Phil ''Everything is fascist'' Greaves

How can one man be so based?

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He’s absolutely correct.

Someone got to him

Is Jazz Fascist?

Laughed really hard at the follow up posts, he's really stepped up his posting game.

lmao /leftypaul/ confirmed for fascist board

Does he actually think we live in a Fascist society?

Daft cunts like this ruin our prospects.

Phil is harmless. Him and his entire niche are considered jokes by the entire left, and it's not like they'll lead a mass movement anytime soon.

Star Wars is definitely fash tbh

He's right, I still enjoy fash media, I can't get enough of Mishima


Phil Greaves is Lenin reincarnated. He has to be, just look at how often he uses the word 'infantile'.

From the looks of it, he's just another leftist shitposter on twitter. That whole site needs to be nuked tbh

Most superhero movies are pretty fash as well. The complete dicksucking of the military plus the whole "great man saves world" reeks of reactionary propaganda

Detached ironic Leftism has become so prominent since Chapo that seeing someone like Phil still being earnest and sincere with their bad autistic politics is almost heartwarming.

What is truly disgusting is how the role of the hero has been made totally reactionary. The hero is never the one who acts, only the one who protects the status quo. The only people who try to change things are villains.

You only don't see it as fascist because you are entertained by it.


But guys what if Phil is fascist!

Good taste tho tbh.

Yeah but completely earnest "leftism" in the west now is like 10 dedicated maoists and thousands of the kind of idpozzed stereotypes currently spamming "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU" at Cornell West for calling Ta-Nehisi Coates a neolib

Anyone know if Phil said anything about Jazz?

We don't see it as Fascist because it's not. Seriously, the Left needs to have more self-awareness and stop falling for the stereotype of braindead Alan Parker types who call everything Fascism, and we certainly need enough self-awareness to not become the Marxist equivalents of the 2011 tumblr girl who had immense pleasure in posting about how problematic certain movies were because in her head that absolutely shocked people into embarrassment when, in reality, no one cared.

Star wars was one of the few western films allowed in communist Romania
I dont know if it was the same in other eastern countries but they certainly didnt consider it fascist

Didn't Romania have the unironic Proto-nazbol leading the country?

Yeah we did, but we used to call it revolutionary patriotic socialism instead of nazbol

Eh, do people take Phil Greaves seriously?

Not only jazz but rock, metal and pop as well.


Mishima is great tho.

Source please.

Darth Vader was a socialist in the deep state



Why is this bullshit getting so many replies. I'm mega-butthurt my own threads languish in obscurity if this is what the free market place of chan culture rewards.

Kys then fag

I mean he's not wrong, at least in one sense of the way people use the word fascist.
People, and especially Americans, have this weird concept of morality that probably stems from puritanism where things are either good or bad. Like you're either a good person or a bad person, consuming a piece of media is either good or bad. It's a stupid way of looking at things and you know this is true at face value, but it's still very often an unexamined bias in our life. We like these nice clean boxes of good or bad.
I can't for the life of me remember where I first saw somebody make this point, but it honestly had a pretty large impact in my way of thinking, articulating this bias is very necessary if you want to ever live a life not consumed by lifestylism or completely impotent liberal self-hatred.

The point that Greaves is making (or at least the one I'm picking up, I know he's said some completely crazy shit before so afaik he might actually think that as a leftist you can't watch star wars) is completely central to critical theory (both of the cultural and societal kind).
In the thread he has a post that's highlighting the fact that chocolate is made off of backbreaking imperial oppression and exploitation, which works to highlight the fact that eating chocolate is - like most other actions you can take - at least in some sense are taking part in an exploitative relationship.

I think Phil Greaves is deliberately pissing people off by making the point in a shitty way, and I think he's also planting both of his feet straight in the bear trap that both liberals and the right have made that's called "Using the word fascism in literally any sense except to refer to nazi germany or fascist italy". but I digress.


Dubs confirm it :(

Fascists are unironically good artists tbh, and that's where they belong, in the arts, not in politics

That applies to most right-wingers.

Sounds badass, how were the military parades?

Well deserved smackdown of the pompous blowhard TNC. I can see why the neolibs would get mad.

Is Phil Greaves really a ☭TANKIE☭?
This has lots of post-colonial bs going on. How the fuck can a ☭TANKIE☭ be post-colonial?

Because modern leftism is completely incoherent.

Tankieism and Maoism are venn diagrams, why wouldn't they share postcolonialism?

Military parades were just like today but with more troops marching
Mass gatherings of people on the other hand

I haven't seen a twitter "REEEEEE" this coordinated in a while. I've even lost track of the number of people edging into calling West an uncle tom/race traitor for calling him out. Really makes you think

Most post-colonial theory was some flavor of Leninist. See Franz Fanon, Kwame Nkrumah, Walter Rodney, and so forth. Most ☭TANKIE☭s are into these guys except this shithole because y'all are run off from racist and fascist Holla Forums.

Is he saying he thinks black people are monkeys?

yeah there's also a fun take about "felix and his mossad friends". Since zionism is really more about skull shape than opinion or action

Phil Greaves is NAZBOL

he is literally right though.

jazz isn't but jazzadelic death funk is.

we live in a society with diffuse fascist tendencies.

if you aren't earnest you don't deserve to live and i say this even as i personally corrupt the past by merging genuine socdem history with ironic fascism. the fact i know what i am doing justifies my death.

markets always reward the worst things

very good post.

Except Phil means those things completely unironically. This take is on the level of "Holla Forums is secretly leftist because it makes anti-leftists look retarded"

the more of phil's thread i read the more i agree with him.
except he didn't reply to 'is wanking fascist' with 'yes' but with 'depends'
phil is fascist.

kek where does he come up with these things terms

Fuck off with that wankery. As useless as Althusser; shit "theory".

The Jedi are hereditary theocratic warmongers who kill with impunity and try to hold back society developing

Broke: Reading Mencius Moldbug, American Renaissance, The Bell Curve

Woke: Reading tamagoro doujinshi


t. fascist

All the food is fascist, all the food is fascist

I don't really get the reference/joke, but if I had to guess it's probably something fascist.
References and jokes are pretty much fascist anyway.

Adorno: Everything is fascist.
Holla Forums: he's right, you know

Foucault: Everything is fascist.
Left Twitter: omg daddy 😍😍😍

Greaves: Everything is fascist.
Holla Forums and Left Twitter: LOL WHAT A RETARD

How to Trivialize the Actual Meaning of Fascism: The Tweet

Are you new? No one on Holla Forums has actually read Adorno and he's mostly mentioned for laughs, and Foucault is vastly disparaged because "muh pomo".

Phil Greaves >>>>>>>>>>>> Rafiq

harry potter is more threatening to modern socialism than Mein Kampf.
not to mention also an indicator of shit taste (rather than simply learning difficulties.)

Since when is Adorno anything more than a meme in here.

All three people are examples of people you shouldn't take too seriously.

mild thought: everything is fascism, but i won't ever accept the alt right 'because it's amusing', but then does fascism still win if i don't intervene when an alternative group of fascists kills all the alt-right because it amuses me?

This is fucking art

That doesn't make it "Fascist". Not everything that's deserving of criticism qualifies as "Fascist".

all the trannies on twitter fucking worship foucault and it's sickening because they could've chosen a much better philosopher than him

Foucault was a dumb degenerate CIA puppet

isn't 'liberalism is fascist' a leftcom thing?

harry potter has a lot of surprisingly reactionary politics in it. (mostly a combination of bad authorship and New Labour stupidity.)
more importantly there are basically two senses something can be fascist - first there is obviously the 1930s ideology, yada yada yada, but beneath that there is a far more fundamental fascism, a sort of pure strain of the root pathology. the viral infection that causes the disease. in that latter sense everything is fascist.

similarly there are almost certainly roots that can be tracked in terms of a 'good' strain of history. or perhaps this notion of pure strains is in itself projected fascist ideology. (if only we could exterminate the bad…)

it's a smug reddit liberal opinion to get upset at things other than mussolini being called fascist. (and if you want to win on that route, hitler wasn't fascist, only mussolini and maybe mr. spanish LARP-y bonga bonga summer package holiday man.)

I think this is the real issue here. Look at who really hates the surging left wing figures like Sanders or Corbyn; it's not right wingers but centrist hardliners. The shrinking group that really loves the neoliberal order of the last few decades practices a kind of soft fascism by refusing to recognize while at the same time actively undermining the left. These are the same people that go to Game of Thrones watch parties and see Star Wars multiple times.


Isn't it just liberal agitprop?

Pic related. Semi-agree.

It glorifies petite-bourgeois life. So in a way, yes.

Correction: The sci-fi fanbase is generally fascist. A lot of sci-fi actually parodies fascism. WH40K or Starship Troopers were never meant to be taken this seriously.

I'm stealing that term.

No, but for brain dead Bordigists there's "fascism is liberalism."

That's true though.

Are you okay? Do you have brain damage?

t. fascist

Leninism =/= necessarily ☭TANKIE☭, tho.
Like, herein lies the problem for me. If you defend Soviet expansionism and sending in the tanks to put down uprisings in territory effectively controlled by the USSR, then advocating post-colonialism makes little sense.

What's the difference? It's the same reactionary, imperialist bullshit.

will to power brah, life is fascism

He's right though.

If you were a doctor and your attitude towards AIDS and cancer was that they are both the same unhealthy, sick bullshit, you would never be able to cure either.


bleep and noise is the only revolutionary music

Phil is right, everyone going "LMAO PHIL THINKS EVERYTHING IS FASCIST" is infantile.
You are no different than butthurt gamergaters and MAGA kiddies.

What does amphetamine madness feel like user

That doesn't change the fact that fascism is liberalism :^)

100% fascist
yeah somewhat feudalist, certainly elitist
not fascist, but pathetic and indulgent
they're dumb but not fascist
depends, something like starship troopers obviously is
no, fascists were deadly serious about everything
no, fascism has a sexual element but not the way pornography does


Everyone's a critic

this is blatant bs, ironism is the core of modern fascism (Trumpism, Holla Forums) and always has been.

I can't imagine how dull it is to go through life as miserable as this.

Irony is fascist. Don't make shitposts you goons!


actual fascists like golden dawn, azov battalion, nordic resistance movement are not ironic in the slightest. shitposters on Holla Forums are a different matter.

Everyone here should follow Phil Greaves and his friends on twitter. Even if you don't think he's always right, or you think he's abrasive, you are sticking your head in the sand if you refuse to admit he makes some very important and neglected points.

That's exactly what I'm saying, quit being boring. Be exciting like me.

All these counter-revolutionaries and reactionaries are just mad that they can't go on with their daily fascism under the global regime of the imperialist colonial Amerikkka.


Spotted the fascist.

and you know this how? you've read all their material? attended their meetings? there is no reason to suspect they don't use the same kind of propaganda that english-speaking fascists do.

Yep, infantile.

Phil is an upper class golfer and Redkahina is the heiress of playboytv

You aren't fooling anyone gorillaposter

fascists were deadly but the very embodiment of ironic detatchment is Not Socialist GERMAN workers PARTY // Not SocialisT german WORKERS PARTY.
in part it is the element of banal appeal to universally accepted things - the ironic detachment is the self-aware position of social norms, where we must arbitrarily follow social norms - we must amongst the rich appeal to nationhood and amongst the poor appeal to socialism - but with an element of disavowal, to hide that we believe in neither.
for every fascist who genuinely believed in 'fascist ideas' there were two who had nothing better to do, for the fun of the brawl, the various appeals of power and so on.

you have the mindset of a coward
you refuse to admit there is a fascist inside of you because that contains it's own moralistic implication that the fascist must die. instead of saying "there is a fascist inside me and i will do nothing about it" you say "there is no fascist"

within their own crowd there can be an element of this
for example, the KKK's 1990s pirouetting ("for the discriminating customer, haha")
the KKK are of course LARPer weirdos, but still.

i don't use twitter tho.

Fuck off. This nazi propaganda has been debunked years ago.


okay so i know NutSac filters to "not socialist" but why does it capitalize the first and last letter?
lesson to the kids: use bold for emphasis not caps.

Whine about television and film like a complete nonce 24/7 or you're not in the socialist club.

Being able to afford to go to country club golf course to country club golf course generally requires affluence

the filter only works on "socialis" so the rest of the word is what you say

oh so now we know where he goes to play golf on occasion??

you are a dishonest, smearing weasel.
literal fascism
(c.f. hitler's "if they have bread they will have had their socialism" spergout)

i do whine about television 24/7 because yanks took over british television and made it shit
time to post my favourite quote again
Hard to credit now, but there was once something paternalistic, almost philanthropic about the Beeb, spreading the cultural wealth of the educated classes through housing estates and comprehensive schools. This kind of evangelism rarely sits well with self-conscious champions of the lumpenproletariat, whose right to live in shit, they believe, outweighs their right to not live in shit - for some, being patronised is worse than being brutalised. But then people can be very naïve about the motivations of those who give the people what they want, relentlessly and remorselessly. And while the Corporation was sometimes guilty of gross assumptions and a very real stuffiness, I don't like to think how I might have grown up - stomping around in the middle of nowhere - had it not been for Life On Earth, or Carl Sagan's Cosmos, or James Burke's Connections, or the gentle guidance of the BBC Childrens' department. Years ago, I interviewed the men in charge of "youth programming" at Channel 4, goateed and bereted and utterly insistent that their race to the bottom was a noble crusade; they railed against the BBC's "eat-your-greens" approach, and spoke of gallons of liquid effluent, coursing through the pipes of British culture, in terms of freedom and some strange colour of egalitarianism. Here was the future, banging its drums, and even then it made me blanch. As controller of BBC2 in the late 1960s, David Attenborough had a different vision, rooted in what was, for all his personal privilege, an (enduring) belief in inclusivity. If the so-called Golden Age of Television could boast its fair share of shoddy, overlit crap – and my God, it could – at best it was truly empowering, and its passing has screwed us all to some extent. We can still choose to watch BBC Four, I suppose (assuming it's not another show where ex-NME writers smirk at Mud's trousers), but then this is an age of choices, few of which have much to do with freedom in the long term. No one's going to stumble onto culture any more, not like I did, or my dragged-up mates did. It's worse than a shame.

I mean, unless he finds a terribly watered course that's open to the public sure. Maybe he was talking about Mini Golf. We will never know

I'm not RedKahina


You kill yourself you fucker

i'm familiar with the nrm, since they put stuff out in english
irony shitposters are simply not the same as fascist stormtroopers who kill, sorry
and really, just look at any fascist movement in history. the blackshirts in italy and britain were not "ironic detached". nor were the falangist squadrons in spain. or the SS. they were all ideological fanatics. i really don't get where phil is getting this from

they were detached, though.
it's okay, you're not killing people - you're just gassing rats. it's just pest control, man.
it's okay, you're not killing people - you're just acting out a meme. it's just a joke, man. i'm an internet nerd, but i'm playing the role of a concentration camp guard - get it? isn't that ironic? isn't it funny haha.

irony lets you act while disavowing the action.

So you're basically saying you're upset with someone's jokes when they're used in the wrong tone or manner

Again, stupid. Stupid hair brained shit that makes people laugh at socialist causes because they care about what seems like the pettiest shit, when it comes to Phil and RedKahina

Are you the blackflag from that thread? Thanks dude, I spent big chunk of my day writing a reply (mainly because I deleted it accidentaly several times), which got me so angry at the end of the day that I wanted to kill myself, which just caused more self-hate which then caused my self-consciousness to basically break down. From this point I had to endure a 3 long psychotic episode where objects constantly shifted and I stepped out of my body. Seriously, fuck you.
although the whole thing ended with me accepting my father's death and rejecting my resentment towards investing energy in normal activities
still though, fuck you

detached in the sense of remorse, perhaps. doesn't mean they weren't invested in what they were doing.

Yes, the footsoldiers of fascism are not the same as its propagandists and enthusiastic followers.

incidentally since it may not be clear, the 'funny haha' part should be read as unamusing as it's written.
it isn't about actually making you laugh. memes don't have to make you laugh, they just make you go through the motions. it's about form, not content.
phil is nazbol - is it funny? maybe, maybe not. regarldess, you'll take him and anyone else from Adorno to Zappa and argue they're Nazbol because that's what the meme tells you to do. and you want to act out the meme because implicitly, collectively, this is a structure for social communication.

you're missing the point, it doesn't have to be a joke.
maybe i go outside in a fursuit - but it's ironic because i'm not a furry. except maybe i am, and that's why i'm wearing the fursuit, but my disavowal makes it okay, socially speaking. (even if people continue to judge, it serves as a rationalization mechanism.) it goes against social norms - but if i say it's ironic, that makes it okay. it's okay to do it so long as you're ironic.
it's not a joke, i am wearing a fursuit and it's not intended to amuse people, but there is an element of disavowal involved. i am not "genuinely" or "willingly" wearing a fursuit, but doing it "because" i am not the type to do it. (perhaps i am wearing it for work and use irony to convince myself that makes it okay to conduct this action.)

people get invested in irony shitposting as well, even if they pretend they don't.

Yeah, we need to get RESPECT from the imperialist media and brainwashed Holla Forumstards. We don't want to be a JOKE, do we???


Nobody said that. You really are about as nuanced as a Holla Forumsyp ironically enough

i'm sure zizek said a thing about disavowing our actions even as we conduct them, but it might have been in the video about the organic apples.

we don't believe the organic apples are good, but we still pay extra because we can imagine they're good, and this absolves us of the guilt of participating in consumerism by buying stupid fruits.

Why would people laugh at jokes? I DON'T UNDERSTAND


bet this fascist doesn't even spend unreasonable amount of times in GIMP making memes.

ironic Holla Forumsposting is still Holla Forumsposting you disingenuous fuck


You're just shitposting and strawmanning. KYS you stupid fuck.

people laugh at the left because we make funny memes: this is good and revolutionary propaganda for the 21st century
people laugh at the left because we call star wars fascism: this is bad and will make people laugh at the left

goddamn phil is fucking amazing

of course we live in fascism, even lolberts understand this.

fucking KULAKS must die.

No, the whole narrative of Star Wars is fascist.

being a white cishetero male is fascist

fucking retard, sounds like your average rothbardian kiddie who thinks anything besides privatisation is socialism

The "Rebels" are pretty much the Whites from the Russian Civil War. A ragtag collection led by toppled nobility, monarchists and theocratic leaders who inherited their positions by their special blood and have unique powers that the dumb plebs don't. As the prequels showed, the universe equivalent of the bourgeoisie were the "secessionists" who wanted to develop commerce.

The Empire in the original trilogy is portrayed as a centralised entity that nationalises the economy with a unified mass army backing them up, that relies on technology rather than anything mystical. Maybe it's reaching but it's not hard to see them as a Stalinist boogeyman.

That is a hard reach indeed because the original trilogy does not elaborate on the state of the Imperial economy at large.

Well that's up for debate
The footsoldiers like Reserve Police Battalion 101 certainly enforced fascism. But again, irony didn't really come into it.

No? ”Everything is fascism” is a classic M-L take, Russians and Russias friends still sometimes do the ”our enemies = fascists” thing due to that history

The Empire are pretty clearly supposed to be the fascists though, it’s everywhere in their iconography.

The Empire is hardly even made to look that bad in general. Its just space military aesthetics and ruthlessness towards the rebels (+ an uncaring attitude towards the civilians who get in the way + ruthlessness towards their own men when they step out of line)

…that really does work as a stalinist bogeyman, tbf

The only other thing is, I suppose, implied racism

It's not just open neolib hillbots tho. I've seen a lot of rose emojis jump on this.

Yea, in the new rebel one film they actually named some ”extremist” rebel leader ”Saw Gerrera” - an obvious Che Guevara reference (and they admitted that, too)

sometimes wonder what the real difference is between professional media and deviantart fanfiction

i mean that is fucking cringe level writing, so what are we left with? production values? spell-check?


This means nothing in the analysis of whether or not Star Wars is fascist. In fact, a bourgeois media class attempting to derail rising socialist consciousness would actually benefit from everyone confusing and conflating fascist mythology with socialism.

That's just a trick of the camera. It could easily be suggested that Star Wars is just a "written by the victors" story.

liberals also love Che Guevara IRL and wear his shirts. it's the aesthetic of revolution that is claimed, not actual revolution.

Fam, the Empire is fascist because they look like fascists. That's pretty much the depth of their characterisation.

Except there was no revolution and the old elites did not lose their privileges.

Its a liberal anti-fascist fantasy, if anything. Fascists take over due to a crisis, liberal ultra-capable people take the Empire down just because they’re such good people

If we include the new movies in the ”analysis”, I do think the Rebel One Guevara bullshit matters.
Its a further attempt to hammer in the viewers faces that our main guys are good, reasonable liberal democratic people, not like these extremists who have good intentions in fighting fascists but do bad things.

They literally call them stormtroopers and the Empire is overtly pro human anti-alien

Holy shit it all makes sense now

Damn this thread is a fucking embarrassment. It’s not even fun, all these post-post ironists pretending to be sincere about believing about Grave’s shitposting and just all-round Cold takes


he genuinely has a point. the immediate 'b-but it's not mussolini' response highlights the exact problem perfectly.
that everyone replying to him on twitter is really reddit and clearly defending the honor of their precious consumerist entertainment (without saying "it's fascist and i don't care") doesn't help though.

Star Wars is garbage and so are Greaves' claims.

If you lack the terminology to be clear, you need to put in some effort to explain what you mean.
That ”genuine point” comes off as cheap trolling at best, a horrible antiquated propaganda take at worst.
There’s nothing good about redefining words from their most common meaning and then making fun of the people who don’t understand.

the radcen take

to be fair the most common meaning of fascism is "anything the author dislikes unless they are a self-identified fascist"
trying to then be all prescriptivist about muhsolini then adds the confusion.

Actually, the mass culture of America does exactly the opposite of promoting these values, which is what enables people to be good "anti-racist, anti-war, progressives" and still support American capitalism.

Shit on Greaves all you want but he's clearly calling them oblivious to their own racism on this tweet. Don't be disingenuous.

The ☭TANKIE☭ is now suddenly aware that nazis aren't very different to him

But wasn’t a big part of R1 all the sketchy shit that the rebels were doing? Hence why they included the one intelligence agent who went around assassinating his own sources after he found out what he wanted to know.

the Nazis in star wars are the Jedi. An elite racially noble paramilitary force that kills all enemies of the state. Essentially the Waffen-SS.

This. The force is very reactionary.

I can't tell whether he's mentally ill or cointelpro

Apathy is death.


You're an opportunist idiot.

tru. He was the first leftist I ever followed on twitter.

Our guy


Phil & co. are noted conspiracy theorists. The scummiest of "twitter leftism."

Not really, because almost nobody takes them seriously.
The real danger is all the fucking trannies that plague Left Twitter.

If you're not a "conspiracy theorist," then you're a fucking idiot.

Conspiracy AND Class Power - Michael Parenti
Is this really him?

no, obviously not.

what a shitfest

Phil is sincere and he doesn't beg for patreon money. He his automatically better than 99% of Left Twitter. (Bonus that he is a normal working guy too i.e not a hysterical indecent student tranny)

Seems like people get triggered more by the plausible conspiracies. Also some of the criticism of his conspiracies are pretty clearly from people with no historical knowledge of just how brutal the history of capitalism is.
He still presents them as gospel instead of speculation which is a little crazy, but not that crazy imoh

wtf I love trads now


Phil Greaves is the purest communist imaginable.

Google Phil Greaves

you sound like a rampant shitposter desu

Fake news

he's been more accurate on Syria than literally anyone else I've seen on twitter

if you can't read arabic then sure

On second thought that's not actually true, The Jedi are a mandatory volcel cult that recruits kids and brainwashes indoctrinates them to stamp out heresy with violence and murder if necessary, I would say they're more like the Jesuits.

This, Phil and his whole gang are clearly applying ML theory correctly, because they are always years ahead of everyone else in their predictions and analysis.

Obviously being able to read Arabic would help in getting information faster, but it doesn't give anyone a magic boost in Marxist theory or analysis. There are still plenty who can read/speak Arabic and support Al Qaeda.

I just mean there are arabic language accounts better than him, not that all arabic language accounts are better (some are obviously godawful)

I have no doubt there are such accounts and sources, and I think Phil would be the first to defer to them. See his respect and deference towards Hassan Nasrallah.

The joke

your head

Someone please explain to me why Star Wars is fascist

What the fuck are you talking about? The military in those stories is constantly portrayed as incapable of dealing with any threats, and even obstructive bureaucrats that prevent the hero from saving the day. And the idea of a single great hero saving the day isn’t a fascist idea. Stop calling anything you don’t like fascist like some ignorant teenager, oh wait.

Not real socialism then.

It really didn't seem like a joke given previous posts, anyways:

ayyy lmao

Huh, black nationalist gets dissed by intersectional psychotic. Call me when they start killing each other. We might be able to get something done.


It's called "The Alliance to Restore the Republic".

No, it's just liberal propaganda against their cold war enemies.

Jesus fuck is he a troll or what
"Marxists can't enjoy lord of the rings but should accept syria and venezuela as socialism"
Has he ever read a book? Does he kniw what marxism is?

LOTR is fascist as fuck, have you seen how fascists revere the "orcs vs elves and human" narrative?

This is also true.

There's a great book that inverts LOTR from a socialist perspective called The Last Ringbearer

Why is this thread bump locked?

only in UC pre-Remnant, which is no longer canon

word count

How is porn fascist?

Everything is fun meme gets a new take.