I am the self-appointed moderator of 8ch.pl/leftypol/

i noticed the bait site is a bit dead recently, so i am making a bunch of Fake threads with the most cringy SJW shit ever and creating fake discussions to keep the illusion up. I might actually Try and get Holla Forums to raid the decoy for the keks.

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Just wait until the next alt right e-celeb namedrops leftypol

Best thing to do is when a right-wing dumbfuck e-celeb directs their followers over there is to pretend they completely BTFO the board and act like you're begging them to leave and surrendering

How should we get one of the e-celebs to find out about the decoy? Maybe falseflag as one of their fans and tell them to mention it?

What, are you kidding? Why would we try and bring them there on purpose? It's just the majority of them that run straight into the .pl board, a good chunk of them make their way here as well. A pretty good amount of Holla Forumstards go there from 4chan all the time anyway because Holla Forums is used as a consistent bogeyman, we've basically replaced "JIDF" in that position now.

If I (and anyone willing to help) manadges to Clog up the board with false-flag SJW shitposts as fast as we can, we should flush out any threads saying the truth. anyway, the type this bait will atract is not some experienced Holla Forumsyp who knows what bait is but Edgy 14 year old "rational skeptics" And retarded alt-righters who would not know how to even spell leftypol, let alone find it.

Op here, Give me some SJW copypastas!

Just go to reddit and copy paste threads and comments


They'd get murdered with physical copies of Capital


Hello, my neo-liberal friend. How shall we divert the focus from class to race to fool people today?

The point was mocking Holla Forums not diverting against class struggle.

Op here (on another device). Requesting shitposting support for 8ch.pl, Post the most retarded SJW shit that you can think of, advocate killing White males and bump similar threads!

knock yourself out:


just do this, OP

those threads arent me

Fuck, I think I'm a retard for finding that dialogue so funny. It's not really subtle tho, are Holla Forumsyps really so dumb to fall for that?


Bump of fun

if you care about growing the left on the chans then the best thing you can do is to help redirect people who come there to here.

there have been loads of people who have heard of "leftypol"and typed it into google and ended up at that site and thought "well this seems dead" and not bothered.

Seriously though, making that site into a shithole onn purpose is the worst thing you could do, we should be proactively recruiting not being scared of s few poltards.

I've noticed on 4 chan that

1. People are starting to turn on Holla Forums

2. Holla Forums bring up "well leftypol are just as bad" when they get called out on other boards.

The trouble is when potential comrades search for leftypol, they get this crap site, we need to redirect them here.

I figured it out any smart lefty would

You might be able to get away with making a thread like 'This is a joke board, the real board is at .net', but trying to make sure it stays around page 2. Holla Forumsyps are so dull witted that they won't notice it, and I'm not being hyperbolic, I'm speaking from experience. When a raid is occuring, the smarter Holla Forums shits will try and make threads redirecting attention toward us; usually these go completely ignored as the drooling retards click blindly on the first available thread so they can get straight to dumping helicopter memes.

it's not about Holla Forums tards it's about people who have heard about leftypol and could be comrades but never find the board, or think they found it and it sucks.

The board owner should make a sticky explaining where the real board is.

You'd just send every epic troller 2018 our way if you do that.

Theoretically you could ban them before they post here because the acess to their IP from the dummie board

Or more likely, people who were interested in learning about leftism.

Leftypol is a great board and there are so many people in the chanosphere who would be able to contribute and learn here, but this idea that we have to keep the pace as a secret club stops it from growing and eventually becoming a viable alternative to pol.

We got linked


When to paste from reddit

Thank god, I thought Holla Forums had unironically gone down the shitter.

I've been fomenting rebellion on half chan all day against Holla Forums

Seems to be working, but then I again it's only 9am on the eastern US right now. I'm a burger and I'm up, but most of the Holla Forums man children aren't yet