The Global Economy Is Partying Like It’s 2008

He might have added that this bubble has hardly been confined to the sovereign bond market. Indeed, stock values are at lofty heights that have been reached only three times in the last century. At the same time, housing bubbles are all too evident in countries like Australia, Britain, Canada and China, while interest rates have been driven down to unusually low levels for high-yield debt and emerging-market corporate debt.



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There's no getting off of Mr. Bone's bubbly ride.

I hope it all crashes into the ground.
I'm so tired. I just want the ride to be over.

let it burn


nightmare scenario: global crash occurs, military backed by billionaires steps in and imposes global fascist dystopia as ruling classes of all nations unite to consolidate power

Go home Kautsky, you're drunk.

This will be the eventual outcome. I just want it to happen soon because it would at least mean my death and the end of the suffering.

i'm drunk all day today, what was it? don't hate mondays, hate capitalism?

What a feeling, what a rush.

From someone who came of age during the worst of the Great Recession, I can tell you it won't be exciting. Just depressing. I lost my first real job when my employer went bankrupt

Also, if you like manga and anime start looking into torrenting as much shit as you can because when all of those licence holders can't meet payroll they're going to be scrambling for any revenue they can squeeze out of freeloaders like me

can't wait
while i must admit to having a sort of cargo cult mentality towards this, in historical terms, we need another massive crash to finally push things into the direction of the future - i.e. the new response to neoliberalism, which has slowly been building itself up over time. (or to translate "jeremy corbyn forcing a stalemate still makes me unreasonably optimistic") the crisis will destroy incumbent undesirable governments leaving the framework for a left-leaning interventionist response open. even where governments of the left are destroyed, they will be governments of the old way of thinking - and the replacement 'right' governments will adopt the new solutions to our economic problems.

Oh no, I'm horrified. I just want to get out of the US before it hits.

what the fuck can they do against pirate anime sites, literally nothing, it's a decentrilized network of subbers, and neckbeards with terabytes of anime in their hard drives, it's like how they have been trying to close library genesis for years, and everytime the people that run it laugh in the face of america, and library genesis is literally the most important site on the internet, without it i would have a degree or a publication, if you are gonna worry about the closing of those illegal science sites instead, what worries you more, anime becoming neoliberal, or science becoming neoliberal?

I din't think it's going to be a massive collapse scenario. My bet is on a graduated decline over the next decade or so until the US is like Argentina

My guess is that they'll get trigger happy with C&Ds or lawsuits targeted against end users


I should add that for your flavour of the month stuff it won't matter, you'll always get torrents for that. But for obscure series with less support or older stuff it'll hasten link rot

I doubt it will affect streaming sites much which is what I rely on for series that I can't find torrents of.

someone should take the fall, the reason particular science articles don't get lost in libgen every time someone takes it down it's because they are one single gigantic database, the people that run it are chased by burger police and fbi, and they just take it elsewhere, someone should go ahead and do that with anime. And i don't know if it's gonna get as bad as suits, it's literally imposible to suit everyone, and no neither anime nor science have totally descended into neoliberalism yet, you can still cite pirated articles, and you can still ented kissanime, a full neoliberal nightmare wouldn't have either

We're already entering the neoliberal geohell in stages tbh. My old uni couldn't afford to pay subscriptions to over 500 journals and had to cancel.


The absolute state of people these days. Just yolo all your money into cryptocurrencies and ETFs. If you really think a bubble is around the corner, you will have much bigger problems on your hands than losing some money in a correction. If not you'll be rich.


Can't wait to die in a turf war between the telecom monopoly and the worker owned fracking cooperative.

just use gogoanime as it allows adblock

May I suggest sci-hub as an alternative?

My heart goes out to all of you. Though on the bright side, perhaps we'll see another movement like OWS? Before it got subverted ofc.

OWS was controlled oppo from the beginning.

What would be the point? OWS went to shit the very moment the feds realized it was gaining serious traction. College liberalism is literally designed to ruin leftist politics.

Hi OP,

We are indeed headed for another U.S. recession although I'm still working on specifics at this point.

The banks and major corporations seem to be aware of what's coming, based on their public statements and investment strategy.

I've been dumping info here:

this looks good user, and the board is interesting to

kissanime also allows for adblock, just use ublock instead

nigga what the fuck do you think library genesis is, literally a collection of all scihubs, plus terabytes of aditional knowlege, i couldn't shill for it harder, it's literally the best thing ever to happen to science

i guess just the message that people are still outraged and willing to take action

How do you guys plan to prevent capitalism from degenerating into barbarism?

We need to go deeper.

clean up your board, then we can talk

We are already overdue for the largest bubble pop in history of capitalism.

The system is so critically stable it can be set off by a bullet in the right target, like Mohammad bin Salman.

Ready for what? Nobody even mentioned nigh inevitable WW3 yet.

Oh shit I hope I get my IT degree before the second great depression

I regret it every day, and I fail to do it every day.
Fear of missing out vs fear of losing my investment.

buy a gun

That's rather undialectical of you.

Without a mass consumer base, from whence comes bourgeois wealth? And without their wealth, from whence comes their power? A part of the current instability is that the mass consumer base is as impoverished as it already is. What are they going to do when what's left of it is wiped out?

Remember, the master is more dependent on the slave than the slave is dependent on the master.

Theme for conservatives, liberals and reformist socialists:

Theme for accelerationists:

there is only one accelerationist theme song

Bitcoin is a bubble itself though my dude

For those stuck behind the paywall

then kys


Yeah I don't know why so many people here think the next bubble burst is going to turn USA into full blown Mussolini Italy or something. If anything all signs are pointing to an ultra socially liberal, neo-keynesian revolution led by groups like the Democratic Cops of America, which is obviously full of problems in its own right, but not Christian Fascism or whatever else.

Theme for REAL (not poseur) accelerationists

You're being too optimistic. Both things will happen at the same time, a turn towards pink radicalism (here to mean a lukewarm kind of sucdem with idpol characteristics) in the cities and the coasts, and a fully reactionary populism in the "heartland". And they will have to fight it out, with a neoliberal establishment and military still doing their own thing.

I really don't think so. Again I'm not saying this is a victory for us, if anything it's detrimental, but the Democrats have shown in Alabama recently that, even if its by a tiny margin, they can convince enough of the voting blocs they need (blacks, LGBT, women etc) that Bannonite Republicans are literally the end of the world for them and for the country and to vote for the "lesser evil." This comes on the heels of a shitload of Democratic Cops of America candidates winning seats in the South, particularly in Virginia.

Reactionary populism had its shot and is pretty much nuking itself right now. After Charlotesville the alt-right cucks started fighting amongst themselves and mass media and social media outlets started cracking down pretty heavily on right wingers, including many of the populists.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that plenty of reactionary Republicans will hold their seats and many new ones WILL be elected, but they will be a minority. The fight will be between neoliberal Democrats, Democratic Cops of America succdems, and whatever OWS-type movement emerges in the fallout of the crash itself. I don't know why this analysis makes me "optimistic" it's honestly a pretty bleak outlook for anyone on the actual Left. The original New Deal and its political adherents did more to kill the Left in the USA than neoliberalism (including opening the door for neoliberalism in the 70s with Carter's various failures and the general failure of Keynesianism to combat stagnation). I'm not trying to say "Succdem revolution is the best we can hope for" if anything it's equally as shit as the reactionaries taking charge just in a different way. I'm just trying to extrapolate the current trends to said crisis

First white U.S civilians killed with a drone strike similar to MOVE bombing is the beginning of the end for the U.S government

Just imagine a seattle or new hampshire neighbourhood full of precious white flattened like this, you would instantly see blood on the streets and probably a large defection of the armed forces.

You're reading too much into the Alabama race I think. The Republicans had to run a confirmed pedo to lose that race.
Anyway, in the very near term, the Republican is going to go through a crisis, but you have to think a bit longer therm than just 2018 and 2020. In the near future, the neoliberal wing of the Republicans will likely be absorbed by the Democrats, unless they take a hard left turn (not impossible, depends on how they try tor reform themselves). The Reactionary political force will be the rump that is left of the Republican party, and they will act more like a rabid dog than actually have power at a national level, until there is another crisis the traditional elites can't fix. A war or something.

I don't disagree with any of this but it doesn't actually refute my thesis

I think I'm going to get a McJob just to support my drinking again. Good time to take up the bottle again?

A bunch of lifestylist anprim morons got killed. No loss.



I think you overestimate how loyal a lot of the armed forces and police forces are to their paychecks

who will start ww3?, will it be america?, what will it cause it?, who will be in the axis this time?, russia?, nk?, america?


So what happens this time when the market crashes? What's gonna be the gov response? Trump and his team are too incompetent to implement classically fascist ideas– you have to actually improve the conditions of the working class for that to work.
Will there be a bail-in? Will the crash really be as bad as everyone says?

I honestly don't think it's too out there to think that the United States might turn into a factional struggle in the next crisis. Don't get me wrong, it might not be a full blown Syria or Somalia or something like that, but as you say Trump is too incompetent to be a true fascist (and he doesn't give a shit about being one anyway) and the Democrats are too dependent upon the same corporate cash as the Republicans now to offer any real solutions (see Obama making the problems worse in the long run).

The country is already about as factional as it can get without civil war breaking out. Even if it is brief I think we're going to see some violent clashes between groups. Perhaps some socialist organizing will emerge but not in any substantial way

As anons have predicted on here before, I wouldn't be surprised if any new crisis led to new technocracy-with-a-human-face rule, where corporations essentially smarten up, and pave the way for more competent Zuckerberg types, who'll "try to get politics out of your hair" by passing a New Deal type program that'll passify both "left" and "right" groups, forming a centrist single-party.

I can certainly see 70s styled terrorism coming back to America, and that's honestly what I'm basically expecting, the '70s, not the '30s. But I also don't know my economics that well, so maybe this upcoming crash is as bad as some people are saying.

same thing as last time, bailouts and increasing social unrest in the population, setting the stage for the implosion of the US in the 2020s

It's the scale of it. The 08 crash was caused by housing alone, this time around you have multiple larger bubbles including Tech, Auto, City pensions, State pensions, education, etc

The thing is that it can't continue indefinitely. Even if megacorps get "smart" their neoliberal logic doesn't allow them to go welfare enough to effectively pacify the populace. No matter how good people like Zuckerberg or Bezos get at pretending to give a shit deep down they are way too porky to actually do something like the New Deal. Hell half of them only suggest UBI so they can have an excuse to gut social security and other entitlements.

There's going to have to be a complete rebuilding of government or else a prolonged period of civil war and crisis. The USA can't just continue with its system indefinitely bailing out banks and pretending as if a new FDR has emerged every 8-16 years, people are already largely giving up on the Democrats

I would suspect massive social unrest and low level civil conflict/war will occupy a lot of the US by the mid 2020s. Some areas won't suffer at all, while others will be considerably worse.
Another recession given the current real estimates of unemployment in the US is a stress the country can't hold given the current governing body.

Only way for this to happen is revolution or coup

We know how to properly manage crises these days though. Governments have had enough experience and I'm sure there are already plans in place for the next one after 2008.

Of course it's unsustainable, that's never been the question. The big question is how much longer the US can continue these cycles, and if this upcoming one is the final one, or at least a major turning point. The fact that Trump's going to be office when it happens leaves me to think that the cycle will happen at least two or three more times. Citizen confidence could be gained if/when the whole thing gets blamed on Trump and his ilk, allowing some Obama type to come in again and start the whole thing over again. I just don't know.

My man

Would you rather think ruling class will risk revolution or would you dare to expect they will step so low as to engineer a world war to cull the surplus worker population…

Killed on the Job: 2016 Was Deadliest in Years for U.S. Workers


So if the economy crashes, it's probably going to be the deadliest year for workers since the 70's.

Yeah. It's called "let's get behind pseudo-Left dictator to solve all problems with gang violence, but solve only those of the Capitalists".

Nobody engineers World Wars. It's just Bourgeoisie uses ultra-nationalist rhetoric to pacify people (we are one nation; nobody will divide us), has military complex running amok, and has a lot of monopolies whose interests are in conflict with interests of other nations. Consequently, problems tended to be externalized and the first response to any external conflict tended to be more and more militaristic. That's what was going on before WWI and WWII.

buying now is a terrible idea
if you want to tide yourself over, remember you probably wouldn't withdraw now if you'd invested in the past, you'd try and hold on for even crazier gains and the end result would be finding yourself on the bottom of the heap with the other slowpokes when the souffle implodes.

sometimes think the future is setting me up for a "hell = paradise" situation where we get a new keynesian (i.e. new | keynesian, not "new keynesian" as in paul krugman.) economic consensus combined with a consensus that politics should be fought on issues, delivering basically the economic policies i want but turning all political parties into internet tier LARPing while the unelected and educated continue to steer the elected and economically illiterate politicians.

You did read some theory right user?

I would have. But the problem is I would have pulled out when they were 2k a few years ago. The only thing that keeps me from killing myself for not jumping on the bitcoin train when they were a few bucks a pop is knowing I would have already squandered them long before this insane bubble.

Also, the fact that bitcoins are apparently really hard to actually sell. Speculative value of 15k doesn't necessarily translate to real value, if you can't actually find a buyer for your over inflated bullshit asset. If you had 10,000 bitcoins, then sure, you'd be a multi millionaire- if you could sell them all. But I think it's unlikely you'd be able to dump all of them before it bursts.

Irrelevant. If you have a lot of dry stuff and occasional sparks flying, fire will come:

Everybody will be Axis. We don't have USSR to save our asses. It will be Fascists vs Fascists.

what the fuck I love finance now

But we have Venezuela and Cuba user

What they tried in the 70's is what put us where we are now (neoliberalism i.e monopoly capitalism)

clickbait, this exact article has been written 100 million times since 2008

fucking sage and i can't believe this shit isn't anchored

This is why dialectics are shit.

that people predict 15000 of the last 1 recessions doesn't mean that 1 isn't going to happen.

while there are a bunch of reasons it's bad economics to say "recessions happen like every decade and it's nearly been a decade…", nonetheless recessions happen like every decade and it's nearly been a decade.

Thought I would post this here so as not to create a new thread about basically the same topic:

Hey, you know what's worse than your consumer base having no money? Your consumer base being fucking dead.

Yeah, the "insight" you get from dystopian sci-fi novels and knee-jerk paranoia is so much better.

So Cockshott?

Occupy Wall Street failed because it wasn't a literal military occupation tbh, only armed protests work, buy gunz, buy ammo, buy food, insurgency is the only way to fight the CIA

No Bookchin.

It's all going to come crashing down when the fed raises interest rates, or when poor people finally realize that the low interest interest rates just allowed the rich people to buy EVERYTHING

Every notice why there are so many mergers and acquisitions these days? It's because the low interest rates make it so easy to do a leveraged buyout. The consolidation is good for equity markets in the short term, but in the long term, it's going to lead to everything becoming a monopoly or at least an oligopoly (like we see with news). This is what happens if interest rates stay this low for a long time

In the other scenario, rising interest rates will make it easier for banks to borrow money from people rather than the government. All the rich people have all their money in equities right now because they make nothing from the money itself. This will cause a mass exodus out of equities and into more cash-based investment vehicles, which will trigger a second great depression

So the way I see it, we have two futures under the current capitalist system: either some oligopolistic hellscape, or another economic depression. There's not even a way to protect against the second scenario because of the whole "funny money" thing, hence the rising interest in cryptocurrencies

I bet if Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi wins the Libyan election it'll trigger a crash tbh

This will literally be the 2nd american civil war though

tbh the bourgeoisie seem absolutely dedicated to demonstrating in live action the need for the socialization of investment.
i.e. private investors seem completely dedicated to placing money where it is least productive, instead of seeking the genuine profits available from investing in productive enterprise. Given a choice between visiting a casino and owning a factory, it would seem the modern capital-holder would prefer the former each time.

But, man, peace and love maaan. We did it at Woodstock maaaan.

What are you implying about Cockshott?

Why would there be an Axis? Might as well be asking who'll be the Triple Entente or the Fourth Coalition Against Napoleon this time. It's just strangely anachronistic.

bud i wanna know who the bad guys are xddd

Good luck when the proles aren't carroted to keep up civilization infrastructure anymore. Love to see porky get off his fat ass to do it or make the baby killers get their hands dirty involving real work and not murder.

Anyone who reads or links to such neoliberal shitrags should be permabanned from this board

Literally trump supporter brainlet thinking

NY times is nice because it's literally the mouth piece of the CIA/State department

So when they're saying it you know it's true

You really need to learn how media works. Yes the CIA does heavily process the majority of mainstream media. But they intentionally leave room for articles like this so that they can have an easier time arguing that they DON'T use mainstream papers and TV channels as propaganda.

For instance a lot of the time stories about topics such as the fight for 15 or an antiwar protest WILL get reported but will simply be covered less and in a more monotonous way.

The point is that sometimes something is written in mainstream papers that is true and there's nothing wrong with using it as a source in that instance. If you think literally everything all the time in mainstream news is always CIA propaganda just because it is a majority of the time you're falling for the stupid Alex Jones type generalizations that make antiestablishment politics look bad

No you idiot, the contents of this article are factual because it's not a propaganda piece. A neutral state of the economy piece like this is just reporting on existing information. This is middle of the road stuff, no interests either way - so it's true.

How long until it happens? I need 4 or 5 years to get my life together :(

Venezuela is capitalist, its like saying we'll have UK when Labour wins elections. Cuba - sure, but they dont even have natural resources, and will be invaded by the US whenever its possible. I would count on China more, maybe people there will uncuck themselves at some point.

That was my point so I'm not sure what we're arguing about

It may take at least another year because for a full crash to happen the Republican tax cuts and several other things are going to have to take effect completely. But I doubt it will take another 4 or 5 years comrade, these are accelerationist times

But the fact that these are accelerationist times is why it is likely to take another 4 or 5 years

Probably within the next year or so due to Fed raising rates

If my mom was dead then I would have been declined on my student loans. Nowadays I just settle for paying them late before they get an extra fee charged on them.

I just gotta say how much the above warms my black heart. May the US government burn.

Why do people still believe this when 2008 showed they wont do anything?

You're talking about something else. The low interest rates and rich people buying everything is the alternative to another large recession - it is simply the current economic zeitgeist taken to its logical conclusion. In this scenario the economy never experiences a full crash, but instead a few large conglomerate control everything, and poor people are left to pick up the scraps - essentially the scenario where "UBI" wins out and the wealthy technocrats enslave the 90% of society unable to productively contribute to the new economy

This is an entirely novel scenario, quite unlike 2008

Which is what I said in the beginning, so why did you come at me like I needed to learn how the media worked? That was really patronizing dude and came off arrogant

Sure, tell me that after I finish my thesis

I want to see a more widespread rising of open distrust of capitalist institutions (and their fascist enforcers) spread among the normies. I want to see farmers instinctively distrust the police, I want to see steelworkers see tax cuts for the wealthy as the hollowing out of the country, I want to see nurses tire of endless racial and identity squabbling

Doubt I'll get it but hey, you let me sit on santa's knee and that's what I did

The bourgeois elite doesn't need intelligence agencies to control the mainstream media because it already own it.

In France, a handful of billionaires owns all the most influential newspapers, private TV and radio stations in the country :
- Serge Dassault, worth $16.1 billions, 57th richest person of the world, sells military planes and engineering software and own Le Figaro (and is a Republican senator)
- Patrick Drahi, worth $13 billions, 92th richest person of the world, is the chairman of Altice, a major Euro telecom provider, and coincidentally manage BFM, Libération, L'Express and RMC
- Vincent Bolloré, worth $5.2 billons, is the chairman of Vivendi, which includes Canal+, Direct8, iTélé, as well as Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Dailymotion, N+ and 12% of shares in Mediaset (Berlusconi's media empire)
- Xavier Niel, worth $8.1 billions, own 85% of Le Monde with a multi-millionaire, Matthieu Pigasse, who is specialized in "left-wing"/liberal media like L'Obs, Rue89, Les Inrocktuptibles, and the local editions of the Huffington Post and Vice
- Martin Bouygues is another billonaire who sells construction and telecom stuff, and also own TF1, the French FOX News.

It is headache-inducing to try to figure out who own what, but you have to understand that all the things I cited comprise like 75% of the French privately-owned media, revenue-wise, and all these people went to the same schools together, live in the same Parisian suburbs, they know who to contact at the Elysée, and so on.

tl;dr : you may not know who Jeff Bewkes is, but Donald Trump surely knows where he lives in Greenwich, Connecticut

2016: deadliest year for workers
2026: deadliest year for capitalists
save your rubles boys, the soviet union gon RISE AGEN

The ride never ends, it just moves on

sorry i hurt your feelings user :3

except there's literally documented cases of the CIA directly influencing the media though my dude, even someone as anti-conspiracy theory as Chomsky has noted this repeatedly. Intelligence organizations are led by bourgies themselves, why wouldn't they use them and collaborate with porky to influence the media?

Surely that won't be another shit economy crash in just 10 years right?



All I'm saying is that, in most of cases, the bourgeoisie doesn't need the CIA, it can just threaten to fire journalists who want to go against the grain, etc.

"Deep state" is just a buzzword Americans like to throw around nowadays, a signifier to not take the person who uttered it seriously, same as "fake news".

sage because it's unrelated to OP

All "Deep State" means is a force within a nation that makes decisions who isn't the immediately visible federal government. It empirically does exist in the United States