There is no such thing as Japanese Marxism

There is no such thing as Japanese Marxism
An interview with Kojin Karatani


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An introduction to the Uno school for the anons new to jap left.

Japanese are so cucked their faith involves worshipping prior kings.

But every religion involves that.


I don't buy it.

Just more proof that Marxists are better at capitalism than capitalists themselves.

Really makes you think

Japan is so classcucked i doubt the US could even get on their level
Sometimes a feel a full fledged invasion by the soviet at the end of WW2 and the establishment of a M-L gov could have been the only thing that could have stopped this


one of the most underrated left aesthetics by far

Japanese New Leftists were way more radical than whitey's version but then they horrifically murdered each other in sectarian disputes to the point that people are scared to call themselves "left wing".. Japan's tendency to put everything left under the umbrella term "liberal" is even worse than Americans now because of this.

But the Japanese Eurocom movement is steadily growing, and challenges the influence of Fascism

That's fucking hilarious tbh

Is it? Who are you talking about?

The real JCP my man, they're growing among the youth and some influential anime figures are in there too like Anno

Actually liberal movements like SEALDs are far more popular among young people. The JCP is about as popular as it ever was and has a comparatively older demographic compared to other parties. They have also never dealt with the reasons the student movement split from the party in the first place, so I don't see how it would be any different now.

too long, nobody here is going to bother reading it

what did they mean by this

there isn't enough inequality in japan for their far left to grow let alone start a revolt, but they can still go the socdem route if the left can spread awareness to workers cooperatives, unions and how finland doesnt use standardized testing at all but still remains in top 5 educational indices

It makes me mad the the JCP hasn't taken advantage of the multiple fuckups from Abe's party and the second biggest party that disbanded this year.

the world does owe it to itself to stop the formation of a 2nd Dai Nippon Kokku tbh

Yeah I don't get that at all

Pomo bullshit?

I dont think so
The JCP got absolutely creamed last election
It seems most People got convinced to vote for the US backed Neo-con on account of "Muh North Korea"

I'm sorry but I can't stop seeing this

How influential are they? Don't the lib dems dominate like every level of Japanese politics?

Not to say that N.K firing missiles over japan wasnt stupid as fuck btw

I did…

Japan will take over China and Korea (again) soon

Sounds like liberal scaremongering tbh

Anime is communist!

More like Americans will goad the Japanese into fighting their wars for them.

Yeah, who cares about fascist revisionism if vox is talking about it right?


The Marxist interpretation of Kant is interesting, and brings Kozo Uno's work closer to practice. The idealism might be a problem however, and his contempt for Leninist revolutions is unfortunate. His argument of the "power of gifting" saving the world was better articulated in Bataille's Accursed Share, and Bataille had the good sense to engage with Leninism, and Stalin in particular, in good faith. I agree challenging the system at the level of consumption should be taken more seriously, but it too has serious limitations. If it falls into "ethical consumption" it'll be nonsense.

What is youjo senki and who is tanya? I need context to be able to enjoy this schadenfreude.

Japanese businessman gets pushed into an incoming train by an employee he fired, so God turns him into a magical loli and transports him into totally not Germany in the middle of WWI.

Maybe because I know about Japan and that "fascist" revisionism" doesn't go unnoticed.

Yes, and it scares those Japanese who do notice even more so. They see it as fascist, they see the latest laws being passed as setting up a police state. You don't know shit.

But that shitty liberal video is implying Japanese people are turning more right-wing and nationalist because of what the government is doing lmfao


Blonde loli Nazi murders people while making orgasm faces: the manga and also the anime.

Not really? For instance, how does Sunni Islam worship prior kings?

That's a totally non-Marxist analysis though.

This. Japan is absolutely a US puppet state.

I suppose he also thought the Starship Troopers movie was very inspirational?