K wasn't an actual issue but I have first hand experience that it was and was just sharing that.

Why is this directed at me? Im not that user.

lmao and they say fascists and communists are the same

No, shes not a vaccine denier

gotta agree

If not for treehuggers like her, we would've have nuclear power by now. But noooo, "ooga booga those who split atoms play god", better waste money on solar panels which can't phase out coal for shit.

Glad to see CTR is still alive and well

Putin is the biggest threat to American imperialism and is therefore the biggest communist alive today.

Doing this on a scale that matters will require investments of fixed capital and labour on a scale unseen since the last world war. Absent a political revolution, it will not happen.
Saying that, in my ideal world we would do this and that, does not in fact fix anything, or prove there is no problem to be fixed in the first place. It's just your mental masturbation providing cover for capital's destructive ideology.

The democratic party is more of a threat to us than the GOP at this point.

I hope the greens become insurgents tbh

literally this

they're still too infested with boomers and vulgar marxists.

true, instead of infiltrating the dems, we should be turning boomer's green into the right kind of green party

Fuck, I didn't even know that I needed a boomer granny gf until right now.

Baraka is pretty much the Burgerland version of Gadaffi

Your the biggest wet blanket in this thread. I'm surprised you didn't bitch about the Plastics Pyrolysis idea as well.





Sound like you're selling bridges in Nebraska. Boomers exist to consume these days.

I want a threesome with Jill Stein and Amy Goodman

Nice fallacy ☭TANKIE☭. Putin is a traitor to the revolution and should find his head on the guillotine. If Jill actually received assistance from them, she is just as guilty, though any attempt to defame her should be fought against

how can one man be so based