Help a Holla Forumstard out!

Hey anons, I don't know where else to turn. If I bring this up on Holla Forums I'll get a bunch of helicopter memes and copypastas. If I bring this up on reddit I'll be banned immediately. Hopefully someone here can help me. Long post I know, but bear with me.

I was your typical Holla Forumstard, suffered from serious irony poisoning after the whole Trayvon fiasco. I kept coming back for laughs and the community and got sucked further in. Before you know it I was advocating for fascism and reading Evola unironically. I was never a full on kekistani le pepe larper, but pretty far gone into the reactionary movement.

It's been a gradual process but I've started reading more, I began 3 weeks ago on a MLM 'study plan'. Intro to Marxism stuff from Lenin, Marx and Engels. I'm not entirely on board, but a lot of what Marx is saying rings true, the way he juxtaposes historical events to what is happening now is brilliant; I find myself thinking differently now.

However, one of the things that repels me from the left is identity politics/gender theory stuff. I'm not sure if it's vestigal beliefs from my old days but all the patriarchy, xer/xim, transitioning kids, black worship stuff makes me sick. I don't mean to demean any trans people, but that's my gut feeling. I can't smile and pretend it doesn't bother me.

Problem is most leftist communities on places like reddit are not forgiving of this. Gender/identity stuff is so intertwined you can hardly separate the two. And If you so much as toe the line you're kicked to the curb. I heard about the whole catgirl shenanigans and that one guy that got banned for saying the word "mad" (ableism). And I just can't deal with that. I like a little irreverence, without constant self-policing. That's what attracts me to chans. If everyone boos me and calls me a fag, so what, I'm just a random ID.

Recently I've been posting on the Chapo Trap House subreddit, they're still a bit sensitive, but they don't take offense to everything. I can post *some* 'wrong' opinions without being destroyed and their humor is closer to what I'm used to. But it's not perfect. I heard them talking poorly about Holla Forums so I decided to come here, see if you guys are any better.

Point is, is there any room for people like me on the left? I feel really out of place with the fascists ideologically, the communists/anarchist communities on the left, and god forbid the liberals and neocons in the center. I don't know what to do.

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Fuck reddit, the entire site is cancer. Stay here and keep reading.

Some people are fairly sensitive to critiques of leftist racial and gender politics because the right tries to subvert the narrative along these lines. If you're a recently converted fascist you're likely to trigger a lot of people because you don't know what terminology is acceptable or whatever. If it weren't for the right constantly pulling shit like their "it's ok to be white" campaign we would be able to discuss these topics without having to be careful to not hurt people's sensibilities, but sadly that's not the case. Lefties on reddit will be overly sensitive, that's just how that shit goes. People here won't be, so not censoring yourself here won't cause people to freak out tbh. You'll learn how to talk to normie leftists with time, don't worry fam.

Congratulations on becoming woke.

In addition to Mao and Lenin, might I suggest the breadpill?

Reddit is absolute cancer and symptomatic of why the Left these days is such a joke. It used to be about universalism, solidarity. "Workers of all nations, unite!" The idea was that capitalism was a global phenomenon which would require the workers of all nations to unite for a common cause to destroy it. Arabs and Europeans were both fooled by archaic clerical systems and suffering under corrupt regimes which only served the cause of capitalist exploitation, and they both had to throw off the shackles of the past to fight for the future, a universal struggle shared by all peoples. Nowadays, the Left loves reactionary culture and ethnic identity and whatnot. Everything is about 'tolerating' differences and having cultural diversity. Instead of fighting capitalism, they fight 'oppression' which is such a vague term that it amounts to nothing. And instead of universalism, we get this inane narrative where white workers are somehow oppressing black workers and we should drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Reddit leftists call us 'brocialists' for refusing to adhere to their inane "socialism is when brave black transgender lesbians fight evil white men" narrative. But we're massively in the minority here, and most Leftists are retarded SJWs who only care about seeing more women and minorities in high places, so we're all just going to hell in a handbasket.

Just chill. I go on r/ Chapo for mostly news and come here to read discussions (people here a lot smarter than reddit).

The real problem with Holla Forums is that expectations of getting immediate and clear answers (this is why they were so easily brainwashed). Internet communities tend to become circle jerks because the way discussion happen on the internet and people want immediate consensus and progress in this consensus that they've just reached.

Do whatever you want and just try to make the world a better place. You might not agree with the entirety of one worldview, but find that it is the best one to fight for.

That's how I feel about socialism and that's why I help organize local socialist causes. I don't feel the need to get into arguments online about theory or praxis online anymore.

My general point is, don't be Holla Forums don't expect the internet to fully represent the whole of your politics.

IdPol is still right-wing. There is no difference between either side.

Most such communities are pseudo-Left. Go ML (non-revisionist), and don't go around touting your own retarded idiosyncrasies, until you grow up and start noticing that most of those issues you care about exist specifically to make you care about them.

Also, reddit is completely overrun by liberals. This includes r/communism.

Lol read Capital kid and fall before the black gods. Or stop being stupid, get off of reddit. Holla Forums doesn't like idpol, but there are unironic idpolers and actual reactionaries here. Ignore them. Lenin is pretty great, if you haven't you should read State and Revolution.
Sure. We can't exactly bar you from entry to Holla Forums.
I know you didn't ask but it is important. Read the Manifesto, read Wage Labour and Capital, read Capital(this one's bloody thick tho), etc… Unironically avoid anarchists, bookchin, ancoms,etc.. . Just avoid absolutely everyone and read Marx. You will get picked up in shit you don't understand and you will make terrible shit posts high on a book you kind of understand. Seriously, just read Marx, Engels, and maybe Lenin. Seriously consider that for every book someone claims to have read that was a chance for them to misunderstand and misguide you.
Now this is opinion, but please be a dialectical materialist.

Hey man, glad to see people from Holla Forums actually thinking critically
Anyway Holla Forums is generally pretty free of identity politics bullshit, this might be the place for you
You can be a communist/anarchist/socialist without subscribing to liberal bullshit

Anyway, welcome, I genuinely am happy to see you here, thanks for the story

Holla Forums, as a whole, isn't too caring of idpol, so you're good. Feel free to continue your readings

If you follow this reading list you'll have a better understanding of theory than 99% of socialists/communists. Be warned though while leftist ideasl are great and Marxism is a powerful tool for analyzing society, the modern day radical left in the US is pretty cancerous.

Also I'd check out viewpoint mag for theory and Jacobin mag for a socialist takes on current events.

Telling people not to learn things is a clear sign you're part of a cult. As Lenin would argue: learn, learn, learn!

What you've just described are liberal identity politics — "idpol" for short — which has nothing to do with socialism. Most people on Holla Forums are highly critical of those, though for reasons vastly different from those claimed by right-wingers who tend to espouse their own brand of identity politics (conservative, ethno-nationalist, neo-reactionary, etc). Just don't assume opposition to idpol is license for you to engage in Holla Forums-tier discrimination or smear against minorities — sure, gay politics that don't connect with class in any way whatsoever are undoubtedly idpol, but so are gay-bashing and sperging out about Pride parades.


Holla Forumstards nowadays have no real grounding in any ideology of substance. Even orthodox Not Socialism is "communism" to them, because now they are basically just reddit-tier republican cuckservatives. That's why they're sucking off trump on a daily basis while overlooking every single one of his flaws. Being a leftist Not Socialist (this is important, if you want to sieze the MOP then you're fine but if you're state capitalist you will get banned) won't get you banned here but you will still be debated and eventually you'll realize capitalism is the cause of all your ills.

Most people here are Holla Forums converts anyhow. I went through the same Evola reading phase as well. I recommend you read if your into the whole "higher man" rhetoric of reactionaries. A lot of his more stuff deals with some of the stuff that Marx talks about.


Fuck idpol, it is so popular because it is compatible with capitalism and the ruling class can divide the proletariat with it.
It would be nice if we had a subreddit for leftypol, the reddit structute is just so much more efficient. It sucks that it isn't really anonymous though.

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Google Bookchin

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See that's what had me hesitant. It's like a strata or tier list of sub classes. You have the proletariat, and within that group countless divisions by gender identity, race, disability. The advantage the proletariat over the bourgeois is strength in numbers. If everyone is squabbing with each other over oppression levels then how tf are you going to get anything done? The poor factory worker or mechanic from rural PA, is not going to be onboard with a revolution if he's demeaned and called an oppressor.

I've never interacted with any socialists in real life, since it's so taboo in my area. I wouldn't know what a Democratic Cops of America meeting or an average communist is like, my only basis is youtube videos, which often show extremes. (SJW compilations/ meltdown videos etc.).

I also understand what you say about compromising and I agree. Some issues that are important to me such as abortion are very unpopular among the left and I wouldn't be trying to inject my belief into a bigger movement. On the same note I shouldn't feel like I'm having every word scrutinized and tested for ideological purity. I don't want to, by nature of association, accept all the other's people baggage. I signed up for a dictatorship of the proletariat, not genderkin acceptance.


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What's sad about this is there used to be a really vibrant leftist and union tradition among the American working class. The communists and anarchists from after the great depression were mostly those same white working class people who today get shit on for being conservative hicks and Trump supporters. If you ever feel like even more fucking reading Zinn's people's history of the united states has a lot of good history of the union movement in the US.

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Welcome to the fucking club. The most right wing I’ve ever been in my life is the equivalent of a Bernie tier social Democrat. The mistake of the right wing is that they think we all wanna kill white people. To be frank I’m not suicidal, if you catch my drift.

Well man lemme put it to you this way, I’m hardcore communist. 100% sold no strings attached no questions. I’m communist. That being said, do trans people bug me? If I am being completely honest, yes a little. No doubt some gays and trans people creep me out. Some blacks piss me the fuck off. But to be honest as well, I don’t hate trans people. I don’t hate blacks, Jews or gays. In regards to Jews I don’t hate them as a people but hate Israel. It’s a fucking garbage state. But anyway my point is you can 1) have an agnosticism toward some social issues, and 2) live and let live. As much as trans people PERSONALLY kinda creep me out I still support their decisions and have enough empathy to let them do their thing. I don’t have to live their decisions, but I support their right to make their own decisions

Transgenderism isn't harmless. A true socialist society wouldn't allow transgenderism; instead it would work to eliminate homophobia so those transgenders feel comfortable liking the same sex

Blonde women, the blood of Europe runs in your veins. You carry Europe's DNA inside you all. You are angels living among men, so always remember: be proud of your blue eyes and blonde hair, your traditional beauty is truly heavenly and your lineage is truly blessed.

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Haha thx for all the hard work you do for this board mr. volunteer! Haha, I'm a big fan of this board and I'm so happy that you take the time out of your day to moderate this board (for free xD). By using your hash you stand out from the rest of us lowly anons (which you totally should because you're awesome xDDDD).

I'm glad! You play safe now

Let me guess, that wasn't real socialism

That's not even close to what it means to be transgender.

This, but unironically

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thats just insane. that kind of detachment from reality is what happens when you take things too far and it goes in many directions. theyve given up on thinking. its a tragedy really, brains arent exactly a common thing in the universe. so to see one just shackle itself like that is a huge fucking shame.

i think the only benefit to any sort of political group is gaining the sense that youre part of something bigger and thus more powerful. unfortunately the voice of reason is not really seeking to establish dominance since it always challenges itself. but by doing so the proverbial ground beneath your feet is always shifting, and you have move with it because letting a group do your thinking for you is not really a reasonable thing.

What's your biggest interest? Philosophy, economics, politics, history, culture? A lot of people here would probably tell you to read Marx (Wage Labor and Capital & Value, Price and Profit) but unless you are not fond of reading dry economic texts you might not enjoy it. You say you enjoy Lenin and Marx, which is great, I found Lenin to be especially entertaining. Good modern entry reads are also "Towards a New Socialism" by Cockshott or "Capitalist Realism" by Mark Fisher (ignore the ultraleft stuff about "Stalinism" in it). I'd even go so far to recommend "Reproduction of Daily Life" by Perlman, despite him being an anti-communist. Somebody who spent a lot of time in Holla Forums, "Society of Spectacle" might also be a great read.

Look, man, it's cool that you're against excessive idpol, most people here are. Problem is most Holla Forums converts we get never go through the rehabilitation process they need and hold on to their reactionary beliefs using bad Marxist theory to justify them.
What I'm getting at is that just because liberal idpol is horseshit you don't get to hate on gay people or unironically yell about "degeneracy". Also the fact that you're conflating modern social justice with socialism at all really speaks volumes on how brainwashed you still are, you probably spent the last few years of your life watching feminist cringe compilations on youtube, so please, I'm not trying to be condescending and I'm not saying this is not the place for you, but do try to educate yourself a bit.

for idpol, racial groups are homogeneous and freedom is individualistic (that is liberalism). this creates performative callout culture and a politics of pure "self-expression." a politics of performative virtue. the alt-right, too, is all about self-expression and shares many of the same traits. it's the other side of the same coin.

idpol is also a form of commodity fetishism (read: marx) under a different name. what that means is that the material relations between people become the social relations between things. if you're shopping for a coffee machine, you don't see the work that went into the coffee machine (produced by labor), but the value of the machine in relation to the other competing coffee machines and the other commodities in the store. almost like the value comes from the object itself. this creates an illusion and alienates workers from their labor.

"diversity," in a bourgeois sense, functions like this. who benefits from a T.V. show that has a diverse cast? mainly it's the producers of the T.V. show who have found a way to exploit another market. but for liberals who see themselves (of whatever identity) represented in the T.V. show, this diversity is treated as a form of liberation unto itself. in reality this dynamic has obscured that the T.V. show remains a profit-seeking enterprise, and profit-seeking enterprises cannot exist without exploitation of some kind.

the alt-right is, again, on the other side of the same coin. using the example of the T.V. show, the alt-right views this new diversity as white erasure. in reality, their white identity is itself a product of capitalism. whiteness developed as a distinct category during the slave trade, and this obscured the material relations between people and their labor. black slaves were turned into commodities to be bought and sold, and turned into an engine for capitalist development. the alt-right believes that this development ("western civilization") is evidence of white superiority.

but that is another illusion. their identity, and the privilege it held, was merely contingent on a particular phase of capitalist development, and capitalism can easily move on to other markets. in fact, capitalism's enormous drive and energy (marx was an admirer, and a critic) ensures that it will.

anyways yeah i'm a baby marxist so i might have gotten some of my theorizing wrong. but i was an idpol liberal who could've gone alt-right at one point. drifted toward marxism instead.

oh final thought. i think if you wanna attack left-wing idpol, and the backlash on the right (which is another form of idpol), then you need to start with attacking capitalism and look at how the underlying logic of capitalism has produced this / how identities under capitalism become commodities and things to be bought and sold.

as far as liking or disliking groups of people go, i don't think you have to personally like anyone in particular to be a communist. i don't really care either way. if people are divided into classes, then actions which serve to elevate an exploited class is what matters. if trans people are a class who suffer from lack of access to health care, then the solution should be to give them health care (or better yet – give everyone health care).

personally liking or not liking trans people shouldn't really be required, i think. but a neoliberal idpol approach would be to ~*have more trans people on T.V.*~ which is more like merchandising that benefits fewer people, but is much better for capitalism. and idpol will blow the fuck up on you if you don't watch the show because idpol assigns the greatest significance to personal tastes and personal consumption … and treats this consumption as a radical act.

[same with the alt-right, which is a form of "politics" (if you can call it politics) based on the same kind of vainglorious personal expression and getting mad about particular offenses to the "white race"]

That's not how it works m8

Do you stupid fuckers even like dick? I'm willing to bet you've never dealt with being pushed into questioning your gender before. I'm a feminine guy and i've always wanted to be a girl, but you know why i'm not trying to become one? Because i finally accepted that i'm gay. Have you guys ever met a chaser before? Society is gynocentric. Society pushes gay people into being perfect (and also pretty much everyone else) but with chasers the idea of "perfection" is a girl with or without a dick. Sorry to get all triggered but you people have probably never been on the wrong end of transgenderism.

or maybe your "I finally accepted that I'm gay" is just a rationalization of your knowledge that you will never be an actual girl (chromosomally etc.) so it's easier to go with "I'm gay"

Nazbolism is in my honest opinion just an edgy ideology invented to to make leftist content nonsensical and to facilitate identifying with fascism.

True left, communist values is geting rid of fratricidal wars, rat race and puritan, punishing others for sins. It's a spirit of cooperation, comradeship and fighting for the free world together. ;)

In socialist societies they usually don't mix private and political. Being transgender is private matter, not political.

Or maybe you're playing armchair psychologist? I'm just a gay twink. There isn't anything more to it to that.

Lmao my first sexual experience was an anonymous blowjob on Grindr and I prefer girls. Don’t lecuture me about being gay.

Gender identity and sexuality are different things. The solution to transgenderism is to dissociate biological sex from social behaviour, so that there isn’t a special label for a person who is biologically male but is extremely feminine or cuts their dick off.

Post butt.

Is in psychology and medicine, not politics. Out politics would be better if we would stop discussing identyty issues like trangenderism in particular, and focus on actual social change.

Woah dude, geez, i'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Of course sexuality and gender are two different things; did i say otherwise? The solution to transgenderism is with a third and fourth gender, depending on the sexual behavior and biological sex (yes that is a component) of the person in question. Not 72 genders, not apathy towards a person's gender identity, and not the traditional christcuck system.

lol, you're the one playing armchair psychologist
like, you're creating very general statements out of your own personal experiences of your own psyche

I've been active in THE GAY COMMUNITY for quite a while. It's not about my experiences, it's the experience of the gay community as a collective that i based my theory around. Give me a better theory that isn't just "the definition of 'gender' needs to be changed to make transgenders more comfortable".

TBH I'm transgender in Belarus and I can't get this stupid conflict between gays and transgenders. Is this fucking real? I mean, what's the difference if transgednerism and gayness is essencialy different thing, or the same thing? Probably it's the same but what's problem?

For many years it wasn't a problem and people could live in literally the same communities and now it's becoming problem, I don't know why, because of some feminist issues or something? Also I don't understand how it propagates on political issues, becasue as I see it it's completely non-political.

As I read Marx’s Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, he argies that private and family issues shouldn't be subject of interest of the state, contrary to how it's in Hegel. And that means that state both don't grows up nor is weakened by the organization of private life, and private life shouldn't be regulated by the state.
It means your discussion about place of transgednerism in socialist society is meaningless, at least in the Marxist context.

Because everytime a gay person wears a dress, people will ask him "are you trans? Do you plan on having a sex change? You don't look like what a girl should look like. Why haven't you gotten a sex change yet? You're not girly enough for that." that's the problem.

Well, where I live they don't ask but tell you something like
And it's hard to find anyone that's really know what transgednerism is. Maybe that's reason we still stick together.

but that's not the theory moron
people aren't changing the definition of gender to make them more comfortable, they're changing it because they consider it insufficient or incorrect
was homosexuality removed from the DSM to make gays more comfortable or because they're not really sick in the head, they just get horny for the same sex

So what's the point then? It's like if most of the rightists would be civic nationalists.

Except that none of his predictions came true, not even his self-fulfilling prophecies.
Consider this to be a vaccination, when communism really strikes you'd be shot for joking about dear leaders mustache.

Fall of USSR and Soviet system was literally according do Marx predictions.

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There is no point. Like I said, we're all just going to hell. Soon we'll either see society degenerate through climate change related catastrophes, or perhaps we'll just slowly slide into techno-dystopia as the surveillance state becomes unbreakable and the capitalists need most of us plebs less and less as robots become more advanced. At least I can comfort myself with the knowledge that essentially all of you retards will suffer the same fate.

Leftist idpol exists specificaly to ward off nazi infiltrators


I'll be damned. I decide to check this board out after hearing good things about you from, I believe, a couple Trotskyists on Reddit, and already I like it here. Was beginning to think nobody gave a shit about class any more.

I used to hate idpol but I changed my mind. Why don't you like it?

Who else is in between this board and reddit on /idpol/?

It exists to destroy and replace the real left and keep socdems centrists parties like the Democrats and european "Socialist Parties" on life support. It also conveniently offers an easily mirrorable narrative that the far right can assimilate and present as "anti-system", so the 2 ideological blocks in place can fight on symptoms and not question Capitalism.

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American Idpolers are modern Puritans.



Literally the modern left.

And the sky is blue

For the record, socialist orgs like D.S.A, ISO, SAlt, PSL, etc. aren't anything like they are online IRL. Sure, you'll always have your feminist stereotypes and Americans are idpozzed by default so you'll never escape it entirely, but there's a weird selection bias where the people charged with running social media accounts are the crazy people who all live online anyway because the serious people would rather do real world organizing and campaign work than screech on twitter all day

Welcome ! have a sit ! you're now part of the international books club.

America is not the world, though.

Very true.

Hey bud, looks like you found the place for you
There's a reason this place is called Holla Forums
Holla Forums would have you believe that we're just a bunch of SJW zionist cucks but we're anti-idpol and anti-zionist

What do guys mean by idpol anyway? Obviously you put class above anything else, but how important is equality between sexualities, races, genders etc to you? What should be done to address the current discrimination a black person would face for example? Yes class is the biggest determiner for social status, but what about a poor white man vs a poor black man? Obviously the black man is worse off, how important is this to you and what would your solution be? I'm not being hostile, I'm certainly less enthusiastic about idpol than /r/socialism is, I just wanna get a good idea of Holla Forums's opinions


Ask yourself: in what way are (for instance) black people discriminated against? They're not discriminated against "in the abstract", systemic discrimination is embodied into very real social mechanics. And you'll realize it all connects with economics: exploitation, unemployment, segregation, disenfranchment, over-policing. If you abolish those, you abolish the specific discrimination minorities can suffer from.

Me I suppose. I don't think all idpol is bad or all good. Some idpol not being resolved actually prevents anything being done about capitalism because everyone knows that's a big pork to fry so they go for easier victories. Though of course some issues are really non issues.

Alright, what about people themselves being racist? I suppose the solution is to grab and then shake them real hard and slap them in the face and scream at them that its not black people that are the problem, but Porky. That's why I think it's important for us leftists to reach out to rural/working class white people with shit like Redneck Revolt, so that the GOP/Trump, and especially really scary shit like the Traditional Workers Party don't get to them first. Pics related.

People who are racists can only act upon their beliefs if they have some sort of power within the framework of capitalist social relations — like a boss firing you from your job, a public official enacting discriminatory policies, a landlord booting you out, a cop beating you up, etc. If I'm say a well-to-do black person with a managerial position and some poor redneck comes to me and call me a nigger — which is certainly rude and uncalled for but also absolutely impotent — then I would just laugh in his face and walk away.
Abolish capitalism, and you abolish the social forces that allow for racial (or gender- and sexuality-based, etc) discrimination to thrive.

brocialists unite

This is really something that needs to be repeated more


how people getting cosmetic surgery is a political hot topic continues to elude me
at the absolute very least, homosexuality has *some* policy implications like population rate. trannies are literally pointless to discuss

Based Phil, literally lives in a dusty cupboard in defiance of bourgeois bullshit.

All those things specifically are awful but I think you'll find most trans people tend to want to be called him or her and don't advocate child transitioning which isn't really how it works they basically just take puberty blockers and if they feel that they aren't actually trans they can get off them and have a late puberty with very little risk
As far as patriarchy I'd need to know your objection, because I can point to multiple countries where it's a problem
Black worship is cringe worthy but I doubt most people are actually that serious about it beyond liking black Twitter memes which I'm 95% sure you probably enjoy too

As an agorist, I find Holla Forums is the only leftist forum worth reading. It still sucks, but much less than any of the others.

PS: Can we get an actual flag?

Flags suck

I guess! What I see is that they'd rather give flags to Nazis because acknowledgement of left-wing libertarianism is inconvenient to the Marxoid agenda, but I don't give a shit about the flag proper.

actually its because flags are broken, if anyones getting a flag it should be cybersocialists first imo

Fucking this

I always thought that was what the 'downloading communism' flag was supposed to symbolize.

proposition: auto-correction of "agorist" to "stoned ancap"

Check out Cum Town for proof you can still be a leftist while also being as edgy as you want

I think you would get along well with Asserists, nazbols and national anarchists if you still harbor ethnonationalist, antisemitic and actually reactionary views. These people are often too left-wing for Holla Forums but too right-wing for Holla Forums.

Ancaps and agorists kind of face the same problem as turd positionists. Also, Holla Forums already has a flag.

Im in the same boat OP.
The most annoying thing is realizing for just how long and how thouroughly communist positions have been misrepresented to me.

Fuck off with your shit-tier normie opinion. This idiocy appears here every single day, and I'm thoroughly sick of it.

LGBT struggles are real, and your personal discomfort about things you are ignorant about and unwilling to research is utterly irrelevant and petty. Transitioning is the best and most humane solution we have for gender dysphoria, which is supported by mountains of medical evidence.
Nobody transitions on a whim. People who consider it are often deeply depressed for years until they receive proper therapy, and eventually start taking hormones. You have to be examined by professionals until you begin any drastic changes. The idea that people who transition are doing it out of some kind of delusion is frankly insulting and justifiably provokes negative responses.
Gender dysphoria itself has neurological origins and appears to even be heritable to some extent. It is not a joke, and discriminating people suffering from it is not edgy or politically revolutionary. It is ignorant and disgusting

Those are just stepping stones for Holla Forums tards to actually read into Communism, eventually you learn stupid bullshit about muh nation and muh race or are just spooks and just divide the working class.

If your goal isn't to a reach a classless stateless society where the concept of a nation dosn't even exist anymore you can kiss my gulag.

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The most humane solution for transbaboons is a bullet to the back of the head!

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i understand some of the language on this post will make you knee jerk but bear with me. remember they're just terms that happen to be useful when studying and explaining these things

what you have to realize is that identity struggles are intertwined with anti-capitalism. capitalism has historically relied on racism, colonialism, sexism, homophobia, etc. to keep itself afloat.

its understandable how you'd be repulsed by such things due to your history, but thats no excuse to ignore it, because POC, queer folk, etc. don't have that privilege to be able to just ignore it.

before you stop reading because of the mention of privilege, let it be known that its not something you have to beat yourself up over because thats not productive. what you should do is use that to your advantage to spread the word in spaces that oppressed people dont have the ability to enter.

of course, you should probably learn about their struggles first. Workers World Party has some good pamphlets on queer and POC oppression, and the origin of the family is a pretty good marxist perspective on feminism (by engles himself).

or they/them. nonbinary people exist.

No, they don't.

Trans politics are so fucking overblown you would think that we were talking about 30% of the population and not just a fraction of a percent.

read this

on a side note, there are no transitioning kids. they get hormone blockers that delays puberty. when they make up their mind and are of legal age to make a decision only then they take hormones etc.
until then nothing unreversable is done. you should wisen up and question your Holla Forums based desinfo.

I would argue capitalism also keeps afloat by feigning opposition to those things.


if you want to grow up and become a socialist you gotta drop that stupid shit and have a realization or two about how fucking retarded that shit is.
nobody gives a shit about trans people, gays or whatever else. their identity is their issue, like all identites are that of people holding them.
socialism includes the liberation of people to express their identity freely without commodification and division. and not its fetishising and elevation to a key of liberation.
socialism is as far anti-idpol as it can get. it's the liberation of the masses as a collective class so the individual lives free. it's not anti-identity. you can't have your head stuck up your own ass on idpol and complain about the stink of it.

no, you don't understand. if you make capitalism diverse enough by putting minorities into leadership it's actually becoming socialism because magic and unicorn farts.

… identity struggles are only individual expressions of class struggle within capitalism that raises division through bourgeois individualism and scapegoating amongst identity groups while also blurring the lines between classes through these. that's true on the reactionary side with "volksgemeinschaft" and "gay pride" on the other side of the bourgeois political spectrum.
it's a shitshow, absolutely disgusting.

Read Hegel at some point. It's worth deciphering.
Ignore identity shit, ignore leftist subreddits. Reddit is a propaganda mill anyway so you should drop the platform entirely.

is correct, it turns atomized individuals into chetniks of their personal micronations and muddies the waters.

Ignore ideology altogether old Holla Forumsack, the people in here have no humor and are overestimating themselves because of personal pride to be contrarians, like teens .

They will grow out of it. The more they invest the more fucked they get to disengage and start looking like clownish baboons stuck in a box .

also Merry Christmas


Maybe as ex polacks we are burned out from this edgy teenage tier "humor" and LE JEW MERCHENT XDDDDDDD HITLER GAS MOONMAN PEPE for over 8 years.
Hive us a break

I would suggest going back to Holla Forums or hitting up the dailystormer. You sound like you have strayed from the path of true enlightenment brother!

Tell that to America.