Twitter purging alt-right accounts

It's Nov. 18. The big day. Twitter is garbage but seeing Nazis have their organizations fucked up is still fun.

*~List of banned Nazi accounts as of 7:50 a.m. PST~*

Hunter Wallace of the League of the South (@occdissent)

Michael Hill of the League of the South (@michaelhill51)

Traditionalist Worker Party (@tradworker)

American Renaissance (@AmRenaissance)

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance (@jartaylor)

Rise Above Movement (@Rise_Above_mvnt)

Britain First (BritainFirstHQ)

Jayda Fransen of Britain First (@JaydaBF)

Paul Golding of Britain First (@goldingbf)

More to come!

(Haven't heard of any lefties eating a ban but Twitter could still fuck this up.)

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Oh goddammit it's Dec. 18, not Nov. 18. What a typo.

Well when Twitter is done sending the Nazis into purgatory, go ahead and send me to the gulag. Thanks. If I have to break rocks for the struggle, I'll do it. I swear to God I'll do it. I'd be honored to do it.

Nazis absolutely BTFO.

Wow twitter doing exactly the wrong
The Aut-right are going to ride the Streisand effect of this to talk about how the Ebil Anti–White Karltural Marxists SJW *Insert More Buzzwords* are hurting their Feedums of speech and right-Liberals and Centrists will nod their heads and agree with the Aut-right because they dont have the balls to kick the "Freedom of speech" spook

So I guess more rightists will screech about "muh free speech" soon because of this?

Not only rightists tho.

True. Centrists & ""Liberals"" will complain too.

No one will give a fuck
Confederate larping is a dead meme even to the right at this point
Praise Sherman
Calls themselves Nut-Sac and Larp as SA/SS
The Centrists will forget to mention these ones when the YouTube vids get made
THIS will get them a bit pissed
Jared is one of more respectable faces of the Modern US Neo-Nazi Even centrists defend his vids because "He just presents """"Facts""""""
Expect videos sympathizing with him
Anti Muhslims people PJW will find some method to link this to the "ANTI TRUMP MEDIA"

Next round of purges is gonna target leftists after enough libs complain about brosocialists or some shit. The cats out of the bag and twitter is gonna do this to any group that threatens thier image.

you do know we're next, autist

"B…but porky is helping 'us'!"

Rise Above Movement is a Nazi streetfighting gang in Southern California.

Does this same dynamic apply when employers fire neo-Nazis after doxxing?

you're one of their main targets, autist

"B…but they're anti-libs!"

At this point, everybody knows that's what they do every time anyone has anything to say about them ever and it's basically become crying wolf, it's their shtick, the role they play, they're the perpetual victims of the anti-free speech cultural Marxists, but liberals stopped tolerating them after Charlottesville so this message doesn't resonate with them anymore. I'm not delusional enough to think that people have realized absolute free speech is a meme and aut-righters have turned it into code for nazi propaganda, but I'm glad they realized they can't let them have a presence on twitter.
Yeah, some "classical liberal" on Youtube who's on their payroll will do the usual song and dance about "muh evil censor sjw plz donate patreon", but other than that I think it's gonna be fine.

Whats the point of this bot?
All it does is make fun of Holla Forumsyp
Like i get that Holla Forumss minds are basically on par with apes but their still human..

work with capitalists cause muh aut-right

You do realize these people are completely irrelevant and unimportant? The 'neo nazi' scare is just the new boogeyman pushed by neoliberals and you're eating the bait like a good lumpen.

the alt-right fundamentally misunderstands the overton window. politics is also basically on a spectrum that goes from:

active supporters – inactive supporters – moderates – inactive enemies – active enemies

there are people who jump from one end to the other, but that's not what usually happens. usually people move over one slot.

charlottesville for the alt-right did the opposite of what they wanted. their inactive sympathizers did not move closer to them, but moved to the center, hence the "both sides are equally bad" mantra we heard from the alt-lite. that was actually the normie conservatives moving left, if only slightly. that the liberals are now fine with no-platforming nazis means they've moved over one, too, from their centrist position.

I dont give a shit about Liberals and their Nazi Boogieman
I just like laughing at Holla Forums getting pissed off

Was about time. Twitter is one of those business that only get loses but survive thanks to the hype their create on future revenue.
Less users means a more fucked up twitter.

if you believe i oppose any tactic against nazis you are mistaken. the red army went to battle with u.s.-made trucks. it's fine.


isn't that the anti-drug campaign?

you however may not be.

Their radicalizing murderers in Burgerland, you can't just have them spout dangerous propaganda on Twitter for everyone to see, it's only a matter of time before someone blames them for allowing this shit on their website after a school shooting.

This t b h
The Fag who drove his car into people at CV
Those three spencefags who shot up a bus full of people while screaming "Sieg heil!!!!"
That Autist Who shot two kids then himself at school who read the Daily sperger

Its Burgerland in the ninties all over again

oh so it wasnt a bot
Its just an Autist
I agree actually
This was not because of that
Its because the Aut-right and their propaganda channels have indoctrinated multiple serial killers
No u


They're purging communist accounts too.



I dont care
Communist E-Celebs are absolute shit

Holla Forums was claiming that ending NN would prevent this yesterday lol.

They're not the brightest bulbs.

So this is the power of the alt-right… Truly marvelous and overwhelming.

there's actually alt-right autists starting to murder people and it's only the start of the movement

Spazzing out is a sign of high Autism Level and superior problem solving.



I really don't know how to feel about this. On one hand these alt-knight autists are starting to murder people and deplatforming them could help to put an end to their autism, on the other hand what's gonna stop twitter from banning leftists when they feel like they're too problematic or whatever. Really sketchy shit.

II think deplatforming them before they continue murdering people and inviting adults (and minors alike) to shoot up schools, is probably for the best. I mean, there might be blow back, but I would rather the school shootings and murder to stop.


It'd make them far, far more hated if it were to continue, and stuff like this may well drive them to do it.

im glad this happened. this makes it harder for them to organize and recruit. if twitter wants to ban communists, it won't be the result of a slippery slope from banning nazis, they'll just do it.

this tbh

online nazis getting banned from twitter on Stalin's birthday is some good trolling imo


Update: Anyone using "Groyper" in their Twitter name/bio is getting flat out banned.

And another suspension: @gen_identity, UK white "identitarians"

No, because employers ALREADY have the power to fire people for being communist or organizing a union. is tracking the ongoing suspensions by the way.

More Victims of Twitter Communism
American Nazi Party, EDL, also

So we should just continue to let people who end up becoming school shooters alone because one of us might not have a twitter account? If I could have a twitter account, or a school full of children who aren't dead, I'd know where my priorities were.




horseshoe theory is where centrist wine moms and aut-right incels both think posting is warfare

New Twitter suspension: @nordicfrontier, the podcast of the far-right Nordic Resistance Movement, which just had 3 members jailed for bombing refugee shelters. Twitter purge going global.

UK: far-right English Defence League (@edlofficialpage) suspended. Naturally, they're already regrouping on Gab.

Twitter has suspended the American Nazi Party's account (@anp14). Had more than 13K+ followers.

Neo-Nazi leader Jeff Schoep (@nsm88) and Vanguard America (@vanamofficial), the group alleged murderer James Alex Fields stood with in Charlottesville have been banned.

why do they keep referring to themselves as "conservatives"? Who the fuck are they trying to fool?

And there's already asshurt rightists under most of his posts. Who would've thought?

Online purges aren't enough…

strike them down and make them more powerful than you can possibly imagine tbh


twitter is a platform onto the normie sphere
its not the only one, and twitter is not an organizational network its a mouth piece
censuring them reaffirms their beliefs and reinforces their narrative


thank god, i'd blocked so many of those people

One of these people shot up a school little over a week ago. And he was an adult, not a student. I think now is the time, given everything, for white supremacists to be banned from a casual social network. All this speculation on what they're going to do is pointless, because at some point you're going to have to censor them.

what's that?

what normies call easter the toad


Ah, i knew old groyper back in the day. Not surprised he got his name instaban status

This twitter is cancer

are they white supremacists or just another flavour on the other side of the fence being lumped together under a single label out of fear and ignorance?

They're white supremacists. The American Nazi Party, /polyps, European Nationalists, etc.

Pretty much the standard people Holla Forums would throw a fit over getting banned, are getting banned.

Yeah, mr. rational skeptic, you've pushed that meme long enough now. We all know who we're talking about, get fucked.


Mike Enoch, a prominent alt-right podcaster, has covered his profile with pro-diversity imagery and rewritten his bio to pose as a parody account. He is scared he might be banned, and his reputation tarnished

What a pussy.

The white nationalist, GoFundMe-ripoff fundraising site has been taken down today, in concert with the Twitter bans. It seems Cloudflare was motivated by the bans today to shut off Holla Forums's source of crowd funding as well.

@ModerateComment has just been suspended

according to the new twitter rules
realistically, how long before this is used to ban left wingers?

five seconds
and you can recognise the ones sponsored by porky if they survive the banhammer

I mean, as long as you aren't supporting violence it should be fine.

So far, I'm not seeing a lot of people on the far left being banned from this. I mean it's simple to just, not threaten people outside of image boards like this

antifa is untouched?
what about all those calls to punching nazis and liveleak vids of them attacking people?
makes you think tbh

So the aut-raut-right gets btfo AND we don't have to deal with class collaborationists anymore?
There's really is no downside to this, is there?

do you realize how easy it is for companies to stretch the definition of violence to target left wingers.
you can already get suspended on twitter for telling people to go fuck themselves.

I think they're going with
I mean these accounts will probably be banned in time as well, I just think right now they're focusing on Holla Forumsyps and reactionaries because its a public relations nightmare to house the American Nazi Party and its ilk free of charge.

Leftists aren't working at all. We merely observe what is happening outside of our control. And enjoying schadenfreude.

I mean, sure, but unless you give more specific examples you're being kind of general here

they did ban pisspiggranddad
protofascists celebrated it, so i don't see any need to support their freedoms peach

Bye bye monkee people

Do you guys remember a week or so back when the alt-right were celebrating feminists getting Facebook jailed for saying things like "men are scum"? If you are celebrating twitter purging alt-right figures you are exactly as pathetic as they are.

This is a test of both the processes and public acceptance for mass censorship on these platforms. Once its established that it works it will continue to be used. Don't forget who owns these companies.

When will they go after Ramzpaul, apurposefulwife, RichardBSpencer, TOOEdit, etc.?

How long until every EFF (South Africa) account is banned because muh anuddah shoah


We don't care, social media is a wasteland. Any organizing can be done through encrypted services.

If anything a purge of leftists would finally get some of us to buckle down and learn the basics of privacy and coding

They need to ban anyone who uses hwite gennocide unironically.

Says the guy who can't even use gpg. Like it or not the majority of people have and will continue to have most of their digital presence on big social media sites. That's not even getting into the hurdles if you want to set up an independent site or service. If you were paying attention you noticed that cloudflare, godaddy and other hosting providers have started dropping sites they deem extremist. Payment processors routinely blockade content considered too extreme. There's a reason fullchan isn't hosted in the us. Good luck with your organizing when you get banned from any mainstream sites with big audiences immediately and can't get hosting.

Just thank the lord we're not australia yet.

they want to normalise getting rid of free speech, first cause chaos then offer restoring order

slippery slope does not apply to nazis in general, fair point

The appearance of chaos works too, nazis nazis nazis look at all these nazis that suddenly appeared after trump was elected! Only there's about as many as there were before they're just getting 24/7 coverage. Quick fellow liberals lets shutter any open platforms for communication. We must stop the nazi explosion!

The ease with which people get played by this shit is really depressing.

I'm already lifting dude, one self-improvement thing at a time.

I'm not taking this seriously because I don't think Twitter, le deep state and porky take online extremism seriously. This was the result of a years-long campaign by liberal griping that made twitter's brand look bad. These changes are another half-assed effort to try and shore up the service's brand equity for when it comes time to consolidate it into the gaygle empire. They will put the minimum amount of effort into policing any """extremist""" ideology because that costs resources.

Posting is not warfare, how many times do I have to say it?

I really don't think it's that organized. I'm not over estimating whatever "grand play and scheme" here. It is highly possible that the rise in murder rate by these people since November 18th, just simply called for their expulsion from a website.

they're going to murder people regardless

I can't wait to hear those little failures complain about "muh cultural marxist deeply triggering and problematic jews taking away free speech"

It's kind of ironic because literally all it is is a private corporation choosing not to host racist channels.

Technically yes, but most fascists are complete retards that intentionally base their opinions on gut feelings. They unironically thought Trump was the beginning of the white nationalist insurrection, so soft-nationalism saw a surge of popularity.
If anything, less of them were being ostracized because pretending to give them a fair platform generated a ton of controversy, which was quite a cash cow for news media. No more of them than usual are being kicked out of social media now that the shitstorm has died down anyway.

It's not just the "alt-right", comrades. Maybe it is for actual bans, but I'm not seeing either Carl Beijer or the World Socialist Website's page (WSWS_updates) in search.when I'm on incognito mode, and those were just the first two lefty pages I checked. (Democratic Cops of America, of course, is fine.) Twitter's shadowbanned some good leftists as well.

Thinking of quitting myself, I don't want to support this scummy company, but where do I even go? Arbitrary bans aren't just a twitter problem.


Carl Beijer sucks

So you want to allow murderers on your website, because the murder was predestined to take place with or without the ban? That's retarded.

dozens of pro-Maduro accounts were already taken down

oh word, censorship is good now because leftists told jokes you don't like or some shit

Depends what you mean by online extremism. If you were say a pro-palestine Muslim group organizing in new york better believe you have at least 3 separate agencies monitoring your online activities at all times. If you don't believe that silicon valley is hooked into the deep state you should look up Jared Cohen, 5 years ago maybe they were not working closely together but currently they absolutely are. Snowden leaks showed most of the big tech companies actively collaborating to give alphabet soup whatever access they wanted. Public turf battles like fbi vs apple are exactly that, turf battles most of the important concessions were already made. The other thing you need to keep in mind is the advertisers. Twitter, Facebook, Google etc are all run almost entirely off of ad revenue which they give their big corp funders whatever they want to keep the returns high. Those companies are both actively tied in with the deep state and will pay substantially more for a sanitized brand friendly space to advertise in. Read some leaks, porky is quite concerned with keeping media and communications open to surveillance and under control. They don't like unpredictability. Yoking online communications is good for the big corps and its good for the military and surveillance state. Only one's its bad for is the people. Also it's a good r&d opportunity, there's a lot of money up for grabs for whoever develops good automated content policing systems.

What makes you think there's a rise in the murder rate by nazis? White power gangs kill eachother and other people all the time. Media told you about some murders you have no idea if there's been an increase or not.

You're getting played.

The point is regardless this mythic "media" isn't controlled by the ideology of one or two people, and just what sells, and secondly that because of increased scrutiny at them (for entirely justifiable reasons for health and public safety); avoiding the possibility of banning them is public relations suicide, so they got banned.

It's not anyone's fault but their's for thinking they could rely on a tech giant to foster their dreams of ethnic apartheid forever

He's still there…

Shadowbans, AFAIK only nazis so far have outright bans. (Or did I fuck up search somehow? Typing in his name in my account that doesn't follow him and I don't see him pop up.)

He's right here

You forgot Katana Tyvek® man.

In the process of finding images of Tyvek man I have learned that there was another samurai practicing Tsujigiri in Florida.

Right because there's a competitive market of media companies where they have to always watch the bottom line or they'll get beat out. It's not like there's some sort of monopoly by a few huge companies who can and do take massive losses over years to complete an agenda and are owned by a small handful of incredibly wealthy people with deep investments and interests in other parts of the economy. Surely the bad pr from some nazis using the platform, an issue which those same media companies were heavily reporting for some reason? Was enough to make them derail their long term plans.

I'm not talking about some media narrative, a lot of these retards really do exist. They're just not smart enough to be dangerous to anyone.
All they really represent is what lumpens look like in the modern US.

This makes sense, I don't see the problem.

Because not too long ago 1) Hit people with their car 2) Shot up a school. I'm sure you can keep going with all the examples over the last few months.

It doesn't take a moron to put two and two together, so it is reportable news. It isn't positive coverage of a school shooter, who was also not a minor.

Twitter doesn't owe you a right to house the speech of fucking neo nazis, and you admit as much, you just blame them for taking action it.

Except that they banned some group in Northern Europe and the EDL and British Defense whatever from posting as well.

So it isn't just Americans Twitter is targeting

I know he's not banned, I think he's shadowbanned, meaning twitter is fucking with things so he won't show up in search. Account's easy enough to find so I don't know how much it matters, but with behind the scenes algorithms and shit I think it reduces how often people will see his tweets as well. beijer

(Same issue with WSWS_updates, and probably a bunch of people I haven't checked. I think there are different levels too; some shadowbanned accounts have their posts show up in "top" even if they themselves aren't findable in "people" while others don't.)

This, unfortunately, is related, because nationalists all over the world love Trump. Mind you that the US is known for its desire to be the "World Police" so they have a lot of faith in his ability to force nationalism on their cucked librul countries.


One person died in Charlottesville, how many civilians do you think died in US wars in the last few weeks. How many millions do you think are going to starve in that US backed blockade? How much press coverage did you see on that? You didn't stop to think that there might be something bigger at stake here because you weren't given that information and you didn't think to look for it. Porky would be laughing if he cared enough to spare people like you a thought.

Monkey nigger ape people to the zoos!

Bye bye monkey men!

Standard Cointelpro Antifa, thinking that opposing fascism (whatever that might mean in their social justice hysteria) is more important than opposing capitalism.
Go ahead, side with a corporation against autistic nazi-larper wankers.
Goddamn idealism poisons everything.

What the fuck is this liberal shit?

He didn't shoot up a school because he was a white supremacist you idealist fucker. You've drunken the koolaid in thinking that alienated retards on the internet are the real and dangerous enemy and not the Capitalists, including the ones who own twitter, who regularly murder or contribute to the death of millions every year. You're expressing glee at your enemy exercising their power over the proles, because a few of the proles you dislike the most are among the ones targeted.

What do you think far leftists advocate for, a non-violent peaceful revolution that would never harm anyone not wearing a military uniform?

Social media is shit but it is the new public forum. Censorship on it is worse than censorship irl, since no one fucking cares about people soapboxing anymore.

Stop this retarded guilt by association. Most WN aren't murderers, they're just useful idiots. Thinking they're more of a problem than one of the largest public forums in existence censoring extremist views is the height of idiocy.

Thanks for being so autistic and spamming that everywhere. You're really demonstrating the connection between idpol and mental disabilities.

Okay this isn't some rando meme org this is an actual political organisation….

Eek eeek

Stop responding
bans wont stop this autist

Wow he said "nigger!" My frail leftist cuck liberal jew shill can't handle just how edgy this brave defender of the white race™ is!!!

We're not siding with anyone. We're just basking in the misery of nazis.

This pleases me.

Eek eek


Wow, I'm convinced now.

based corporations!

How exactly do you reverse Twitter's policy on the matter, observing something does not have anything to do with your ideology whatsoever. You're the one being hysterical.

We warned you bro. We warned you about those corporations.

I'm being serious though. It's showing just how mentally immature idpolers are. He isn't even being creative with his spam, it's great.

WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF Holla Forums's Free Speech! ;_;


Is this a bot? Does it just repeat Eek eek to everyone?

It's not a bot, it's just an autistic adult with a vpn probably.


And? It was inevitable they would. What's the point in crying about it?

Public pressure to drive people away from the site and reduce the network effects that make twitter (Or any other social media site) work. The internet centralizing into a few platforms that ban non-liberals or artificially restrict non-liberals' reach is bad for us.

Just imagine the horror if they blocked all our Twitter accounts! Whatever will we do?

Get over yourself. If they want to/feel the need to do it, they will do it either way.

I just want you to stop being so tense all the time and learn how to laugh at news both good and bad. I guess you could say, I want you to get over yourself.

Me to twitter support: why did you ban that person. The comment was ironic. Do you not understand irony
New Delhi twitter employee making 4 dollars to review ten thousand reports an hour: No

The idea is to tell other people you know to quit/not to use twitter and to encourage alternatives, not to whine impotently to twitter support.

Considering all the alternatives are filled with Holla Forumsyps butthurt about getting anned, and social media is generally not a good idea

I'd just say do whatever you want, I'm not going to badger people I know about what social network they should or should not use. I really just don't care. I don't feel like protesting twitter for banning the EDL or the American Nazi Party.


Using "fighting fascism/extremism" to fuck with the left is an old porky tactic, and twitter's started fucking with its algorithms so that some lefty parties don't show up in search already; we're not big enough to require outright bans, so restricting our reach is enough.

Not that joining Holla Forumsyps on gab is any solution, mind you. I don't know what the right answer is, but porky centralizing online discussion on platforms it owns and quashing dissent is just depressing. The internet of 10-15 years ago could've been used to organize revolutions.

New Black Panther Party just got merked, they'll probably come down on antifa next

Good. At least liberals are doing something useful for once.

Oh yes, because purging rightists from the forum has worked so well in the past

lol nah. Why should I give a shit

They're going to be going after antifa and other radical accounts next you moron. Better start trying to colonize

No they won't. The goal is to purge racists, which is good. They'll just go after a few token leftists like NBP and then leave it at that.

NBPP are reactionaries and chauvinists

Hmm… Yes of course. Because the majority of people are fine with antifa sperging about ACAB and promoting violence on… oh…

It's your free speech too you shortsighted tribalist.

Liberal isn't the same thing as neoliberal, and the alt-right is definitely not liberal, neither are we if you're not aware. You should care because in the minds of these people, all extremists are bad and dangerous.

They're going after "people who promote violence against civilians", not just racists.

Also I find it funny how Richard Spencer has spending the last few minutes on twitter insisting that there's totally no rhyme or reason to the aut-righters getting merked



nigger monkey apes in the zoos!


The majority of people don't matter. What matters is the opinion of the censors.

Trust me, only NBPP and maybe a few others will be banned. This is about purging racists - Twitter has partnered with the ADL and SPLC iirc. Maybe they'll go after some pro-Palestinian accounts since it is the ADL we are talking about, kek. Most Communists should be fine.

They're going after prominent organizations like AmRen, GenID, etc. and then purging some randos.

if you're urging the violent overthrow of the government on twitter you're a fucking moron FYI

You mean that stupid yank spy who is hanging around in Kiev?

Who are influenced by their user base for profits, and rightists and liberals don't approve of anarcho communism and violently overthrowing the police state.

I'm wondering where was the outcry when Twitter started openly banning ISIS accounts. Did they not have freedom of speech as well? Wasn't it clear that soon bans of alt-right accounts would follow once they start banning dissidents?

If you post about violent overthrow of the state on twitter you're stupid

When did they aut right invade a country and overthrow it, then started executing homosexuals and dissidents?

Lots of Holla Forumsyps and aut-righters believe that Spencer is a FBI asset, this just makes him actually look like one given that he's trying explain why he's still around when others aren't

Spenny is pretty high up tbh

This is why freedom of speech is shit and stupid. No one really believes in it. Yes, ISIS supporters should be censored and imprisoned. Yes, racists should be censored and imprisoned.

I think Twitter is mostly focused on racism at the moment. If Communists actually became a threat to their power they would probably act on it, but this has never been a thing once the USSR fell.

What do you think an ancol Twitter account would be about then lel. Racism now, then general calls for violence next. This is how capitalism works tovarische, it purges anything that hurts the profits of the bourgeoisie

Well one killed people by shooting a black church up filled with 50 people. Then another shot up a school (as an adult) not too long ago. Then another a few months ago hit people with his car.

Yeah, really seeing why twitter would randomly decide housing people who justify all three of these things isn't a good idea.

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I believe in it.

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The last 2 church shootings have been committed by a liberal athiest and an African immigrant into the US. Then we had some Bernie bro shoot a bunch of Republican senators. That was not a revolution that was just lone wolf terrorism

Then you're fucking stupid. Imprisoning racists, or at least terrifying them into submission, is something that will have to be done at some point, may as well let liberals make it easier. Free speech is a bunch of liberal nonsense.

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Lel what

lol no

Adam Lanza is on the record

apes in the zoos!

Ad-hominem hasn't bothered me in a long time. Do you actually have an argument against allowing people to say whatever they want so long as the power balance is equal or not?

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Fascism is by definition illiberal.

Why would most Communists be fine since by definition they advocate for a violent revolution directed against civilians? Why would they be fine when normies think Stalin is almost as bad as Hitler and Socialism killed a billion people?

What do you think a core tenet of Socialism is?

ISIS recruiters aren't exercising their freedom of speech.
You're a disgrace to the Leftists who literally fought and died for free speech. You're also a moron if you think liberals don't see you in the same light as racists.
Twitter isn't a fucking government, they're a corporation trying to work on their public image. Communism makes them look bad.

Ideas don't hurt people you fucking idealist. You bitch about individual racists on the internet who rarely do anything yet you conveniently ignore the institutional racism Stokely talks about, the institutions companies like twitter support.

Reminder that advocating for gun ownership isn't right wing?

bye bye baboons!

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But its literally private property. Why is right having problem with this?

I feel like you're the type of person who thinks the columbine shooters were right wing and not just straight up psychopaths

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It's how they explain why Spenny consistently fucks up in front of the media. Re: "Hail Trump," constantly getting assaulted, charlottesville protest

Sure. Fascist views, or liberal views, should not be nurtured by Communist society to prevent regression. They should be ruthlessly silenced. I don't even view the idea of "balance of power" as legitimate.

Because currently-existing Communists don't threaten anyone and mostly serve as the ground troops for liberal activists.

They do, but the difference is that Communists are right and others are wrong, so there's nothing wrong with me holding this view. It's absolutely correct to say that the sovereign should be able to shut down intolerant/dangerous views, the problem is that the sovereign/ classification of "dangerous" views is liberal and thus bad and wrong.

First you have ideas, then you have reactionary money backing them, and before you know it you're having a counter-revolution.

bye bye baboons

to the zoos!

Imprisoning people over speech can not be done democratically, because someone has to get between the speaker and the general public (or else there's nothing to censor). It's an inherently hierarchical idea.

Stop collaborating with liberals.

monkey men in the monkey exhibits!

Idk I've probably spent just a few minutes googling it rn but it seems to me it has something to do with the founder of NPI being extremely rich and having "CIA assets" or something


Sure you can, just have a vote on it. "Should we be allowed to imprison racists? Okay, looks like 51%, good enough."

ape people in the zoos!

Great priorities you have there Holla Forums

monkey men in the ape zoos!

And who, pray tell, is manning the racism committee and ensuring only racists get imprisoned? It's inherently hierarchical.

Though I guess thinking voting is sufficient for democracy is fitting for a liberal collaborator.

The US runs those orgs, you can't expect them to get censored.

Go to a child and shove your ideals down their throat and tell me how long until they rebel. Meanwhile I'll treat another child as a fellow human being and explain my ideal in a calm and reasonable manner. We'll then compare our findings but I'm fairly sure my pupil will be more cooperative and understanding than yours.


monkey men to the zoos!

Its propaganda game the one who wins the low Autism Level public wins the game.

Again, more feels>reals idealism. Views are a product of their environment, as is acting on them. If your "communist" society is still producing Fascists, then you've majorly fucked up.
Do you really think Twitter is banning rightists because a few of them have hurt people? Twitter doesn't give a fuck, it's just about how extremists on their sight makes them look bad, which includes "20 billion killed" communists.
Who said anything about right and wrong? Also opinions can't be right or wrong, they can only be correct or incorrect, and having incorrect opinions isn't a moral fault.
This is more absurd liberal idealism. Ideas can't be dangerous, and "sovereigns" shouldn't have any power.
That counter-revolution didn't happen because of those ideas, those ideas appeared because the material conditions led to a counter-revolution.

You're literally advocating a slim tyranny of the majority based upon vague terms like "racism" and calling it democratic. Some liberals think saying blacks are disproportionately poor and criminal is racist, should they be allowed to imprison people because they don't like facts?

Who needs a committee? We already have a huge surveillance apparatus that can be turned towards Communist purposes. You don't have to get everyone, just imprison the most obvious racists and the rest will be scared underground.

Okay, so what other hoops do we have to jump through in your world once a majority agrees that racists should be jailed?

monkey people into the zoos never to be let out!

Why should people who hold certain ideas because jailed? The only way you could justify that was if you thought ideas control reality, which makes you an idealist, not a materialist.


You don't just get to Communism overnight. Unless you're a Bordigist I guess?

No, I already said above that it was a political play and Twitter had partnered with the ADL to censor Twitter, and that they will probably go after pro-Palestine and anti-Zionist accounts on the left. Isn't the NBPP anti-Zionist?

By right/wrong I mean correct and incorrect, obviously.

Do you classify the USSR as Communist or some kind of communism/state capitalism? Surely someone(s) actually held power there. If you're just ultra-left then there's no point in any further argument.

No, there should be a clear definition of what constitutes racism enshrined in some kind of constitution, which will get democratically approved, and then enforced by whatever your favorite mechanism is.

monkey men in the zoos!

They're less direct, but actually not that un-alike. They claim they're just joking around. Not really serious. They don't want to scare off those insecure people they're looking to recruit after all. But actually they do mean it. There is just no active conflict for them to partake in.

For being counter-revolutionary?

wow, is "r.ed fas.cist" really wordfiltered now? This shit is always changing on this board.


Let's see


You're missing the point. A representative democracy isn't a democratic society. Creating a social institution with the power to imprison based on words concentrates power in whoever commands said institution.

If it's accountable to the public as a whole, then the public needs to be able to review its decisions, and therefore can access whatever sentiments are supposedly so socially dangerous as to justify imprisonment in the first place. The purpose of censorship is to "protect" the public from such sentiments - something which inherently requires a group of elites to act as "protectors".

monkey men in the zoo exhibits!

As I said in just enshrine it in a constitution and have a direct-democratic vote on it.

You don't get to Communism at all through idealism.
The whole point of democracy is there is no sovereign above you. You're effectively saying the USSR was a dictatorship and that's good.
So, they define racism as "someone who hates other races or hold prejudicial viewpoints", and then jail them if they can prove they've committed thought crime?

I'm not implying that aren't sincere or aren't trying to convert. I'm saying it's a ridiculous comparison precisely because they aren't engaged in conflict and likely won't be. Have you seen pictures of the alt-right, do they look like soldiers to you?

How is holding certain ideas fighting against the revolution? Does the revolution involve making everyone think the same?

Awesome, then comes everyone else. The aut right then looks like the good guys again. Seriously this is the type of shit that allowed them to constantly get normies to the right. If the censorship heavy corrupt corporations hate these guys they must be on to something right? Yeah keep celebrating like Antifa. Next thing you know the left is getting framed for false flag type bullshit. They are using us and these morons can’t see it.

we don't want baboons! baboons must go to the zoos!

There is, if (direct) democracy is rule by the vote then the sovereign is simply whoever (maybe plural) sets the bounds of acceptable public discourse and controls the dissemination of information.

Well, it's not necessarily bad, though not ideal.

Well, the idea is that everyone is on board with Communism and isn't going to start taking money from reactionaries to overthrow you.

goodnight baboons!

nice to see this shithole is still infested by retards who'd be a human shield for a nazi

Just capitalism bro!

Daily reminder that communists are NEVER permitted so-called "free speech" under capitalism, while fascists are largely given free reign. Deplatforming is an important strategy that helps to ameliorate this power imbalance

So much for the superior right.

Fucking morons.

I see a lot of whining from concern groups, but capitalists seem to be going after fascists, while leaving communists alone.

Or is it not explicit?

Contemporary, that's literally the exact opposite.

Well, we know that Google's "fake news" algo fucked over traffic to left-wing websites.

But otherwise, I don't see explicit repression.

I don't think it was specifically targeting leftists, just non-mainstream/radical in general.

It's almost like fascists are closer to coming into power and fucking around with the very profitable global world order (for SV companies that is) or something.

How the fuck is that supposed to work exactly?

Holla Forums doesn't know anything about fucking anything and thinks Net Neutrality = freeze peach.


You mind explaining how liberal or fascist views would have any power in a communist society, where economic power doesn't exist?

Why dont we just kill the nazi's?

Holla Forums has bad brains

wtf I like twitter now



Every communist who cheers at the neoliberal media purging right-wingers shills for his own censorship eventually. I don't give a fuck about this human scum, but I'm still concerned.


Good little red goyim. Dance for your jewish neolib masters.

Good to see the world is so black and white to Holla Forums

You have no power. They do. You're not anti-system. You're part of it.

I actually don't give a shit about twitter either way. But people here cheering for this really should fire up some neurons.

I didnt claim i did
This i to know
I am Against the Capitalism system which is the system that we live under so yes i am
Everyone is part of capitalism of course
The only point when one is not part of capitalism is when capitalism is abolished
I havent been cheering this on
But i still dont feel bad for the people getting banned considering all the serial killers these idiots ended up indoctrinating

The left is getting censored either way since the US government considers it the only actual threat to the status quo, aside from the Islamists that Twitter already bans.
Watching people you don't like get shit on will always be funny.

Yet you people continue to believe you are not part of the establishment

Not everything is about the US, you know. In Germany the government has passed some seriously concerning hate speech laws, which forces social medial corporations to employ private companies to purge everything that is considered hate speech. Furthermore, the list of "unconstitutional symbols" is more and more expanded towards the left. You post Y.P.G. flags on Facebook, say hello to a SWAT team. This is a definite change compared to how it was before.



Big internet companies like Twitter and Google have the power to censor free speech, therefore we need to give absolute censorship power to ISPs to counter them

It's like supporting fucking Al Capone because corporations and the government don't like him, therefore he must be good

baboons to the zoos!

Daily reminder that leftists are largely powerless and have no influence on who gets deplatformed by the corporate masters.
It's nice to gloat when Holla Forumsyps get burned, but don't go giving yourself delusions about having any real agency in this regard.


No. People on the right will say they are being censored unfairly by social media, but it is not a violation of the first amendment.

Twitter is a company and they can run their site however they want. It will just be pointed out that they have a bias against people on the right.

Source: I'm right/lib

Really makes you think

People don't want to be around people who motivate weirdos who commit random acts of violence to children???

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Talk about hypocrisy.

Everyone should be allowed free speech no matter how wrong, crazy, or hurtful it is.

Monkey men into the zoos!

Bye bye ape people! No more bananas for you!

Does Holla Forums have some sort of bot set up to spam this thread or is somebody just really buttblasted?

I'm real. Not butthurt. I like lurking here to see what you guys say. I lurk Holla Forums for the same reason.

Like I said, I'm right/lib. Not authoritative or as extreme as Holla Forums.


How is freedom of speech even relevant like at all? If anything, the US has freedom of speech the problem is that no one gives a fuck about what you have to say if you don't align with the status quo so it's basically useless.

Politics is nothing without extremism

Well you're not totally wrong…The important thing is that people not be arrested for "hate speech" like some European countries are starting to adopt.

That's bullshit. That's like some George Orwell 1984 thought crime shit.


itt: meaning is not important, the form is important. I don't care about humaniaria, antihumanitarian, libertarian or authoritarian meaning, unless it's given to me in a liberal, consumable form

Exactly. Thankfully, the status quo is hard left. It's the faggy fascists and weak-ass centrists that are the odd ones out. Twitter censorship is one of the best things that can happen right now. This way, whites will finally die off peacefully instead of crying about it every damn day.

Freedom od speech is important, but it seems to me you in US don't understand its concept. Freedom of speech is in first freedom to criticize the government and social system. It's freedom of calling crimes of authorities and not being punished to standing against the power.
When as I found in US "freedom of speech" means "freedom from views and people I don't like", ie. leftist views. When someone says, ie. "I tink it's unfair to call transgedner women men because it hurts their feelings" you call it "terror of political correctness" and "the attempt to free speech". When someone says that using racial, sexual or ethnic slurs is below standards of civilized discourse, you say it's individual freedom to publicly express contempt for whoever I want.

Anyway, I don't believe in freedom of speech in liberal sense because it's constructed on very arbitrary assumptions and under the guise of a fight against hate speech, it silences the really oppressed and prevents real criticism of the system of power.
The right to discourse should depend on the civilized arguments and reliability, not on emotions and the propaganda system.

Where? In over a dozen US military bases in Syria? Bavarian Soviet Republic? Revolutionary Spain?
Left is not idpol, it's liberalism. We live in orwellian reality when words and meanings loose their original sense and we use only newspeak.
Left means libertarian anti-capitalist political tendency. It always had this meaning. It never meant gay pride or transgedner activism, as it's understood today.

I meant here in the States specifically. Leftist policies are the mainstream, right-wing ones are the fringe.

I'm really quite confused by what Holla Forums think they're going to accomplish with these posts

I believe in total personal freedom, as long as you're not robbing, murdering, stealing, destroying property or violently assaulting someone, you should be able to do whatever you want.

I believe in very (by today's standards) limited government and the free market. For example, I don't think the government should be in the education system (and by extension, mandating what is/isn't being taught to students) at all.


There are left leaning libertarians (like Bernie) and right leaning libertarians (Like Ron Paul).

Can you without being punished collectivize the means of production? Do you have free housing of medicines?
If not, your state is not leftist. Marriage for gay people is not leftist.

They think we're getting triggered and literally shaking every time we read the word 'nigger'. Holla Forumsyps cannot get it through their skulls that we don't care. Even those who come here, and browse long enough to see that we don't care, still try and make arguments along the lines of 'I know you guys don't care, but secretly, deep down, you actually care so much you base your entire existence around this because I say you do. So, let's talk about race realism'.

What is "free housing of medicine"? And I don't see why you couldn't collectivize on land owned by your group….but I don't know the laws there 100%.

You can literally only be legally persecuted if you deny specific crimes against humanity (like the holocaust or armenian genocide), and that for specific events in specific countries. Get your data straight.

Lying in a court of law or to a police officer is illegal. Shouldn't you support one's right to lie in these cases since you're so for complete free speech?

What an excellent idea! I, for one, am excited to see corporations take these reins instead. I'm excited to see what kind of improvements camel cigarettes makes to my child's biology class, mcdonalds makes to my child's cuisine class and serco private prison complexes make to my child's civil and law education classes.

Do you honestly think that's how education would be in the free market? If there really were a "Camel Cigarette Sponsored School", just don't send your kids there. People seem to forget about that option when it comes to free market businesses. Their clients (the people) have the power…But really, your example is ridiculous.

Also, lying to a police officer or court is not protected speech. No one claimed that, ever.

And denying crimes against humanity should be protected speech. They have the right to think/preach that shit if they want.

I don't think camel cigarette would own a school, that'd be ridiculous. They'll just pay a little to john smith elementary corp, middling secondary corp and township local highschool corp, to get their textbooks put into the classes. And they'll get the other local school corps to do the same, too. Why would they allow someone to escape from their grasp?

Free market economics presupposes that there will be multiple options, and that at least one of them will be good so that the invisible hand of the market can point business toward them to reward them. Real life does not reflect this idealism at all. It's pretty often that all given options for a local area are terrible, but they have colluded to form a monopoly and stomp out any competitors so that people are forced to deal with their shit. Also, schools don't really work that way, anyway. Parents send their kids to whichever school is closest because to send them to the next town over would be fucking ridiculous, even if that school does offer a camel cigarette free biology course. If camel cigarettes did sponsor a single school, that school will have a guaranteed student base just from local kids with parents who cannot afford/don't care enough to send them elsewhere.

Or ban children from being around cigarettes and ban schools from advertising cigarettes to kids under the age of 18. That works.

You did just bring up the biggest flaw of the free market system: Monopoly's.

I do agree that is the achilles heel of the free market. Preventing that 100% is difficult….but if you let the government run everything, they already have the monopoly.

Okay, let's just leave the whole "Camel Sponsored School" thing behind. It's ridiculous to even converse about that being a possibility.

I get what you're saying with the monopoly thing, and I agree that it would have to be addressed in a way that that could not happen.



I love this pic.

sounds like gulag

No it shouldn't. Because when mainstream will claim that ANARCHISTS KILLED 1000000000 MILLIONS OF PEOPLE !1!! you'll have no opportunity to show your version.
Existence of crimes against humanity is matter of facts, not propaganda, and it need to be proven as everything else.

Said guy from United Soviets of America.

Remember that in the 30's the Status quo SPD party attacked and shut down communists and fascists alike.

All the brainlets cheering this on because 'muh nazis' are just idpol refugees from r/socialism

What is this utopian bullshit.

No. SPD was releasing Fascists practically scot-free.

That's literally what leftists are like, you can't agree and amplify here buddy.

Another account taken down on day 2 of the Twitter purge: @g_identitaire, the French branch of white "identitarian" group Generation Identity. Had 20K+ followers

he lives in Alexandria nigga ofc hes a fuckin spook

No they aren't.

New wave of bans

@Eli_Mosley_ of Identity Evropa has been banned.

@american_front has been banned.

"New Order," which is another neo-Nazi group, has been banned. Here is a press release from their website.

How long will these account bans be going on for?



@realproudboymag, the "Proud Boys" magazine has been banned.

Why don't we record the bans and count them side by side to finish the debate.

there is no debate
anyone with eyes and a brain can figure it out

In these bans, only one leftist org (the new black panthers) account has been banned. Nobody else, so far it's all what would you casually group together as the "alt right". That's because these new rules target hate-centric accounts of, seemingly any nationalist.

I haven't seen a single socialist get banned so far.

I would advise against making us look foolish by incorrectly reporting on who is and is not getting banned currently.

the world isn't twitter

But this thread is about, Twitter's current range of bans.

read the post i replied to, again

That post was made by me. I was not referencing the world. I was referencing the topic of this thread.

too bad, you should have been more eloquent

You should have been more coherent.


am thinkin of adding pepe to this

and yet you fail to demonstrate that knowledge. sad.

A right-Libertarian opinion on the twitter purge


the first thing I parsed that as was a misspelling of 'new rider', shit design tbh

I think you should be banned for posting this type of retard here, and giving him views too.

so it's fucking nothing

literal nazis are still everywhere

Well my current range of bans on my firewall includes twitter.

His name is Mike Peinovich, Enoch is a pseudonym.

Just today Spencer lost at least a 100+ followers out of the blue. Yesterday they banned a lot of "Le Meme Alt Right xd" accounts as well.

These rules will be in effect indefinitely, and its only been day 2. I would expect more bans every day.

right libertarians are scum that talk a lot about freedom and shit but if actual fascists came into power and started pogroms they'd all join up with them and justify it with "muh self interest" and "muh logic"

I really hope we're not gonna have to amend that famous saying to "First they came for the literal Nazis"

He's worth listening to on occasion. Like in this case, he correctly points out a lot of power over public debate on the internet has been ceded to corporations in a way that did not exist ten years ago, and a lot leftists are cheering this without reservation because muh gnazis (and likely because they are in fact just liberals with a red coat of paint). He actually calls out neoliberals. It's couched in a lot of nonsense of course, anti SJW paranoia. But you shouldn't cut yourself off from a source of information or viewpoints because part of it is distasteful to you, you're only starving yourself if you do that.
That said: WHY DOES HE HAVE TO LOOK SO SILLY? He doesn't sound mentally challenged. Is it a performance of some kind?

His family Were Evangelo-Cons so he became a Edglord Athiestic-Pagan/Satanist for like twenty years and gave himself this whole look
He still calls himself a Pagan Now iirc but he mostly does not talk about it much
He decided to keep the John lennon Glasses/Hair and greaser jacket to keep it edgy i guess

I think so to
hes one of the only right-Lolbergs on YouTube who isnt a bland corporate cockholster or an Aut-rightist draped in yellow *Cough* Molymeme *Cough*


I will always cheer when harm comes to nazis. I don't give a shit who is doing it.

Don't worry goys, I'm sure it'll work one day.
ONE DAY scoailism/communism will temporarily work until 10s of millions of innocent people die, so we can try try again.

it doesn't matter how many gorillions die as long as you are one of them

absolutely synchronic, my dude. Can't wait till you're in a gulag


get the fuck out of here with your lies

This. So much this. I honestly can't understand why these idiots are incapable of grasping that "no platform" simply won't work in the internet era unless you want to end up with a communications system filled only with content power approves of, much like the middle eastern countries.

Thank you for confirming they're not refugees but active redditors.

We don't want nazis organized or normalized. We want them marginalized, which is why deplatforming achieves. We want them as far away from normal people as possible. We don't have free speech under capitalism. There is no such thing.

you really drank the neoliberal koolaid, newfriend

t. former Holla Forumstard who hasn't been fully deprogrammed

Nice reddit spacing.
I suggest you take your Thorazine, your views are at odds with observed reality.


Yes, of course it is. Communism about peace & freedom so any body thinking differently is mentally ill and should be cured.

Not really related to the Twitter purge, but I just discovered that AlternativeHypothesis, the "alt-right science man" had multiple previous attempts at a Youtube channel. One of them was fringeelements, this is actually the same channel he uses now, except renamed and old videos removed. Here is his introduction video, mirrored:

The Amerimutt strikes again.

there is literally nothing wrong with massive slave labour prison camps

You faggots don't have the guts

t. r/socialism

So you don't like capitalism. Got it.

can't wait to see the screeching and whining that will result from this.

where did you pull that number from? "the black book of communism"?

Brote did nothing wrong.

His ass.

his life is strange streams were comedy gold.

What got him suspended anyway? I mean, it's obviously something that finally pissed the socjus krew off for good, but what was it?

Wife with a purpose has been banned

For those who don't know, she was a fucking freak who devoted herself to being a termite queen for white babies. Basically her husband inseminated her for as many times, and she somehow ends up getting twins every pregnancy. Probably through the work of Satan.

Not only this, but she's one of those white supremacist god fearing trad weirdos who believes a "woman's purpose" is to be a termite queen, for all white men. "Be fruitful and multiply"

She crowdfunds for her enormous amount of children, and she relied on that through twitter..

Twitter has no banned her in the wave of bans.

How she is going to support her kids now (note, babies and particularly children are expensive), well she'll have to live with that now.

Good fucking riddance.

Woah, what's this chubby doing down here?

She's a white supremacist Holla Forums tard who's only hope of giving all her children the care they deserve is through crowd funding. Now that her twitter is gone her like, I think 12 kids are totally fucked.

It's only a matter of time before Child Protective Services gets involved.

It's not hot.

And she's not hot. From all the pregnancy she's now become obese.

She only has 6 kids. Also, women getting knocked up is my fetish.
Too much hentai will fuck you up.

She plans on more until her ovaries are all menopause

Creating life for the only purpose of their pale skin color is not a good idea. It has nothing to do with her, it's her blatant irresponsibility to the safety of her children. With whatever is going on with her mind, she cannot possibly keep this up without child neglect.

I completely agree with you. It's unsustainable and almost guaranteed to backfire eventually.
Now, if you don't mind me, I'm going to go find a doujin to jerk off to.

When will people stop with this bullshit meme? Go back to reddit.

context matters and she's not talking about bourgeois democracy and "free speech". it's strictly within the confines of socialism.
pretending that Rosa advocated free screech for fascists is utter cuckdem nonsense and exposes you of being an illiterate shittalking dumbfuck that has to get the bullet too.


I'am glad they get banned

It has a strong genetic factor, it seems. There's this tiny town in Brazil with a relatively isolated population of German immigrants, and one in 10 births is of twins. Half of these were identical twins, which is also higher than average elsewhere. The top it off, there's even a conspiracy theory about Mengele, who did live in Brazil after WW2, having been to the town and experimented on these immigrants so they would pop out more Aryan babies.ândido_Godói

If their theme song isn't the 7' version pf Ceremony they're worthless

Damn i missed it…

What does he have to do with fascism?

lmao, did he get purged? I never even got the impression he gave a shit about politics.

It works WHEN the kulaks are dying, when they stop dying is when it fails.

This is horrible.

I hope she ends up doing nude modelling.


No idea when he got shafted, I hadn't visited his Twitter in months, then I go there and welp.

You're right, he didn't give a shit about politics, but he was a gargantuan hemorrhoid causing endless pain in SJWs' collective ass, particularly their vidya section. He didn't directly confronted anyone and rarely mentioned names, among other tactics to skirt the rules. But still, given how openly tech companies lick the balls of SJWs and how shamelessly selective they are when enforcing rules, his ban was a matter of time, really.

Twitter is a shity site which should be destroyed ASAP. It’s good for nothing, but hot takes.


This won't achieve anything. Twitter is not a profitable operation so it cannot survive much longer, especially if they keep banning users (especially retarded ones that will actually use their system a lot and make content for it, however bad that content is people want to click on it). This is just capitalists burning each other over stupid, petty idpol shit.

They actually are victims. This doesn't make them right or give legitimacy to rightest arguments, but they are still victims in this. And twitter will of course come for "extreme" leftists next, since there's no reason not to bump us off too.

"Liberals" (whatever term you want to use here) tolerated nazis and Holla Forums because it made them money. Now that Holla Forums is doing things IRL web service companies do not want to be roped into lawsuits that naturally crop up around Holla Forums -related organizations. So nazis are cut first, then anyone endorsing violence, then anything "promoting" violence, then anything that isn't explicitly pacifism. Capitalists want to disarm everyone so they can continue contributing to their business model without any problems.

On that note, see how Youtube is now banning/demonetizing gun videos in general even education ones. Of course, videos covered under YT partnerships (eg a thing CBS, CNN, etc would engage in) are not affected. This has been going on before Charlottesville, tech companies are run by pigs who just want to make money and now they are cutting out everyone who isn't providing them with safe family-approved content they can get the best ad deals for.

Which is what this all comes back down to: money and the desire for capitalists to make more profit.

Lmao this place is filled with sad sacks of shit

Someone else probably already said this by now, but if they're doing this, they sure as hell would have no qualms banning leftist accounts either, especially since SJWs want to hog the label.

I can but wish Twitter would die for good. The massive negative impact on the sanity of journalists, media people and SJWs would be a blessing to mankind. But you know how these internet household names have a tendency to stick around forever, being passed around from owner to owner like a hot potato, but never having its plug pulled.