Rian Johnson has created a leftist cinematic masterpiece

Star Wars Episode VIII is
it redpills cinemagoers on the -military-industrial complex and doesn't softball its leftist message. Each character shows a moral amiguity showing that we are all potential allies to the revolution, even the villain Kylo Ren is shown to be simply misled and uninformed. The only universally evil characters: Snoke(representing imperialism), capitalist weapons dealers(representing US arms dealers selling weapons to Israel and the highest bidder tearing up the Middle East). This is the first Hollywood film I'd call an ally to socialism. Let's get the word out on Holla Forums and turn it into the latest 'kino' film. It will work because apparently it pissed off beta losers who say it ruined their childhood or something, Holla Forums loves to be contrarian.(OP also defends Jeff Bezos lol)

I've said this on Holla Forums, Holla Forums, Holla Forums, /tg/, and /strek/, so I'll say it on Holla Forums:
Star Wars is for children.

Sorry, Mickey, nobody wants to watch your shitty movie.

It's liberal as fuck. Animal abuse is implied to be just as bad as or worse than child slavery for fuck's sake.

Why are droids treated like shit through the movies then? I love Star Wars, but you're trying too hard OP.

The dirtbag left got a shout out in the form of that hacker character. Pretty much the only real leftist element in the entire movie.

Just watched it today. Was fun enough. But, yeah, they're pretty much implying Chewie going vegan because dem faggy birds are qt's.

There's nothing socialist about it.

Anti-imperialism =/= socialism.

The bad guys in the prequels were just a conglomeration of every corporate/capitalist boogeyman in existence but shit movies make for shit propaganda

and it doesn't help that the message is undercut when every other character is hand-crafted to sell millions of plushies

is this a Holla Forums raid? feels like divide and conquer tactics. The movie was obviously socialist.

The republic is imperialist so it isn't even anti-imperialist. It's just liberal.



I bet you didn't even watch TLJ. Or you're a Holla Forums shill. Fuck off.

internationalist =/= imperialist. This isn't a nationalist board. Use one of the many Asserist/Nazbol boards.

I torrented it. It was not even worth the space on my computer, let alone my hard-earned cash.

It's a shit movie by shit people. The mouse must die.

I thought the movie was alright. A part of me was kind of disappointed it wasn't a mindless fanwank. I think deep down I wanted that- to see Luke shit on people left and right, to see Lando again, to have a crazy Lightsaber battle.

But I cant be upset with what I got. There were so many touching scenes in this, the Yoda scene struck out to me the most, and I loved the ending Luke sequence.

come on

Mouseketeers please leave


Star Wars was always pro-liberal. Lucas himself is a lib.

Benicio Del Toro's character was /our guy/. Thus why the #resistance writers tried so hard to villify him.

Since my argument was about if they would make good agitprop or not, it's pretty much irrelevant what your super special opinion is on them. Most people dislike them and remember bad things about them which make them bad for spreading any agenda.

The prequels are bad anyway. Not that the the original trilogy is some kind of masterpiece tho. SW is overrated as fuck.

This is all I wanted to see too.

I like Hux because he reminds me of Holla Forums


It's a yrash movie though, and not mildly leftist. Sage.

t. Mouse-loving porkyfag

ye the part was when yoda appeared out of ass nowhere to go "lol smoke weed u will every day master skywalker" and blew up the only library on an entire planet was pretty leftist