Holla Forums guide to picking your ideology:

Holla Forums guide to picking your ideology:
Easy mode——————
unironic M-L, because that's what liberals told you communism is
Hard mode—————-
1. look up a broad current you think is kinda cool, for example, "council communism"
2. completely bypass any figures of major historical or theoretical relevance
3. find some irrelevant, niche thinker who wrote about it once or twice
4. don't worry about whether it makes sense to call their work a separate theory even if they've just dealt with a couple aspects of marxism, or even if they said nothing particularly novel. it does to you!
5. also don't worry about substantially agreeing with all their positions
6. their last name + "ist"
7. enjoy feeling special

I'm a right-bordigist debordite, how about you anons?

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What is this real movement you speak of? Is it the one that abolishes the present state of things? If so, where can I find it?


labour manifesto

Yeah…. no.


I hope I'm wrong though.




somebody get this idealist outta here

why do you leftists treat ideologies like urban tribes or power rangers? did you seriously never grow up?

good tune

the point is its not a doctrine its a historical froce.

I'm sorry, but literally saying "I don't have an ideology because I just look at the facts" is exactly the sort of shit we'd laugh at centrist neoliberals for. You can quote that sentence from the German Ideology as much as you like, the idea that you somehow have an objective view of reality which is totally untainted by any sort of ideological prejudice is a complete joke. Enjoy your delusion though, I wish I could have such blind faith in a doctrine that I believed it was literal prophecy.

Communism is not a doctrine its an actual historical force by the proletariat to the change the current state of things. Just like capitalism isn't an ideology or a doctrine its an actual historical force that overthrew fuedalism.

In what way are you a materialist if you don't believe truth can be found through the observation of material reality?

Not bad, is it?
Here, have another good short one:

You mixed up epistemology with ontology.

To be fair, you need a very high Autism Level to understand epistemology and ontology. The difference is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp on theoretical argumentation most analytical poverty will go over a typical reader's head.

No it's fucking not. Nice meme, tho.

I think it was more a jab over insinuating that all ontology is "ideology"
"You can't kno nuffin" is pretty puerile and reductionist in the end, to where it avoids saying anything useful about the structure of well-founded belief altogether

I'm an anarcho-Leninist.

leftcoms confirmed for biggest fucking psueds going, and appear more and more like centrists every single day.

IDIOTS. Even BELIEVING that such a thing as a "real movement" exists and is of a certain quality is loaded with sooooooooooooo much ideology. What IS the real movement? How can we tell if a movement is the real one? The answer to these questions, ARE FUCKING IDEOLOGICAL.

Leftcoms are worse cancer than any Stalinist or anarcho-femanon lifestylist

If you deny that your beliefs are ideological, you are fucking stupid and that is that.


Its only really leftcoms that do this "I'm a luxemburghist Bordigist" or whatever. They are dumb hipsters, they like having vintage ideology that you can't get any more because they stopped making it in the 60's but they found it in this cool little charity shop down a lane in the most gentrified bit of town


Le sigh

It's true about all Western leftists and Soviet Union larpers.

socsems are the only non-hipster leftists


How it could be possible when socdems claim to represent so called "middle classes" (ie. "hispters") and that anything like class struggle don't happen? They're literally most particualr example of what I wrote.

No soviet larpers are absolutely autistic as fuck pale skinny kids or absolutely based older trade union guys. Most anarchists, the fake kind, the majority, are hipsters, this is true. But the actual anarchists are generally unhinged guys who wear a lot of hiking clothes and don't talk a lot, used to be into metal and punk but now they listen to obscure ambient stuff, but not in a hipster way, its just the only shit that will calm their rage.

Leftcoms, exist almost exclusively on the internet, nobody says autistic shit like that in real life when you have shit to do that actually needs getting done. When I refer to them, it is purely the leftypol incarnation, as the word means fucking nothing. All and I mean ALL of the leftypol leftcoms that aren't that one guy who started the whole thing, are complete shit tier, they were the bookchin memers who never actually read bookchin and then slid on to the next board trend when it popped up. The ML's stayed true, the ancoms stayed true, the hipsters hopped on to the next flavour, soon they will tire of revolutionary politics and become the worst kind of liberals. Such is life.