Rad-Centrist/Aut-right Conference implodes before it even begins

Quick rundown on some fun shit that just happened in the Aut-right/rad-cent communities

But then things began to go wrong
But it gets even worse

Post yfw the Aut-right and rad-cents just got taken for a ride for tens of thousands of dollars for an event that imploded before it even began

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I wish all rightists were as dumb and incompetent as the aut-right.

I always love these types of things because the people who seem to be bitching about Jews and the like always try their hardest to fuck over other people.

They are not even trying

fucking golden. Are they really this fucking incompetent about everything

Fucking hell these people can't do anything right

Yeah, and we all know what "free speech" is code for these days.
This all "centrist" and "classical liberal" thing is just assholes pretending to be the enlightened and highly marketable center when in reality they're just run of the mill right wingers.

I swear 2017 is the year where everything went wrong for the aut-right. I guess its karma for putting a zionist in office.

I'm not okay with censoring aut-right losers because then we'd never get to see them eternally btfo themselves

So yeah
I guess all the event will be now will just be a bunch enlightened radical centrists and a few lolbertarians sucking each other off considering the fact that most of the Aut-right speakers seem to have jumped ship and taken their fans with them

So what's the event name/where's the info on it imploding? I'm finding stuff on the Kilroy event, is that it?


so CF scammed a bunch of alt-center and and alt-right e-celebs? Isn't this just a repeat of Milo's college scholarship scam?

I didn't know Bat'ko, Contrapoints and Xoroxy were far-right.

There is absolutely zero evidence that any of those people were invited

I can respect a good scam.

Bat'ko and Contrapoints are balls-deep into this drama judging from the leaked discord shit, Xeroxy likely as well.

Also, someone pls correct me if I'm wrong, I don't want to believe that some of our guys hang out with outright fascists like Kraut and Thunderf00t.

Are they? I don't believe they're involved tho.

The other team's special skill is making memes with ms paint, and other team thinks they are radical for having no opinion about anything at all. With those powers combined, I am surprised to see this fail.

I think you're confusing events. OP is about that free speech convention that no leftists were invited to and the discord drama is kraut trying to put together a team of anti-racists to take down the race realist part of the aut-right.

Not that I've seen Contra in either, and batko was there but pretty inactive.

but bat'ko IS far right.

whats a "rad-cent"?

What is this Kraut drama about anyways? It keeps getting brought up in my timeline on twitter but I don't want to sit through hours worth of streams for some e-drama BS. As far as I can piece together the alt-right had ears in his server and found out some of them were doxing. Now the alt-right is using this to try to delegitimatize everybody in the server, shutting down any conversation to be had about race realism.

did they at least get an extra hour in the ballpit?

Idk I think being called a nazi hits a sore spot for him for some reason so he decided to go super far out of his way to differentiate himself from race realists, and set up a dedicated discord where he invited every non-autright youtube "scientist" and commentator to help him take down race realist arguments. It's one of those things where I could technically be behind the cause of the person behind it and the methods weren't so painfully autistic.

More specifically for drama is that, because it's an online politics discord, more specific personal info came up about people who they thought were attacking them for whatever reason. You know, standard gay online drama shit. None of it that I've seen was worth all this hysteria but maybe I'm missing something

Nobody will get the reference without looking it up.

How is bat'ko far right?


DashCon wasn't that long ago, comrade. Plus a good handful of people here are former GG-ers.

Thunderf00t is a fascist now?

right-liberals who think they have no ideology and are only interested in the 'real true facts'

Okay so apparently they were sharing this.

Turns out the 'skeptics' are all friendly with a con-artist with ties to Richard Spencer. Kraut should have been unapologetic about this and just released the info on this snake. There isn't anything wrong with unveiling someone for being a shady liar. If these guys want to act like they don't have anything to do with the alt-right then they should support him on this. Of course there would be people calling you a hypocrite and a doxxer, but then how are they any different for violating his privacy and releasing his private conversations? His channel is done for now anyways, so why not go out in a blaze of glory?

It seem's as though their community is eating itself and the alt-right is using this drama to their advantage. I doubt there will be much in the way of opposition to the alt-right from them in the future. In response to this in a recent video Sargon said the alt-right is not a 'legitimate' target and in a stream with millennial woes he even said he would side with fascists to fight 'SJWs'. I worry that the young people that eat up the shit he says will become even more reactionary as a result.

Non-American and legal brainlet here. What is a "non-disclose statement", what are the implications and why did the aut-rightists get mad when they learned about it?

Non-disclosure agreement is a contract that says you won't talk about something before the guy who wrote the contract allow you to talk about it. It's commonly used in movie reviews or game reviews or stuff like that; companies give reviewers access to a product early, with the caveat that they're not allowed to tell anybody about anything they've seen until a certain date, usually a few weeks before release. It's seen as shady if it is used to hide something, like a company refusing to allow reviews to be released until opening day, by which time people have already bought opening day tickets since nobody told them it's a piece of shit. Or in this case, an event like this shouldn't need one at all, so it makes it seem like they're hiding something shady or something and they don't want people to talk about it.

Thanks, this makes sense. Did the organizers actually have something to hide, in the end?

As per typical aut right, they can't organize shit

What fascist things have they done, fellow r/socialism comrade? Have they played video games where you need functioning hands to get to the end?