Leading geopolitics expert Robert Kelly from Berkeley released his prediction for the world's borders in 2040 last...

Leading geopolitics expert Robert Kelly from Berkeley released his prediction for the world's borders in 2040 last night. Thoughts?

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Wgat the fuck happened to Greenland???


Not sure what the map is about, but the USA has been trying to buy Greenland for over a century.
There are USA military bases there, now the melting ice is making them obvious and there is some debate as to why they are there and what to do with them en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Iceworm
The island is also important in controlling the Atlantic, which the USA obviously wants.
Basically my scenario is:

USA is already the biggest contributed to Greenland's budget, they are paying rent on a lot of facilities there.

u wot m8

Yeah I'm Danish so I know about that stuff all ready. I also think that Greenland should secede when they're ready. But I highly doubt they would join up with Burgerstan. Most of their major parties are leftwing (albeit mostly reformist) and unless Burgerstan changes it's ways I don't see it happening. What I think would be more likely is that they would form a union with their cousins in Nunavat. Clearly this is pure speculation though

Didn't mean to sage.

Not to mention all the Toxic waste burgers have dumpedvthere.

I'm gonna quit typing now


There will be some bullshit poll (not unlike Panama), and then their politicians will Make a Decision(tm) without asking general public. Take a better look at how EU referendums happen: even if the result contradicts wishes of Capitalists, the vote results are either ignored or a re-voting happens until politically correct result is achieved.

I'm still drunk from last night.

Stop making me sad by being logical my dude.


The looks like the map equivalent of a fanfic.

Does he have any reasoning for his decisions what do any of those flags mean?

Did this guy break into Zizek's coke stash?

Pretty much nothing about this map makes sense.

Source on him doing that map?

… Why the fuck would the municipality of Kujalleq secede from Greenland? There are like 7,000 people tops living there.

I just copied it from a thread on Holla Forums. I don't even think Kelly works at Berkeley University, and he is an asian expert, focusing on North Korea, not world politics.

There are four american military bases there, including a nuclear one. The USA pays 20%+ of the budget for Greenland renting that land.

Well at least it is asked, the thread you linked to on another hand…

I feel like the random edgy flags for lotsa places makes it pretty obvious he didn't.



What about that gray patch between Latvia and Belarus? Also, when will Russia collapse according to him?


Never underestimate the British willingness to fight (especially after at-least lke 4 pints).

Regardless, the UK has like half a marine div stationed on the island, the argies don't even have enough landing craft to get their troops there. And there is fuck all chance of the UK giving it up. It is especially silly since there isn't a 32 county Republic: something that has an immensely larger chance of occurring.

Even a literal rock your country planted it's flag on gives you control over a quite large territory.

And apparently there is oil down there.

I too want to earn millions for drawing this skizofrenic map

I don't think the author of this map is gaining any money for that map.

The Posadists establish a base camp there and use it as the launch pad to meet their comrades in the stars

Wew, that's a hot take. Very unlikely that the Kuomintang would oust the CPC.
realistic,although I don't see the US annexing its western coast. But they might get fed up with Denmark eventually
VERY UNLIKELY. Russia grants a lot of autonomous rights for the Sibirian nations.
Realistic, an understatement even. A Saudi civil war would be desastrous, and I doubt the House Saud could maintain power, so the flag would change
Maybe, not necessarily.
Why the fuck, they are pretty much a failed state at this point
Why? Canada are the biggest fucking liberal cucks on the planet.
It's more likely that they turn socialist. Is Brazilian Integralism still a political force today?
That's nice, but why?

I can't identify what's going on in Greece.

I would 100% move to Posadist Kazakhstan SSR tbh.

and even with all that nonsense STILL no United Ireland or Independent Scotland

seems reasonable right?
This is Stratfor tier predictions

On the other hand, DPRK still holds out.

By the way, what the fuck is that Southern bay in Greenland? Reestablished Byzantine Empire in exile? Why would a state with only 50k inhabitants split up even further? Does anybody even live in the northern and east part of Greenland? Did seals form their own nation?

Thats some Nice Imperialist Propaganda that you just spouted off
The Vast Majority of Libya is under control of the LNA and Tobruk-Gov
The only reason the Tripoli gov is alive at this point is US/NATO/EU Aid

Also, did anybody notice that Svalbard is going to declare independence and invades the northern coast of Scandinavia? How are they going to do that with only 2000 people?

That's just Norway user.

There are more chances of the third republic becoming a thing that of that map becoming true.

Why did Greece magically shift to the East?

I guess the reason for Spain occupying Morocco is that the author of this map assumes some second Arab Spring in Morocco, deposing the monarchy, or, the conflict with West Sahara escalates. This leads to civil war. Spain, just deprived of Catalonia, turns nationalist and needs some nationalist success to make up for that, therefore intervening in Morocco to "keep the peace" and "protect the Spanish citizens of Ceuta and Melilla", annexing it in the process. EU doesn't exist anymore.

I'd say it's not too far-fetched.

this doesn't make sense
the guy's shit all retarded and he draws like a fag

these are the socialist countries:
Mongolian Peoples republic
Kazakh SSR


Juche is the best governing ideology confirmed

Only 3 of these are plausible

Um well mate….

Well that was one of the plausible options.

Shouldn't the Libyan people love Gaddafi at this point? Considering the living standard and welfare they had under him compared with the hellhole they have now

Most Libyans i speak to have a "Meh" attitude towards him
Most love all the West-Euro tier Social-Democratic programs he implemented
But most also hate the fact he got a fuckton of people killed in long running Border conflicts that Libya ended up losing

TLDR: Most seem to view him as a "decent" leader

What is their typical class bg, tho?

looks to me like he just shitposts on halfchan Holla Forums

Working class as far as i know

we know you made the map, OP.
and its fucking retarded. lurk two years before shitposting

american/israeli wishful imperialist thinking. smaller nation states are easier to bully, exploit or occupy w/ military and don't get in the way of big bullies. tribalism is not beneficial in a world where imperialist bullies exist.
interesting though, that burger imperialism even lusts after denmark/greenland, while the usa has not the slightest relation with that place. watch out guys.

this is the bad kind of autistic

so let me see if i get this straight, brazil, canada and japan turn facist, oh no will my animu go away?



Canada is proto-fash right now and Brazil is about to elect Bolsonaro.

What is that random ass Hordic country on the tip of new(tm) Greenland?

that map looks like a failed crisis in the kremlin playthrough and about as realistic

What the fuck was this mapmaker smoking

Are we all just going to ignore how Greenland sprouted an entire peninsula from its southern tip?

The fuck was this guy on?

they're gonna do the same thing china is doing with those manmade islands or whatever

Let's not forget there's some retarded purple Nordic flag at the tip of it.

op said the pic was just something he snagged from Holla Forums
obviously it's gonna be fucking retarded.

I don't even need to see the rest of the map to be sure the whole map is bullshit, and I'm from Occitania.

This make makes me wish the French Revolution went the America

into the trash it goes

Here's my prediction for the world's borders



I like

Okay maybe this guy is right.

All other countries are run by little girls…

No more fucking around, leftypol. We ought to all move to Kazakhstan and be the vanguard.

Holla Forums would be able to pull a coup, having any sort of congress or meeting between all of these irreconcilable tendencies? Nah

I fail to see how Karelian separatism could even contextualize, considering that less than 10% of the population in the federal republic of Karelia speak Karealian. Also if this kind of separatism was alive, I think it would be far more likely that they would join Finland considering the cultural and linguistic ties.

I die a little inside knowing retards like this guy get paid to post bullshit like this.

Short of some severe crises, I can't see this happening.

u wot m8?

Hold the phone. As much as I love making fun of Holla Forums's retarded map, do we have any sort of proof that the guy actually made it?

No, we don't. Holla Forums was just making shit up, as usual

You know that controlling the majority of land doesn't mean controlling the majority of the population and resources? I know that the area under the control of the Tripoli government is significantly more populace than that of the LNA-controlled territory.

Wew, I shoulda known. Ah well, this was still a fun thread.



How about a Posadist India?


B-b-b-but look at all that fine sand they own!!! Imperialists btfo!!!!

>North and South Korea
>Spanish Empire
I've seen worse autism, but this was pretty triggering.

I don't want to live in this world, comrades.

Broke: volunteering to fight for r*java
Woke: volunteering to fight for the 2nd Jamahiriya

Quebec under a fascist Anglo-Canadian regime? Ah bin tabarnak, on ramène le FLQ câlice!

Sadly, this is pretty much true.

Its like the worst game of Millenium Dawn imaginable.

The swords on the flag kinda suggest that it's a military junta.

My own experience with CF personnel has shown me that the military has zero interest in trying to run the country. The absolute most that could possibly happen would be martial law in places like rural BC to keep first nations from blowing up pipelines

So then it's good ol' fashion fascism? Do we even know where we can actually get explanations about this map?

New fascist Axis form: Tokyo-Ottawa-Brasília
Sounds like something out of a Holla Forumsack's wet dream.

Some shitty predictions there

lol yeah, no

You forgot fascism/military junta in Canada.

Sasuga, Holla Forums. Good to see see still fall for Holla Forumsyps (especially nu-4/pol/‘s, fucking really) bullshit.

Why are Holla Forumsyps such fucking liars?