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This thread is dedicated to the production of De Leonist memes

There is no woman question, neither man question; there is no race question, nor color question, nor religious question. What there IS is the humanity question – the SOCIAL QUESTION. To take up sex, color, creed or race is to fritter away energy at the twigs of the tree whose trunk should be attended to. All these so-called "questions" are but the fruit or flower that betray with their poison taste, or smell, the nature of the poison tree from which they spring. That tree is capitalism, the poisoner of the human race.

Brothers and sisters, all, let us lay the axe to its root and hew that tree down!

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meme coming through

I found some alt-right fashwave we could co-opt, the slogans work both ways


We should honestly try to Adornopill right wingers without mentioning the Frankfurt School of witchcraft and wizardry. All their complaints about fun are actually rooted in consumerism.

vaporwave is left in origin

there's nothing to co-opt, it's already ours

Good Lord.

new anti-NN meme. good?

Got a good giggle out of me.

Source material


Also you have the SLP to thank for this btw

Surely we can make something out of the fact that

That's a pretty good way to never be taken seriously.
Lenin by Langston Hughes

Lenin walks around the world.
Frontiers cannot bar him.
Neither barracks nor barricades impede.
Nor does barbed wire scar him.

Lenin walks around the world.
Black, brown, and white receive him.
Language is no barrier.
The strangest tongues believe him.

Lenin walks around the world.
The sun sets like a scar.
Between the darkness and the dawn
There rises a red star.

Someone could Photoshop Karl Marx giving birth to Daniel De Leon maybe? Make it as graphic as possible.

Tfw no photoshop




What do you guys use to make these?


Delet this



memes are stupid things for stupid people. back to leftbook with you.

Lmao at the first one



I think De Leonist Gang should play on this poodle thing. Fucking abolish poodles.

Fugging booddles >:-(

the corpses of poodles shall pave the way to a better future

I see some meme-potential here

Eh it's been around for a while. Could be developed further tho

fucking ms paint
jk use gimp or photoshop

Daniel "Holocaust doesn't go far enough" De Leon



I'll see if I can make a good De Leonist Gang logo template tonight.

This. It is a truly embarrassing trend that Fascists would try to use the aesthetic with little understanding on where It comes from.

We need more like this pic. I find the whole kultural Marcs Frankfurt school shit hilarious.

An old one

Almost sounds like something Jordan Peterson would say.


Micks and Jews, support the crew


Wasn't he a jew?

Thats the joke



shut up bum



This is so good

That's how fascism works. Aesthetics and aesthetics over any sense of logic.

There should be more deleon propaganda in the style of maoist social realism tbh

We could do him punching a poodle




You could give Lenin a speech bubble saying "breddy gud!" or something

like this?

Fug :DDDD 5/5